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Author: Brent Jones

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Join your host, Brent Jones, for a fun and engaging look at what makes the Town of Fort Erie such a great place to be. Local news, events, guests, and commentary, spanning Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, and Stevensville.
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As I say so long for now to regular listeners in this farewell episode, I am joined by Stephen Passero, who was my first-ever guest on The Fort Erie Podcast. Stephen returns to discuss his latest role as the vice president of Fort Erie Festivals and more. Welcome…00:00. Local Headlines…01:01. Hot New Listing…02:44. Fort Erie Q&A…03:18. Stephen Passero…04:03. So Long For Now…11:28. Get the show notes (and links) here:
The last time Mary-Lou was my guest, we sat across the table from each other at the Scuttlebutt in Stevensville. This was before masks were commonplace and indoor dining faced public health restrictions. Today, she returns to The Fort Erie Podcast to talk about her involvement with the Stevensville Farmers’ Market and the economic development of downtown Stevensville. Welcome…00:00. Local Headlines…01:08. Hot New Listing…02:44. Fort Erie Q&A…03:41. Mary-Lou Ambrose-Little…04:35. Community Events…12:14. Get the show notes (and links) here:
A self-proclaimed personal stylist, body confidence coach, and fashionista, Jamal Mills-Alexander is the proud owner of Jamazing Boutique in downtown Ridgeway. She joins me to discuss moving her retail operation from Port Colborne to Fort Erie and how the growth of her business has mirrored her own development as an entrepreneur. Welcome…00:00. Giveaway…00:33. Local Headlines…01:07. Hot New Listing…02:23. Fort Erie Q&A…03:10. Jamal Mills-Alexander…04:09. Community Events…11:55. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Longtime listeners of The Fort Erie Podcast are sure to recognize Phil Smith, a three-peat guest of the show. Phil joins me today with fresh insights on the growth of our town and what’s next for Crystal Beach. Welcome…00:00. Local Headlines…00:42. Hot New Listing…02:34. Fort Erie Q&A…03:14. Phil Smith…04:25. Community Events…12:22. Get the show notes (and links) here:
James Culic, local reporter and columnist with Niagara this Week, has previously contributed short rants to The Fort Erie Podcast. No stranger to controversy, James joins me today to reflect on our town, his accolades, and some of his most popular articles over the years (for better or for worse). Welcome…00:00. Local Headlines…01:05. Hot New Listing…02:56. Fort Erie Q&A…03:49. James Culic…04:58. Community Events…13:05. Get the show notes (and links) here:
The Fort Erie Podcast debuts its fifth and final (for now) season today. In the first of six brand new episodes this year, mother-daughter team Carol and Alexandra LaCivita announce some big news regarding the future of The Village Boutique in Ridgeway. Welcome…00:00. Farewell Season…00:32. Local Headlines…01:19. Hot New Listing…02:38. Fort Erie Q&A…03:20. Alexandra & Carol LaCivita…04:05. Community Events…12:22. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Yes, it's true. The Fort Erie Podcast will be returning for its fifth season, but it will be the final season for now. Join your host, Brent Jones, on February 15, 2022, for the first of six brand new episodes of The Fort Erie Podcast, prior to the much-anticipated arrival of his newborn daughter in April (at which time, podcasting will be going on the backburner). True to form, this season will feature bite-size chats with both new and returning guests alike. Check out this "teaser" episode (trailer) for a short preview of what's to come. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Crystal Beach has no shortage of budding entrepreneurs. Just ask Teresa Masotti, owner of Blushing Bride on Derby Road. Her boutique approach to wedding gowns has earned her praise from brides all over Niagara. She joins me for the season finale episode of The Fort Erie Podcast to discuss how Blushing Bride came to be and what brides can expect when booking a fitting. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…00:54. Local Headlines…01:21. Win a $3,000 Vacation…02:52. Fort Erie Q&A…03:56. Teresa Masotti…04:43. Community Events…12:16. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Jarvis Street is now home to the fifth Neon Crab location across Ontario. Phil Cudmore, tattoo artist and studio director, joins me to discuss how he got into tattooing, how the industry has evolved, and what to expect when booking with Neon Crab. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…00:34. Local Headlines…01:11. Fort Erie Job Leads…04:17. Phil Cudmore…05:07. Community Events…12:46. Get the show notes (and links) here:
When Gary O’Brien first visited Ridgeway, he knew right then that this was where he’d retire. What he didn't realize at the time was that he and his son, Matt, would end up operating one of the most popular bar and grills in town. From the flavors of wings — can you say, Fuhgeddaboudit? — to treating staff and customers like family, Gary shares the secret ingredients that make Trailside so successful. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…01:00. Local Headlines…01:35. Hot New Listing…02:58. Fort Erie Job Leads…03:35. Gary O’Brien…04:34. Community Events…12:22. Get the show notes (and links) here:
From community gardens to shelter for refugees, the Matthew House is a force for good in Fort Erie. John Mtshede, once a refugee claimant himself, joins me to talk about his role as executive director and the support his non-profit has received from our town. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…00:35. Local Headlines…01:20. Hot New Listing…02:31. Fort Erie Q&A…03:20. John Mtshede…04:28. Community Events…12:03. Get the show notes (and links) here:
It's no secret that, since opening early in 2020, Casa Hugo has quickly become a favorite dinner spot for tourists and locals alike. But its owner and operator, David Bergeron, has faced many challenges and shutdowns due to the public health crisis. David joins me to talk about his vision for Casa Hugo and the future of Crystal Beach. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…00:59. Local Headlines…01:45. Hot New Listing…03:17. Fort Erie Q&A…04:01. David Bergeron…04:57. Community Events…12:37. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Ashley Gibson, family law and real estate lawyer and partner in Gibson & Reitboeck, hops on the podcast with me to discuss growing up in Fort Erie, some of her earliest legal influences, and why everyone over the age of majority should have a will. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…01:17. Local Headlines…02:00. Hot New Listing…03:35. Fort Erie Q&A…04:31. Ashley Gibson…05:17. Community Events…13:04. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Never without a positive thing to say, Jennifer McCready joins me today to discuss body positivity, mental health, and the impact of her work with Lady Luck Photography Studio. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…00:45. Local Headlines…01:14. Win a $3,000 Vacation…02:27. Fort Erie Job Leads…04:16. Jennifer McCready…05:16. Community Events…13:03. Get the show notes (and links) here:
When most people think of Salvation Army, they think of thrift shopping. But our local Salvation Army in Fort Erie offers so much more. Anne Watters, manager, joins me to discuss the various community services available to residents in our town. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…01:08. Local Headlines…01:45. Hot New Listing…03:20. Fort Erie Q&A…04:26. Anne Watters…05:13. Community Events…12:46. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Who doesn’t love milkshakes, hot dogs, and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches? In this episode, I speak with Shane Therrien, better known as Big Pappi, about the success he’s found serving up delicious comfort food on Derby Road in Crystal Beach. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…00:34. Local Headlines…01:21. Hot New Listing…02:19. Fort Erie Job Leads…03:30. Shane Therrien…05:07. Community Events…12:49. Get the show notes (and links) here:
In this season four premiere episode, Shawn Murphy, owner of Your Farm Gate in Ridgeway, joins me to discuss his take on ethically and sustainably farmed food. Also, I announce two giveaways: First, tune in to The Fort Erie Podcast every week this fall for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Lucky Stryx in Fort Erie. There is a total of $500 of gift certificates to be won. Then second, I am running a contest to win a $3,000 vacation package. The draw will be held in January. To enter, buy or sell residential real estate in Niagara with me before the end of the year. Welcome…00:00. Win $50 to Lucky Stryx…00:42. Win a $3,000 Vacation…01:53. Local Headlines…02:32. Fort Erie Q&A…03:50. Shawn Murphy…05:01. Community Events…12:50. Get the show notes (and links) here:
The Fort Erie Podcast is returning for its fourth season of bite-sized weekly episodes, kicking off September 14, 2021. Listeners can expect a number of familiar segments, such as local news headlines, upcoming community events, and a brand new lineup of great local guests. Also, do you enjoy bowling? Because with each new episode this fall, I'll be giving away a $50 gift certificate to Lucky Stryx. That's a total of $500 in gift certificates, but you'll have to tune in each week to win. Check out this short preview of what’s to come. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Yes, there will be a fourth season of The Fort Erie Podcast…I promise. I just don’t know when exactly it will happen. In this short episode, I offer listeners an explanation as to why I am delaying the production and release of season four. Simply put, the provincial stay-at-home order (not to mention the pandemic at large) has made it virtually impossible to cover local news and events. Same goes for small business owners in our town. It’s tough for them to talk with me about what makes their businesses great when they’re being forced to keep their doors shut for an indefinite period of time. But this won’t last forever. Sooner or later, things will begin to return to normal and, when that day comes, I’ll be ready and waiting to get the ball rolling on season four. Get the show notes (and links) here:
Be honest…does the thought of doing improv in front of a group of strangers terrify you? What if there was beer involved? In this season three finale episode of The Fort Erie Podcast, Anastasia Boake, co-owner of Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre Company in Ridgeway, discusses with me by phone the drama programs (for various age groups) that she and her business partner, Ashley Krawczyk, offer the community. Welcome…00:00. Nominate a Guest…00:55. Movember Update…01:29. Local Headlines…02:09. Hot New Listing…03:44. Fort Erie Q&A…04:16. Anastasia Boake…05:02. Fort Erie History…12:29. Thank You…13:39. Get the show notes (and links) here:
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