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Author: Brent Jones

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Join your host, Brent Jones, for a fun and engaging look at what makes the Town of Fort Erie such a great place to be. Local news, events, guests, and commentary, spanning Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, and Stevensville.
84 Episodes
Valentine's Day horror stories | Fort Erie man gets run over after a fight | Half-acre with development potential | Why are models always touching their hair? (interview with Brittney Hebbourn) | A nomination for the best dentist in Fort Erie | Crystal Ridge Dream Center offers assistance to all (interview with Gina Middagh) | Experience life at Garrison Place | Unfiltered and a bit feisty Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Things people do in small towns | Fort Erie Observer features new column penned by youths | 1956 race riot at Crystal Beach Park | Shut up and take the blessing | Courtney Garrow at Ginger Tails Pet Service would love to walk your dog (interview) | EJ Freeland Community Centre pool closed temporarily | Walmart, Fort Erie Public Library, and AGTA Home Health Care are hiring | I have a dream Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Who's the best dentist in town? | Grimsby porch thieves charged following Fort Erie break-in | Nothing open after 8 pm | COPE is grateful for community support (interview with Lynne Rey) | Grown men bothered by Taylor Swift | Murder mystery roast beef dinner | Donate to Coldest Night of the Year Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Help me raise funds for the Brain Injury Association | Total solar eclipse coming this April | Three-bedroom bungalow in the heart of Ridgeway | No cinnamon sugar on Cinnamon Sugar Twists? | Coldest Night of the Year with Fort Erie Fire Chief Mark Schmitt (interview) | Buffalo losing to Kansas City in the playoffs is fast becoming an American tradition | Go skiing at Holiday Valley or Kissing Bridge | 0/10 for Cinnamon Sugar Twists Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Wednesday is Bell Let's Talk Day | 13-year-old banned from driving? | Voices (feat. Julie Young) | Is it too late for new year wishes? | Catch every genre of film at Ridge Cinema Lounge (interview with Chris Shickluna) | John Howard Society, CCTT, and SE Health are hiring | Blizzard of the century | Your town's Facebook group Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Taking a nasty spill on the ice | History of the Ridgeway-Crystal Beach Kin Club | Donating merch proceeds to Strong Fort Erie Neighbourhoods (feat. Theresa Murphy) | Cash goes missing on Jarvis Street | Pizza driver dials the wrong number | R2G Construction keeps the focus on community (interview with Katie Clarkson) | Bingo at the Catholic elementary school? | Fort Erie Small Business Club Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Stuffing your stocking with memorable moments | Name three streets in our town that start with "Ph" | Interview with Lee Siegel (excerpt) | Osmow's vs. Tahini's | The curious tale of Ed Delahanty | Crocs and chicken-eating spiders | Interview with JP Beauvais (excerpt) | Tutti Frutti on repeat | Bills make me wanna shout | Niagara listeners and alien visitors | Interview with Christian Kentie (excerpt) | Law & Order: Fort Erie Edition | Try that in a small town | How do you spell Burleigh? | Interview with Stephanie Klauck (excerpt) | Mayor Wayne Redekop testifies before House of Commons | Dedicating the Peace Bridge | Moving boxes, nail polish, and decent basketball courts | Tipping is getting out of hand | Interview with Ashley Michelle Martin (excerpt) | Donating $250 of diapers to COPE (feat. Dixie Hughes) | Beware of mail that appears to be handwritten | Real estate podcasts are boring | Picky princess mouth and telling a caller to kick rocks | Interview with Ashley Gibson (excerpt) | An homage to The Biggs & Barr Show | Name the two big banks on Jarvis Street | Fixing a toilet and falling off a stolen bike | Interview with Tim Denis (excerpt) | Am I the jerk? | Bring back single-use plastics | Motorcycles and bad jokes | Interview with Theresa Murphy (excerpt) | Matt wins $25 to Crafted 1885 | Costco shoppers are miserable | The future of Bridgeburg | Interview with Bob Fretz (excerpt) | Donating $200 of toys to Crystal Ridge Dream Center (feat. Gina Sloggett) Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Prepare your emergency kit | Donating $250 of diapers to COPE (feat. Dixie Hughes) | Keep politics out of Christmas | Calendar featuring local women-owned businesses | Look and feel your best at LXN Beauty Studio (interview with Ashley Coones) | Meet "Coupon Queen" Liza Fare | Taxi rushed heart attack victim to Douglas Memorial Hospital | Free family skating at Leisureplex | Police response to threats made against Fort Erie schools (interview with Staff Sergeant Eric Ellwood) | Mobility scooters do not require helmets Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
How about a Black Friday deal on groceries? | Name the two big banks on Jarvis Street | Murda Beatz visits Greater Fort Erie Secondary School | Donating $200 of toys to Crystal Ridge Dream Center (feat. Gina Sloggett) | Tom Insinna has 2,000 unread emails | Why buyers should have their own agent | Matt shares his first experience at Crafted 1885 | Games, comics, and collectibles at The Frugal Dutchman (interview with Christian Kentie) | Not everyone wants to gamble on cheap travel | Santa Claus and fireworks at Fort Erie Race Track Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Is your Christmas tree up? | Fort Erie braces for winter storms | Runner-up calls in 17 minutes too late | Anne Watters needs volunteers for Salvation Army Christmas kettle campaign (interview) | Matt wins $25 to Crafted 1885 | Costco shoppers are miserable | Beatties, Planet Fitness, and Borderview Veterinary Hospital are hiring | Gary Hass and friends collect $20,000 of Post cereals for COPE (interview) | Frosty the Christmas Horse (feat. Jurgen Masser) | International Railway Bridge turns 150 | Manning a Christmas kettle this Saturday Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Ghosted by Regional Councillor Tom Insinna | Some doctors accepting new patients | No refunds on budgies | Please be respectful to female Realtors | Arjun Kalia offers listeners $25 to Crafted 1885 (interview) | Santa Claus is coming to town | Market predictions are usually wrong | Register now for Christmas help Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Fort Erie ranked Canada's third most interesting place | Fort Erie Arts Council's annual Red Ribbon fundraiser | Disabled person denied service? | Tim Denis directing classic Neil Simon comedy at Garrison Little Theatre (interview) | Bring back single-use plastics | How to evict attic squirrels | Days on market is a misleading statistic | Pilot Company, Holt's Automotive, and Redstacks Retirement Home are hiring | Events Connected Canada hosting Bridgeburg Halloween event (interview with Christine Heather) | Fun Halloween facts Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Fast food nostalgia | Win a free tee shirt | Niagara is officially a buyer's market | Real estate is nobody's Plan A | Christopher Schoenwald invites you to listen to "Life as a.." podcast (interview) | Fire at former Ridgeway-Crystal Beach High School | Record heat and snow in October | Praise for Ink Bar, Left of Central, and Sessions | Craving chicken wings from The Plaice (interview cont.) | I love dad jokes Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Are you thankful for the metric system? | Enjoy the fall leaves at Shagbark Nature Park | Join the fife and drum corps | Coming up in the Fort Erie Observer | Some folks hate change | Strong Fort Erie Neighbourhoods tackles local poverty (interview with Theresa Murphy) | Podcast merchandise available now Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Help me find my doppelganger | Start with medium heat | Niagara Regional Police warn of popular emergency scams (interview with Detective Sergeant Ray Aceti) | Got the wrong bill | Who remembers Dufferin Electronics? | Bills make me wanna shout | Muir Image Photography now calls Ridgeway home (interview with Megan Muir) | The Plaice, Scuttlebutt, and Commercial Roadhouse are hiring | Five devices in one Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Welcome to the No-Information Age | Breakwall repairs currently underway | Fort Erie Observer is Truly Community-focused (interview with Christine Whelan) | Shawarma fight! | A popular local scam | Local historians make me nervous | The history of Bertie Township told through collectibles (interview with Bob Fretz) | Would anyone like to be friends? | Osmow's vs. Tahini's Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Why we chose Fort Erie | Speed bumps, speeding, and helmets for scooters | Crescent Gardens Florist is thriving in new Ridgeway location (interview with Lisa Kelleher) | Drunk woman falls off stolen kid's bike | Monday Night at the Movies is back | Edible bouquets and local delivery (interview cont.) | Real estate podcasts are boring | Easy as 1-2-3 Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Law & Order: Fort Erie Edition | Let's bring this Fort Erie couple home | Name three streets in our town that start with "Ph" | Crafted by Grace offers custom party décor for every occasion (interview with Grace Wybraniak) | FEIA, the Barrel, and Utopia Lounge are hiring | Remembering 9/11 in Fort Erie | Dunn the Mover, now Switzer-Carty, shuttled truckers to the Leisureplex | God bless our American friends Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
Please don't feed the wasps | Council approves funding for Fort Erie Group Family Practice | Baloney, pickles, and zombies | Stephen Cooper's Community Crew nourishes hungry kids with help from Strong Fort Erie Neighbourhoods (interview) | Fixing a dented car with nail polish | 5-star ratings are appreciated | Fall is a great time to sell | August giveaway winners Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
A little something for everyone | Smuggling contraband in frozen waffles | Fleet Canada, Bridgewater Country Club, and the Boys and Girls Club are hiring | It's Mike versus Mike in this epic round of trivia | Last chance to enter the giveaway | Hefty fines for operating illegal short-term rentals | Listeners all over Niagara Region | Small kids eat paste | Dedicating the Peace Bridge | Remembering the original Pizza Hut | Tipping is getting out of hand | The most morbid parade in town | Finishing the marathon Call the Byrd Box: 289-599-BYRD (2973)
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