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Nick Hughes is joined by Brittany Alexander, CEO of Premier Property Law from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Brittany Alexander is founder and CEO of Premier Property Law, social media expert, and Host of The Modern Professional Podcast, who is revolutionizing how to create 7-figure businesses with the power of free social media marketing and content creation. Her strategic use of TikTok and Instagram enabled her to grow her company from $0 to $1.78 million with a team of 16 in year one, with an advertising budget of zero!The episode starts with Nick and Brittany jumping into her journey into startups and entrepreneurship, from insurance defense to her own law firm.  Why entrepreneurship? And why did  she quit her job and started her firm? We learn the power of free social media marketing and content creation and how Brittany figured out to create lasting impact and impressions with use of social media. What is her strategic use of TikTok and Instagram - short form videos - and how did she use these platforms to grow her company from $0 to $1.78 million with a team of 16 in year one, with an advertising budget of zero! We end with hearing what Brittany has you learned from content creation, and podcasting, and her lessons for early stage entrepreneurs. This is a fun conversation with an very interesting and inspiring entrepreneur , we hope it helps you today. - lawyer.britt 
Nick Hughes is joined by Becca Gardner, who is the founder and CEO of NKD LDY from Louisville, Kentucky.  ALT Distilling (ALT) is an innovation company that makes really good beverages. Our Product Is “Naked,” Stripped Of Alcohol, Leaving A Pure Drink That Allows You To Pursue Whatever The Night Might Hold, Without Compromise. The idea for ALT Distilling (parent company to NKD LDY) came from Becca's own experience as a non-drinker; her frustration with the alienation that resulted from making a strong decision for herself and the seeming absence of exciting substitutes in spaces of socializing and celebration. The episode starts with Nick and Becca discussing her journey into starting her own business, and WHY start her own business? We learn how she walked away from a successful corporate career to address the stigma around "sober culture". They then shift into how she created an authentic experience for non-alcoholic drinkers, and why she named it such a name as NKD LDY.  Becca and Nick point to the branding, and why it is so important when differentiating your company from so many others in the market. Along with many other lessons and tips, we hear Becca's advice to early stage entrepreneurs who are just starting out. This is a fun and entertaining conversation with an up and coming entrepreneur, we hope it helps you today. Instagram - NKD LDY
Nick Hughes is joined by Edwige Gilbert, founder of New Life Directions from West Palm Beach, FL. Edwige is a transformation guide and founder of New Life Directions, reinvents lives and creates fresh starts driven by a purposeful vision and habit transformation.  As an international speaker and author of The Fresh Start Promise and Victim to Victorious, Edwige turns stress into success by clearing unwanted habits and behaviors, creating self confidence and exuberant enjoyment of life, or as she calls it in French, “Joie de Vivre.” Edwige's secrets to living, loving and aging with grace and style are the keys to recapturing vitality, embracing your sensuality and living life to the fullest, at any age. The episode starts with Nick and Edwige discussing her journey into starting her own business and entrepreneurship. Nick wonders, is there a story of how she discovered this path? She points to Mindfulness -  and how can leaders be more mindful as they lead their organizations. We know the entrepreneurial life can be stressful, so Nick and Edwige review suggestions to best deal and overcome it.  She points to how to take your stress and move it into Strength. They talk about what you focus on - expands - and how to use "I can, I create, I manifest…"  everyday to lead you to fulfilment.  Edvige ends with sharing the first steps to take if someone is ready to change and take action. Check out her books and courses at This is a fun and informative conversation with an amazing person, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Waseem Daher CEO and Cofounder of Pilot, from San Francisco. Waseem is the CEO and co-founder of Pilot, which specializes in bookkeeping, tax, and CFO services for high-growth technology startups. He is a three-time entrepreneur with two successful exits: his first company, Ksplice, was acquired by Oracle in 2011 and his second, Zulip, was acquired by Dropbox in 2014. He has a degree in computer science from MIT.The episode starts with Nick and Waseem talking about his  journey into startups and entrepreneurship. They touch on his previous acquisitions and what things he learned from those previous startups.  Waseem shares how they situated the startups for an attractive exit and what he learned in the proces. They then discuss how to best work with your cofounding team and as a technical founder, what did he most have to invest in/uplevel to gain success in the position. They then shift to talk about Pilot and illustrate the differences with Pilot from more traditional back office accounting and CFO services. The conversation ends with Waseem mentioning what the biggest mistakes he sees startup founders make and general advice to startups and how should we be navigating this downturn. This is a fun and informative conversation with an very experienced entrepreneur, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Michelle Kulp Book Launch Expert, from Annapolis Maryland. Michelle Kulp is a Book Launch Expert, Publishing Specialist, 20x #1 Bestselling Author, and USA Today Bestselling Author.  Since 2012, she has been teaching entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and thought leaders how to elevate their expertise, attract their ideal clients, and increase their income and opportunities — with a Bestselling Book! To date, Michelle has launched over 300 books for clients and has helped them hit numerous #1 Amazon bestseller lists as well as Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists. Michelle's Bestseller program is a one-stop shop for authors who don’t have the knowledge, expertise, desire or skill-set to publish and market their own books. The episode starts with Nick and Michelle jumping into her journey into entrepreneurship… and what it takes to be a writer. Can anyone write a book a month? What is a book exactly? These questions are dissected by Michelle to illustrate how to you write and publish a book in one month. She details out her advice on how to start your writing career, how to create passive income with writing, how to break down your ideas and topics into chunks of content and how to do the best marketing processes - outside of Amazon. The end with Michelle's advice to writers and early stage entrepreneurs. This is a fun and informative conversation with an amazing author and entrepreneur, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Gabriela Pulido, founder and partner of Scalto from Miami, Florida. At Scalto, they know how hard it is for service-based businesses to attain real scalability; exponentially increasing revenues without incurring significant costs. They are here to help Hispanic and Latin American B2B service businesses design truly scalable business models to grow over time. Their focus is enabling firms to jump ahead of the competition by designing all aspects of a truly scalable business: the offering, the client experience, the brand and the communications and lead generation process.The episode starts with Nick and Gabriela talking about  her journey into starting her own business and what entrepreneurship mean to her. They then dive deeper into Scalto, talking about real scalability and Scalex Program. Gabriela describes how to Define Your Scaling Mindset - what can you achieve and growth options. How to Create Your Story - and determine the narrative.  She helps listeners understand the whole customer journey. They then discuss the biggest mistakes she sees in branding today and the first few steps with marketing/communications for early stage startups. The conversation concludes with some advice to early stage entrepreneurs. This is a fun and inspirational conversation with a passionate leader, advisor and entrepreneur, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by John DenBoer, a TEDx Speaker, Author and Startup Founder from Wisconsin. John is a former clinical neuropsychologist and founder whose startup journey has been a wild ride of fame, defeat and lessons learned.The episode starts with Nick and John discussing his startup journey as a pioneer - his successes, failures & what he learned in business from raising funds for a high growth startup, plus his painful mistakes that cost dearly. John points to the power of PR - how his team got featured on Netflix and how this impacted the outlook for his startup. He shares his reflections on how to find your cause - in John's case Disrupting Dementia - and what he learned through it.  John helped create the NETFLIX documentary called “This is Dementia” by Bosch Films. They then talk about what he has learned as a sports neuropsychologist and high performance, how to achieve peak performance as an athlete and entrepreneur. They end with John sharing his lessons learned and painful mistakes that cost dearly, and shares his advice to early stage entrepreneurs.  This is a fun and informative conversation with a passionate and purposeful entrepreneur, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Rich Goldstein, a patent attorney and founder of Goldstein Patent Law from New Jersey.  Rich is a patent attorney, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who specializes in assisting others in protecting and monetizing their ideas. He is passionate in helping entrepreneurs to better understand how patents may help them grow their businesses. The episode starts with Nick and Rich discussing his journey into law and entrepreneurship, including his lessons of 28 years of entrepreneurship - and sales. They then talk about protecting your brand and how to keep Competitors from getting too close to your territory. Rich details how to understand the difference between a patent and a trademark, how to market your concept and when to be more public about it,  and how to navigate the situation if you encounter trouble or others in the market. Nick and Rich talk about when it's not best to patent your concept, or weighing the pros and cons to making the investment in legal protection early on in the startup process. Rich ends with his tips and lessons for early stage entrepreneurs. This is a fun and educational conversation with a IP and Legal expert, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Allie Martin, CEO and Founder of Fame and Fortune from Shelbyville Kentucky. Allie is a visibility expert who uses proactive public relations with her clients through her framework The Publicity Stair Step™. Fame and Fortune® was opened by Allie Hembree Martin in June 2019 with a mission to support female entrepreneurs by integrating new and traditional marketing tactics to grow their visibility.  The Fame and Fortune® team has been able to achieve top-tier media placements for clients, with clients appearing on Forbes, Martha Stewart, The Rachael Ray Show, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Apartment Therapy, Better Homes & Gardens, and more. Social media strategy is another major emphasis of the business, bringing to life the stories and messages of the client in creative and engaging ways.The episode starts with Nick and Allie discussing her journey and how she survived numerous layoffs at larger companies. We learn how  Allie got into PR and then decided to start her own company - and what's in the name?! Allie walks through the first few steps of getting started in her publicity business and then details The Publicity Stair Step™ approach, plus the 6 Tips to crafting the perfect PR pitch and how to get the coverage you deserve. She finishes it off with ideas on steps to take this week to gain momentum and get discovered. Lastly, we hear her advice for early stage entrepreneurs and how to outreach  PR and media outlets.  This is a fun and informative conversation with a PR and Visibility expert, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Dave Dickert, CEO and Cofounder of Branded Bills who is located in Mesa, Arizona. After Selling more than 2.5 million products nationwide, Branded Bills has grown into one of the most successful headwear brands on the market, changing the way customers, employees and businesses think about the retail space.The episode starts with Dave giving a bit more information on his background and journey into entrepreneurship. We hear how he went from athletics  into business.. and does he love to win or hate to lose? Next we hear how his experience in food and beverage industry and how that led him to start Branded Bills. What did Dave observe throughout the pandemic in retail? And what are his current thoughts and observations of retail landscape and thoughts of future of retail. They then dive deeper into Branding, Company Culture and creating an awesome organization to work for. Lastly, we hear Dave's advice for early stage founders and what he'd suggest you consider as you start your company. This is an great conversation with a purpose driven leader, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Darren Winterford, CEO and Founder of from Sydney, Australia. Darren Winterford has extensive experience building mobile apps and pushing the boundaries of innovation. As a pioneer in the microlearning space, EdApp's teams are established in Sydney, London, Manila, and New York. Today, the EdApp platform has a wide reach, where around 50,000 lessons are completed every day in over 90 countries around the world. With the current focus on the democratization of learning, EdApp, together with the United Nations, have launched Educate All: An initiative to increase access to free, high-quality and impactful education around the world.The episode starts with Darren describing his journey from marketing into entrepreneurship as Nick asks why he chose entrepreneurship? Darren provides his insights / lessons from growing the business from startup to established company. We then hear more about Edapp and what problem he saw in the world that needed to be solved. Darren describes how he thinks that the smartphone can really change the shape of global education and what he sees as thee future of learning. The conversation ends with Nick and Darren talking about distributed/remote team and leadership, the best tools and software for leading distributed teams as well as Darren's lessons and advice for early stage founders. This is an great conversation with a leader in the remote education space, we hope it helps you today.
This conversation took place during a Livestreamed Founders Live Center Stage event. Founders Live CEO Nick Hughes talks with Luis Antezana  to give updates and an overview of his 2022 World Tour which takes him to various SE Asia countries. He will spend most of his time in Indonesia, but will also visit the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Hear his thoughts on travel, how it challenges you and makes you a better leader and human.   
In this Founders Live Conversation with a live audience, Nick and Julie cover Julie's journey into entrepreneurship, why she decided to go out on her own, the purpose behind her new book The 7 Forms Of Respect and lessons of how to work 7 Forms of Respect into your own company. They also take questions from a small group of viewers. Julie Pham, Ph.D. is the Author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller 7 Forms of Respect and the CEO of CuriosityBased, which fosters curiosity in the world, starting in the workplace. She is an award-winning leader who applies her community-building experience to strengthening teams. Dr. Pham earned her PhD as a Gates Cambridge Scholar and her “real-life MBA” by running her family’s Vietnamese-language newspaper, Người Việt Tây Bắc, in Seattle. She has worked as a journalist, a professor, a researcher, a marketer, and nonprofit executive.The 7 Forms of Respect is a practical guide for any team leader and team player in the American workplace. Dr. Julie Pham offers thought-provoking questions and exercises that will transform your communication and relationships with the people you work with in lasting and surprising ways. Available on Kindle now and in paperback by May 31.Find the book here -
Nick Hughes is joined by Fred Joyal, a speaker, author and executive coach from Los Angeles, CA. Fred co-founded the most successful dentist referral service in the country, 1-800-DENTIST, which, in his 30 years as CEO, generated over $1 billion in revenue. Along with this achievement, he has also been awarded the Conrad Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur Award by Loyola Marymount University. He has written two bestselling books for his industry, and also written and appeared in over 200 television and radio commercials. Fred Started started as an extremely shy person, too timid even to make a phone call, and transformed himself into someone who has done stand-up and improv comedy, spoken to audiences of 5,000 or more, met dozens of celebrities, and, just by being bold, found love, joy, passion, and success. The episode starts with Nick asking Fred about his entrepreneurial journey and building the 1-800-DENTIST business. Why he chose entrepreneurship? And then we hear his insights / lessons from growing that business to such a large level. They then jump to his Book - Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days.  Fred talks about his lack of confidence originally and how he learned to be more bold and confident in his life.  He describes what is happening inside most people. How does one Unleash the Boldness Inside themselves, as well as he touches on the difference between Boldness, confidence and then overconfidence. Then Nick asks, "Will Being Superbold Have A Positive Effect On Our Whole Life?" as well as "What are ways we can relax ourselves in any situation?" Ending the conversation Fred shares his advice on how  early stage founders can leverage boldness in their businesses.  This is an incredible conversation with a leader who is set on making impact and helping others maximize their confidence, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Andy Paul, who is an author, speaker and podcast host from San Diego, CA.  Andy's hit "Accelerate Your Sales" podcast was acquired by in 2020. Since re-named "Sales Enablement with Andy Paul", the show continues to inspire thousands of sales professionals each week. Andy has also written two award-winning sales books, "Zero-Time Selling" and "Amp Up Your Sales". And he has consulted with some of the biggest businesses in the world including Square, Philips, Grubhub and more, making him one of the leading voices in the sales industry today. His new Book - SELL WITHOUT SELLING OUT - A Guide to Success on Your Own Terms is a proven framework to increase win rates and shorten decision cycles without the salesy behaviors buyers hate.The episode starts with Nick and Andy talking about his entrepreneurial journey and we learn why he chose entrepreneurship.  Andy shares the personality types of entrepreneurs and common thread he sees with the ones he works with. They then dive into the new Book - SELL WITHOUT SELLING OUT - A Guide to Success on Your Own Terms. Nick asks "Why write this book?" and "What is selling out vs selling in" Andy then talks about quickly developing empathy, credibility, and trust with buyers and Four pillars of Selling, plus the six types of questions that unearth buyers’ deepest challenges. These are golden nuggets! We also learn What to do when a sale goes south or stale and then Andy leaves us with his advice to early authors and entrepreneurs. This is an amazing conversation with an author who has literally written the book on how to sell with purpose and effectiveness, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Chris Maeda is currently the CTO and co-founder of the chatbot company, from Toronto, Ontario in Canada., a conversational marketing platform that helps marketers convert prospects into customers by engaging them in authentic, helpful and informative conversations. While he’s got a PhD from Carnegie Mellon, Chris’s knowledge of AI, ML and NLP goes way beyond the classroom. He has served as CEO of the mail deliverability platform MailMonitor, CTO of the analytics provider Broadbase Software, CTO of the marketing automation platform Rubric Software, and others. The episode starts with Nick mentioning Founders Live previously had his co-founder Rebecca on the podcast - 006 episode - one of the first episodes for the Founders Live podcast. We then hear about his journey and how he came to discover and become a cofounder of the startup. He shares how timing is everything and a chance meeting at a conference changed his life. They then shift to learn more about Botco, why chatbots are good for way more than just customer support and how they contribute to the field of marketing. Chris shares the latest challenges in AI, ML and NLP and how to make NLP more “human”,  as well as the ethical and moral implications of AI. Nick then inquires more about the Botco team, how they found each other, and how they function  as a remote team including remote work tools that rock. They end with a few pieces of advice Chris  gives to early founders. This is a great conversation with a startup leader who has sights on changing the way we interact with techonolgy, we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Liam Martin, CMO and cofounder of Time Doctor and, from Montreal Canada. Liam is a co-founder of a remote-first company that grew 8 figures with people in 43 different countries and no office. Remote work has been our way of working for more than 10 years, yet Liam observed that almost 99% of new remote companies during the pandemic could not figure out one thing common to all successful remote-first companies. Essentially, it's asynchronous communication, the bedrock of every successful remote business.The episode starts with Nick and Liam talking about his early years and how he got started.  Then we hear how remote working, as opposed to working from home, was before the pandemic and effects of the pandemic has had on it. We hear what Liam see as things moving forward out of the pandemic and Asynchronous work effectiveness.  He specifically talks about Collaboration and the effect remote work has on effectiveness of teams.  We then hear about charismatic leaders are not required; in fact, charisma is one of the biggest barriers to business growth regardless of whether the company is remotely located or not. Liam follows up with his Leadership principles when leading a remote team and interesting thoughts on the rise of the Introverted leader. Lastly, he shares the best Tools for remote teams - communication, collaboration and documentation, as well as his lessons learned in his journey of entrepreneurship. This is a great conversation with a leader who has created amazing tools for all of us as we work more remotely and asynchronous.  We hope it helps you today.*Liam has also co-authored a book - Running Remote - focused on remote work methodology. In this revolutionary guide, Liam and his co-founder, Rob Rawson, have unearthed the secrets and lessons discovered by remote work pioneering entrepreneurs and founders who've harnessed the async mindset to operate their businesses remotely in the most seamless, hassle-free, and cost-effective manner possible.
Nick Hughes is joined by Sarah Miller, CEO Of Axis Entertainment and host of Media Mavens Podcast who joins us from Los Angeles, CA. Sarah has over 15 years of experience creating leaders and defining markets through strategic public relations and marketing within the Tech, Entertainment, Sports, and Lifestyle Industry.The episode starts with Nick and Sarah jumping right into a dynamic and fun conversation ranging from PR to Leadership to startup advice. We hear about her journey from working for a PR firm to choosing to leave and  start her own company. Nick asks Sarah "Why choose entrepreneurship?" What does it mean to her? We also hear what Leadership means to Sarah and her advice on how startup founders can grow their leadership. Sarah then shares her 3 W’s and her foundations of leadership. Next they shift a bit to understanding talent and what Sarah looks for in her clients and leaders. You will hear how to build quality PR from the early stages and how important perception is to establishing one's PR and Leadership. They end the conversation around thoughts of how the pandemic shifted us and since we are now coming out of it, what Sarah is excited about going forward from here! This is a great conversation with a leader who is set on making impact and helping others improve their own leadership qualities, we hope it helps you today.www.axis-entertainment.com
Nick Hughes is joined by Alec Hanson, SVP Production Loan Depot, from Orange County, CA. Alec has funded countless mortgages over his 17-year career, in 2010 alone, he lent over $1 Billion to customers. He has received several awards & achievements, but most recently he received HouseWire's Rising Star award in 2017 and 2019, and has been named to the Top 40 under 40 achievers for the National Mortgage Professional Magazine for the past three years. He is also the author of his own book namely, "Bypass" and LoanDepot's Modern Lending Playbook. The episode starts with Nick and Alec jumping into his early days and why he has chosenentrepreneurship as a lifestyle. We hear his thoughts on building a Dynamic Personal Brand, and why reputation matters. Nick asks, "why is a Personal Brand Important?" Alec responds with pulling from his Seven things you need to do to develop a personal brand. He touches on why going “All in” on Social Media and grow organically is the best approach to improving your personal brand. We hear why he started a podcast and his experience writing a book - Bypassed. Lastly Alec gives his advice to other entrepreneurs and how to continually up your branding game. This is a great  conversation with an entrepreneur who is helping others  level up their personal and company branding , we hope it helps you today.
Nick Hughes is joined by Dr. Chandler Chang , a clinical psychologist and the Founder of Therapy Lab from Los Angeles, CA. In her effort to rethink how we access and utilize therapy, Dr. Chandler became an entrepreneur to change the way we look at mental health by developing new systems for receiving mental health support. She realized that she’d need to dive into her entrepreneurial side and develop new systems for accessible therapy by starting Therapy Lab and offering something new: evidence-based therapy with a plan.  The episode starts with Nick and Chandler discussing how she started her journey  and why she choose entrepreneurship as a lifestyle. Nick asks why she decide to start the company and what is the a story behind it. We then hear more about Therapy Lab Kids and what problem Chandler saw in the market, especially for families.  They talk about the current times… and what are we dealing with globally as to mental health crises. Nick and Chandler then dive into mental health for entrepreneurs. They wonder, what happens when entrepreneurs push too hard? And what are the new systems for receiving mental health support, especially as a high achiever. Lastly, we hear about her biggest obstacles she has overcome and her lessons and tips for early stage entrepreneurs. This is a very important conversation with an entrepreneur who has set out to help  many other people improve their mental and emotional wellness, we hope it helps you today.
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