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Finland’s Parliament has overwhelmingly endorsed joining Nato, while Sweden’s ruling party has broken with 200 years of neutrality to follow their Nordic neighbours in jumping on the alliance bandwagon. The Ukraine War has forced this profound geopolitical moment - but why are the Finns more keen on the move than the Swedes? In today’s podcast, we travel to Helsinki.
In April 2015, a victim was stabbed 13 times in a park in Leicester town centre. The case was solved with the help of CCTV, but that’s not the end of the story.  The parents of the man convicted for the crime insist this was a case of mistaken identity. They also believe racial bias caused their son’s misidentification on CCTV. Forensic experts have also raised serious concerns about the quality of CCTV analysis in the criminal justice system as a whole.  In today’s episode we speak to Channel 4 News producer, Zahra Warsame, about how she learnt about the case, how CCTV evidence is used in the criminal justice system and why it could be contributing to innocent people being put behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit.  Producer: Freya Pickford
For the first time in 101 years, a nationalist party is in the majority in Northern Ireland. Sinn Féin said the country was entering a “new era” as they overtook the DUP. It’s a seismic moment in Northern Irish history. Today, our policy correspondent Paul McNamara looks into how we got here - how Brexit and the Northern Ireland protocol has divided unionists, and how yet further stalemate is perhaps why many people are tired of the old nationalist/unionist labels and just want centrist politics that gives them a functioning government. Producer: Rachel Evans
The European Union has had many different names but it’s always had one goal: a united, peaceful Europe.   That has usually meant closer political and economic ties.   But for some it has also meant getting closer on defence and security and for some that in turn has meant the creation, one day, of a united European army.   So has the war in Ukraine shifted the dial towards a European army?   In today’s episode with Elisabeth Braw, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute think tank, talks us through the history as well as the pros and cons of any future united army for the EU.   Sources: EuroNews, France 24, Newsnight, Sky News   Produced by: Joe Lord-Jones
Just how polluted is the air we breathe in the UK? Other than the smog we can see it’s sometimes impossible to visualise what some call the ‘invisible killer’. Channel 4 News was shown new modelling which suggests the majority of UK households are in areas which break the World Health Organization's own guidelines on dangerous air pollution levels. In today’s episode, we speak to reporter Keme Nzerem who originally broke this story, about the politics of air pollution, why it’s damaging to our health and its links with poverty. Producer: Freya Pickford
Ecuador has become the new frontline in an escalating drug war. And ordinary people are the ones paying the price as the country’s murder rate doubledlast year. Rival drug cartels have taken over Ecuador’s largest city, Guayaquil, in a bid to control lucrative new drug routes to Europe and the United States. Our reporter, Guillermo Galdos, visited the once peaceful city for Unreported World, and spent two weeks with the local police, who are now outgunned and outnumbered. Today, Krishnan talks to Guillermo about what has driven Ecuador to become a major player in this bloody turf war and what can be done to stop it. Warning: this episode contains content some may find disturbing. Sources: CGTN Produced by: Rachel Evans
More than 1 million people in the UK are on Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT and the vast majority of them are women who need it to deal with menopause symptoms.    But a shortage of specific types of HRT has left women struggling. In this episode of The Fourcast we speak to Kate who had a hysterectomy at 44 which caused her to go into surgical menopause about what life is like with and without HRT.   We also speak to our Health and Social Care Editor, Victoria MacDonald about why, as demand for prescriptions has more than doubled since 2017, supply of some products has not kept up.    If you have been affected by the issues raised in this report, help and support is available at   Sources: Channel 4: Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause and Davina McCall: Sex, Mind and the Menopause   Produced by: Nina Hodgson
It’s the news that was everywhere for one day and then sort of faded away. A bit like a viral tweet you might say, it dominated, and then we just scrolled on.   Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, reached a deal to buy Twitter.   The right were happy, the left were mad. And Twitter was the perfect place for everyone to sound off.   But the deal isn’t done and there’s still a long way to go.   We talk to our Washington Correspondent, Siobhan Kennedy, about who exactly is the man behind this mega takeover. We also talk to the former head of news at Twitter, Vivian Schiller, about free speech, the law and social media. Sources: Sky News, TED, Fox News, CNN Produced by: Freya Pickford
Giving your second-hand clothes to a charity shop or recycling centre is surely a good thing, isn’t it? Well some of those items, which eventually end up abroad, are causing an environmental disaster in West Africa.  Slums and beaches are overflowing with clothes from countries such as the UK that can’t be sold.  And this is affecting everything from the livelihoods of the traders to the seafood eaten across the entire west coast of Africa. Today, Krishnan speaks to reporter Ashionye Ogene, who has been to Ghana for Unreported World to see first-hand how the West’s addiction to fast fashion is destroying livelihoods as well as leaving a mark on the country’s landscape for hundreds of years to come.  Producer: Rachel Evans Sources: ITV News, CBS News
As the war in Ukraine enters its third month and Russia begins the new phase of its invasion, where does this all end? Or moreover, where is it heading? Russia says it's focusing on the east and south, but why the missile strikes in Odessa? And what does Russia want now and what can it even get, given that the Ukrainians feel emboldened as the Western powers increase their support? Today, our international editor Lindsey Hilsum reports from eastern Ukraine as she unpicks the messaging and the military movements in the war. Sources: AP  Produced by: Nina Hodgson
Inflation is at a 30-year high right now, and it could go even higher. Prices were going up even before the war in Ukraine and so now the forecasts are even worse, not helped by parts of China shutting down as a new wave of Covid there takes over. It’s all pretty gloomy, and the International Monetary Fund says the world must brace itself for an economic slowdown and a potential wave of social unrest. In today’s episode of The Fourcast, our Business and Global Trade Correspondent Paul McNamara explains how inflation is impacting farmers and businesses and how high prices are passed onto us. And whether there is anything governments can do in this perfect storm of an economic crisis.  Sources: Sky News
Thailand has gone Crypto crazy. Just last year investing in Crypto currencies increased four-fold in the country. Ordinary people are jumping on the Crypto bandwagon to try and make money fast. But the world of traditional finance is wary of this new technology as some really do risk it all and lose it all. Jonathan Miller was in Thailand for Unreported World to meet a new generation of innovators tearing up the rule book.  Today, we’ll discuss if this 21st century temple to the future of money is an example to be followed across the world or whether real regulation and protections are needed to stop people from potentially getting hurt. Sources: BBC News  Producer: Rachel Evans
A close, contested election. Weeks of uncertainty. An election that some felt wasn’t legitimate. A Supreme Court divided and politicised. A new president that some felt wasn’t the true winner.    Not 2020 and beyond, but 2000 in America.   Andrew Rice, the author of “The Year That Broke America”, unpicks 12 months that will live in infamy - and when everything came down to Florida.   Produced by: Nina Hodgson   Sources: CNN, CBS News, ITN Archive
Emmanuel Macron will face Marine Le Pen in the second round run-off of the French Presidential election.   It’s all a bit deja-vu, a repeat of last time in 2017, but is a second term on the cards for the incumbent President?   In the end, the future of France hinges on one question; what is greater here, fear of Le Pen the right-wing nationalist or hatred of Macron the incumbent.   In this episode of The Fourcast Channel 4 News  Presenter and Europe Editor Matt Frei talks about what to expect ahead of the presidential vote in France on Sunday the 24th of April. Produced by: Nina Hodgson Sources: INA Archive, AP
It’s the largest maternity scandal in NHS history, hundreds of babies and some of their mothers could or would have survived had they not been failed. A landmark review into the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust has revealed, “a catalogue of tragedies”, according to the senior midwife, Donna Ockendon, who led the review. The Ockenden review has revealed a toxic culture, a lack of compassion and a failure to listen to mothers and their needs at maternity services at one of England's NHS trusts. Today, Minnie Stephenson speaks to our Health and Social Care Editor Victoria Macdonald about what this report uncovered and asks whether the public can have faith in maternity services across England.  A warning, this podcast contains testimony that listeners may find distressing. And if you are affected by any of the issues in this report, go to where you can find a range of places to seek information and help. Produced by: Rachel Evans   
Finland is a European country that shares an 800-mile border with Russia. It has a standing army of nearly 300,000 and can call on 900,000 reservists, and wartime shelters that can accommodate 80 per cent of its population of only 5.5 million. In today's episode, we Iook at the history of a nation that has long been caught in the middle of the great powers of Europe and yet has managed to secure its independence through realpolitik and a comprehensive all hands on deck approach to defence. And despite having this comprehensive security policy, the war in Ukraine has meant something seismic could now happen. Finland is flirting with joining Nato. Sources: AP Produced by: Freya Pickford
You might think that Russian troops retreating from parts of Ukraine was good news, but then we saw what they left behind.   As the full horror of this war is revealed, Russia has moved to its so-called phase two: a focus on the east and south.   Is that a retreat? Or is it a regrouping? And is yet more horror to come?   Today, presenter and Europe editor Matt Frei looks at the ongoing war of words on both sides, what the West can do in response to alleged war crimes, and where this conflict goes next as we look at a possible prolonged battle with no winners.   Produced by: Freya Pickford   Sources: The Guardian, Fox News, The Independent
The government has committed to banning so-called conversion therapy but announced that the ban would not include trans people.   100 organisations pulled support for the UK’s first international LGBT conference, before the government cancelled the event altogether.   The government have said that they ”will carry out separate work to consider the issue of transgender conversion therapy further.”    But how does that make the LGBTQ+ community feel? Today, we speak to a survivor of so-called trans conversion therapy, a former government adviser, Jayne Ozanne, and the chief executive of Stonewall Nancy Kelley. Sources: ITV News, Sky News Produced by: Nina Hodgson
In 2020 the National Trust released a report that found 93 of its properties had links to colonialism and slavery. The report did not tell properties to do anything like change names or tear down statues. But the backlash was still fierce and the head of the Trust recently said she received death threats. We look at what the report actually said, what properties have done in response, and we hear from the group that has led the campaign against the report.
President Biden said Nato had never been more united, just what Vladimir Putin didn’t want, but is he right? Today, Charles Kupchan, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations explains how Nato failed to placate Russia in recent years, what next for the alliance, and will America really put Europe back at the centre of its foreign policy? Sources: ITV News
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