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From Channel 4 News, an in-depth look at the news stories you need to know about; how the past shapes the present and what might lie ahead for us all.
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Once again we're in lockdown, as the coronavirus pandemic rips through the country. It seems that our only hope is the vaccine, but do we have enough of it? And how long will it take to vaccinate enough people that life can return to normal?  Throughout the pandemic, Paddy Worrall and his award-winning Channel 4 News FactCheck team have crunched the data and the challenged government soundbites, and he joins us today to discuss how to vaccinate a nation.  Sources: ITN, LBC
Last Wednesday, a violent mob of Trump supporters rampaged through the most hallowed institution of American democracy, the US Capitol, storming into the debating chamber and sending politicians into hiding and ransacking offices. Just minutes before, Congress was formally confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s win. Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to move towards impeaching Donald Trump claiming he incited an insurrection on the Capitol last week. Clips: ITV News, MSNBC
When the bodies of 39 Vietnamese migrants were discovered in a lorry container in Essex in 2019, it shocked the nation. Last month, two men: Eamonn Harrison and Gheorghe Nica were found guilty of multiple counts of manslaughter at the trial. We look into the story of one woman found in that container - who risked it all to come to the UK and provide for her family. Trigger warnings: descriptions of suffocation, and physical violence 
2020 is over. For many a year to forget, but one which will undoubtedly have changed the courses of all our lives.  So, what might the new year have in store for us? We speak to three Channel 4 News reporters with very different areas of expertise about what the future might hold; looking ahead to Brexit, the next chapter of the coronavirus crisis, and the global affairs movements that you need to know about. 
Some of history’s most beautiful goals are thanks to football’s iconic header. But has the move harmed, even killed, some of our most treasured football stars?  In recent years, we’ve lost many of the heroes of England’s World Cup winning team of ‘66 - and many of them suffered from dementia. Our North of England Correspondent, Clare Fallon, has been looking at sport and the long-term effects of head injuries. Sources: ITN, PBS
The world predicted a Covid catastrophe in Africa, but as 2020 draws to a close, the continent has seemingly managed to contain the virus and keep deaths low. How have so many African nations managed to control coronavirus, and why we have we left them out of the Covid conversation? Our Africa correspondent, Jamal Osman, asks why we talk about the success of New Zealand and South Korea but not Rwanda and Senegal - and whether Africa may get left behind as the world rolls out a vaccine. Sources: ITN, Al Jazeera, CBC News, France 24, KTN News Kenya, AfricaNews, Sky News
Last month, Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was assassinated in an ambush near the capital Tehran. The scientist, who was considered the driving force behind Iran’s nuclear weapons program for two decades, was in his vehicle with his bodyguards when the attack occurred, but how the attack played out is unclear. One reporter at the scene said six gunmen were involved, other reports said a highly sophisticated satellite-controlled machine-gun with artificial intelligence was used.  Our International Editor, Lindsey Hilsum, has been reporting on Iran for over 20 years, and explains what this killing might mean for tensions in the region. Sources: BBC News, CNN, ABC News, NBC Dateline, CBS News
Polls suggest that support for Scottish independence has never been stronger. Could this be the end of the Union? Our Scotland correspondent Ciaran Jenkins has been talking to voters who previously rejected independence to see if the tide is turning, and what might be behind their change of heart. Sources: ITV, BBC, Twitter (@ruthdavidson). 
This week the first vaccinations for COVID-19 began in the UK, after months of despair and restrictions. Mass vaccinations could offer a way out of the pandemic with the most vulnerable being at the front of the queue. But after a summer where concerns were raised over the numbers of BAME people dying in the community, should they be offered a vaccine early?   Our Home Affairs Correspondent, Darshna Soni, has spent the year telling the stories of Black and brown families affected by the virus and reflects on whether enough is being done to protect people of colour during the pandemic.   Clips from: BBC, ITV, CSPAN
When Donald Trump responded to the California wildfires by saying it would “start getting cooler”, it was a prime example of the president’s climate change scepticism that has partly defined his tenure in the White House.  Our chief correspondent, Alex Thomson, explains how far Trump set the country back, and whether President-elect Biden - who calls the climate crisis an “urgent national security issue” - can buy America - and the planet - back some time.
Welcome to a new podcast from Channel 4 News, an in-depth look at the stories you need to know about; how the past shapes the present and what might lie ahead for us all. In our first episode, Jon Snow looks back on a turbulent year of personal and professional challenges - and explains why he thinks this podcast is needed now more than ever.
Trailer: The Fourcast

Trailer: The Fourcast


Introducing the Fourcast. From Channel 4 News, an in-depth look at the stories you need to know about; how the past shapes the present and what might lie ahead for us all. Launching 7 December.
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