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Author: Toso Mohammed Haruna

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The goal, is to make you think different.

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6 Episodes
A beautiful conversation with an old friend.His name is Jess Cherry. Find him on Twitter @transstreamings.We start out with some introspection. A good practice to follow along with, if you'd like. In fact, he is hosting a group this Thursday (11th of March) for people who are looking for that sort of intentional community focused on cultivating love.No real outline here, just free flowing conversations.We talk about:The incentives of loveThe path to enlightenment The value of feedback loopsLeaving space for TruthA bunch of other stuff...Enjoy.
*and he pivots* Newscast: 5 stories each week. Plus a bit of perspective. <3
This was just two lads who met on a week ago engaging in some honest dialogue.Socratic, even.To check out James' pod, follow any of the links below. Google:
"What happens when decentralized markets become more efficient than centralized ones..?"I think, you get a renaissance.And Africa is on the cutting edge.Come hang to find my reasons why, along with a few crypto projects that seem to also "get it."Be alerted when the transcript version drops, if you're more of a reader. Ill be adding all the source materials along with some graphs and videos there too.toso.medium.comTwitter - @Toso___(but here's the video I pulled the voice clip from about halfway in... for stopping by.Stay wavy ~Love, Toso.
Wasssssup. We back, after some "technical difficulties" Here you'll find some untethered perspectives on blockchain applications and future use cases. Really I just wanted to understand this stuff for myself, and figured teaching it is the best way.If you feeling it... send Doge 😎Wallet address: DLAMeZzUyU3Lmm9DJSrcqCWpSjDpCJGoLPDeFi explainer video 50 list on
Hey guys.. I think, money is fake.This is episide 1 of what I hope to be a weekly cast.My goal is to unearth perspectives that I feel are underappreciated, and to help you think differently in the process. The goal is not to convince you of a persepctive.The goal is for you to understand. The goal, is to love.Anyway.Buy my book. the blog too - accepted @TimeToGrowDudeThanks for listening. Let's do it again next week.Love, Toso
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