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Freelancing and marketing nuggets for web developers, without the fluff
36 Episodes
I talk about Starbucks, financial solutions, and my final chat for this year.
Dennis is a wealth of freelancing knowledge. We discussed everything - enjoy!
Dan is a full-time freelancer and agency owner.We discuss his journey from freelancer to agency owner, getting clients, and more!
Marko and I discuss being proactive as a freelancer and more!
A new course with Brad Traversy:
In this episode, I chat with freelancing sales with Jose Rosado.
I go into a lot of detail here on why I believe you should not become a freelancer.
Ask these questions when you chat with a client.
I chat with Sarah Shelley, a full-time freelancer, to see what has worked well for her and if there's anything she can do better.
I chat with Tom Hirst, a successful freelancer, where he shares his freelancing journey and tips for new freelancers.
I talk with Michael Owens, a struggling freelancer, to see what I can help him with to become a better freelancer.
80/20 overview to get into freelancing.
This one thing will help you become a successful freelancer.
SEO can help you get clients. I tell you how in this episode.
Outsourcing Your Tasks

Outsourcing Your Tasks


Outsourcing is a crucial skill. I share fundamentals of why and how in this episode.
In this episode, I talk about working for free - good or bad?
Retainer Work

Retainer Work


What is retainer work and how do I do it? I give a few overview tips in this one.
A difficult one to record, but here's an update about what happened and things planned going forward.
Don't focus on the fluff. Focus on what matters.
10 overview steps to help you build a successful freelancing business.
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