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Author: George Mudry

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A podcast from the members of various lodges in Connecticut discussing a variety of topics including esoteric Masonry, symbolisms, and conspiracies told from the eyes of Freemasons and not the uninitiated. Younger brothers who are king’s at breaking each other’s stones. Not a clean show at all. Come hang out and drink some beers with us while we dive into not so squared actions. Hosted by Right Worshipful Brother George Mudry and co-hosted by WBro Joe Zannino and WBro. Ken Tarwood. VIVAT!!
275 Episodes
Episode 251- FMP Lodge ???

Episode 251- FMP Lodge ???


In this episode RWBro. George discusses the possibility of a international virtual Lodge and a Masons only Social Media platform…
In this episode RWBro. George and WBro. Ken discuss the differences and similarities between a religious cult and Freemasonry…y’all need Jesus..
In this episode RWBro. George interviews Bro. Jesse Loney from Canada and discusses the difference and similarities to American Freemasonry
In this episode RWBro. George and WBro. Ken jump off Freemason topics and discuss the recent UAP/UFO phenomenon and Congressional oversight committee discussions on Alien life. Not for children!
In this episode the boys read our ancient charges… WBro. Joe held the Lamp for Ben Franklin…
In this episode, the boys discuss how they, on an investigation committee, can distinguish when a petitioner is lying about their life.
“It’s like a gift, I can’t help it”
In this episode, RWBro. George and WBro. Joe break down the what if’s of three Alternate Universe’s decided by the Wheel of Destiny.. spooky huh?
In this episode, RWBro. George and WBro. Ken discuss the concept of Brotherhood and it’s history…. And a Spartan helmet.
In this episode the Fat and The Furious dive into Plato and his connection with Freemasonry with his Allegory of the Cave.
In this episode RWBro. George and WBro. Ken talk to Ms. Carolyn, Connecticut Teacher of the Year recipient and National Teacher of the Year Nominee about teaching, and her father being a Mason… points out Kenny!
In this episode the Brothers discuss annoyances during degrees. The little one got red in the face.
In this episode the Brothers discuss pros and cons of being a Mason as written on Quora
In this episode, we rerelease the episode of RWBro. Marty Macary to honor our fallen Brother.
In this episode RWBro. George and WBro. Joe read George Washington’s correspondence with G.W. Snyder about the Illuminati. FUN TIMES!
They boys are back! I’m this episode RWBroGeorge and WBro’s Ken and Joe start by lighting up a one star reviewer, another Podcast, and then dive into Edgar Allan Poe’s Cask of Amontillado
In this episode Brothers Ken and George discuss the prospect of reincarnation
In this episode the Brothers discuss a range of topics including why episodes have been so far apart..
In this episode RWBro. George discusses the Portugal Initiation Well, courtesy of Alien Theorist Theorizing Podcast’s Instagram post
I’m this episode WBro. Ken and RWBro. George discuss what a destination lodge is, and things we believe will help Freemasonry thrive in the future
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George Andrew Mudry V

Hello Brothers and friends! This is George Mudry the podcast host! glad you guys are loving the podcast! I will be corresponding more on this platform through castbox more oftern!

Feb 19th

Edward Tutton

I'm a Mason from Ballymena Northern Ireland. Under the Grand Lodge of Ireland. Abercorn Temperance 149I have just started to listen to your podcast and I find it very interesting and entertaining. Well done keep it up!!

Oct 10th
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Raffaele Storino MacKinnon

I'm Bro. Raffaele Storino, Past Master of Lodge Peace & Concord 445, in Lima, Peru, Grand Lodge of Scotland. Honestly, this program would have inspired me much more respect if it did not contain such a rude and ordinary vocabulary, and if the topics discussed had been addressed with greater seriousness. I was looking for a Masonic podcast because I am interested in demonstrating the Catholic Church that Freemasonry is made up of well-educated men and respectable people. And honestly, this pub conversation does not help at all.

Jul 22nd
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