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A podcast that traces the history of France from 3 million years ago to present, as told by leading French scholars..
19 Episodes
Caesar's devastation of the Belgae opens up Gaul to a German invasion to the east. To the north, Britannia unsettles Gaul. To solve both problems Caesar will have to go where no Roman ever has and become more than a mere man.
After conquering Celtica, Caesar engages in two years of brutal war against the Belgae who are determined to maintain their freedom.
One of America's leading scholars on the Vietnam War talks about how France and the US clashed during the Cold War, largely over Indochina.
11-The War Begins

11-The War Begins


A migrating wave of Celts from Switzerland gives Caesar the opportunity to invade Gaul. But things aren't so simple; to conquer Gaul he'll have to defeat a German king before he can bring over an overwhelming number of warriors.
Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris


Ph.D candidate Gary Girod tells Notre Dame's fascinating history from the first stones laid for the Roman temple to Jupiter, up until present and explains why there's hope for a complete restoration after the April 15, 2019 fire.
The main series recommences, as a crisis in Gaul sparks a war between civilizations a millenia in the making.
A conversation with renowned scholar Dr. Sarah Fishman on how French women under Vichy, who were among the most oppressed in the developed world, turned France into the most egalitarian major country on Earth.
In this special episode, we examine the hardships, triumphs and transformation that women underwent in WWI while exploring why French women didn't receive the same rights as their British counterparts.
Ancient historian Darah Vann Orr explains how modern feminist historians are re-evaluating Roman culture in the wake of the #MeToo era.
9-Gaul Before the Fall

9-Gaul Before the Fall


Where we tell the story of the Gallic kingdoms before the Roman conquest.
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