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Author: Michael Daniels and Dennis Rogers

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The Front Porch is a weekly conversation about movies, tv shows, comic books, games both video and board, and all things in between.
216 Episodes
First impressions of Star Wars Visions, the penultimate episode of What If, Venom 2 and connected films, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and Foundation episode 1.
Episode 213: GenCon 2021

Episode 213: GenCon 2021


Chris joins us to chat about GenCon 2021. Special Guest: Chris Borland.
Some board games we recently played, FFXIV, Ted Lasso, Glengarry Glen Ross, and GenCon prep.
Episode 72: It Has Begun

Episode 72: It Has Begun


Short Treks, The Shawshank Redemption
After Michael built his new PC we talk about video games, the Warcraft movie, and some thoughts on Superhero Films vis-a-vis Justice League.
This week we report on our Black Friday purchases, talk about Michael's new PC build project, and wrap up with his thoughts after seeing the Fall Finale of ST: Discovery
Episode 13: Ender's Porch

Episode 13: Ender's Porch


All Star Trek this week. We discuss most of the first half of Star Trek Discovery, and some of Dennis' experience with Star Trek roleplaying, and our plan to start a Star Trek Adventures campaign.
Part two of our Stranger Things discussion, some stories and commentary on Black Friday shopping, and wrap up with our favorite emotional movie moments.
We chat a little bit about paint and tattoos, before giving our spoiler-filled impressions of Stranger Things 2 episodes 1-5, and Thor: Ragnarok. Wrapping up with some Blizzcon news.
First ever live show, we talk about diplomacy board games, spectator sports and esports, and Mike recommends some comics.
Guest host Mike Trotzke joins us to talk about board games, kickstarter, and mobile game microtransactions. We wrap up with our impressions on TV casting devices. Table of Contents (00:00:00) Intro and Trotzke Introduction ( (00:06:33) The Bleeding Edge ( (00:17:29) Kickstarter ( (00:38:27) Video game pricing and microtransactions ( (01:11:04) TV casting devices ( Special Guest: Trotzke.
We do a deep-dive into Marvel: Legendary, talk about holidays in video games, and wrap up with some personal book recommendations. Table of Contents (00:00:00) Intro/Dennis Trip ( (00:03:12) Skylanders and other hybrid video games ( (00:10:13) Legendary: Marvel ( (00:32:58) Video Game Holidays ( (00:47:34) Heroes of the Storm ( (00:59:30) Reading ( (01:09:30) Harry Potter ( (01:18:00) Twilight: Rifftrax ( (01:20:56) Book Recommendations (
Episode 7: Pod Runner 2099

Episode 7: Pod Runner 2099


Blade Runner 2049: nudity, storytelling, and some philosophy. SPOILERS for Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, Battlestar Galactica, Lord of the Rings, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Caprica. Table of Contents (00:01:07) Intro ( (00:01:26) Blade Runner: Initial Thoughts ( (00:11:58) Blade Runner: Original Comparison ( (00:26:11) Blade Runner: Joi and Unanswered Questions ( (00:41:32) Blade Runner: Is there a Story? ( (00:55:13) Battlestar Galactica: Endings Explained vs Endings left Open ( (01:05:12) Hitchhiker's Guide and LOTR Endings ( (01:19:41) Caprica and BSG Ending ( (01:28:01) Can AI life ever become equal with Human life? (
The TV episode. We talk about Netflix, weekly versus binge-release shows, and wrap up with some live tv talk. Table of Contents (00:05:04) Network Specific Services vs Netflix ( (00:30:58) Weekly Release vs Binge Release ( (00:45:27) What shows ended well? ( (01:00:36) Binge vs Weekly Conclusion ( (01:06:32) Competitive Reality Shows ( (01:14:26) Twitch and TV Live Chat ( (01:22:23) Star Trek: Discovery (
Table of Contents (00:00:00) Intro, Amtrak ( (00:06:46) Arcades and our personal console histories ( (00:43:18) Legacy and Campaign Games ( (01:19:58) What game should be made into a Legacy? (
Table of Contents (00:00:55) Netflix: The Defenders ( (00:07:39) Anime Thoughts and Recommendations ( (00:45:08) MMOs ( (01:13:27) Stranger Things and Nostalgia ( (01:27:51) Wrap Up (
Episode 3: The One with Fox

Episode 3: The One with Fox


Special Guest Fox from GeekScholars (, we talk all things film, mostly superheroes. Table of Contents (00:00:35) Geek Scholars / Fox Interview ( (00:06:50) The Joker ( (00:14:23) Ready: Player One ( (00:21:05) Batman and Remakes, does everything have to be original? ( (00:33:18) Unbreakable, original and "real" films ( (00:39:34) Marvel and Comic Books ( (00:43:33) Hancock ( (00:48:18) Are Fully Good Heroes Unpopular? ( (00:54:32) The Joker, relatable? ( (00:57:16) Is Deadpool a hero? ( (01:02:09) Infinity Gauntlet, upcoming movies ( (01:12:18) Dark Tower and Stephen King's Castle Rock series ( (01:18:25) What next Superhero movie are you excited about? ( Special Guest: Fox.
Star Trek, Star Wars, and licensed or thematic board games Table of Contents (00:01:30) Star Wars: Re-tread, good or bad? ( (00:31:40) Star Trek: New series, excited? ( (01:04:10) Board Games: Licensed Games ( (01:33:41) Wrap-up: Netflix Queue (
Pilot episode. Gencon and Game of Thrones. Table of Contents (00:01:01) GenCon, Co-Op Games ( (00:43:13) SPOILERS Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale (
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