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Author: Michael Daniels and Dennis Rogers

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The Front Porch is a weekly conversation about movies, tv shows, comic books, games both video and board, and all things in between.
316 Episodes
New board games, Grosse Pointe Blank, Wheel of Time.
Battleship, Ahsoka, Lower Decks, News.
Impressions of all the games we played over Labor Day, and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
Baldur’s Gate, Strange New Worlds s2, Pride and Prejudice 2005.
Blue Beetle, Pride and Prejudice (1995), Baldur’s Gate 3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Barbie Movie, Baldur’s Gate 3, Baby Driver.
All the new and not-so-new games we saw and played at GenCon.
GenCon, The Accountant, Oppenheimer, Strane New Worlds.
GenCon, Travel, Diablo IV, Indy 5, Strange New Worlds.
Video games, movies we’ve seen, Sisu, Strange New Worlds.
Children of Morta, online gaming, Zathura.
Updates on movies we’ve seen, Across the Spider-Verse, A Star is Born.
Diablo 4, The Room.
Michael’s vacation adventures, What Dreams May Come, Strange New Worlds season 2.
Travel updates, Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, So I Married an Axe Murderer.
The Fast franchise, Dennis travel updates, The Gentlemen, 300, Ted Lasso.
Lots of travel talk, Space Camp, The Little Mermaid, and new games Michael is playing.
Michael’s GameStop experience, Tears of the Kingdom, Tron.
Fletch, “Confess, Fletch,” Ant Man Quantumania and the MCU, and an interview with new game developer Harrison Brooks. Impressions on The Offer, Tetris, and Console Wars.
After a bit of board game and video game chat, we go through a list of film and TV genres and give our personal recommendations. Animation * Dennis * Your Name * Wall-E * Violet Evergarden * Michael * Titan AE * Belle * Tangled * Arcane Musicals * Dennis * Newsies * Fiddler on the Roof * Galavant * Michael * Schmigadoon * The King and I * Moulin Rouge * The Greatest Showman Sci-fi * Dennis * Battlestar Galactica * GATTACA * Firefly * Michael * Everything, Everywhere, All at Once * The Arrival * The Fifth Element * Andor / The Expanse Fantasy * Dennis * Big Fish * The Magicians * Michael * D&D Honor Among Thieves * Dragonslayer * Willow * Braveheart * Avatar: The Last Airbender Reality TV * Dennis * Making It * Clarkson's Farm * (Jeopardy) * Michael * The Amazing Race (s11) * Mythbusters * Alone * (Earth) Western * Dennis * Deadwood * Treasure of the Sierra Madre * Westworld (s1) * Michael * True Grit * Tombstone * Dances with Wolves * Legends of the Fall * Centennial Romance * Dennis * Rom-Com * While You Were Sleeping * Sleepless in Seattle * He's just not that into you * How I Met Your Mother * Romance * Romeo + Juliet * Umbrellas of Cherbourg * Pride and Predjudice (1995) * Michael * Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves * Count of Monte Cristo * You've Got Mail * The Good Place Heist * Dennis * Sneakers * The Usual Suspects * Michael * Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels * Snatch * Mission Impossible Series * Leverage Thriller * Dennis * Memento * Silence of the Lambs * For All Mankind * Michael * Memento * Leon the Professional * Falling Down * Patriot Games * 24 Action * Dennis * Casino Royale (2006) * Justified * Michael * Top Gun * Top Gun Maverick * Gladiator * Total Recall (1990) * Black Hawk Down * Alias Gangster * Dennis * The Departed * Sons of Anarchy * Weeds * Michael * Heat * Ronin * Gangs of New York * Road to Perdition Adventure * Dennis * Joe vs The Volcano * Master and Commander * Spartacus: Blood and Sand * Michael * Back to the Future * Spider-man: Homecoming * Romancing the Stone * The Last Kingdom
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