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Author: Michael Daniels and Dennis Rogers

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The Front Porch is a weekly conversation about movies, tv shows, comic books, games both video and board, and all things in between.
359 Episodes
Episode 358: Free Pizza

Episode 358: Free Pizza


A Quiet Place Day One, Knock Knock, Overwatch 2, Final Fantasy XIV
Beverly Hills Cop, Jury Duty, House of the Dragon, Video Games, Skydance acquires Paramount
Episode 356: Man Animals

Episode 356: Man Animals


Gen Con, Hellboy, Steam World Build, Baldur’s Gate 3, Battlefield Earth, The Acolyte, My Adventures with Superman, Final Factory
Inside Out 2, Watership Down, Jury Duty, Helldivers 2
Video Games, Conan, Comedy, Anime, Doctor Who.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Lord of the Rings trilogy.
X-Men, Comic Reboots, Atlas, Around the World in 80 Days.
Planet of the Apes, AI, American Hustle
Episode 350: You can do it!

Episode 350: You can do it!


Travel updates, X-men animated series, Acapulco, The Waterboy, Michael’s new smart glasses.
San Juan, Azul, Freelancers, The Burbs, Fallout.
Drive-in Theaters, Twins, Fallout, Card Design.
Theaters and movie length, A Knight’s Tale, Railgrade, Steam World Build, and Shōgun.
Board games, Deadpool trailer, The Barbarians, Fallout.
BGA Games, Video Games, Shogun, Blast from the Past, Racing Board Games.
Solar eclipse, Shōgun, Beetlejuice, and board games we played at the eclipse weekend.
Eclipse, Warm Bodies, Avatar live action, Shapez, Vox Machina, OG Planet of the Apes.
Dune part 2, Salt, Ghostbusters Frozen Empire, The Gentlemen, Shōgun
Party Games, Michael’s top movie list, Spy Game, Shogun.
Argylle, The Tourist, Trailers for Inside Out 2, Fallout, and Borderlands, The Oscars.
Episode 339: The Daywalker

Episode 339: The Daywalker


ICG Con, Call to Adventure, Masters of the Universe, Sheriff of Nottingham, Fractured Sky, Blitzkrieg, Blade, DS9, Shogun.