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Author: Patrick Lyons, Patsy Feeman & Leb Tannenbaum

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Navigating your role as CEO is no easy feat. On one hand, it can feel like you’re on a solo mission, but on the other, all the power and influence are within your reach as you try to make the best decisions possible. How you show up to lead is as important as what you do. That’s why having a clear roadmap is critical — it supports you in making the right moves for success.


We’re here as your guides on this journey, both on and off “The Frustrated CEO” podcast. Tune in as we unpack proven processes and systems to boost your influence, action and success. It’s not just about elevating your professional game; it’s about enhancing your sense of satisfaction and well-being.


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In this episode, we investigate the crucial topic of organizational readiness for growth. Leveraging our real-world experience, we share practical steps for improving alignment, enhancing leadership development, and cultivating a growth-oriented culture. Drawing from our work with clients, we provide actionable advice and examples to help you prepare your organization for sustainable growth. Packed with insights on leadership development and organizational readiness, this episode is a must-li...
This episode equips CEOs and senior leaders with effective strategies and tools for proactively developing and sustaining resilience. We dive specifically into CEOs' resilience with the expertise of Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier, once again! The conversation takes off with challenging common misconceptions CEOs hold about resilience, highlighting that it's not a fixed personality trait but rather requires active management. The discussion moves on to explore the roles of vulnera...
In part two of Ben Pring's episode, we jump into the impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce's future. Ben discusses young professionals' concerns about job automation and the challenges leaders face in adapting to rapid technological changes. The episode shifts focus to enhancing customer service through human experiences, underscoring the value of personal connections in an AI-driven world. Industries like financial services, insurance, and retail, seen as most vulnera...
This episode is aimed at leaders looking to build a more resilient organization. In this episode, we tackle this topic with insights from Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier, a workplace mental health expert. The discussion covers what resilience means for organizations, the role of psychological safety and health in building a resilient workforce, and preparing for both predictable and unpredictable challenges. It also touches on managing change, generational differences in resilienc...
In this episode of the Frustrated CEO podcast, we welcome back marketing and branding expert Mary Ann O'Brien to explore the power of thought leadership in today's digital world. Mary Ann demystifies how to leverage thought leadership to enhance your brand, offering strategies for developing a standout personal brand and setting effective goals. She touches on the impact of trends like artificial intelligence and streaming media, and provides tips for navigating controversial topics while kee...
In this episode, Futurist, Ben Pring delves into the transformative effects of technology and AI on the workforce's future. The discussion kicks off with an exploration of hybrid and remote work models, highlighting the ongoing adjustments as businesses strive to meet both corporate and employee goals. Specifically, this episode hots on the difficulties of attracting and retaining young tech talent, addressing the weakened social contract between employers and employees. AI, workforce sh...
70 - The Road To CEO

70 - The Road To CEO


In this episode of the Frustrated CEO podcast, we sit down with Mary Ann O'Brien, the visionary founder and CEO of OBI Creative Advertising Agency. We dive deep into Mary Ann's journey of transforming OBI into a rapidly expanding enterprise and the challenges and triumphs that come with leading such a dynamic organization. Discover her unique "ask and deliver" philosophy, the critical role of nurturing customer relationships, and how her upbringing with an entrepreneurial father shaped her ap...
In this episode of the Frustrated CEO podcast, we're joined by the distinguished Bill Canady, a global business executive with over 30 years of experience and the current CEO of two companies. Canady delves into his strategies for managing multiple firms simultaneously, emphasizing the importance of clear goals, strong leadership, and a vibrant company culture. He offers insights into data-driven decision-making and the balancing act of meeting stakeholder expectations while pacing organizati...
In this Frustrated CEO podcast episode, our hosts, seasoned in leadership development and culture change, explore coaching for strategic alignment. They detail how coaching can unite senior teams around shared goals, using a case study of a family business.This episode emphasizes that coaching isn't about fixing problems but promoting continuous growth and learning. It aids leaders in shifting from tactical to strategic thinking. They advocate for a coaching culture that values learning, reta...
This episode of the Frustrated CEO Podcast features an interview with Ryan Groth of Sales Transformation Group. Join us as Ryan discusses strategies for building a successful sales team and establishing a culture of prospecting and driving CRM adoption. He emphasizes the importance of caring for employees in order to transform company culture. CEOs looking to develop high-performing sales teams through mentorship and cultural change should check out this episode!Website: Frustrated CEOSocial:...
Are you a CEO struggling to find clarity in your business? Join us for the latest episode of the Frustrated CEO Podcast where we sit down with leadership expert and host of "The Leadership Podcast" Jim Vaselopulos.In this episode, Jim shares insights from his new book all about the importance of clarity in business and how it can help streamline efforts and achieve more with less. We dive into the concept of a growth mindset and how questioning assumptions and listening are key skills for suc...
Are you tired of feeling like you have to be in a million places at once to be a successful leader? Well, The Frustrated CEO Podcast is here to help. In this episode, John Fehlen and Ryan Holloway discuss the importance of personal leadership development and self-care, and how these skills can actually help you build and lead high-performing organizations. So sit back, relax (yes, it's possible for a CEO to relax), and join us as we learn how to maximize our impact without wearing ourselves t...
Are you in a leadership role but feeling completely alone? Don't worry - John Fehlen and Ryan Holloway have been there, too. In this episode of The Frustrated CEO Podcast, they're talking all about the world's loneliest job: being a leader. Join us as we discover how to make the most of a lonely position and lead with confidence! Website: Frustrated CEOSocial: LinkedIn
Technical challenges take resources, time, and effort to address, but they expand rather than change the accepted ways of doing business. On the other hand, adaptive challenges involve a fundamental change in an organization’s culture and way of doing business. Join us as we go in-depth with Transforming Communication CEO Tom O’Connor to understand how an adaptive approach helps leaders overcome chronic organizational issues.Website: Frustrated CEOSocial: LinkedIn
Too many leaders mistake monologue for dialogue, doing far more talking than listening and engaging others in sharing information. Join us as we meet Dr. Tom O’Connor, communication thought-leader and Founder of both Transforming Corrections and Transforming Communication, two missional companies achieving better results through dialogue.Website: Frustrated CEOSocial: LinkedIn
In The Balanced Scorecard, authors Norton and Kaplan report that 90% of organizations fail to execute their strategic priorities, and nothing frustrates CEOs like the lack of execution. Tune in to Episode 61 as we discuss and unpack three critical components to strategic execution, components without which you’ll continue spinning your organizational wheels.Website: Frustrated CEOSocial: LinkedIn
Offering both possibilities and risks, the cloud has become an increasingly important part of global business. In fact, a recent enterprise survey found that the average employee uses 36 cloud-based services every day! Join us for this episode as we bring back cloudEQ Founder and CEO Sean Barker to address the cloud issues keeping CEOs awake at night.Website: Frustrated CEOSocial: LinkedIn
59 - Culture Is Everything

59 - Culture Is Everything


It’s not an accident when 95% of what your employees say about working for you is positive. That’s what can happen when a business is built on the foundational premise that culture is everything. Join us as we go in-depth with cloudEQ CEO Sean Barker to learn how he built a multi award-winning business with virtual employees across the globe.Website: Frustrated CEOSocial: LinkedIn
Solving old problems often requires looking at things through a new lens. In Episode 58, we examine employee workloads, productivity, revenue, burnout, and turnover through the unique lens of Benchmark Sixty Founder and CEO Jim Taylor, who’s company is revolutionizing the restaurant industry with metrics and KPIs sure to make you rethink things in your own business.Website: Frustrated CEOSocial: LinkedIn
Strategic Alignment is the primary input to effective strategy execution. How else can you possibly hope to execute in your business when your own leadership team isn't on the same page? Join our team for an easy-to-follow and idea-packed episode to help you overcome the biggest obstacle to executing your strategic plan.Website: Frustrated CEOSocial: LinkedIn