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Author: Bleacher Report and Howard Beck

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Howard Beck takes on the biggest topics and invites A-List guests along for a fast-moving NBA podcast from Bleacher Report that goes the full 48.
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Tania Ganguli of the LA Times just got back from the NBA China Games, and shares her thoughts and observations about what she saw and heard on the ground in Shanghai (including a plethora of Lakers 23 jerseys in the Shanghai arena). She weighs in on the LeBron-Daryl Morey situation, the Adam Silver-Yao Ming connection, and the Lakers response (or lack thereof) as an organization. She also discusses LeBron and Anthony Davis' relationship, how Dwight Howard's assimilating to Lakers culture, and what the Lakers starting 5 might look like on opening night. via Knit
True Hoop partner and analyst and Executive Director of The Pro Training Center, David Thorpe, returns to discuss Thorpe's Team of players including JJ Redick, Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson, Kevon Looney, and Mike Conley. He also breaks down the 3-point shots (or lack thereof) of Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, and Ben Simmons, and weighs in on the hole in Giannis' game, and shares his take on Adam Silver's response to Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey's comments on the civil rights issue in Hong Kong. via Knit
Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports has a serious issue with the B/R Top 50 Players list, and he's taking it up with Howard Beck! Isiah Thomas at #47?!? Let the defense begin! Vincent also weighs in on the Dame vs Shaq debate, the Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee Bucks as top team in the East, sleeper picks for the playoffs (Sacramento Kings and Chicago Bulls anyone?), and Karl Malone. There's also a great game of "Where is...?" (Pau Gasol, Jordan Bell, DeMarre Carroll & Trevor Ariza), and predictions for worst record in the league (not picking on the Knicks this time), and best 3-point percentage! via Knit
Husband and wife NBA referees, Jonathan Sterling and Lauren Holtkamp, discuss their new baby daughter and how they plan to navigate parenthood during the coming season, Lauren's ACL injury rehab, their respective rookie years in the league, keeping healthy competition on and off the court, and the changing landscape of females in the NBA. They also share the story of their first date, and what Jonathan did to prepare for the arrival of his baby girl. Plus, a very funny, side-by-side comparison of their ref bios! via Knit
Assistant Coach of Team USA and Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr speaks to Team USA's abysmal World Cup play, learning from Gregg Popovich, the crushing blow of losing Jayson Tatum to injury, Pop's geography quizzes, and why having the World Cup and the Olympics in back-to-back summers is bad for basketball. Steve also discusses Klay Thompson's injury rehab, MVP Steph Curry, the addition of D'Angelo Russell, developing young players, the Warriors elite defense, and the team's strategy for the coming season. Plus, he weighs in on Kevin Durant's run with the Warriors, and why no one in the organization was surprised by KD's decision to leave the franchise. via Knit
It's a round of burning questions with Zach Lowe from ESPN and The Lowe Post pod. He joins Howard to tackle tampering, the Big 2s (aka LeBron & AD, Paul George & Kawhi, Westbrook & Harden, Steph Curry & Draymond Green), the loneliest player in the NBA (Jimmy Butler), impending Giannis speculation, play-off predictions (Heat? Philly?), whether Ben Simmons will make 3-point shots, the most boring teams in the league this season, and "The Brady Bunch" versus "Saved By The Bell." via Knit
The Sports Illustrated Top 100 Players of the NBA is out, and list curator Rob Mahoney breaks it down! He explains why there's a brand new #1 in Giannis Antetokounmpo, how Giannis unseated 6-year reigning #1 LeBron James, where Kevin Durant factors into things, and why the Charlotte Hornets do not have a single player on this year's list! He also discusses the Kyrie Irving effect, James Harden vs Steph Curry, what Kawhi Leonard lacks that prevents him from being #1, Jimmy Butler's #11 rank, new age bigs, and the hot button issues the list has already created (no Lonzo Ball?? Klay Thompson at #58??) via Knit
Former Knicks and Trail Blazers center Enes Kanter is now a Boston Celtic, and excited about the coming season with his new team! He shares the phone call from Kemba Walker that sealed the deal, his true feelings about the Knicks ownership and the city of New York, the importance of team chemistry and how that's going to be the key to the Celtics' success this season, and why he always strives to be a good locker room guy! Plus, Enes discusses the political issues in Turkey and how that's affecting Enes and his family, and why being outspoken about what's happening in his home country is vital to the security of him and his loved ones. via Knit
Catch up on The Full 48 with the best-of Enes Kanter, Metta World Peace, and Doug Christie! Enes Kanter speaks to political activism in the NBA and how it's personally affecting his career, his path to US citizenship and the unique offers he's received from some of his female fans, and his childhood idol, Hedo Turkoglu. Doug Christie remembers the Lakers dynasty of the 2000s and what that was like for him as a member of the Sacramento Kings. He also sets the record straight on what really went down between him and Rick Fox all those years ago. And Metta World Peace talks "Ron Artest," Malice at the Palace, his relationship with Jermaine O'Neal, and pantsing Paul Pierce. via Knit
It's a special best-of episode featuring 3 of Howard's favorite interviews of the last 12 months including NBA Commissioner Adam Silver who discusses everything from the possible legalization of marijuana use in the league to NBA age limits; Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Harris who shares the best nicknames he's heard since growing his beard to the Nets success to the childhood goals that still grace the walls of his old bedroom in his parents' house; and the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who weighs in on the Michael Jordan GOAT debate, LeBron James, and the rebirth of athlete activism. via Knit
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Itsa Me Vfghw

Who types/edits this? "Carl" Malone?

Oct 3rd

Paul Turner

sounds like Tom doesn't really want to be there... are you irritated? don't do the show.. though it's very interesting .

Aug 13th
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Calen Weston-Bartholomew

This was such a boring podcast

Mar 23rd

Oluwaseyi Jimoh

David Locke is a great basketball mind lol

Mar 21st


Intro is way too long on this one. ;)

Feb 7th

Big Shot Rob

what up beck!!!

Jan 18th

BR Smith

What up Beck! After hearing you on the Lowe Post several times now, giving your pod a try!

Nov 27th

W Robinson

A fascinating, wide-ranging discussion, on a terrific pod!

May 30th
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