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Author: Bleacher Report and Howard Beck

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Howard Beck takes on the biggest topics and invites A-List guests along for a fast-moving NBA podcast from Bleacher Report that goes the full 48.
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President of the New Orleans Pelicans, David Griffin, offers an explanation for Zion Williamson's limited showing at Summer league, why the Pelicans are Jrue Holiday's team, what JJ Redick brings to a younger roster, and why it makes a lot of sense to flip flop the draft and free agency. He also provides some insight to the blockbuster Anthony Davis trade with the Los Angeles Lakers, why he thinks the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers are "scary good," and how he feels the Brooklyn Nets will get the best version of Kyrie Irving. via Knit
NBA VP of Referee Development and Training, Monty McCutchen, discusses the upcoming Coach's challenge rule, implementing the proposed use of the replay center, experimenting with the Transition Foul rule in the G-League, micro-chips in basketballs, L2M reports, improving the player-referee relationship, and female referees in the NBA. via Knit
Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations, Gersson Rosas, says Karl-Anthony Towns is the reason they almost landed a big free agent (aka D'Angelo Russell), is excited about incoming rookie, Jarrett Culver, is advocating for swapping the draft and free agency dates, and shares the important core values he learned during his 16 years with Daryl Morey and the Houston Rockets. Gersson also recounts the heartbreak of Chris Paul's injury during last year's Conference Finals, and the joy of signing James Harden. Plus, "Minnesota Nice" is a real thing! via Knit
Drunk With Power

Drunk With Power


You asked for it; you got it! Howard Beck, Zach Lowe, Rachel Nichols and an alcoholic beverage (or three) are in a Las Vegas tiki bar, and drunk with power (or other stuff). This is part 1 (if you're listening to this first) of a two-part megapod with The Lowe Post, and anything goes as you're about to discover (or already have if you listened to The Lowe Post first). This part of the convo includes everything from the most insane thing they've seen in this free agency period (aka Anthony Davis trade) to generational shifts in fandom to the end of the Super Team era to what exactly the Brooklyn Nets will be with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to worst and best NBA team names, and NBA Award and ownership reform! Plus Zach & Rachel become "Commish For A Day," and decree the changes they'd make to the league (adios to the cha-cha slide and air horn). via Knit
Former GM of the Atlanta Hawks and current NBA TV analyst, Wes Wilcox, returns to breakdown the crazy whirlwind of NBA free agency! He and Howard discuss most impressive and best deals, biggest disappointments, best value contract, most eyebrow-raising contract, and which teams are already Finals contenders. They analyze the Lakers situation, possible Kawhi Leonard scenarios, the Knicks, and DeMarcus Cousins' current homeless plight. via Knit
*This interview was recorded early Sunday (6/30) afternoon before the news broke about Andre Iguadala's trade to the Memphis Grizzlies. Three-time NBA Champion, one-time NBA Finals MVP, and author of "The Sixth Man," Andre Iguodala, lays to rest the idea that the Golden State Warriors dynasty days are over, speaks to the surprising nature of free agency, why LeBron James is the best example of finding peace in the league, and how the race issue in the NBA continues to evolve over the years. Andre also shares his take on social media and fandom, and its effect on all players including Kevin Durant, his own relationship with Rob Pelinka, and the big change he'd make to the league if he were Commish For A Day! via Knit
Landry Shamet of the Los Angeles Clippers wasn't initially happy about being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers last season, admits that the Golden State Warriors did a good job defending him in the round 1 of the play-offs, got some tremendous advice from JJ Redick, and some funny courtside hazing from Floyd Mayweather. Landry also shares his sales pitch to Kawhi Leonard and/or Kevin Durant on why they should consider signing with the Clippers, and recounts a great story involving Chick-Fila, the Toronto Raptors, and forgotten passports. via Knit
Yahoo Sports Senior Writer, Vincent Goodwill, returns to talk NBA Awards Show, the Houston Rockets, and free agency! He has thoughts on Giannis as MVP and the James Harden loyalists response to that win, how the NBA can better serve the big awards, and today's fandom. He also weighs in on the drama in Houston surrounding Chris Paul and James Harden, how Daryl Morey and the front office are handling it, and how a banged-up Golden State roster may influence the Rockets' next moves. Plus, they cover free agency and Kawhi Leonard, the importance of chemistry, and Michael Jordan's MVP history. via Knit
B/R Draft GURU, Jonathan Wasserman, joins to breakdown the madness of the 2019 NBA Draft - The good: David Griffin and the New Orleans Pelicans trade away #4 pick to get Jaxson Hayes at #8 to accelerate rebuild after losing franchise player Anthony Davis, thus making themselves exciting team to watch. The Memphis Grizzlies are also big winners getting a star point guard of the future in Ja Morant, and best defensive prospect, Brandon Clarke.The bad: Washington Wizards picking Rui Hachimura at #9, and potentially squandering Bradley Beal's prime years.The ugly: Cam Johnson becoming oldest first-rounder going #11 to the Phoenix Suns (which even shocks Cam's former teammate, Coby White).Beck & Wass also analyze Atlanta's surprise move up to grab DeAndre Hunter at #4 and Cam Reddish at #10, possibly to make the Hawks more attractive to free agents, Minnesota Timberwolves grabbing Jarrett Culver and potentially dumping Andrew Wiggins, Oklahoma City's "hit or miss" draft pick, Darius Bazley, the pros and cons of flip-flopping the draft and free agency deadline, and the reason why Zion Williamson is pretty much a lock for Rookie Of The Year. via Knit
Sports Illustrated Senior Writer and NBC Sports Boston analyst, Chris Mannix, joins to break down the Anthony Davis trade, and what it means for the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans moving forward. He also has thoughts on Kyrie Irving possibly going to the Brooklyn Nets, and why that would really be no different than his situation in Boston, what Boston might do if Kyrie leaves, and how all of this may impact Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, and Kevin Durant. Chris also makes predictions about next year's Western Conference play-off picture, and the 2020 NBA Finals (will it be the Milwaukee Bucks vs the Lakers or the Bucks vs the Houson Rockets). via Knit
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Calen Weston-Bartholomew

This was such a boring podcast

Mar 23rd

Oluwaseyi Jimoh

David Locke is a great basketball mind lol

Mar 21st


Intro is way too long on this one. ;)

Feb 7th

Big Shot Rob

what up beck!!!

Jan 18th

BR Smith

What up Beck! After hearing you on the Lowe Post several times now, giving your pod a try!

Nov 27th

W Robinson

A fascinating, wide-ranging discussion, on a terrific pod!

May 30th
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