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Candid conversations with the most interesting and inspirational people that you’ve never heard of. Host, Chris Do, interviews people from all walks of life about the fringes of design, technology, marketing and business all in hopes of changing the way you think.
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In this episode of Deep Dive, The Futur’s Chief Content Officer, Matthew Encina, and Futur Video Content Producer, Mark Contreras, talk with executive coach, Marie Elena. They discuss their struggles with communication, leadership and the invisible pressure of working here at The Futur. Get a peek into the minds of our management team in this candid conversation about what life is like under our roof—warts and all. This episode is a long a one, but well worth the listen.
In this powerful episode of our Deep Dive series, Chris talks with guest Kathryn Dyer about the power and importance of real, human connection. Kathryn shares the story of her fight for a cancer diagnosis and how that experience redefined her purpose in life. The two open up and go deep into one of the most genuine and vulnerable conversations The Futur has ever shared.
Are you unknowingly addicted to stress? Do you have anxiety about work deadlines or keeping up with the hustle culture lifestyle? You may want to take a moment and then listen to what today’s guest has to say. In this episode, Chris talks with multidisciplinary designer, Taylor Cashdan, about what too much stress can do to your body. Spoiler alert: Nothing good. Taylor shares his frightening (and enlightening) story about a trip to the hospital at the young age of 24. And about how important rest, recovery and reflection really is to your personal and creative success.
In this episode of Deep Dive, Chris talks with branding and marketing legend, Marty Neumeier. They discuss Marty’s journey from Art Center College of Design all the way through to his experience working in Silicon Valley. The two enter a deep conversation about connecting creativity to business, how to do better by doing less and answer the question: What is branding?
Welcome to a new series on The Futur podcast called Deep Dive. In this first episode, Chris talks with several members of The Futur Pro Group about their troubles communicating with clients. The conversation winds in and out of advice for learning how to speak clearly, stories from the community and candid role play between Chris and “the client.” Join The Futur Pro Group and get weekly face time with The Futur and access to an exclusive community of creative entrepreneurs. Learn more at
Ever wondered what it’s like to design for David and Victoria Beckham? And how do you go about designing a private jet or personal yacht? Well, todays guest has done all those things and then some. In this episode, Chris talks with acclaimed interior designer, Kelly Hoppen. Kelly is a world-renowned designer and prolific author of nine design books. She and Chris discuss her creative path, the blessing of growing up without the internet, and what it takes to be a true entrepreneur.
You’ve probably seen one of his handwritten Instagram posts at some point, and that’s because Brooklyn based artist, Adam J. Kurtz (aka adamjk), has a lot to say. In this week’s episode, Chris talks with Adam about why he calls himself an artist and how channeling emotion into both his illustrative work and captivating lectures will leave you smiling and feeling empowered. Show Notes AdamJK’s Shop Follow Adam on Instagram Graphika Manila
In this episode, Chris talks with entrepreneur and educator, Daniel Scott, about why teaching not only brings him joy, but how lucrative it can be for anyone willing to put in the work. They get deep into the inner workings of Daniel’s online teaching business, how he got started and even how much revenue he earns from it all. Show Notes Top 5 Adobe Illustrator Tools You Should Know - Design Tutorial
Is there a tried and true path to creative success? Some say follow your passion, but that’s not what worked for this week’s guest. In this episode, Chris talks with YouTube design trend forecaster, Philip Van Dusen, about how following his curiosity led him to where to he needed to be. Show Notes Verhaal Brand Design Philip Van Dusen on YouTube
Can there be a balance between your work, your family and your life? If you work in the creative industry and struggle with work/life balance you are not alone. Motion design veteran, Robert Hranitzky, talks with Chris about the perks and perils of striking a balance between your love of work and your love for life and family. Show Notes Grow Your Audience on Social Media (Strategies & Tools) How to Create a Passive Income Business Through Knowledge Products
In episode 66, Chris Do talks with art director, illustrator and public speaker, Hank Washington. They talk about their experience and feelings about public speaking, finding your voice when giving talks, and how to feel at home in the design world as a person of color. Hank Washington - Creative South - For more content about design and creative business, check out You’ll find hundreds of videos and articles all about helping you grow as both a creative and a business. Want to learn something new? Check out our courses →
This is part two of our conversation with acclaimed author, Austin Kleon. If you missed part one, go give that a listen first. You can find it at In this episode, Chris and Austin discuss cultivating passions, why Austin considers himself a multi-hyphenate (not a polymath), and the most common misconceptions about his renowned book, Steal Like An Artist.
In this episode, Chris Do talks with acclaimed author, Austin Kleon. They discuss two of his most interesting and popular books—Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work. This conversation is so jam packed with stories and opinions on what it means to be creative that we broke it up into two parts. In part one, Austin and Chris discuss his background, what changed the game for him, and why he hates the term “side hustle.”
What motivates someone to start a design conference? Why give your free time away to help facilitate the development of others? With little to no financial reward, why do this? A year ago, I had the opportunity to speak at the Bend Design Conference—a tight knit community of creatives, in "Upper Left, USA". I got to participate and see some of the behind the scenes operations of this wonderful organization. I'm thrilled to have Vice-Chair Martha Murray and the amazing Heather Crank to shed some light on how they curate speakers and what they get from working tirelessly on producing this annual conference.  Bend Design’s intimate, welcoming atmosphere enables the leaders of tomorrow to engage with the exceptional, experienced creatives of today. Our participants make new connections, collaborate on new projects, and learn new skills. Together we explore how creative thinking and practices can lift up our lives, our communities, and the wider world.
Higher learning. Higher earning. Lambda is designed for student success. They don't get paid until you do, so they’re in this together, from your first day of classes to your first day on the job — and beyond.   At first it sounded crazy—a school without tuition. But when you dig deeper into how Austen Allred structures the Lambda School, you start wonder why all schools aren't structured this way. Shouldn't schools make an investment in students? Well, that's the premise. If Lambda guesses incorrectly, they lose their investment in their students.
What is marketing? What is branding? Is one more important than the other? What's the difference and where are the overlaps? This conversation with sparked by a controversial post by Story Brand author, Donald Miller, who states that branding isn't necessary unless you are doing more than $50m in revenue. Melinda Livsey and Fabian Geyrhalter join the podcast to share their thoughts. 
As Vice President of Adobe Design, Jamie Myrold has led large-scale design efforts at Adobe for more than ten years, leading the company’s development of the next generation of design tools. Her experience goes beyond restructuring and redesigning applications, but to redefining Adobe’s design business as well. In her role, Jamie aims to inspire the next wave of design leaders, encouraging her teams to push boundaries and develop leadership skills to define guidelines that help with all aspects of business strategy and product creation.
Errol Gerson is the longest running instructor at ArtCenter and for good reason. He's been sharing his knowledge, passion, wit and philosophy on sales, business and management to over 3000 students over the course of over four decades. He's getting up there in age, but hasn't slowed down one bit. This is a treat to be able to sit at the feet of master. Gerson received a BS in Accounting from USC in 1970, and after receiving his MBA from USC in 1971, he spent eight years at a Big 8 public accounting firm. In 1979 he co-founded a CPA Business Management firm with three other USC grads, then sold it in 1992. Gerson co-founded Cow Interactive with four Art Center grads. In 1999 he joined CAA Agency as the Director of New Media. In 2004 he left CAA and became the Principal at the Gerson Group, a Strategic Management Consulting company, where he is in practice today. Errol is a Senior Adviser to the A.I.G.A. and does Entrepreneurship and Marketing workshops and seminars across the country.
Co-Founder of AJ&Smart, a Digital Product Design agency and self described nerdy-looking Irish guy has a remarkable story to share about nearly calling it quits to finding his focus. How did he do it? How did he become synonymous with "Design Sprints" and wind up co-creating a course with one of his mentors? Jonathan's energy, enthusiasm and transparency is truly inspiring. 
Originally planned to be a chemical engineer until I was hit by the double-punch combo of Jurassic Park and Toy Story - and then it was animation from there on. I've worked as an character animator on children's videos, created the visuals for industry-leading slot machines, and designed the opening titles for some of the highest rated shows on TV.
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I cannot find the episode with Jessica foster (I think it was her) about LinkedIn. I wanted to listen to it again. is there anyway to access to it? (or maybe I'm blind but I've been looking for it without success)

Feb 17th

Dc Patterson

what a great interview. A very useful topic and explanation.

Feb 11th

Benjamin Harjo

This is great information for anyone thinking or wanting to start their own creative/design business.

Jan 7th

Darrel Cheong

best episode ever.

Nov 20th
Reply (1)

Davis Varghese

probably one of the best episodes ever.

Oct 2nd

Amin Jefferson

Totally life changing. Thank you All for doing this. Just to say you've helped a kid in Africa. Best podcast ever!

Sep 28th

Alexandre Venturin

one page

Sep 21st

charles-napier joubert

this interview was life changing

Sep 11th

Thought Harvest

a great honest episode

Aug 14th
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I love the girl in this episode. her comments make my day

Aug 6th


Hey I love your podcast but OH GOD please fix the audio, every time y'all laugh or talk a bit louder, my ears get fricken raped

Mar 2nd

Manos Alexakis

Thanks for all Chris

Jan 12th

Karim Assassi

Just amazing thank you, loving your podcast easily one of the best podcasts i've come across!

Apr 19th

Brittany Hong

Chris的声音实在太有磁性了。。。光听声音都迷死我了~( ̄▽ ̄~)~

Mar 10th

Ganesh Burle

Hey Chris, Congratulations. you doing really awesome for the community. More than your knowledge and success, I found great humanity in you. keep inspiring us.

Jan 24th

John Uphold

I love TheFutur, Chris Do is a beast

Dec 15th

Jeffrey Youngblood

I learn so much every time I listen to this podcast. thank you.

Dec 6th
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