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The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali

Author: Amisha Ghadiali

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Welcome to The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali. On this show we explore the weave between politics, spirituality, creativity and sustainability. The people, projects and ideas we meet here are challenging the dominant world story and creating a beautiful future. We share a new interview every Thursday.

Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a brighter future. Our global future is created by all of us, together. The Future Is Beautiful is the start of a new conversation for making that happen.

How will you create beauty in the world?

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How can we hold awareness of the interbeing of all things in the face of crisis? “This evolutionary doorway that we have the potential to step through is about interbeing, and that means not separating anything out - not separating ourselves from each other, ourselves from the earth, the inner from the outer, the dark from the light. You can't step into that place without also doing this work of embracing all of it.” ~ Justine Huxley In this episode Amisha sits down with Justine Huxley, Director of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in London. Justine speaks about doing the work of deep adaptation in the face of complex global challenges and looming societal collapse. She speaks about her work at St Ethelburga’s with the younger generation, and her own feelings and experiences as an activist of several decades. Together Amisha and Justine speak about what it means to engage in sacred activism at this time, bringing together the regenerative spark of the younger generation with the resources and power of the older generation to tackle the challenges we face.  Links from this episode and more at 
How can we stay grounded on our spiritual journey? In this episode Amisha is in conversation with author, teacher, Enrealment Activist and Grounded Spiritualist Jeff Brown. Together they discuss the dangers of dissociative spiritual practices, as well as the cultures and individuals that encourage these practises for individuals carrying unresolved trauma. Jeff shares stories of his own spiritual journey and the experiences that led him to his current practises of embodiment, ‘enrealment’ and integration.He explains why embodied psychotherapy holds our greatest hope for healing and self realisation, how he made a spiritual practice of betting on horses at the races, and the myriad problems with patriarchal spirituality. Together Amisha and Jeff discuss some of the ways we dissociate and absent ourselves in the name of becoming present, and how we can learn instead to hold on to the threads of ever more diverse realities. Links from this episode and more at 
 “Once you have a relationship, it’s the same with a person. You can bring a person to mind and connect across time and space, and that’s the same thing with the plants and with the  remedies. We have many tools with which to work, but in its purest form we have that direct perception, direct communication.” ~ Jemma Foster In this episode Amisha climbs aboard the good ship Xanadu to meet with forager, chef, and plant alchemist Jemma Foster. Jemma stepped out of a career in journalism to train in vibrational healing and plant medicine, after becoming fascinated with quantum physics and the vibrational nature of reality. Jemma walks us through the tapestry of interwoven healing and medicinal modalities that make up an experience with Mama Xanadu - from astrological botanical elixirs infused with planetary sound frequencies to private musical performances from plants - and explains the origins and intentions behind each element. She shares some of the latest research into plant neurobiology and introduces us to a breathtakingly beautiful technology that allows us to listen to what our plants have to say and track how they respond to the changing environment.  Links from this episode and more at 
 “Deeper self knowledge, true potential of the human, self realisation, happiness, suffering... it doesn’t belong in narrow places any more - in monasteries - it needs to be in the hospitals. Now is the time for it to be in the schools, in our lives. I really believe that.” ~ Nick Mulvey In this episode Amisha shares a moment with Nick Mulvey, a musician and songwriter whose music and performance speaks directly to the times we are in. His most recent album ‘Wake Up Now’ is a rallying cry to humanity. It features themes of fracking and the refugee crisis, weaving rhythms and melodies from across the globe with heartfelt and deeply personal lyrics. Nick speaks about his own journey towards deep self knowledge, tracked through the highs and lows of his career as a musical artist.  We hear stories of Nick’s experiences leading the funeral procession for Polly Higgins, working alongside Wisdom Keepers from indigenous traditions around the world at Glastonbury Festival and channeling the words of a whale for a new song. Links from this episode and more at
In this episode Amisha meets complex systems designer, social entrepreneur and educator Phoebe Tickell. Together they explore what it means to bridge several different ‘worlds’ in your work, facing the paralysis that can come when faced with complex crises, and how to connect with our ‘soul work’. Phoebe speaks about the pressure on individuals to hold the responsibility for planetary change, and why the focus must return urgently to changing systems.  Together Amisha and Phoebe discuss the origins of the myths and stories that we dwell in, the way that they shape our actions and reactions, and what happens when we step outside of them.   
How can we be in service to the world at this time?   In this episode Amisha spends a morning with speaker, writer and change-maker Mac Macartney. Mac is the founder of Devon land-based learning centre Embercombe, and is the author of several books.   Mac speaks about living courageously and on purpose, connecting with our deepest love, our gifts and our responsibilities to walk the Twin Trail of inner and outer development and contribution.   Together Mac and Amisha speak about the complexity and challenge of living and working in community, the humble reality of being a human work in progress, and how to stay committed to the journey when the weather gets rough.   Links from this episode and more at
How can we thrive in the world as Highly Sensitive People?   In this episode Amisha connects with therapist, coach and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Cindy Barnes.   Cindy specialises in working with people who identify as Highly Sensitive or with having the trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity. This is a scientifically verified, hereditary genetic trait shared by around 20% of the population.   Cindy explains what it means to be an HSP, the challenges of living with this trait and also the incredible benefits available when we learn to understand and provide for the particular characteristics of our nervous system. She also shares the results of recent research into the trait and some of the theories about the evolutionary purpose of this trait of high sensitivity in humans and other species.   Links from this episode and more at  
What innovation is needed now to steer us towards a beautiful future?   In this episode Amisha sits down with environmental entrepreneur and author, Ed Gillespie. As a twenty year veteran of the sustainability movement, Ed shares his perspective on where we stand today with regard to climate crisis and the sustainability of our major systems, examples of what has already been achieved and is already being done to change things for the better, and where he is placing his energy now to support that transition.   Together Ed and Amisha discuss ‘flight shaming’ and slow travel, little robot farmers called Tom, Dick and Harry, and the end of our civilisation. They speak about how and why the Extinction Rebellion movement is finding success where others have not, the pressure imbalance between individual citizens and the behaviour of governments and businesses, and how we might reconnect to create a fertile, fun-filled future for our planet.   “It ain’t just a techno fix. It’s not just about shifting an energy system into renewables. it’s not just about shifting from fossil fuels to green energy. It is actually about reimagining how so many of these systems can and should work… The size of the solutions have to fit the size of the problems. If what needs to be done doesn’t fit within commercial and political realities, then we have to change those realities.” ~ Ed Gillespie   Links from this episode and more at  
What happens when we let go and trust our voice?   In this episode Amisha spends time with transformational coach, consultant and singer of soul songs Lex Empress.   After a childhood spent “in the blackest dark”, carefully concealing her innate gifts, and an early career laced with the promise of pop stardom, Lex followed her intuition away from the path laid out for her and onto a new track all of her own - touching hearts and changing lives with the penetrating profundity of her one to one song sessions. From the boardroom to the beaches of Ibiza, thousands have come to sit before Lex and hear the song their soul needs now.   Lex shares with Amisha the journey to finally living and expressing her gifts through song, the leaps of faith and great silences along the way, and how she became her own medicine - singing herself sane.    “If you find the courage to express yourself, you are an artist… The moment you show up to create that’s it. Even if it’s not something being shared. Just the courage to express yourself. It’s enough. You made it!”~ Lex Empress   Links from this episode and more at  
How can our individual creative freedom liberate others?   In this episode Amisha meets multidisciplinary metaphysical artist Kamau Abayomi. Kamau’s broad-ranging creative expression is a conduit for Maat energy - the ancient Egyptian goddess of harmony, truth, justice and balance. From his early years as a skateboarding teenage rapper in Oakland, California to over 15 years living in Bali, Kamau’s path through life has been one of creative liberation.   Kamau’s work with Maat energy seeks balance and harmony in creative forms. He has combined traditional Balinese dance with breakdance and rap elements in performance, and regularly puts Michael Jackson into his ecstatic dance DJ sets. Kamau speaks about his belief that the full spectrum of codes and vibrations must be available so that each person can seek and find their own access points to spiritual and creative growth.   “If we’re afraid of our own voice, our innate wisdom that’s connected to the higher aspects of our being can’t flow through.” ~ Kamau Abayomi   Links from this episode and more at  
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