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The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali

Author: Amisha Ghadiali

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Welcome to The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali. On this show we explore the weave between politics, spirituality, creativity and sustainability. The people, projects and ideas we meet here are challenging the dominant world story and creating a beautiful future. We share a new interview every Thursday.

Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a brighter future. Our global future is created by all of us, together. The Future Is Beautiful is the start of a new conversation for making that happen.

How will you create beauty in the world?

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After two very full series and 52 episodes, our host Amisha Ghadiali shares some musings with our community during our series break. She talks about her ideas to get the community together in more face to face interactions all over the world, and a possibility of a matchmaking service for those looking for love!   She also shares about sacred activism, resilience, and presence. How to dance the twin trail, as we prepare for Series Three which we start recording in May and will be released in June.  Thank you to all of you wonders in our community for your beautiful hearts and commitment to the future. We are writing it as we speak, nothing is inevitable.  Join our community, become a patron, download our book and free ebook all over on our website - 
How can embodiment practises unlock our potential?   In this episode Amisha meets strategist, coach and facilitator Daniela Plattner. Daniela works with movement to unlock and unleash creative confidence.   Since playing footsie with Gabrielle Roth - the founder of 5Rhythms - as a child in a New York restaurant, Daniela has been on a profound personal journey with movement: finding her purpose in the place where her greatest pain and her greatest joy meet.   Daniela speaks to us about embodiment and movement: what it means to her, how it can transform lives and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives. She speaks about the deep integration that happens when we align our mind and body through conscious movement and how we can tap into the intelligence of our body to help us navigate decisions in our lives. Together Amisha and Daniela share stories of healing and releasing trauma through movement, visualisation and deep listening to the body.   “Through my greatest struggles and greatest joys I’ve again and again come back to the body as my greatest compass and an ally for navigating decisions and choices and life events.” ~ Daniela Plattner   Links from this episode and more at
How do the soundscapes of our lives influence us?   In this episode Amisha meets visionary listener, musician, educator and global citizen Aurelio. Now based in India, Aurelio grew up in Austria and has travelled the world studying the origins and functions of music.   Aurelio rejected book-learning in favour of finding embodied experiences of music in daily life around the globe. He speaks of the primal pulses and frequencies that infuse our existence from conception onwards and how these influence our cells, our sense of harmony and our social rituals.   Aurelio tells us about life and work at Svaram - a campus and community in Auroville, dedicated to experience of sound. He talks about the roles for music in our lives - both individually and collectively - and the findings of neurobiological studies into the effects of sound and music on our brain from our earliest moments in utero.   Together Aurelio and Amisha explore the ever-changing soundscapes of our lives; from the jungle to the city and from the womb out into the world.   “In most indigenous cultures there was a sound event that brought forth manifestation. At the beginning there's the unknown cosmic ocean and then something ignites and starts to throb. All of us come into incarnation in this fluid space where sound travels seven times as fast. We are exposed to pulsation for 9 months...We all have a pulse in ourselves.” ~ Aurelio   Links from this episode and more at
How many slaves are making your clothes?   In this episode Amisha meets author, consultant and social entrepreneur Safia Minney, who founded ethical fashion brands People Tree and Po-Zu. Safia speaks to us about modern slavery: all the ways it is hidden in plain view and what she and others are doing to change the broken system that perpetuates it.   Amisha and Safia discuss how the very fabric of our environments is part of a tangled web of human rights abuses and environmental degradation. We hear stories of some of the 41 million slaves worldwide who have been trapped in bonded labour, human trafficking.   As awareness grows around modern day slavery and legislation begins to come in, big companies are forced to account for the treatment of workers in their supply chains. However, more still needs to be done. Safia tells us how we can act to make a change, refusing to stay complicit in a polluting and abusive system where the human and environmental cost of high-street fashion prices is just too high.   “We need to find that appreciation for our food, for our clothes, for the products that we use and understand that these are not given to us. Nature doesn't give them to us free of charge- they come with environmental costs and they come with environmental risks and those risks are often borne by the most vulnerable people in the world” - Safia Minney   Links from this episode and more at  
How can we access and maintain a perpetual flow state of ease, abundance and inspiration?   In this episode Amisha shares a moment with consciousness researcher, serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute Justin Faerman.   How would it feel to have a continuous experience of being effortlessly supported by life, knowing that all the resources that you need to thrive and experience exponential growth and success will flow to you with ease? In this episode Justin introduces us to the experience of flow consciousness and reveals some of the entry points we can all find in our own lives to tap into it.   Justin shares the foundational importance of learning how to tune into our intuition, shifting from a focus on the mind to a greater awareness of felt sense in and around our bodies. Together he and Amisha share their own journeys of learning to access and follow their intuition, as well as discussing some of the latest scientific research into intuition and consciousness.   We hear the story of how Justin came to be living and working with flow consciousness, his experience of sharing what he has learned with others and some of the obstacles people face on their journey to embracing flow consciousness as a way of life. He sets out the conditions - both internal and external - that can support us to step into flow consciousness, how to rewire our perceptions to achieve an ongoing state of flow and how we can perpetuate the experience once we have accessed it.   “We tend to only be consciously aware of the macro decisions - the big ones - but they make up the smallest percentage of the decisions we make each day. It’s the small decisions that make the most impact collectively.” ~ Justin Faerman   Links from this episode and more at  
How can rediscovering our creativity free us to thrive?   In this episode Amisha meets creative consultant and entrepreneur Jo Hunter.   Jo grew up very creative, but as the pressures of adult life kicked in, like so many of us she became focused on being fast and being perfect, rather than being creative. When the hectic pace of her ‘dream job’ began to take its toll, Jo took a month out to slow down and reconnect. She asked people around her to set her some creative challenges, and working through them one by one she rediscovered her own creativity - her capacity to take risks and to play - and it changed her life.   Now with her organisation 64 Million Artists Jo works to help others reconnect with their own creativity. The team go into a variety of workplaces from factories to hospitals and challenge people to step out of their comfort zones and into the realm of new, playful experiences. Jo speaks about the structural, social and organisational obstacles to creativity and how we can bust through them to unleash our creative selves for the benefit of all.   “Creativity is the essence of who you are, it’s absolutely connected to spirituality and the true expression of yourself. When you are not really being who you are it's an immediate blocker to being creative.”~ Jo Hunter   Links from this episode and more at  
“The best journeys are not where you find yourself, the best journeys are where you find other people...” ~ Johann Hari   In this episode Amisha meets author and journalist Johann Hari. Johann’s best-selling book ‘Chasing the Scream’ is focused on addiction and the war on drugs, while his most recent publication ‘Lost Connections’ dives into the deeper causes and unexpected solutions for the rising tide of depression and anxiety.   Together Johann and Amisha discuss how our society and culture is failing to meet people’s needs in the most basic way. They speak about the discourse of rage and humiliation that dominates our current socio-political context and the origins and impacts of our addiction to ‘junk values’.   During his 30,000 mile quest to understand depression, addiction and connection Johann encountered people from all walks of life seeking to heal the epidemic of depression and anxiety. We hear stories from across the globe of communities banding together to recover collective control, meaning and connection.   Links from this episode and more at  
How do we recognise the golden threads that weave together a full and inspired life? “We can’t create a beautiful future by bypassing everything we don’t like and creating a fake utopia that sits on top of it. There’s a lot of power in our darkness and that's often where the treasure is.” - Amisha Ghadiali In this episode our show notes writer Lucy White sits down with founder and host of the podcast Amisha Ghadiali so that you can tune into where this project has come from. Amisha shares the story of the different threads running through her life that are lovingly woven together in The Future Is Beautiful book and podcast. What Amisha is offering with this podcast and everything she does is permission to be human, to live beyond silos and allow the different elements of our inner and outer life to be present in all we do. She is interested in the full spectrum of our experience, honouring and celebrating our challenges as well as our joy.   Together Amisha and Lucy discuss learning to embrace and enter willingly into our darkness and the collective shadows we all hold. Furthermore, how to get in touch with our core intuition in order to transform our deepest and earliest patterning - and of course how all of this can lead us to a wide open beautiful future.  Links from this episode and more at
How can we adapt to the inevitability of climate-induced societal collapse? In this episode Amisha sits down with strategist and educator Jem Bendell. Jem published a paper in July 2018 introducing the concept of Deep Adaptation and stating his belief in the inevitability of climate-induced societal collapse within the next 10 years. Jem first became an environmentalist as a teenager in 1988 and went on to train as in climate science during his degree before moving into the field of sustainable business. Alarming data on melting ice and permafrost drew Jem back to climate science, where he soon realised that what we see today are many signs of runaway climate change, which has already gone beyond our control. Through his work on Deep Adaptation, Jem offers three questions for humanity at this time: what do we most value, what must we let go of and what must we restore that has been lost?  Jem speaks about sharing his message with school children and sustainable development professionals alike, the fascinating responses he has received to his work and the resulting existential and spiritual shifts in his own life. “The big challenge of our time is to make sure that when our hearts break we stay open and connected and curious rather than coming up with stories to justify ourselves being violent to others that we have othered more than those closest to us.” - Jem Bendell Links from this episode and more at
How can plant medicines help humanity to heal?   “The sacred master plant medicines help us remember who we are, where we have come from and where we are going. They help us to enter different levels of our awareness and  consciousness, to be able to access different levels of healing for our bodies, minds and spirits.” ~ Erika Gagnon In this episode Amisha meets Canadian Ceremonial leader & Wisdom Keeper Erika Gagnon.  Erika grew up in a typically North American cultural experience without any spiritual inclinations. She was raised in family of mixed heritage amid the separatist movement in Quebec. We hear the story of how - after reaching a crisis point in her early thirties which led to a series of transformational experiences - she connected for the first time with the Red Road, and an unexplored part of her ancestry, beginning her journey on the medicine path, which now spans almost three decades. Together Erika and Amisha speak about how to honour the sacred medicines appropriately and the dangers and deceptions that abound in the world of plant medicine. Erika speaks about working with tobacco as a medicine for ritual and healing - and how it differs from the mainstream commercial and recreational use of tobacco. She shares her experiences of working consciously with trauma and the discordant or destructive energies that can become lodged in our bodies, in order to release and heal them. Links from this episode and more at
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