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Author: Marcus Whitney

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Every week, healthcare VCs and Jumpstart Health Investors co-founders Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney review and unpack the happenings in US Healthcare, finance, technology and policy. With a firm belief that our healthcare system is doomed without entrepreneurship, they work through the mud to find the jewels, highlight headwinds and tailwinds, and bring on the smartest guests to fill in the gaps.
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In this episode, Marcus and Vic dive into the heart of healthcare innovation, economic dynamics, and the growing intersection of artificial intelligence in medicine. The conversation spans the gamut from heart care advancements that personalize and improve patient outcomes to the broader implications of economic policies on healthcare accessibility and affordability. Our exploration doesn't stop there; we also uncover the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in revolutionizing drug discovery and patient care protocols while also taking a critical look at the cybersecurity measures essential in safeguarding our healthcare data. This episode provides an overview of the current landscape and future directions of healthcare, emphasizing the role of technology in shaping a healthier, more informed society.Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎3:17 - Powell Dials Back Expectations on Rate Cuts (WSJ)5:09 - Rents Are Still Rising and Pumping Up Inflation (WSJ)16:55 - UnitedHealth Stock Soars After Earnings Beat Expectations, Despite Cyberattack (WSJ)21:00 - Russian hackers steal agencies' emails as part of Microsoft hack (Axios)24:52 - Elevance Raises Forecast Amid Industry Cyberattack Concerns (Bloomberg)25:18 - Elevance Health and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Sign Strategic Partnership (Fierce Healthcare) 28:55 - Walgreens' fourth round of cuts targets corporate workers (Modern Healthcare)32:33 - States facing the greatest risk from private equity (Beckers)33:15 - Bankruptcies among PE-backed healthcare companies spiked in 2023 (Fierce Healthcare) 33:51 - Private Equity Risk Nonprofit Organization (Private Equity State Risk Index)38:43 - WHO Warns Threat Of Bird Flu Spreading To Humans Is ‘Great Concern’ (Forbes)41:02 - Head physician's 'inappropriate' alterations suspend Memorial Hermann transplant programs (Fierce Healthcare)45:30 - AI Identifies New Potential Treatments For Parkinson’s Disease - 1000x cheaper (Forbes) 49:25 - Boston Dynamics' newest Atlas robot (Youtube)51:03 - Medical LLM Leaderboard (HuggingFace)------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
In this episode, Vic, Marcus, and Emily Evans (Managing Director at Hedgeye Risk Management, LLC) dive deep into healthcare policy, focusing on the seismic shifts within the Medicare Advantage landscape. They unravel the complexities surrounding UnitedHealth Group’s latest financials, dissecting the impacts of demographic shifts, policy changes, and earnings reports on the Medicare Advantage program. The trio also scrutinizes the evolving dynamics of healthcare spending, including the contentious coverage of weight loss drugs and the broader implications of drug pricing and healthcare system reforms. Join them as they navigate through the intertwining paths of policy, healthcare costs, and the future of Medicare Advantage in an ever-changing healthcare environment.------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
In this episode, Vic and Marcus explore key trends in business, healthcare, cryptocurrency, and AI. They start by analyzing economic indicators, new Alzheimer's treatment, the impact of AI on healthcare and finance, and the significant impact of an aging population as baby boomers reach retirement age on healthcare, social security, and the workforce. We also examine challenges in healthcare administration and reflect on the importance of physical fitness for long-term well-being.Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎1:52 - Inflation Runs Hotter Than Expected (NYT)4:22 - Fed Rate Cuts Are Now a Matter of If, Not Just When (WSJ)10:46 - CMS says spending on Leqembi could hit $3.5B next year (Fierce Healthcare)16:09 - Healthcare on the brink: the challenges of an aging society in the US (Nature)33:36 - Are You Fit for Your Age? Test Yourself With These Exercises (WSJ)39:27 - Q1 2024 digital health funding: Great (reset) expectations (Rock Health)41:53 - Exits Are Few These Days. So One Fledgling VC Firm Created Its Own (WSJ)45:45 - Round 2: Change Healthcare Targeted in Second Ransomware Attack (Dark Reading)47:41 - “The Name May Be ‘Neue’ but Their Problems are Old”: Bright Health’s Rebrand (MedCity News)48:49 - Are You Ready for AI to Be a Better Doctor Than You? (Medscape)52:12 - Cloud Next 2024: More momentum with generative AI (Google Blog)54:22 - Google partners with Bayer on new AI product for radiologists (CNBC)------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
This eye-opening episode of Health Further dives deep with Noah Lang, Stride Health's CEO, as he sheds light on revolutionizing health benefits for the gig economy. Noah discusses Stride Health's origins, challenges within the healthcare industry, and the groundbreaking strides towards portable benefits. With stats showcasing the growing independent workforce and changing employer landscapes, Noah articulates the urgent need for policy innovation and better benefit structures. The discussion also touches on the role of policy in shaping a more flexible, equitable healthcare system. Marcus and Noah explore the implications of such innovations on entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the broader workforce, marking a pivotal moment in dialogues around health benefits and the future of work.www.stridehealth.comNoah Lang------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss the complexities of the healthcare system and the stock market's vagaries. It doesn't stop there; the conversation extends into the terrain of cybersecurity in healthcare, the role of private equity in healthcare provision, and the intriguing potential of dietary approaches to mental health treatment. With a blend of engaging discussions on current trends, policies, and scientific discoveries.Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎S&P 500 Drops to Start New Quarter (WSJ) - 2:25Powell Says Fed Has Time to Assess Data Before Deciding to Cut (Bloomberg) - 4:16S&P 500 Snaps Two-Day Losing Streak (WSJ) 4:45What’s Wrong With the Economy? It’s You, Not the Data. (WSJ) - 8:36Providence spins off patient portal company (Modern Healthcare) - 11.28Diagnostics company Binx Health banks $65M to drive growth of point-of-care testing (Fierce Healthcare) - 15.02Investors Put $58 Million Into Biolinq’s Push for Easier Glucose-Monitoring (WSJ)Bolinq website - 18:06Health tech investor Glen Tullman launches 62 Ventures, a new $100 million fund (Stat) - 20:30Northwell, Memorial Hermann and others join Aegis Ventures consortium (Modern Healthcare) - 28: 05Tiger Global VC Fund Closes 63% Below Target With $2.2 Billion (Bloomberg) - 35:00Medicare Keeps Getting Tougher for Health Insurers (WSJ) - 42:08HHS: Medicare incentives, penalties for hospitals to help stem drug shortages (Fierce Healthcare) - 48:38Part D spending on Ozempic skyrocketed between 2018 and 2022 (Fierce Healthcare) - 51:38Rite Aid Strikes Deal to Hand Control to Creditors, Settle Opioid Claims (WSJ) - 58:48Steward's struggles on full display as clinicians, lawmakers sound the alarm on private equity's impact on healthcare (Fierce Healthcare) - 1:00:11Molina Healthcare, Cityblock partner to give dual eligibles SDOH assistance (Fierce Healthcare) - 1:03:30Kaiser closes Geisinger Health acquisition, forming Risant Health (Modern Healthcare) - 1:05:41HCA Healthcare rolls out in-EHR referrals to Talkiatry's telepsychiatrists (Fierce Healthcare) 1:07:03It’s Time to Hand Cybersecurity Over to the Computers (WSJ-Op) - 1:07:55Ketogenic Diet Intervention on Psychiatric Health in Bipolar and Schizophrenia (Psychiatry Research) - 1:12:23------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss the treasury and the deficit, new VC deals, M&A and IPO Markets, Steward Health's provider group potentially being purchased by Optum, Amazon's investment in Anthropic, Stability AI's founder departure, and the White House AI RoadmapPlease check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎The $27 Trillion Treasury Market Is Only Getting Bigger (WSJ)US life expectancy rises after 2-year dip (Politico)Float gathers $10M Series A for home care staffing (Axios)Telenutrition startup Nourish swallows $35M Series A (Axios)Merck’s $11.5 Billion Bet on Its Next Big Drug Finally Arrives (WSJ)Johnson & Johnson Considers Deal for Shockwave Medical (WSJ)M&A Gathers Steam for Biotech Startups (WSJ)Amazon Expands Same-Day Pharmacy Delivery to New York, Los Angeles (WSJ)Occupational care provider Concentra files for IPO (Axios)Hospitals Are Adding Billions in ‘Facility’ Fees for Routine Care (WSJ)UnitedHealth Group's Optum to buy Steward physician group (Modern Healthcare)Steward Health Care has deal to sell doctor network to UnitedHealth (Stat)Amazon Invests $2.75 Billion in AI Startup Anthropic (Bloomberg)Inside the $1 billion love affair between Stability AI’s ‘complicated’ founder and tech investors Coatue and Lightspeed (Fortune)Nebraska Medicine used AI to reduce nurse turnover by nearly 50% (Healthcare IT News)Vice President Harris Announces OMB Policy to Advance Governance, Innovation, and Risk Management in Federal Agencies’ Use of Artificial Intelligence (White House)------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss the FOMC meeting, the Reddit IPO, Elevance acquiring from Kroger, more GLP-1 moves, and a big AI rundown including NVIDIA, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Ray Kurzweil.Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Fed Officials Still See Three Interest-Rate Cuts This Year, Buoying Stocks (WSJ)Reddit stock soars in highly anticipated market debut (Yahoo)Wonder, Marc Lore’s Food-Delivery Startup, Raises $700 Million (WSJ)PocketHealth lands $33M to build out its medical image exchange platform (Fierce Healthcare)Elevance Health’s CarelonRx to buy Kroger Specialty Pharmacy (Modern Healthcare)Heritage Provider Network courts PE for $7B-plus deal (Axios)Medicare Opens Door for Covering Obesity Drugs (WSJ)The house-passed bill instructs CBO to take longer view when grading preventive health laws (Fierce Healthcare)Nvidia Plans to Price Newest AI Chips to Appeal to Wide Group of Users (WSJ)Apple Looks to External Partners to Boost AI Efforts (WSJ)Microsoft Hires DeepMind Co-Founder to Lead Consumer AI Unit (WSJ)Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella quote (X)Google Health, Stanford Medicine unveil open-access data set of diverse dermatology images (Fierce Healthcare)Google’s AI prophet fast tracks singularity prediction (Independent)------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss President Biden's State of the Union Address, the latest on the ChangeHealthcare situation, a rundown of GLP-1 updates, the waning influence of HIMSS and updates on the AI front, including a new AI software engineer called Devin. Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Inflation Picks Up to 3.2%, Slightly Hotter Than Expected (WSJ)White House presses UnitedHealth on Change outage at meeting (Modern Healthcare)Aledade loans in the wake of Change Fallout (LI)Evernorth expands GLP-1 program, unveils new Behavioral Health Care Group (Fierce Healthcare)Wegovy’s Newly Verified Heart Benefits Under Review by Medicare (Bloomberg)Eli Lilly partners with Amazon for delivery of its weight loss, diabetes and migraine drugs (Fierce Healthcare)HIMSS24: Google Cloud builds out generative AI solutions to aid healthcare workers (Fierce Healthcare)Elon Musk’s xAI to Open-Source Its Grok Chatbot, in Latest Swipe at OpenAI (WSJ)Today we're excited to introduce Devin, the first AI software engineer (X)Worlds FIRST AI Software Engineer Just SHOCKED the Entire Industry (YouTube)------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss the weird way in which the economy is performing, fueled by debt, more on the ChangeHealthcare situation, health system performance, Mark Cuban, a new approach to longevity, GLP-1 update and an AI rundown.Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Stocks Rise After Fed’s Powell Lifts Rate-Cut Hopes (WSJ)China's exports top forecasts as global demand returns (Reuters)OECD Government Borrowing Expected to Rise to Record $15.8 Trillion (WSJ)New York Community Bancorp to Get More Than $1 Billion Investment (WSJ)Hackers Behind the Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack Just Received a $22 Million Payment (Wired)BlackCat Ransomware Group Implodes After Apparent $22M Payment by Change Healthcare (Krebs)HHS Statement Regarding the Cyberattack on Change Healthcare (HHS website)DOJ, FTC & HHS Issue Public Input as Part of Inquiry into Impacts of Corporate Ownership in Health Care (website)Mark Cuban's drug company inks first health system partnership to sell directly to Community Health Systems (Fierce Healthcare)Mayo Clinic closed out 2023 with $18B in revenue, 6% operating margin (Fierce healthcare)UPMC reports almost $200M operating loss as expenses rise (Fierce healthcare)Novo Nordisk Shoots To Record High After New Pill Tops Weight-Loss Blockbuster Wegovy (IBD)Patients Lose Access to Weight-Loss Drugs as Employers Stop Coverage (WSJ)The Science Behind Ozempic Was Wrong (Atlantic)Exercise stands unrivaled as the most potent anti-inflammatory mechanism available (X)Introducing the next generation of Claude (website)JPMorgan’s AI-Aided Cashflow Model Can Cut Manual Work by 90% (Bloomberg)CHIME and Collaborate to Create Smart Hospital Maturity Model (website)Coalition for Health AI: Providing guidelines for the responsible use of AI in healthcare (website)------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Dr. Medell Briggs-Malonson, MD, MPH, MSHS is the Chief of Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the UCLA Health System.  She is also an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  In her current role, she is responsible for the implementation and oversight of organizational structures and initiatives that promote inclusivity and equity among UCLA Health staff, patients, and communities. Dr. Briggs-Malonson is also the founder and CEO of Contour Health Solutions, a national advisory firm that partners with health technology organizations and investors to develop inclusive and high performing technologies that promote optimal health and wellbeing among all populations.  Dr. Briggs-Malonson prides herself in building a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. This has led her to become a nationally recognized healthcare improvement advisor, speaker, and best-selling author.  She has held several administrative and academic roles throughout her career focused on innovative healthcare system redesign using technology to advance health equity and justice within diverse communities. Dr. Briggs-Malonson currently serves as the Co-Chair of the United States HHS/Office of the National Coordinator Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC).Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Medell on LinkedIn2023 DEI Executive of the Year------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they speak with Dr. Jay Bhatt, Managing Director at Deloitte.Jay Bhatt, D.O., MPH, MPA, is a physician executive, internist, and public health innovator. As Managing Director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions (DCHS) and the Deloitte Health Equity Institute (DHEI), Dr. Bhatt directs the research agenda across the life sciences and health care industry leading to actionable insights for executives and their teams. Dr. Bhatt also drives high-impact collaborations and investments to influence key decision-makers, address place-based inequities, and innovate to advance health equity. He also serves on the Deloitte Purpose Office leadership team. He is a prominent thought leader on the issues of population health, health equity, health care transformation, public health, and digital health. Passionate about patient care, Dr. Bhatt practices medicine for the historically underserved while serving in his leadership role at Deloitte.Dr. Bhatt's work has earned the attention of top media outlets seeking his expertise and perspective. He is a recipient of the Crains Chicago 40 Under 40 Award, the Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Award, a Presidential Leadership Scholar, and part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Jay’s 4-minute back storyJay on LinkedInThe Deloitte Health Equity InstituteIllustrate ChangeJay's Book on Patient Safety------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss the the PCE number, NASDAQ all time highs, the Bitcoin Bull RUn, the continued impacts of ChangeHealthcare's cyber attack, FTC movements, Vic's download from ViVE 2024, a huge round for AI company Abridge and AI finding a new Prostate Cancer. Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Key Fed inflation measure rose 0.4% in January as expected, up 2.8% from a year ago (CNBC)Stock Market Today: Nasdaq Closes at Record High After Inflation Data (WSJ)Bitcoin Is Hitting All-Time Highs Around the World (CoinDesk)Change Healthcare Outage Prompts Switch in Pharmacy Claims Processing (Managed Healthcare Exec)Change Healthcare cyber attack means no electronic claims processed since 2/20/24 (X)AHCA/NCAL Sends Letter To HHS Requesting Support In Wake of Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Incident (Letter)UnitedHealth Group Scrutinized for Alleged Antitrust Practices (Health Payer Intelligence)FTC, states challenge Kroger’s $25 billion grocery merger with Albertsons (Politico)ViVE 2024: Health Systems Take Innovation into Their Own Hands (HealthTech)Guthrie’s Award-Winning Pulse Center for Enhanced Patient Care (website)The Business Model of Healthcare LinkedInAbridge Raises $150M for Automating Medical Documentation and Plans to Create Generative AI Foundation Models (VoicebotAI)AI Identifies New Type Of Prostate Cancer (Forbes) ------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss the the CPI print, the huge rebound in health systems performance, the impacts of ChangeHealthcare's cyber attack, updates from YC and Techstars, the latest news on AI chips and why primary care needs a full reboot. Also... IVF in Alabama. Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎January Inflation Report Prices Cool Less Than Expected (NYT)In a 'spectacular collapse,' Cano Health files for bankruptcy (Fierce Healthcare)Kaiser Permanente: $4.1B profit, exceeds $100B operating revenues in 2023 (Fierce Healthcare)Ascension escapes last year's losses with higher per-patient revenues, tempered cost growth (Fierce Healthcare)Half of rural hospitals are losing money. Rising MA enrollment likely won't help them, Chartis warns (Fierce Healthcare)Change Healthcare Disconnects Systems Amid Cyberattack (HealthIT Security)YCom Investment areas (Website)Techstars 2.0 (Website)Nvidia Sales Reach New Heights as Company Forecasts Bigger AI Boom (WSJ)Meet 'Groq,' the AI Chip That Leaves Elon Musk’s Grok in the Dust (Gizmodo)The Case Against an Annual Physical (WSJ)General Health Checks in Adult Primary Care (JAMA)Three Alabama clinics pause IVF services after court rules that embryos are children (NBC)------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss the latest surprising jobs report, shedding light on its implications for the economy and labor market. They also analyze the potential inclusion of Lilly in The Magnificent 7, Tenet's strong results and the ongoing issue of cyber threats, and the latest developments in healthcare AI.Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎U.S. Economy added 353,000 jobs in January, much better than expected CNBC // York Community Bancorp fell off a cliff this week, dragging others down with it MarketWatch // Advantage provider, benefit cuts may follow rate reduction Modern Healthcare // Proposed Updates for 2025 Medicare Advantage and Part D Programs HHS press release // Healthcare reports Q4 beat on lower medical costs, higher premiums Reuters // beats estimates but cuts full-year profit outlook on higher medical costs CNBC // Eli Lilly Deserves to Unseat Tesla Among the Magnificent Seven WSJ // Amazon’s layoffs mean for One Medical, pharmacy division Modern Healthcare // Healthcare (THC) Q4 Earnings Beat on Hospital Operations Yahoo // Health to acquire three hospitals from Tenet Healthcare Press Release // opposes Novant Health's deal with Community Health Systems Fierce Healthcare // Lurie Children’s Cyber Attack ABC News // Healthcare gets $70M from OpenAI, Optum Ventures Modern Healthcare // becomes Gemini: Try Ultra 1.0 and a new mobile app today Google website //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they discuss the following topics: Fed Holds Rates While Job Market SlowsThe Federal Reserve decides to maintain interest rates amid a slowing job marketImplications for the economy and investment decisionsPotential reasons behind the decision and its impact on various sectors Innovation OutlookCurrent trends and future prospects in technological innovation Biden Strives for More Healthcare CompetitionPresident Biden's efforts to increase competition in the healthcare industryPotential benefits for consumers and the healthcare systemImplications for healthcare companies and the broader economy Cigna Exits MACigna's decision to exit the Medicare Advantage marketPossible reasons behind the move and its impact on the healthcare industryEffects on Cigna's business and its customers HCA Delivers Strong EarningsHCA's robust financial performance and earnings reportFactors contributing to the company's successMarket reaction and implications for the healthcare sector Lessons from San Francisco’s Drug CrisisInsights gained from San Francisco's approach to addressing the drug crisisPolicy implications and potential solutions for other regions facing similar challengesImpact on public health and social issuesPlease check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Fed Meeting Today: Jerome Powell Says March Rate Cut Not Likely (Barrons) // job openings unexpectedly rise, but resignations decreasing (Reuters) // // JP Morgan The Innovation Economy Outlook // Health: Digital Health Partnerships // administration announces effort to make healthcare more competitive and transparent (HFMA) // to sell Medicare business to HCSC for $3.3B (Modern Healthcare) // demand, higher per-patient revenues propel HCA Healthcare in Q4 2023 (Fierce Healthcare) // Can San Francisco Solve Its Drug Crisis? Five Things to Consider (NYT) // Addiction: 6 Mind-Changing Conversations That Could Save a Life by Nzinga Harison //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Join Marcus & Vic as they learn from Nzinga Harrison, MD, how we need to change to address addiction in our healthcare system and society effectively. This is an informative and direct conversation with the leading expert in the field.Nzinga explains how to:Un-Learn what we think we know about addiction,Un-Do the stigma that is killing people, andUn-Cover the conversations that we need to have to improve treatment for substance use disorderDr. Harrison is passionate and outspoken about the need to expand the addiction medicineworkforce. She is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer for Eleanor Health, an innovativemental health and addiction treatment company, and has more than 20 years of experiencepracticing medicine. She is a double-board certified physician with specialties in general adultpsychiatry and addiction medicine.You can read more about these issues in her new book, Un- Addiction: 6 Mind-ChangingConversations That Could Save a Life. She also appears in the award- winning documentaryTipping the Pain Scale, which addresses the crisis of addiction in America. ------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
Episode 39 covers the recent surge in Wall Street's performance and its potential consequences, Humana's decision to reprice its Medicare Advantage plans, the use of AI at Davos and the emergence of deep fake Biden calls, Steward Health's recurring challenges, and the significance of healthcare consumerism tools in empowering individuals to make informed healthcare choices.Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Stock Market News: S&P 500 Marks Fifth Straight Record Day (Barons) // CEO: Spike in MA utilization could lead entire industry to reprice plans for 2025 (Fierce Healthcare) // just changed the world. Again (The Spectator) // Biden robocall telling Democrats not to vote is likely an AI-generated deepfake (NBC) // identified as a top risk for healthcare (Healthcare Finance) // health system’s financial issues could plunge overburdened hospitals into crisis (Stat) // New Healthcare Consumer Platform Crowd Health (Website) // Health’s CEO (X Post) //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
In this deep dive into Healthcare Policy & Regulation with Emily Evans, we discuss the Supreme Court's upcoming review of the Chevron deference and its likely effects on healthcare regulatory agencies including HHS, CMS, FDA and FTC. We also discuss the expected positive impact on healthcare M&A markets. While potential policy changes create short-term uncertainty, they also present opportunities for consolidation, competition, and innovation in the medium to long-term.
Alarming rise in cancer rates and its implications for public health? Ongoing power struggle between tech giants Apple and Epic Games, as they flex their market influence? General Catalyst's ambitious moves in the business landscape and the potential ripple effects? Join us as we navigate through these pressing issues and so much more!Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Consumers Start 2024 on Strong Footing After a Jolly Holiday (WSJ) // for the U.S. economy? Empire State gauge sinks to lowest level since pandemic. (MarketWatch) // Bill Is Coming Due on a Record Amount of Commercial Real Estate Debt (WSJ) // Is Striking More Young People, and Doctors Are Alarmed and Baffled (WSJ) // Healthspan Is as Important as Your Lifespan—and It’s Declining (WSJ) // to Pull Blood-Oxygen Tool From Watches to Avoid US Ban If Appeal Fails (Bloomberg) // Changes Its App Store Policy. Critics Call the Moves ‘Outrageous.’ (WSJ) // overhauls app market (Modern Healthcare) // Catalyst’s HATCo signs letter of intent with Summa Health (Modern Healthcare) // Stock Crumbles as Forecast Cut on Higher Medical Costs (Barrons) // ------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
In this episode, we discuss Jefferson's efforts to bolster its payor unit, exploring the potential impacts on healthcare services and patient costs. We also examine the controversy surrounding Carta's alleged overstepping of its authority, shedding light on the implications for the company and its stakeholders. We take a closer look at Mayo Clinic's ambitious AI initiative, discussing its potential to revolutionize healthcare practices. We also analyze the growing pushback against federal agencies, providing insights into the underlying reasons and potential outcomes.Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎CPI December: (BLS website) //, a key tech company for startups, has a credibility problem (Axios) // Jefferson Health says LVHN merger would double its insurance business (Fierce Healthcare) // marketing – the 2024 way (WPP website) // Mayo Clinic deepens AI commitment with new Cerebras Systems deal (Fierce Healthcare) // Option Care Health taps Palantir's AI for nurse scheduling, supply chain (Fierce Healthcare) // Deference Was Fun While It Lasted (WSJ-OP) // Health sues feds, challenging changes to MA star ratings (Fierce Healthcare) // Issues First Approval for Mass Drug Imports to States From Canada (NYT) // bitcoin ETFs see $4.6 billion in volume in first day of trading (Reuters) //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // //
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