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The Future of Work Roundtable
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The Future of Work Roundtable

Author: Callum Adamson

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Join Distributed’s Co-Founder and CEO Callum Adamson at the Future of Work Roundtable. Each month he’ll invite 3 panellists to discuss how work is changing. How Distributed teams, the freelance revolution and generational differences are building a better future for all.
2 Episodes
Freelancing is the future of work. Callum Adamson CEO and Founder of Distributed sits down with Matthew Mottola Author of "The Human Cloud: How today's changemakers use artificial intelligence and the freelance economy to transform work"They discuss the book, how freelancing will become the dominant career path for many; and how leaders need to adapt to take advantage of a fully digital, remote and outcome-based workforce.
Callum is joined by Jon Younger  PhD - HR thought leader, author and journalist at Forbes. Matthew Mottola CEO and founder at VentureL and author of the Human Cloud; and finally Shah Ramezani, CEO and founder of discuss what the future of work actually means, how it's been accelerated by COVID-19, Why Middle management and freelancers could be big losers in this change and what government needs to do (or not to do) to help.
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