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The Future of X: Mobility

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Everybody loves to move. How we choose to move will determine what life looks like for the next generation. In this season of The Future of X, we take a look at the future of mobility, in partnership with Ford. The future of mobility has the potential to electrify our imagination, sustain our planet and connect us like never before. If you want to see how we can get there, then get in and buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride.
22 Episodes
The great American pastime of road-tripping may only now be entering its heyday. In future decades, thanks to the growing prevalence of electric and autonomous vehicles, Americans may be able to enjoy the road, and a new breed of roadside attractions, as never before.
Over the past several decades, the growth of large agribusinesses has made it harder for smaller local farms to keep up. In this episode, we explore the importance of small, local farms for building the sustainable agricultural models of the future that will be essential to meeting consumer needs and feeding the planet.
Big data has been marching into the fields for several years, and it’s a trend that is likely to continue in the years ahead. In this episode, we look at how data is revolutionizing farming, from addressing pollution to giving new meaning to the saying, “work smarter, not harder.”
“You are what you eat,” as the old saying goes, and consumers are thinking more about what they eat — and who they are — than ever before. In this episode, we explore some of the trends defining our ethical food choices, from animal welfare to sustainability, and look at what the future might hold for these trends going forward.
Agriculture sits at the center of some of the biggest challenges we will face in the future, including climate change, biodiversity and food security. It could also point us back to our roots for a powerful restorative solution: healing the soil.
The Future of X: Farming

The Future of X: Farming


Ever look down at your plate of food and wonder where the ingredients came from? OZY’s hit podcast franchise The Future of X is back, and this season we’re investigating The Future of Farming with our friends at Vital Farms. Each episode will take a look at the all-important field of farming, from how data will revolutionize farming to the impact of Big Agriculture. Plus, explore the possible solutions to food insecurity and climate change, such as regenerative agriculture. Ready to dig in?
There is a profound shift facing business leaders worldwide, reflecting the importance of social capital in shaping an organization's purpose, guiding its relationships with stakeholders and influencing its ultimate success or failure. As our work evolves through automation, it will become something less that has to be done (so it can be ticked off a to-do list) and more something we feel driven to do — an intrinsic drive to better ourselves, our community and our world. Special Guest: Adam Grant
“Don’t ask your boss for a raise today, she’s having a bad morning. Take this alternate route instead.” Forget about struggling to make conversation over burnt coffee or going on a Google deep dive to discover intel prior to a meeting. The power of technology will allow you to instantly see the connections you have between yourself and clients or co-workers, so you can stop making small talk and get to the meat of the conversation. Special Guest: Simon Sinek
You’ve heard that your company is like a family. So what happens when your company tries to hire your entire family? In the not-so-distant future, AI tools and algorithms will help determine the optimal size and makeup of specialized teams that move together as one, based on complementary personality traits and skills. As these teams establish their abilities within an industry or framework, recruiters and employers will try to keep them intact. From equal pay to equal leadership, the workplace of the future will be transparent in reflecting these virtues. Special Guest: Tiffany Shlain
In less than 20 years, workflows won’t just be more streamlined, they’ll be thrilling. This episode will do a deep dive on the gamification of productivity, as teams will collaborate on projects the same way they join together to play Fortnite. Special Guest: Keisha Howard, Founder of Sugar Gamers
A recent study found that people spend a third of their time in an office just reading, sending and answering emails. With advanced automation, humans will not be required to spend time on mundane tasks like slogging through endless spreadsheets or sorting through thousands of emails, but rather focus their mind on creative problem-solving. This episode will explore how creativity will continue to shift and drive the workplace.
Welcome back to The Future of X. In partnership with Smartsheet, this season, The Future of X explores the workplace, tackling themes such as how AI will enhance productivity and how automation could unlock greater human achievement. Based on OZY’s journalism and timely interviews with leading futurists, we examine the ways in which technology will improve the contributions humans make to the world.  
On today’s bonus episode, Carlos sits down with two leaders from the world of health care to talk about their visions of the future — including their biggest fears. We speak with Debra Canales, executive vice president and chief administrative officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, a nationwide not-for-profit health system worth more than $25 billion. Canales is part of the majority-female senior leadership team — a rarity in the health care sector. She shares her personal story of #MeToo and discusses the role of women in the future of health care and a theme that keeps coming up: the importance of humanity in a tech-focused future. But first, we speak with Rod Hochman, the president and CEO of PSJH. He tells us about what the past means for the future of health, and some of the ethical questions that surround the groundbreaking advances ahead.
What will dying look like after all diseases have been eradicated? Thanks to “psychedelic-assisted therapies,” heading into the great unknown in the future could be an exciting trip, rather than a dreaded crisis. In this episode, we talk to medical professionals about reversing the aging process, dying peacefully, body farming and achieving “digital immortality.”
In this episode we start in 2069 — when we just might be able to delete mental illness from our brains — and work back to the present. On the way, we learn about “neurodiversity” and how conditions like hypomania could come to be valued, and we speak to Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post who created a wellness startup after collapsing with exhaustion. Is the future about hacking our bodies to turn us into “short sleepers” who only need four hours a night?
The U.S. is home to 18 million health care workers. But how will our relationship with them change, and how will care, like online shopping, come to us? In this episode we explore operating rooms on flatbed trucks, transhumanism and how we'll pay for the future of health.
Welcome to the year 2069. The good news? Cancer has become a mere inconvenience. The bad? It’s been replaced by an epidemic that's far more sinister, spawning solo karaoke booths and one-person restaurant tables. In the first episode of The Future of X: Health, we explore the diseases we've yet to recognize, the next wave in biotech and how researchers are learning to hack our immune systems to cure conditions like Parkinson’s. Plus: Learn to watch out for "genetic discrimination" by your insurance company.
Scrubs: check. Scalpel: check. VR headset and emotional well-being monitor: check, check. Technology is having an increasing impact in the operating theater and beyond. Yet, as experts reveal in The Future of X: Health, patient treatment in 50 years' time won't be based entirely on robots or advanced A.I., but rather on raw human connection. In this five-part series, in partnership with PSJH, OZY paints a picture of health care in 2069, from the chronic diseases we don't yet recognize to a world without hospitals.
Everybody loves to move. How we choose to move will determine what life looks like for the next generation. In this season of The Future of X, we take a look at the future of mobility, in partnership with Ford. The future of mobility has the potential to electrify our imagination, sustain our planet and connect us like never before. If you want to see how we can get there, then get in and buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride.
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Ryan Schaub

Anecdotally nome of my coworkers complain about not being self-actuallized, most of them are. It is absolutely pay that they have issue with. What would the logical limit of this self actualization vs pay be? Are we arguing that the entire 'fight for $15' class wouldn't have a problem with pay if they felt more appreciated? I highly doubt it. This argument seems to only hold for employees on the higher ends of their compensation band that they have the privilege to ruminate about how appreciated they are...

Oct 5th
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