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Niall Morgan & Rory Beggan are two of the best goalkeepers in Gaelic football. Rivals, fiercely competitive and for the first time the GAA Social brings them both on a podcast to talk goalkeeping. Whats changed- where it’s going and why Niall Morgan believes teams will soon start playing without a goalkeeper. It’s a fascinating listen about the most talked about position in Gaelic football- and a must listen to coaches and aspiring number 1’s! Both men also chat through the season, where it went wrong and both believe they can still win Sam Maguire. The video session where Niall Morgan was told by management “That’s why you’ll never be as good as Rory Beggan” is quite the story. Brilliantly honest and an insight into making it at the top- and staying there. Refereeing comes under the spotlight, what’s actually said to match officials and those ongoing conversations with umpires. There’s also a look ahead to this weekends All-Ireland semi-finals. Kerry against Dublin and Derry’s battle with Galway. Both Rory & Niall agree on who will make this years All-Ireland final Jim Gavin the next Monaghan manager? Why not
In a deeply personal and revelaing podcast, former Offaly All-Ireland winner Michael Duignan explains the loss of his wife Edel to cancer. The decade that preceeded it and letters written by Edel, to be read after her death. The "guilt" of moving on and faith of Edel, in Michael, and his ability to raise their two sons alone. It's moving, powerful and brutually honest. The podcast also examines the challenges when a high profile former player moves into administration, Tomas O'Se has potentially the next Offaly manager and a brilliant story on Derry captain Chrissy McKaigue. Duignan confirms a six-figure sum donated by Shane Lowry and the role of the former Open champion with his native county. There's also a look ahead to this weekends All-Ireland hurling semi-finals, that hand-shake between Henry Shefflin and Brian Cody, and Duignan backs Galway for Sam Maguire. Oisin reflects on a frantic weekend for Armagh, that row and the Tiernan Kelly incident. It's funny, it's moving, it's packed- another brilliant episode of the GAA Social
It's non-stop laughter!! When Oisin McConville is questioned is he the father of his daughter? (Yes you read that correctly) you know this podcast is going to be a bit different. Benny Tierney, a unique man with a brilliant football story. Is there room in the game for craic and fun? As we approach the 20th anniversary of the only time Armagh won Sam Maguire- we bring the band back together for the lagacy of that win and look ahead to a landmark day for Armagh against Galway. Oisin has his doubts over Kerry (and Dublin) and there's hope for Mayo. The call has been made though- Armagh will play Derry for a place in the years All-Ireland final! PS Oisin can confirm he is the happy father to three amazing children. Benny however is Ronaldo?
In one of the most powerful, honest and explosive episodes of the GAA Social yet- Former Meath manager Andy McEntee explains what it’s really like being an inter-county manager. There was an attempt to oust he former All-Ireland winning club coach in October 2021- but Andy survived and was backed ferociously by the clubs in Meath. This is his account of what happened, the trust that was lost, the abusive messages and letters received by him and his family and the hurt inflicted. It’s not all bad- in the words of McEntee there were more good days and that’s reflected in the letters that dropped through his front door, the relationships with the players and a gradual improvement of the team against a backdrop of the greatest team of all-time, Dublin. For the first time in an interview, Andy explains the impact of loss following the death of his brother Shane, Minister for Agriculture, who died by suicide in 2012. It’s an emotional powerful story and shines a light on online abuse and the pressures of inter-county management. There are some brilliant moments of laughter and the positivity of Andy McEntee shines through. Brutally honest, funny and emotional and a focus on the All-Ireland football quarter-finals this weekend. Bad news for Armagh supporters, Oisin McConville believes they're going to win (so they'll lose) or will they? A brilliant podcast & massive respect to Andy McEntee for being so honest, especially talking about his brother Shane. A gent
One of the most talented gaelic footballers currently playing the sport- Daniel Flynn of Kildare reveals all to Thomas Niblock & Oisin McConville on the GAA Social. Reflections on losing to Mayo, what it's really like facing Dublin and does he really think Kildare can beat them? Why a career in AFL didn't work out and having to pick between seeing his grandfather before he died or go back for the funeral- but not both! It's a honest reflection on football, life and the future for him and Kildare. Kieran McGeeney was maager of Kildare when Daniel was first on the squad and he explains the impact the Armagh man had on the county and why the players almost decided to down tools when he was removed from post. He also reflects on Jack O'Connor, who left Kildare to take Kerry 'Who would turn down the chance to manage Manchester United? Facinating insight
Aidan Forker has made the successful transition from an inter-county into one of the star defenders in the game. Reguraly asked to mark opponents most dangeous forwards, Forker explains what Darren McCurry said to him on Sunday, marking David Clifford at Croke Park and the hurt of their "flat" performance against Donegal in the opening round of the Ulster championship. with just days to go ahead of Armaghs crucial championship qualifier against Donegal (again) Aidan sits down with Thomas & Oisin in the Armagh Athletic grounds changing rooms (where the whiteboard still has the messages from Sundays win over Tyrone. It's a facinating insight into the drive of a modern day gaelic footballer and the challenges having a young family can provide is the selfish worls of sport. Love Island begins, Oisins predictions are beyond woeful (but he's happy enough) and Aidan lifts the lid on what its like gaving Kieran Donaghy and Kieran McGeeney in charge. A brilliant insight.
What a podcast. From Gingers (African sunset) to going on the session before the 2008 All-Ireland final- and lying to Mickey Harte. Owen Mulligan is brutually honest but after coaching Tyrone to the All-Ireland U20 title- there's a bit more to 'Mugsy' than many perhaps know. A facinating insight into on of sports greatest rivalries & what he really thought of Oisin McConville. The story of how his Tyrone days came to an end is incredible and how his stubborness prevented a return to red and white. With laughter throughout- this podcast is a colourful hilarious journey into the life of Mugsy and more importantly a new direction on the sidelines- and one he's pretty good at. Oisin believes he won the good looking competition.
Recorded in front of a live studio audience in Slaughtneil's wonderful An Carn theatre- this podcast is different. Mark McHugh was coached by rory Gallagher at donegal, in Kilcar and speak weekly (Mark called Rory for directions to Slaughtneil) it's an utterly facinating insight into a coach- that's mellowed? Tony Scullion believes people should support Tyrone- but gets caught about 1995 and Oisin has backed Logan & Dooher to win Sam Maguire (Yes that's the team who Armagh play next) The podcast focuses on the Ulster final, how it will be won and lost- and who will lift Sam Maguire in July (That's right, it's July) Tony & Mark provide a brilliant insight into Michael Murphy. Plenty of craic & laughs- it's your one-stop podcast ahead of Sunday's Ulster final. This episode will also be available on BBC iplayer, with questions from the audience on Tuesday 24th May 2022 PS- Tony Scullion has the best voice of any individual on earth, apart from the great American singer Barry White
Armagh captain Kelly Mallon has spent 14 years playing for Armagh. The greatest moment for her, is having a pitch to train on. Would a male senior Armagh player say that? It's a little uncomfortable but this podcast with Thomas & Oisin shines a light on the journey travelled within the sport- still not officially recognised- and most importantly what needs to happen next. Armagh Chairperson Sinead Reel is also on the podcast and explains how Armagh became the first and only inter-county ladies team to have their own bespoke facilities. No travel expenses- the boys get their food for the week- the girls don't. It's one of a number of points to come up in a brilliant podcast listen. Oisin McConville picks who will win the Ulster mens final and picks the bones of famous Derry win over Monaghan. Tailteann Cup draw also features- will it work out?
This one is different. Ruairi Forbes is an inter-county minor player, from the Ballinderry club and has won a MacRory. He's still in School at St Mary's Magherafelt and will still be there next year. He explains what it takes for a youngster to make it in Gaelic games. His journey continues to evolve, but he talks social media controls, quitting rugby, dedication, snowflake generation and why sport is so important. It's a rare, frank and honest insight into a 16-year-old aiming to play at the very top. Kevin Brady played for Antrim for 15 years and manages St Mary's MacRory cup winning team. He explains how to get the best out of young people- why they're different and lessons to be learned. Kevin also explains the Tailteann Cup from the eyes of a former captain who won the Tommy Murphy cup - he still has the framed photo! Oisin manages the Armagh U20's in an episode of the GAA Social that devotes the entire pod to coaching young people. It's a remarkable listen. PS- there's more. Womens knickers, San Francisco, formals, abuse, Donegal needing to change and Adrian McGuckin. Oh yes, Oisin wants the provincial championships scrapped. Another week of the GAA Social
It's a strange one. The most laughs in a single podcast- yet cancer is the topic! Former Derry gaelic footballer Mark Lynch charts his recovery from testicular cancer, the day he was told and going under the knife. Keeping positive helps and is his own unique way, Mark explains every step from diagnosis to 'the great day' Del boy & Rodney make an apperance via Oisin McConville, who remains confused about where Armagh actually are at? He does know where Banagher is- eventually! Recording was in Dungiven where stories of pints are told. This podcast smashes the shackles of cancer conservatism- and it's ok to use words like testicles and scrotum. It's educational and something every young man (and old) should listen to. Mark, Oisin & Thomas at their very best. We hope you enjoy
This week Ryan Murray- talks the Antrim problem. The greater Belfast area has almost 20 times the population of Leitrim, but it consistently fails to win. Ryan doscusses leaving his grilfriend in Dubai to play for Antrim, dealing with a crushing defeat, and talks about what a GAA player can and cannot say. Antrim will now play in the Tailteann Cup and we hear about his frank views on the competition. Oisin McConville also reflects on a crushing defeat for Armagh and look ahead to Derry V Tyrone and possible a big upset in Leinster. Mickey Harte is at the wheel.
Ahead of the new championship season, BBC analysts Mickey Harte, Peter Canavan & Oisin McConville explain their predictions for the championship, thoughtful reflections from Harte on not being given the opportunity to manage Tyrone in 2022- and watching them win Sam Maguire. Managing your children and the difficulties it presents, the CCCC and Rian O'Neill. Oisin isn't happy with Jim McGuinness and Donegal and goes full Kevin Keegan. A brilliant championship opener ahead of what promises to be an amazing Ulster and All-Ireland championship.
In an astonishing interview, Antrim goalkeeper Chris Kerr reveals how he contemplated suicide after the death of his father. The lowest point arrived after the final game at Casement Park, when Antrim lost to Monaghan and Kerr found himself at his lowest point. Despite the trauma and pain- this podcast is an uplifting journey from rock bottom to a man who has found a wife, a new home and is about to become a father for the first time this summer. Life is good for Chris Kerr. Now living in Armagh, Chris explains the difference between life at a rural club and his native St Gall's, receiving the call-up back to represent Antrim and looks ahead to the Ulster championship- Corrigan or nowhere! Chris now works with the GPA and explains the mental health challenges modern day GAA players face and along with Oisin McConville & Thomas Niblock- this is a podcast that starts football and meanders into life. A fabulous listen
In his first broadcast interview discussing one of the most talked about incidents at Croke Park, Darren Hughes talks in detail about the 2015 Rufflegate incident where he ruffled Tiernan McCann's hair, the Tyrone player dived and Hughes was sent-off. In 2010, Hughes played in goals against Armagh at Casement Park- we hear the detail how that event unfolded. Hughes also talks about jealousy, not supporting Tyrone in the All-Ireland last year and what All-Ireland winning hurling manager Liam Sheedy has brought to the Monaghan setup. discussion on two managers- Banty & Malachy O'Rourke feature in this podcast and we dig into the theory that Monaghan could win the All-Ireland this year. Darren believes it's achievable. Surviving calving season, milking at the farm and growing older are all aspects as one of Monaghans greatest and longest serving players talks frank, honestly and openly about life and football.
An incredible insight into the Allianz League top scorer. It's not Darren McCurry, David Clifford or Dean Rock- it's Sam Mulroy. In a frank and honest interview, the Louth captain brings us inside the changing room, inside Mickey Harte and the road to becoming Leinster champions. Challenged by Oisin McConville- even outside football, Sam is brutally honest and sets his sights on becoming the best Gaelic footballer in Louth- and beyond! Will Smith makes an apperance and the boys discuss the love between Donegal and Armagh- looking long term and an exciting championship just around the corner. No questions dodged- the story about how Louth picked their goalkeeper is utterly facinating
This podcast started with Richie Power & his amazing career. 12 inter-county All-Irelands, double All-star, an All-Ireland with his club & coming from a family of hurling royalty. The Podcast ends with Richie, for the first time, talking about his gambling addiction. In an emotional, frank and honest interview, Richie explains how the addiction took hold of his life, where he ended up and reaching out for help. Richie and his three-time All Ireland winning father drove the car North to meet Oisin McConville in the Carrickdale hotel- a cry for help. Oisin McConville remembers that meeting and is alongside Richie as he explains a life in turmoil. Richie also explains to Thomas Niblock how his career was cut short because of injury, the power of the club, his struggles to cope and life outside the black & amber. It's a powerful podcast with fun moments and the harsh reality faced by many in society, who suffer from addiction. Richie Power, legend, father, All-Ireland winner, Allstar, addict. This is his story.
Darren McCurry rarely does interviews. Allstar, All-Ireland and top-scorer for Tyrone- 2021 was a dream year- but he reveals for the first time if Mickey Harte was still manager, he would have left the squad. In an absorbing interview, McCurry talks losing his mum at 13, the decision by 6 Tyrone players to step back from the panel this year and why he really changed the date for his upcoming wedding. Oisin McConville explains how missing a free taker cost Tyrone an All-Ireland, while McCurry takes us under the skin of modern day Gaelic footballer- specifically forwards- and why they need to be treated differently. Incredible dedication, training twice a day, Adidas V Puma Kings, drink v no drink & having an 8 pack (not beer) An incredible insight into the game and the person from one of the biggest names in Gaelic games.
How Antrim hurlers & management found out the Ulster championship will be no more- will raise your brows! Neil McManus takes aim at those in charge of hurling and believes there's an apathy shown towards the sport. He believes the Ulster championship should return and outlines how that could be possible, to the benefit of everyone! "Belfast is the key & we can exploit that" He laughs at the thought of the Tailteann cup receiving the exposure promised- and shows his hurling experience to prove his point. Neil McManus is one of the sports greatest players- consistently leading Antrim & Cushendall. His passion for hurling vibrates throughout this podcast. Wim Hof & cold water therapy (or as Neil calls it CWT) We also talk the future for Antrim. High hopes. The magic of the Glens & Watching his father take a heart attack. This is a brilliant podcast, from one of the best role models in sport.
The world of Mags McAlinden was rocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. An All-Ireland winning captain in 2012, it was the darkest time of her life. With the help of her family, Clann Eireann & Armagh teammates Mags recalls in detail her remarkable fightback against the disease. Mags is now back playing football for one final year & is hopes to collect an incredible 11th county championship title. This is her story Mags and Oisin McConville also discuss how ladies football has changed, where it's come from and Mag's father Brian, who was Armagh senior mens manager when Oisin McConville broke through in the 90's. From losing her hair to catching Armagh senior players sneaking out of a Monastery to the pub- this is an episode not be be missed. This is Mags first time talking about her story.
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