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The home of service podcast and other highlights from Gillespie Memorial Church, Dunfermline, Scotland
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The command to love underpins the ethic of being a Christian, so how does it p-lay out in life today. Often not well. Pastor Mike wonders if the question we should ask as we walk through the journey of our lives is not ‘can I do this’, but rather ‘should I do this’? Following Jesus isn’t just about living in His love but living our His love towards others in in a moral ethic not always aligned top contemporary society, but it is what Christians are called to do.
Submission to may in society is a dirty word. WE don’t like to submit, whether to our spouse, children to their parents, employers to employees, never mind to civil authorities who have levels of control in society. Listen to Pastor Mike tackle St. Paul’s writing on submission to authorities (governments) and understand it is worked out in our love of God and His grace in us.
Sincere love, a genuine authentic love that isn’t reliant on feelings, but instead is a result of being moulded by the love and grace of God, is the love all Christians are compelled to serve our community with, both inside and outside the walls of the people of God. Join Pastor Mike as he wrestles with Paul’s writing in Romans 12.9-21 in this podcast that challenges the folk of GMC and all Christians to be a people whose faith serves in authentic, heartfelt love.
‘Grace’ is Jesus dying to save you in your sin – through faith. For without faith in Christ alone, we have no Christianity. If there’s no faith, there’s no church. Pastor Mike Weaver starts the final series, ‘A Church Shaped by Grace’ from chapters 12 through 16 of St. Paul’s letter to the Roman church. This podcast opens with verses 1-8 of ch.12 with a challenge to the church to love as Jesus loved – united as one body, one church with many gifts.
The ‘Summer of Love’ series concludes with the words Love Never fails. But the evidence in our world, in broken relationships – in homes, communities and between countries says otherwise. So, join Pastor Mike to understand the Biblical imperative to love and why ‘God’s love never fails.
This week's podcast looks at how Love Always Hopes and Perseveres. Youth Pastor, Lee looks at Hebrews 11 and explores what it means to have faith and how persistent hope and perseverance communicates our love for God, a love set in deep faith!
Pastor Mike returns with week 8 of 10 in the 'Summer of Love' series. This week the key text considers is that love 'always protects, always trusts' (1 Corinthians 13.7a). Really you might ask - is God always protecting? Can we trust Him? When faced with the evidence of the pandemic you might think not - so listen and here the words of wisdom from Psalm 91 and Proverbs 22.17-21
There is a fine balance to love. Although love is kind and overlooks the faults of others, it does not compromise the truth or take a soft view of sin. “Dear Sirs, In regard to your question ‘What is wrong with this world,’ I am, faithfully yours, G. K. Chesterton.”
DO you find yourself easily angered? What about holding onto the wrongs done to you – do you store them and bear a grudge? Pastor Mike Weaver considers these ‘destructive’ traits in light of the imperative to love.
"Love does not behave gracelessly." (William Barclay) “It is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way.” (ESV) In other words — God’s love in me (Romans 5:5) does not act rudely or selfishly.
The theme of the sermon is love is not proud, and the effects of pride being stirred up in a fellowship causing division and how Jesus dealt with it by his example of submission and humility despite him being Lord which he asks his disciples to follow. Those who would be great must be the servant of all, and no servant is greater than his Master. Doing the right thing with the right attitude.
Ronnie Aitken, and elder at GMNC brings God's word alive, seeing into what can sometimes be hearts full of envy and jealously, and at other times boastful. Traits that always look in on ourselves with values never found in love, rather than sacrificial love that looks outward. 
In the book of Ruth we see human kindness in the actions of the three protagonists - Naomi, Ruth and Boaz, but God's kindness outshine all. Pastor Mike Weaver takes an overview of the book of Ruth to understand the ultimate love that leads to godly kindness.
Pastor Mike Weaver closes out the sermons series on the Overflow of Grace which has taken a look at chapter 9 thru 11 of St. Paul's letter to the Romans. The closing doxology is a wonderful expression of awe at the majesty and earth shattering, mind blowing extravagant grace of God. Awesome doesn't even come close
There are those who do not have eyes to see, or ears to hear. There are those whose hearts remain hard or become hard towards Jesus. Yet, there is always a remnant. A remnant reserved to Himself by the grace of God. Hear God word from Paul's letter to the Romans, ch.11v1-10
How do people come to Christian faith? By the word of Christ - the Gospel preached. How can anyone come to Christ who does not hear His word? They can't - knowledge comes from hearing, understanding comes from learning. Pastor Mike consider Paul's words from Romans 10.v14-21
Youth Pastor, Lee brings God's word to life with personal story and encouragement. Be encouraged that righteousness from God is not earned but given, through faith, through belief. Transformation of hearts and minds rest by faith in the Lord.
Jesus is a scandal to those who don't know him and freedom to those who do! What is the stumbling block to your belief? Pastor Mike tackles Romans 9.v30 to 10.v4
When God appears to us to be unjust, to be unfair, or you think he has failed you - what is your response? Hear the wonder of God as Ronnie Aitken, and Elder at GMCV brings the wisdom of God in the third part of this series in Paul's letter to the Romans
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