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I am Gabby Reece- I'm an ex-professional athlete, wife, mother, author, business entrepreneur, and fitness professional. I certainly know what it takes be successful, but truth be told, the more I live and the deeper I get into life's relationships, the less I feel like I actually know. I’m wondering how to create a big and loving life that somehow still is tethered to the things that are important. To develop better skills in communication, with love and business. I understand that we do, in fact, live in a new time and how do I best parent through all of this newness? This show is a conversation with people from all walks of life and specialties. Trying to figure out how they use their experiences, successes, and failures to be better functioning humans in their everyday lives. Sharing effective information on self care, relationships, business, sex, love, parenting, aging and adventures.
Nobody has the answers, I certainly don’t, but by sharing and connecting we can make navigating life‘s obstacles easier.
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I really appreciated talking with Ryan Holiday, noted author of Ego is The Enemy, The Obstacle is the Way, and his latest book Stillness is the Key.  In this busy day and age, who doesn't love a guide around high-brow, old world philosophy made digestible? Ryan has a thoughtful ability to discuss pillars of conduct that can enhance all of our lives without losing modern day context.  I have to admit that if Instagram and Twitter could have a "philosopher", one of them would be Ryan. Doesn't matter your age or gender these messages are important for all of us.  Oh, and this is from a man who was successful in College, but decided he had things to do so quit after his second year.  Enjoy!
Meet Rachel Balkovec the first female coach in Major League Baseball.  She was just hired with the Yankees organization to be an organizational hitting coach.  Rachel sits down and discusses her frustrations over trying to break into America's game, and what is driving her motivation.  Rachel, transitioned from being an experienced strength and conditioning coach to the uncharted  waters of a hitting coach.  Something we can all relate to- managing our fears of being good enough while holding on to the focus and effort it takes to make something happen. This conversation is about an incredible woman, but more importantly, it's about going for your dreams.   Produced by Dear Media.  
On today's show, I sat down with an old work husband of mine Mr. Neil Strauss- famed author of 'The Game", a book to inform you how to seduce any woman you wish.  Or maybe it was a study on psychology?  One would have to ask themselves why would you be more apt to sleep with someone who ignores or insults you.  He also wrote "The Truth" and has written for countless publications such as The New Yorker and  Rolling Stone. Having been recently divorced and a father of a son, I wanted to sit down and find out where Neil's perspective has shaken out, somewhere between a game and the truth. The question is- does he still think he was right?   Produced by Dear Media.
The truth of the matter is that I actually met Laird interviewing him for a TV show over 24 years ago. I know him as beefcake or lover, but my first guest is known as a Big Wave Surfer as well as the tow-in and stand up paddle pioneer. He didn't make me cry on that first meeting, but he did manage to catch me off guard during this one. He discusses why he keeps pushing himself after all these years, and we get into some personal elements of our marriage. You think Laird is just some daredevil, but what you will find is that he is a deep feeling person, trying to navigate parenting, love, life and aging- just like the rest of us.  He definitely has a lot of good tips and reminders, and he also shares some issues he is still wrestling with. Laird has such an interesting perspective from growing up on Kauai, risking his life for his sport, and letting Mother Nature be his Master professor.   Enjoy!    Check out   Produced by Dear Media.     
I was fortunate enough to sit down with the most successful woman in American Open-Wheel Racing: bad ass Danica Patrick. She is not only fast and strong, but is a total romantic and into crystals.  I'm fortunate enough to call her a friend, but this hard-charging beauty is still just looking for the best way to live and love. From her days of racing to owning multiple businesses, and dating Aaron Rodgers you would think she has "it all figured out”. But like the rest of us mere mortals, she's looking for answers and building her life after racing. One thing that is not a surprise: she talks the same way she drives- straight forward and with total purpose. This little firecracker is tough, intelligent, curious and not afraid to be vulnerable.   Enjoy!   Produced by Dear Media.
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