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Author: PolarCap

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PolarCap used to make video games. Now they just talk about video games. Much easier.
49 Episodes
Welcome to Drew, Eric, and Chris talking to the newest batch of video game news from E3 2019!! We talk about as much of it as we remember in some sort of order.
Drew, Chris, and Eric are back at it again to tell you about video games!!! Specifically their ideas about what is going to happen with E3 2019.
Welcome to the greatest experiment in podcasting history, where Drew, Eric, and Chris try to talk about video games while Eric is in a whole other plane of existence.
Antony interviews Lily Gardner on her career, women in the games industry, and last month's layoffs at Activision-Blizzard.
Yet another two person show! But trust me when I say, this is a solid one. Listen in as Drew and Chris dive into all things gaming, and also baklava.
It's a two person show this episode! And it is a new combination of the same five people, this time we got Chris and Eric discussing all kinds of gaming news that seems to continue to just drop at their feet as Eric reads Wikipedia articles nonstop.
Chris, Drew, and Eric go CRAZY over our topics today, just as crazy as Shadow the Hedgehog being allowed to have a gun for whatever reason, thank you Sega, you did it.
39 Days to Mars

39 Days to Mars


Chris & Drew do a few industry stories and Antony interviews the developer of 39 Days to Mars.
Layoff Legends

Layoff Legends


It was the best of game times, it was the worst of game times.
Join Chris, Eric, and Drew as they talk about Apex Legends and Microsoft getting their Xbox Live in our Nintendo Switches.
Listen in as Chris, Drew, and Eric talk about a brand new game, the taking of another games exclusivity, as well as more loot boxes.
Chris, Antony, and Drew talk Mortal Kombat 11, Star Wars cancellations, Power Rangers, and Resident Evil.
Antony, Chris and Drew discuss a new game console, a potential new employee at Bethesda as well as dive into an interview with a prolific indie developer.
Eric, Chris, Antony and Drew talk Pokémon, Hitman 2, Black Friday games deals, and games coming out this holiday season.
Eric's Game Awards PSA

Eric's Game Awards PSA


Eric wants YOU to vote.
#69: So Much Western

#69: So Much Western


Eric, Drew, and Antony talk the new Overwatch Hero, Fallout 76, Fortnite, RDR2, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Delta Rune.
#68: Almost There

#68: Almost There


Eric, Chris, and Drew talk Valve vs Steam Developers, Dark Souls on Switch, Spider-Man 4 DLC, and the fast-approaching Red Dead (spooky) Redemption 2.
#67: Black Ops Odyssey

#67: Black Ops Odyssey


Chris, Antony and Drew talk about the two biggest games this month (so far).
A really good thing, and a really really bad thing.
EA doesn't care about your "laws".
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