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Enter the world of geeky debates and ramblings on all things Music, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Movies and Games from the the hive-minds of UK Progressive Rock Wizards, Gandalf's Fist!
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In this episode of the Gandalf's Fist podcast, Dean and Luke talk about comic book movies outside of the popular Marvel/DC franchises.  Pontificating on everything from Tank Girl to Childhood Ninja-Turtle trauma.Remember out can check out our music and albums at our official website and subscribe to our official Youtube channel for more GF content.Click here to watch Liam Neeson go crazy at a fairground in Sam Raimi's "Darkman!"Steaming Options for:DarkmanTank GirlSpawnThe CrowTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesJudge DreddDredd300Sin CityV for VendettaScott Pilgrim vs. The WorldSupergran series one is able to buy on DVD here! Grab Defenders of the earth on DVD here!
In this episode, Dean and Luke attempt to discuss a few of their favourite time-travel movies. Whilst deliberately avoiding obvious classics such as The Terminator, Back to the Future and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, Dean and Luke try their best to avoid any rifts in the space-time continuum and try to get the bottom of what makes a good time-travel movie, why teenagers have never heard of The Matrix and which 80's Prime-time actor overused the spinning-kick!To check out our music and merch click here
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Fistmas! It is the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere, and to mark the festivities Dean & Luke ramble through a yuletide-chat to explore the controversial topic of "alternative" Christmas Movies.A purchase link to the opening track, "Winter's Mourning" can be found by clicking here.The funny Christmas "documentary" that we made a few years ago, alluded to early on in the Podcast,  can be viewed here. The missing Muppets song Dean was talking about can be heard here and, if you were interested just what in the hell Luke was talking about with the muppets VHS adverts, you can watch his fever-dream manifested into reality here.By clicking here you can access our special Prog-Rock festive Spotify Playlist and the purchase link to our song at the end can be found here.
In this special episode, we take a brief detour from geeky chat topics to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our second full-length album, "Road to Darkness."As part of the celebrations, you can pre-order the Vinyl Copy of this album here! Which will be released on this format for the very first time, in strictly limited numbers very soon indeed!There is also a brand new LTD ED Road to Darkness T-Shirt and Special 10-Year Birthday MERCH PACK that contains, stickers, patches, badges and loads of other cool little things inside a nice little party bag!This, previously recorded, conversation between Dean, Luke and Stefan continues to elaborate on the early days of Gandalf's Fist, how the album was created, why it was an important album for us and the glorious Special Edition Remix of the record.If you want a rambling snapshot of what it was like to be "noticed" as a "band" for the first time, all the while not really being an actual band at the time, like then look no further! The podcast features short audio clips from the songs on the album as well as a few other little treats as well!The original version of the album can be downloaded here via bandcamp, and the lovely remixed,  special edition CD-versions are available here via our webstore, should you be interested in listening along to the full versions of the songs as we chat.
Nobody cares who the best James Bond is. Nobody cares whether Picard is better than Kirk. What we really want to know is whether Kirk can truly be considered "Space Bond" and, if so, which other iterations of 007 can he best in hand-to-hand combat?Join Dean, Luke, Ben and Stefan  - members of the UK Progressive Rock Band, Gandalf's Fist -  as they discuss debate and settle a grudge match across the galaxy - Just exactly which James Bond could beat William Shatner in a fight?
Mastering the Monkey

Mastering the Monkey


In this special episode we take a brief detour from Geeky Chat topics to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our debut album, "The Master and the Monkey."This previously recorded conversation between Dean and Luke covers the early days of Gandalf's Fist, how the album was created, why it was hidden away for so long and the glorious triumphant return of 2021's reimagined version of the record.The 2021 acclaimed re-imagined version of this album, which had not been released when this discussion originally aired, is available NOW in a range of formats and can be obtained here!If you want a rambling snapshot into how Gandalf's Fist came about and what those early days of "pretending to be a band" were like then look no further!The original (terrible) version of the album can be downloaded here via bandcamp, should you be interested in listening along as we chat.The ridiculous story Luke wrote in 2010, which is discussed in this episode relating to the "concept" of the album, can be downloaded here.
We all love a  game of Rollerball with the family or, perhaps, a festive Podrace with the In-Laws on Boxing Day. But what exactly is the world's worst fictional sport?Join Dean, Luke, Ben and Stefan  - members of the UK Progressive Rock Band, Gandalf's Fist -  as they discuss and debate a whole bunch of 'made-up' sports and games from movies and TV including: Quidditch, Starship Troopers, hoverboards and a truly mystical fictional sport named "Cricket."
Gandalf's Fist are a Progressive Rock band from the UK. They are nerds...but well-rounded nerds. They care which iteration of James Bond could best James T Kirk in a fist-fight, they are passionate about the rules of "Jump-Ball" in Starship Troopers and they ready to debate it all with you in their sporadic podcast outpouring! We're pleased you've found us! So, stick around, subscribe, check out the animated episode versions on YouTube and you may well find it all overwhelmingly satisfactory!
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