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This week is the series season finale! Instead of the annual Geek Speak Awards Show, Henry invites Matt Zunich & Jeremy Treat from the Los Angeles Ghostbusters back on the show to go over the best and worst from 2021. It's a fun and geeky look back at the year that was and maybe, just maybe, a preview of things to come on The Geek Speak Show.
This week is a special episode of The Geek Speak Show. It's a look back at the early years of the show...but not in the way you think.
To get you ready for the geek(s) on your Christmas gift list, Henry welcomes back Chogrin to talk about his original toy designs that make for the perfect gift. First, they get into a spoiler-filled discussion about Ghostbers: Afterlife.  
A special episode to get you ready for San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition! First, David Glanzer talks about putting together the first in-person event in two years and the opening of the Comic-Con Museum. He also gives an outlook for WonderCon Anaheim and SDCC for 2022. Then creator & writer Mathew Klickstein talks about his podcast series which tells the history of San Diego Comic-Con, Comic-Con Begins.  
This week's episode gets you ready for the return of the Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters:Afterlife hits theaters this weekend & the Sugarmynt Gallery in South Pasadena kicks off their Ghostbusters Yes, Have Some Art Exhibit. Illustrator, storyteller & the curator of this exhibit, Chogrin, joins Henry to talk about the exhibit and his love of the Ghostbusters franchise. Then, Matt Zunich & Jeremy Treat from the Los Angeles Ghostbusters check in to talk about what their group does & their expectations for Afterlife.
Writer/director Adam Ethan Crow joins Henry to talk about his new horror film, Lair, now available on VOD. A fun chat about the film, the positive experience Adam and his crew had shooting the film & more.
After a few words about Marvel's The Eternals, Henry welcomes Bill Murphy to the episode. Bill is the founder of Fresh Monkey Fiction and he and Henry talk about the release of the 40th Anniversary Eagle Force action figures. The first waves are available now on Big Bad Toys, with more coming soon.
On the final Geek Speak treats episode for this year, we go back to the greatest Halloween prank in history...although it wasn't planned to be. Orson Welles and The Mercury Theatre broadcast a radio adaptation of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds on the night of October 30, 1938. The performance was so convincing that it created a panic, as listeners thought there was an actual alien invasion taking place.
Here it is! The Geek Speak Show's 2021 Halloween episode starts with writer Joshua Werner introducing us to the Winchester Mystery House comic book series, in stores this weekend. After that, Matt Rosvally joins the show to talk about Shockfest Horror Factory's Halloween Never Ends game, his Haunted Routes series and Shockfest Horror Film Festival 2021. Finally, in one of the most scariest interviews in Halloween episode history, author MR Gorga talks about his book, Demons Among Us: Shocking Real-Life Stories From the Paranormal. MR will terrify you with his experiences with demonic entities & how they affect us without us even knowing.
The final Geek Speak Treats episode for 2021..well, the final original episode, there's still one special one left to go. Director Christopher Alender talks about his new horror film, The Old Ways, now streaming on Netflix and also available on Digital & Blu-Ray, which include some extras you won't get on Netflix.
A special episode collecting all of the interviews with writer/director Stephen Cognetti talking about the Hell House, LLC franchise. From the first film to Hell House, LLC III: Lake of Fire, learn everything about this fun and scary franchise which should definitely be on your must-watch Halloween films list.
The final Geek Speak Treats that you can also watch on our Youtube channel. First, Henry replays an interview with Rich Correll, curator of the Icons of Darkness exhibit. It was postponed last year, but is now open in Hollywood. So, take a guess what the visual version of this episode is? That's right, a walk through Icons of Darkness!
Henry welcomes Michael Surrey, Shawn Krause & Karen Disher from Spire Animation Studios to this episode. They talk about Spire Animation and the new way they're approaching animated films. Not so much the production, although we do talk about using the Unreal Gaming Engine, more about the work environment created at Spire.
Henry welcomes Clark Silva, curator for the Legend: 200 Years of Sleepy Hollow exhibit at MUZEO in Anaheim.
The episode starts with William Shatner's reaction to being the oldest person to leave the planet, then Henry welcomes author Nicholas Mennuti to talk about his new sci-fi novella, Scrap. The episode ends with a few stories of interest, including this amazing Robin Williams biopic test footage:
Henry talks to director Ryan Zaragoza & composers Isabelle Engman and Gerardo Garcia, Jr. Ryan directed and Isabelle & Gerardo composed the music for Madres, a new horror film now streaming on Amazon Prime.
Award-winning illustrator & cartoonist Koren Shadmi talks about his new graphic novel, Lugosi: The Rise and Fall of Hollywood's Dracula.
There's Someone Inside Your House is now streaming on Netflix, and star Sydney Park joins Henry to talk about her role in the film, being afraid of horror films & how she celebrates her birthday...seeing as how it falls on October 31st. Then director Patrick Brice checks in and talks about working alongside James Wan & Shawn Levy on this film & what horror films inspired this one. 
Henry starts the episode with news on two spooky projects, then he welcomes Mark Sable & Chris Anderson to talk about their new comic book & RPG module, Chaotic Neutral. Then, Jess Barbagallo checks in to talk about lending his voice to Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye podcast series.
On this episode, we go back to almost a year ago, when In The Tall Grass debuted on Netflix. Director Vincenzo Natali talks about the film with Henry.
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