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The Gemma Collins Podcast is a no-holds barred look inside the life of The GC, with plenty of candid chat, laughs and insider gossip direct from the diva herself.

A podcast from BBC Radio 1.

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Gemma’s not been feeling well, but even a chest infection can’t stop the festive fever spreading at The GC Palace. She’s been out on the town with Rami, and narrowly avoided an ostrich feather emergency!You’re not seeing/hearing double this week, but Gemma’s guest could well be her long-lost twin sister – it’s Kitty Scott-Claus from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. They share so much in common that Gemma hatches a plan to send Kitty out on jobs she doesn’t want to do!
With Christmas coming, The GC is very excited about all things festive! And to help her get to the bottom of whether elves and fairies are really real, she turns to her pal Keith Lemon – who investigated them for one of his TV shows and even visited a Fairy School. Our curious pair also discuss Bigfoot and time travel. Should they now set up their own X Files-style agency to investigate strange phenomena?Meanwhile, how many reindeers is too many reindeers? Gemma gives a behind-the-scenes peek into the mammoth three-day operation to get Christmas decorations ready at The GC Palace. Plus, our beloved diva gives us an exclusive walk-through of her glitzy wardrobe for an upcoming wedding, and listener Sandy has an Ask Me Anything question linked to one of Gemma’s favourite things ever.If you’d like to put an Ask Me Anything question to Gemma, just email your voice note or message to for a chance to be on the podcast.
Gemma is in a charitable mood this week as she offers a behind-the-scenes peek at her sequinned appearance at Sophie Ellis Bextor’s 24-hour Kitchen Disco for BBC Children in Need. Plus, Christmas has also come early for one listener who is recovering from beating cancer – thanks to Gemma’s surprise act of kindness. The charity continues, as animal lover Gemma chats to BBC wildlife presenter Megan McCubbin – and invites her guest and her stepdad Chris Packham to stay at The GC Palace, now that things are quieter after Jedward left to go to LA. Gemma asks Megan for tips on making her dream of setting up an animal sanctuary come true – and we hear how our beloved diva thought she was going to die, after being bitten by an eight-legged creature this week.In Ask Me Anything, listener Jared gets a GC birthday treat for his best friend. Would you like to ask Gemma a question? Just email your voice notes or messages to and you could appear on the podcast.
Gemma’s recovering from three days of partying but is already planning the next event – and challenges top party-planner-to-the-stars, Julie Perry, to create the ultimate GC Christmas celebration. Meanwhile, as it’s nearing the end of 2021, what will be her personal and professional highlights of the year? And what are her dreams for the next 12 months? Clue: they include babies and Hollywood.And, as a special festive treat, there’s not one but two Ask Me Anything questions for Gemma this week – including one from one of The GC’s cheeky celeb pals.
As Jedward get ready to finally leave The GC palace, Gemma is starting to feel sad and reminisces about the latest antics the trio have been up to – including a mishap at the fireworks display and leading a conga dance through a hotel, and reveals the chores she’s enlisted them to do around her house. Also hear the twins do their own impression of Gemma’s Essex accent.It’s National Anti-Bullying Week so Gemma’s talking with kindness expert and best-selling author and speaker, Dr David Hamilton, whose fans include Lady Gaga.Gemma has her mind blown when she learns how kindness is a super power – and discovers how science even proves it can make you look younger! Plus, she finds out why her favourite colour of pink is a ‘kind’ colour, and invites you to take part in her Seven Day Kindness Challenge.In Ask Me Anything, Gemma is genuinely touched by a kind message from listener Rebecca – which moves our beloved diva to do an unexpected act of kindness in return. Would you like to ask Gemma a question? Just email your voice notes or messages to and you could appear on the podcast.
Gemma loved her time in Ireland with her new besties John and Edward so much that she’s flown them over to stay with her and is now thinking of ‘adopting’ them and buying them the house next door to hers. Get ready for a window into the joyful mayhem that happens when they’re all together.The trio reveal the unexpected Marvel film star they bumped into, reflect on watching the wedding of Gemma’s pal Jess Wright and discuss collaborating on next year’s UK Eurovision entry. The boys also help Gemma with this week’s Ask Me Anything question from Gina, who has a dilemma that’s close to all their hearts.Meanwhile, Gemma is determined to make her own dream of becoming a West End musical star come true, so calls on acting coach and star of hit shows like Evita and Wicked, Emma Hatton, for tips on how to smash auditions. If you’d like to put an Ask Me Anything question to Gemma, just email your voice notes or messages to for a chance to be on the podcast.
Ahead of her eagerly awaited trip to Dublin, Gemma reveals how her last visit resulted in a surprise star joining her on a mission to track down her favourite Irish boyband. Plus, The GC reveals why she’s a kindred spirit with Bridget Jones as she chats with her friend and sustainable fashion designer, Patrick McDowell. He gives Gemma a lesson in why we all need our wardrobes to be more eco-friendly – as Gemma decides she needs to gate-crash The UN’s Climate Change Conference, COP26. Patrick also answers our beloved diva’s burning questions, such as: ‘Is cotton a tree or a worm?’.
Gemma’s dog dilemma

Gemma’s dog dilemma


For a long time, Gemma’s wanted to get a pair of Alsatians, as well as two black cats. But she knows she shouldn’t rush making that decision, which is why she’s getting a sense check from Becky Lodder from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Gemma’s also joined by her nephew Hayden – aka her “favourite person in the world” – and together they decide who they’re going to dress up as for Halloween. Listener Ollie has a question for Gemma that causes her to reveal which soap she wants to star in, and which one she’d have to say no to.Do you have a question for Gemma? Email your voice notes or messages to and you could appear on the podcast.
This week The GC shares her thoughts on Adele’s comeback and makes her a surprising offer. Gemma also announces her return to the ice rink after her unforgettable Dancing on Ice appearance. Meanwhile, in Ask Me Anything, Gemma takes another probing question from a listener – this time revealing the weirdest thing that’s happened to her since she became famous.If you have a burning Ask Me Anything question for The GC, email it to - and if you send it in as a voice note, you can put the question directly to Gemma yourself!
It’s been another eventful week in the life of The GC, including a girls’ weekend away. She has a chat with TV gardener Lee Burkhill, aka the Garden Ninja, as Gemma tries to secure her own fabulous gardening show, and has a eureka moment as she lands on the flower-inspired name for her longed-for baby. Plus, another listener probes The GC with this week’s Ask Me Anything question. What would you like to know about Gemma? Email your question to - and if you send it in as a voice note, you can put the question directly to Gemma yourself!
GC world this week: Gemma lifts the lid on that headline-grabbing gold-leaf steak, gardening with Gaga and her Grinch home makeover as she prepares for Christmas. Our beloved diva also reveals her Bake Off dreams, her crush on a certain TV name, and the surprise food challenge she’s set her boyfriend Rami.Plus, we discover more GC secrets as Gemma turns over the mic to you in her Ask Me Anything feature. What would you like to know about The GC? Email your probing questions to - and if you send it in as a voice note, you can put the question directly to Gemma yourself!
Gemma is bursting to share her fabulous day out at the Chelsea Flower Show. She reveals the Oscar-winning actress she was too in awe of to speak to, which Disney character inspired her headline-grabbing dress and much more.The GC is also offering the chance to get truly up close and personal as she turns over the mic for you to ask her anything! Just email your must-know questions to - and even better, why not put the question directly to Gemma yourself by sending it in as a voice note.
Ask Gemma Anything!

Ask Gemma Anything!


The GC offers a peek inside her celeb bestie’s Kardashian-style engagement party and confesses to an unfortunate wardrobe mishap. Plus, Gemma hints at her own wedding and baby plans, and reveals which of her celeb friends is an ever bigger diva than she is!With love in the air, The GC also helps a listener with some wedding planning, and motivates another who is feeling low to develop some self-love. Gemma is also offering the chance to get truly up close and personal as she turns over the mic for you to ask her anything! Just email your must-know questions to - and even better, why not put the question directly to Gemma yourself by sending it in as a voice note.
Gemma is Queen Bee

Gemma is Queen Bee


The GC spends a day rescuing bees, reveals how Madonna brought her and Rami together and also picks the name she wants to give her child.In this week’s dilemmas, Gemma offers her help to one listener who needs some design inspiration straight from The GC Palace, while another listener wants help with some school troubles. Need some direct and personal advice about a dilemma you’re having? Email with a message, or, ideally, send your dilemma as a voice memo.
Gemma shall go to the ball! It’s been a week of fulfilled dreams for The GC as our favourite diva is invited to the opening night of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s all-new West End production of Cinderella, fuelling her desire to star in a musical. There’s ‘Giraffe-Gate’ as Gemma adds another life-size animal item to her growing ‘zoo’ at The GC Palace. Can you help her name it? Email with your suggestion. Gemma also reveals that she’s taken her first steps into the world of serious documentary-making, and that she’s been working on a forthcoming TV programme about self-harm. If you are affected by self-harm, help and support is available at, Radio 1’s Jack Saunders is in the Celebrity Dilemma Hot Seat this week, with a quandary about Gemma’s home county of Essex. Plus, one listener turns to The GC for advice about the consequences of a family affair while another needs some confidence behind the wheel. Gemma welcomes all your dilemmas, big or small. Email with a message, or, ideally, send your dilemma as a voice memo.
The GC has so much to share after her fabulous summer podcast break! Gemma introduces the new man in her life and we get an exclusive peek behind-the-scenes into her Cornwall holiday. Discover how she coped with camping, and which real-life animal she ended up taking with her. Elsewhere, Gemma talks about rubbing shoulders with royals, winning a big award, fabulous new additions to her house... and so much more. The first Celebrity Dilemma of the series features Radio 1’s very own brand-new afternoon show co-host, Vick Hope, who has a dilemma close to The GC’s own heart. Meanwhile, Gemma helps a listener with confidence issues channel their inner GC, while another listener who previously turned to Gemma for advice gets back in touch with an amazing happy ending.
Summer Forever

Summer Forever


Summer might nearly be over, but there’s one ray of sunshine that’s about to come back into our lives… it’s Gemma! What better way to banish those post-summer holiday blues than to get ready for a new series of her podcast, which begins on Wednesday 1st September. Here’s a little reminder of what you can expect…
Summer break

Summer break


Gemma’s more than ready for her summer break. But first she’s got to sort out the roses in her garden – or her ‘children’ as she now calls them. She’s also got advice for two listeners and for musician Holly Humberstone. It’s the last podcast for a few weeks, but you can still get in touch by emailing
Costa del Essex

Costa del Essex


It’s been a busy week for Gemma. One minute she’s out with drag queen Tayce, the next she’s turning her garden into a wild meadow. She’s had one eye on the summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the other on the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. How she’s got time to also advise comedian and YouTuber Amelia Dimoldenberg on hats is anyone’s guess!
It’s all go this week, as Gemma takes us from the nail salon to her bedroom, via a broken-down car. Along the way, we hear how she’s coping with not being able to visit Mykonos, how her BBQ season is off with a bang and why she’s still on course for a hot girl summer. She’s also got tips and advice from the Natural History Museum’s Professor Paul Barrett on how to become a dinosaur expert.
Comments (13)

Jax Fernandes

what rubbish. The worst Pod I've heard. Is she reading this? she hasn't got a clue, can't have a TV reality show as she talks to the camera so it's like she's TRYING to act and now she's attempting a Pod...another FAIL. Give it up GC. People stop sponsoring her PLEASE

Jan 20th

Holli Lennon

awful podcast. was this weeks just a list of things Gemma thought of 10 minutes before the show? shame as I'm a big fan

Jun 22nd


I cant get into podcasts but this is the only podcast I listen too, so entertaining!

Jun 21st

Sasha Hesketh

love this podcast, would never have given it a chance, had Katherine Ryan not recomend it. Gemma comes accross really well, I'm not a fan of the diva attitude, but this podcast has none of that. genuine, real life content, really enjoying this, nice to see another string to Gemmas now, go girl!

May 17th


This podcast is pure heaven 😍 I love love LOVE you Gemma 💗💖💕

Nov 1st

Terrielee Donaghy

I need this more than once a week 😭😭 to good you podcasts make me so happy ❤❤

Sep 13th

Mark Cox

why does this exist?

Sep 4th

skip marten

hi Gemma I just wanted to say that I'm doing up my house in France while my BF is working in the UK and I love listening to your pods at night just before I go to sleep.Your voice helps me to relax after a long hot day working in the garden and decorating the house.If you ever find yourself in La Foret Sur Sevre do please come visit and talk to me .Big hugs Mrs .Skip xxxxx

Aug 30th

Neal Veglio

Here's a real, genuine review of this podcast

Aug 29th

Jennifer Donaghy

diva 💋

Aug 24th

Jennifer Donaghy

well done the Gc x

Aug 24th

Ailish Treanor

finally a podcast that is genuinely uplifting and fun to listen to! this is necessary ! x

Aug 23rd

Melanie Guerrero

love it

Aug 16th
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