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The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation
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The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation

Author: The American Academy of Diplomacy

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Join Ambassador Deborah McCarthy in these first time conversations with US military leaders & senior US diplomats on how they worked together on a major global crisis (Afghanistan, Libya, Horn of Africa, Mexico, Haiti, Georgia, Cyber, Terrorism, Japan, Korea and more). A project of the American Academy of Diplomacy.
56 Episodes
Colonel Felter and Ambassador Cekuta discuss the key location of Azerbaijan, the tough negotiations for US overflight rights for the Northern Distribution Network to Afghanistan, the roles of Iran and Russia, Israel and the local Jewish community, the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute, the partnership with the Oklahoma National Guard and more…
Former Commander of USAFRICOM Waldhauser and former US Ambassador to Libya discuss their partnership in managing relations with the Government of National Accord, US strikes on ISIS, negotiating with opposition strongman General Haftar, the growing footprint of Russia, the role of Turkey, the inflow of arms and proxy forces and current challenges to the stabilization of the country.  
Former Secretary of the Navy & former Ambassador to Norway Ken Braithwaite and former Commander, US Naval Forces Europe and Africa, Jamie Foggo discuss US power and presence in the Arctic in the era of great power competition and the close US relationship with Norway.
General Selva and Ambassador Moreno talk about their roles as the Monitors of the Road Map to Peace under President Bush, the subsequent policies of the Obama and Trump Administrations, engaging Israel on Iran, the implications of not pursuing a two state solution, and the “bang for the buck “ of US foreign assistance to Israel.
Former SOCOM Commander Admiral McRaven and Congressman and Iraq Veteran Moulton give their perspective on the national security roles of US diplomacy, Congress, and the US educational system, stressing the critical need for new skills and tools
Ambassador Jess Baily and Major Gene Enriquez describe their work to finalize North Macedonia’s 30 year process to enter NATO and the key role of the National Guard and DOD advisors, training, and programs.
Bambi and Ken describe the difficulties and results of USAID development programs in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the effect of US military surges and drawdowns, the dangers of going into the field and the pressure of constant audits.  
USAID veterans Alonzo Fulgham and James Bever talk about protecting their people, near misses, accomplishments and what the US will need in future challenges. 
Former Acting USAID Administrator Alonzo Fulgham and former Senior USAID Mission Director James Bever give a behind the scenes account of how tough it was to work in Afghanistan and how they worked with the US military in the field.
General Holt and Ambassador Gfoeller describe their efforts to keep the Manas base as an airbridge for the US effort in Afghanistan during a local coup, violent ethnic cleansing & managing competing Russian and Chinese interests. They underline the importance of US influence in this volatile region including stemming Islamic extremism. 
Admiral Tidd and Ambassador Ayalde talk about Venezuelan migrants, sending out the SS Comfort, disaster relief to the Caribbean, the opening to Cuba, Central America and the activities of Iran, China, and Russia in the region.
Admiral Tidd and Ambassador Ayalde discuss playing the US military and diplomatic tracks in the region, shifting the focus from drugs to global criminal networks, partnering with Colombia, the challenge of Brazil, and re-engaging with Ecuador.
General Votel and Ambassador Leaf talk about US involvement in the war in Yemen and coordination with the UAE, effective US messaging in the Gulf, countering Iranian influence in Iraq, and maintaining the US competitive advantage in the region.
General Votel and Ambassador Leaf discuss the diplomatic and military tools used by the US to counter Iranian activities, the Gulf Cooperative Council, and the campaign in Syria.
Former Commander of the US Joint Special Operations Task Force, Captain Gus Gusentine, and Ambassador Harry Thomas on their partnership to help the Philippines root out terrorists, fight poverty and address widespread corruption and extrajudicial killings
What is Ebola? How did it spread in West Africa and scare the US and international community? Why did the US send over 3000 troops? Lieutenant General Volesky and Ambassador Malac explain how they ran the US effort to help contain the epidemic. 
Who crosses the US Mexico border? How do poverty in Central America, major trafficking organizations and US immigration law affect the flow? Can we seal the border when we share a common culture? Former NORTHCOM Commander General Jacoby and Ambassador Wayne explain the complexities.
General Jacoby and Ambassador Wayne discuss their unified efforts to overcome traditionally difficult US-Mexican military relations, to work with Mexico to fight the drug cartels in an era of high violence and widespread corruption and the capture of notorious drug kingpin Chapo Guzman.
What is the role of diplomacy and of the military in building alliances, in addressing the challenges of China and Russia and of the grey zone including cyberspace? How can the huge imbalance of resources between the Department of Defense and the Department of State be righted? What happens to public service when it is denigrated?
Has there been a “militarization” of US Foreign Policy since 9/11?  General Lute and Ambassador Grossman talk about the aftermath of 9/11 & the war in Afghanistan- how the counterterrorism mission moved to a military/diplomatic campaign, negotiating with the Taliban while continuing the counterinsurgency effort, and... flying to dinner in Pakistan.
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