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The Gerry Callahan Podcast is a podcast from Boston radio veteran Gerry Callahan. Each Monday through Thursday, you'll get a new uncensored episode discussing Politics, Sports & Entertainment. 

After more than 20 years on morning drive radio in Boston, Gerry is back after being one of the many victims of today's cancel culture. Join us as we release new episodes every Monday through Thursday before 10am!
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Nick Di Paolo joins Gerry Callahan on a special Friday episode of The Gerry Callahan Podcast. Nick discusses his Boston roots, the current political cycle, ups and downs of the comedy scene, and his show, The Nick Di Paolo Show. 
The Senate late Wednesday passed an $2 trillion economic rescue deal. The House will vote Friday morning. President Trump asked by a reporter 'how many deaths are acceptable?' Gerry breaks down who gets what including the $25 million allocated to the Kennedy Center. Turtleboy is exposing toilet paper hoarders. Harvard lays off the dining hall workers. 
President Donald Trump is eager to get the economy back on good footing. He set a date of April 12th as a target to open back up. Gerry and Shattuck debate the continued impact and struggles of the small business community. The Senate is set to vote on the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief bill today. Tom Brady was classy as always as he was introduced to Tampa Bay via conference call yesterday.
Democrats blocked the stimulus bill and picked a horrible time to try to jam in $35 million for the Kennedy Center. Massachusetts is almost in total shutdown after Governor Baker orders a 'Stay At Home' advisory. A man in Arizona  died after taking chloroquine phosphate to treat coronavirus. Tom Brady to be introduced in Tampa Bay this afternoon.
All eyes continue to be focused in on President Trump's press conferences. Gerry continues to give New York Governor Andrew Cuomo credit. Businesses are hurting due to the coronavirus but how much longer can this go on? How high will unemployment go? Dr. Fauci is the most trusted man in America right now. When will life go back to normal? Gerry is vindicated as former employees and acquaintances of Ellen DeGeneres tweet out how mean she is. 
Curt Schilling joins Gerry Callahan to discuss all the news regarding the coronavirus. How Trump has handled the crisis and his interactions with the media including today's exchange with Peter Alexander of NBC News. Joe Biden looks like he'll be the nominee, which means his Vice Presidential choice could be the most important pick in history. Curt discusses Chris Sale undergoing Tommy John surgery and discusses how the White Sox were stealing signals electronically in the 90's. 
While the President deals with a crisis some in the media are upset with how he's labeling it. The President defended calling the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus." The Baltimore Mayor is begging residents to stop shooting each other to open up beds for the coronavirus outbreak. Video of millennials on Spring Break goes viral amid crisis. Tom Brady deal to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is all but complete. 
Tom Brady is reportedly very close to signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady told Bob Kraft on Monday at Kraft's home in Brookline. Gerry and Mute look at the Patriots quarterback position. How will Tom Brady perform with the weapons in Tampa Bay? Quarantined Edition of The Gerry Callahan Podcast.
In a GCP Extra, Gerry Callahan and Scott Mutryn discuss the latest with the on-going coronavirus crisis. Whether its Clearwater, Florida or the idiot on Jetblue... We continue to find examples of how dumb people are. Coronavirus restrictions continue to be discussed. The guys discuss the impact this has on local business owners & much more.
Tom Brady is officially moving on from the New England Patriots. Brady released a statement on Instagram announcing "my football journey will continue elsewhere." Gerry and Mute discuss where Brady will go and who will be the next quarterback of the Patriots. 
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders go head to head in the Democratic Debate. Biden needed to screw up pretty badly to help Bernie out but it never came. Coronavirus has the entire country on edge and was center stage at the debate. President Donald Trump spoke numerous times over the weekend... Gerry didn't love how often he brought up the stock market. More events have been canceled due to the coronavirus including The Masters. The Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker restricts restaurants and bans gatherings of more than 25 people.   
"To unleash the full power of the federal government, I am officially declaring a national emergency,” said President Donald Trump. President Donald Trump announced a national emergency this afternoon that will unlock billions of dollars in aid to help combat the coronavirus. This is a full rebroadcast of President Trump's news conference. 
President Donald Trump addressed the nation last night to discuss efforts being made protect the country from coronavirus. He announced travel restrictions put into action. NBA suspends the season after Rudy Gobert tests positive.  Tom Hanks announces he and his wife have coronavirus. The debate is still on for Sunday after Bernie Sanders announces he's staying in the race. AOC says people are avoiding eating at Chinese restaurants. Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison.
Bernie Sanders got crushed yesterday and now has to seriously consider dropping out of the race. Joe Biden all but seals the nomination. Governor Charlie Baker declares a State of Emergency over the coronavirus. Rob Gronkowski won't be coming back to the Patriots but he will be coming back to a wrestling ring. Gerry's into having a Debate Watch Party but it all depends on his favorite commie.
Fears continue over the Coronavirus. The Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh announces that the St. Patrick's Day Parade is canceled. The stock market got pummeled... Financial guy Mute says stay the course. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces inmates are making and about to distribute their own hand sanitizer. During the recording, Harvard announces all courses are moving online and asks students not to come back after Spring Break. A youth hockey coach has been fired after getting into a fight with a referee. 
The battle for the Democratic Nomination is down to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren heads to New York to do Saturday Night Live. Pete Davidson's comedy special irks Gerry. Rahm Emanuel says the President will have trouble doing his rallies because of the coronavirus. 
On Facebook Live, Gerry reacts to the news of Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the Presidential Race. Listening to the pundits, you'd think misogyny was the only factor in Warren's demise.  Brian Williams and the New York Times Mara Gay give some superb analysis on Michael Bloomberg's spending.
The Boston Globe is still reeling after Elizabeth Warren's rough Super Tuesday. The Globe has multiple columns today wondering how their candidate couldn't pull it off. When will she drop out? Who does she endorse? Rashida Tlaib asks a very interesting question at yesterday's abortion rally. Michael Bloomberg calls it quits and endorses Biden. Coronavirus has many sporting events canceling or considering it.
It was a huge night for Joe Biden and it could not have been worse for Elizabeth Warren. Super Tuesday cemented a shocking turnaround for Sleepy Joe. Bernie Sanders won the big prize of the night, California; Elizabeth Warren comes in third in her home state. Michael Bloomberg can't spend his way to political success. Michael Graham calls in to celebrate Elizabeth Warren's rough night. Tom Brady to the 49ers? Some analysts say it's possible.
We made it to Super Tuesday. Joe Biden has had a pretty impressive 72 hours. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out and announced they are endorsing Biden. Does this mean Obama is in the near future? After a GQ article ran over the weekend, Chris Matthews retired from MSNBC abruptly. 
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Josey Wales

Thank God, been missing Gerry in the morning. Happy he's back

Mar 26th

G Man

great pocast..glad your is now total dead....

Feb 24th


I’m a Kirk guy but still have a soft spot for Gerry and listen to at least two shows a week, Kirk makes it hard to listen to anything else with his never ending shows or I’d listen more but I’m kind of disappointed you didn’t at least address Kirk absolutely destroying you the other day. Are you afraid to go to war with Jesus? Not even mentioning it is cowardly and makes me not want to listen if I know you’re just gonna stick to the script and not talk about what everyone wants to hear u talk about. I don’t mind the sports and political stuff you do even though it’s mostly the same stuff over and over I already know what you’re gonna say about all that shit but that’s fine there’s room for that to but when Kirk goes at u like that and you pretend nothing happened it’s a huge turn off and makes you look weak and fraudulent. Please sac up and go at him and at least defend yourself otherwise you’re basically admitting everything he said was true and it’s gonna be hard for me to tune into your show for awhile unless Kirk gives me a reason to.

Feb 19th
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