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The Ghosts and Horses Radio Hour

Author: Ghosts & Horses

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Original stories (with jokes and without).
Conversations with people of interest.
Earnest sound design.
11 Episodes
Within you will find the following:“Skullmore Presents” with Marc Wagner of Skullmore“Being Rad” with Liz Nissen of Total Drag“A Birthing Scene” with Lindy Wise of Onsk Onsk“Me v. the Angry Mob” by The World/Inferno Friendship Society“My Favorite Dead Punk Rocker”Episode artwork by Marc WagnerWe’re all just trying to have a good time. Fuckin’
Within you will find a conversation with painter Mel Spinar.Selected topics of discussion include:The cultural climate of 1960’s Sioux Falls, South DakotaMel’s bathroomMel’s haunted houseMusic by Narco States, Jesse Christen, and Perfume Genius.The Episcopals aren’t
Episode 09: "Doctors"

Episode 09: "Doctors"


Within you will find the following:"How to Not Lie at the Blood Bank""Bad Mouth" with John Boylan"Life and Limb" by Fugazi"Doctors"My conscience is
Within you will find the following:“Sitting by the Fire, 2063 A.D.”“Amphetamine Twice Monthly”“Square Heat” by The Black Heart Procession“What Everyone is Talking About” with Kat Burdine“Map” by Jason Webley“Love Life”“One I Love” by Drug CabinI wasn’t proud of my imaginary
Within you will find the following:Programming Note“The Top 5 Worst Films of 1976”“Fire Down Below” by Bob Seger“An Artful Thowback” with Andrew Kightlinger“Come to Poppa” by Bob Seger“Fistfuls in the Flowerbed”I didn’t know the etiquette, so I made a joke out of
Within you will find the following:“Sick of People” by The World/Inferno Friendship Society“How I Would Fight Certain Animals”“2 out of 3 Falls” with Steve Bormes“Carpe Diem” by Cecil Otter“Violent Acts in Appropriate Settings”One big problem is that I don’t play
Within you will find an interview with Patrick's Cabaret founder Patrick Scully. Topics discussed include:Creating art with a Marxist sensibilityLiving with HIVAlmost getting run out of town during a gay community dance in Wolverton, MN in 1981Patrick's Cabaret's 25th anniversaryIf you're looking for diamonds, you're going to have to dig through some horse
Within you will find a conversation with Kristi Lammers. Topics discussed include:What I think happens on a cattle ranchBeing a punk rocker in the 1990sSometimes the microphone doesn't get set up
Within you will find the following conversations:Corey Ruffin of Super Happy Funtime Burlesque on the difference between stripping and a strip teaseCorey Gerlach & Wes Eisenhauer of Soulcrate on making music for a living Dessa on fixing my prioritiesI want to
Episode 02: "Buena Onda"

Episode 02: "Buena Onda"


Within you will find the following conversations:Tania Grogan on emigrating to the South Dakota from Brazil in mid-JanuaryHeather Mangan on being evacuated from her Peace Corp. assignmentKat Burdine on making friends while fleeing a gay night club in HondurasGood
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