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The Giant Bomb East team gathers to talk about the week in video games, their lives, and basically anything that interests them. All from New York City!
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Joseph Myers

The boy is back! Love hearing from Austin.

Oct 5th

Eloquent Rhino

Another grand success. Well done, chaps.

Sep 16th

Ryan Coles

o. p,。 k m

Sep 15th

Abraham De La Rosa

twitter is a public forum. There's no such thing as an unsolicited response on a public forum. if you don't want unsolicited responses don't post on twitter. stick to private forums or social media apps that allow for he disabling of responses. not to mention the response wasn't the least bit condescending. he praised her repeatedly and voiced a disagreement on something that isn't a hard and fast issue. while Im not going to debate a mathematician I on math cause it's a fact based space I have all the right in the world to tell Spielberg I think his last movie wasn't very good even if I don't have any film making experience cause it's a subjective issue. she's been also absolutely the instigator here which should matter. she turned a very innocuous comment into a gender issue and then was the first to start name calling. should she have been fired? probably not, but the way in which you guys are giving her a complete pass while trying twist a very tame comment from a fan into something it wasn't is a little silly. read the guys post word for word and quote what exactly was offensive about it or in any way signaled it was come from an anti-woman perspective.

Jul 13th

Robert Smith

Sean Riley I care. He's right. You're wrong.

Jul 18th


Abraham De La Rosa She came off unnecessarily condescending and rude, because I really can't see where in the comment od the person she was replying to they told her how to do her job, it seemed more like "well this is what I like as a fan"... but it was a totally shameful witchhunt against her for that minor snark, and the person who defended her, and that part had clear misogynist and GG-esque bullshit.

Jul 14th

Brandon Gray

does bear shit wood? hahahahahaha

Jun 4th

Roy Stidoms


Apr 27th


The greatest podcast in the known universe.

Mar 16th

Cory LaPointe

that clown is from Goony Golf in lake George ny

Feb 28th

Robert Roman

It's the best time to be playing video games.

Nov 20th

Your Slowbro

Robert Roman Yeah man!

Nov 26th
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