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Bad Decision, Either Way We Go? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & John Ziegler | 2/15/19
Hour 1Glenn wrote some important letters last night?...'this is a turning a point'...the Left are getting their 'change' with all this hope?...we're 'standing at the abyss' ...the cliff of insanity?...capitalism on the run...Amazon leaves New York, bye-by 25,000 Jobs ...What's in this spending Bill? win here, lose, lose..."Mr. President Please don't sign this bill" ...Pat Gray....former Obama official urges Trump Not to sign this spending bill?...History will show, "this bill will be worse than Obamacare" ...Tweet: Please Mr. President Don't Sign This Bill! Hour 2 Bill O'Reilly vs. President Trump?...President Trump set to address the nation...'there's no other resolution' President Trump has to sign this spending bill?...'continuing resolution'...State of Emergency and Consequences ...the Left want to control on Every Single Front with 'Climate Change'...1 Party Rule in California ...President Trump Declares a National Emergency Hour 3 Making the case, argument(s) for President Trump?'s not always's not a good day for either side, a lose, lose?...Why? Horrendous bill... makes ICE will be like a travel agency for illegals? ...Empire of a Hoax? under fire for hate Hoax?...Why won't the actor just turn over his phone?...John Ziegler joins to pick this story apart?...all of the political correction force fields?...So many Questions...What about the photo of interest?...Where did it go?...Actor knew his attackers?...premeditated hoax or domesticated dispute gone bad? ...
The End of the American Experiment? | Guests: Elizabeth Johnston, Dr. Grazie Christie, & Gregory Wrightstone | 2/13/19
Hour 1a Sad and Sickening Start?...Mom hides recording device in special needs daughters hair...horror is recorded...teachers abusing children?...Public school in West Virginia, when government runs everything, who do you run to? ..."What the hell is the Green New Deal?"...where Science Fiction is Fact?...who pays for it? Just print's still snowing in Seattle ...Are We 1 Election away from a Full transformation of America?...$22 Trillion in Debit ...Pray for America's economic stability Hour 2 California Governor abandons High Speed Rail project? money wasted?...92% of cost are in subsides?...rail projects = financial disasters...Why is he ...just feel good projects for politicians...What's Governor Gavin Newsom really up to? ...Elizabeth Johnston Author, "Not On My Watch" Book - “Not On My Watch: How to win the fight for family, faith, and freedom”...February 23rd a Day to Repent = Day of Mourning.orgHour 3Late term Abortions are Not beneficial for the mother's health...Dr. Grazie P. Christie, M.D. Senior Policy Advisor, The Catholic Association, myths of abortion are World Wide...Venezuela Marxist nightmares continue ...the Elite's, Elite pick? ..."Inconvenient Facts" with author Gregory Wrightstone..."the science that Al Gore doesn't want you to know"?...droughts and wild forest fire facts...glaciers & polar bear Myths?...Our warming trends have been charted...the miracle of the cycle of man, no more? ...the Left and their Predictions based on failed climate model?...Real Climate Facts in the palm you hand...get the 'Inconvenient' App?
Ignorance is Bliss? | Guests: Dave Isay, David Harsanyi, & Sara Place | 2/12/19
Hour 1Ilhan Omar hates Jews?...she mockingly apologizes for her anti-Semitic comments ...Linda Soursor AND David Duke to the rescue?...the Lewis Farrakhan newsletter? ...It's time for "I had no idea?"...pointy white hoods are offensive?...if Andrew Jackson had done (finished) his job? ...Katy Perry and her Mr. Potato Head Mammy Shoes? ...Trump is a 'great negotiator'...but the latest budget deal, is not looking that 'great' for Trump?..Only 55 miles of ' the wall'? ...People like the sound of a 'New Deal'...until they read the fine print...In Need of Fresh New American Ideas? Hour 2 Kneeling down to the chocolate god? ...the story of 'Danny & Annie'...with StoryCorps, Founder & President Dave Isay...Danny and Annie came to StoryCorps in 2004 to talk about that first date—and how their love for each other has only grown in the 27 years since then...a Great Marriage = Like Hitting the Jackpot? ...'The 10 Most Insane Requirements of The Green New Deal' with Senior Editor at The Federalist, David Harsanyi joins to expose AOC's Green New Deal ..."we are heading to a very bad place"?...Studies show that Fracking actually helped reduced our carbon emissions?...Trump is making fans by calling out Socialists? ...the early history of environmental science...traces back to the Nazi's? Hour 3The 'New' Black Death? Mass death coming to the UK?...Pro: stock piling Human sized Zip-Lock bags...Con: Having to Use them? ...6 inches of snow where it never snows?...State of emergency in Portland?...Popeye lost his spinach? ...The toilet Snake epidemic hits Australia? ...The Myth of 'Cow Farts' with Sara Place...the Senior Director, Sustainable's actually cow 'burps' are the issue and to farts?...Ranchers = Real environmentalists?...the cycle of life has been lost in our society, a few generations removed?
A Whole New Class of Radicals? | 2/11/19
Hour 1Trump Truth?..."America will never be a Socialist country"...Spartacus speaks?...and continues to sound like a idiot?...Green New Deal vs. Moon Landing?...Who pays for this 'deal'?...just print the money? ...All Americans are Kings...Thanks to the US Constitution? ...It's Coming...Adios First Amendment?...Using the Wrong Pronouns will Now get you arrested?...What is 'dead naming'?... Every one's doing it and it better stop?...the illusion of 'freedom of speech'?...thinking you are 'always' going to have it ...Cow Farts for All?...fact checking the fact checkers with Pat Gray? ...American Icon lost?  Hour 2Picking Hitler Over Gandhi?.....Mein Kamp India?...we are dealing with a "Whole New Class of Radicals"?...'by any means possible'?...becoming a certified CPA, via Twitter? ...Stu's 'Power Rankings' for the Democratic Presidential 'hopefuls'?...will 'Just Beat Trump' be enough for the Democrats...are Michelle Obama ambitions real after her Surprise Grammy's appearance? ...the Bezos Pole of Joy?...Exposed by the mistresses brother? Hour 3The Gigantic Crisis that's being ignored?...Socialism is destroying Venezuela, right before our eyes? Once a prosperous country, has become a Socialist slum?...and the U.S. is on the same path...Tens and trillions of dollars in debit because of Obamacare? too deep? ...Back when Glenn was a smoker?...Climate Scientists have changed the sea level rise predictions, 7 times?...Everything that occurs is 'global warming' ...Word of wisdom from Cardi B?
Comments (59)

Karen Cecelia

great show today 😊

Feb 13th

Charles Carter

Does anyone know about what the school shooting that Glenn kept talking about?

Jan 30th

Tracy Thomas

Glenn Beck keeps talking about how there was a school shooting that the media isn't covering. well glenn beck isn't fucking covering it either. stop being a cock tease and tell us about this supposed shooting or shut the fuck up.

Jan 26th

Dan Taylor

Tracy Thomas I'm sure you're a big hit with the ladies

Feb 1st

John Wakefield

I laughed so hard at Glens end times climate schtick. So good😂😂😂😂😂

Jan 24th

David D Carroll

awesome analysis of the situation at the Lincoln Memorial.

Jan 23rd

Cindy Lee

finally got disagree with you Glenn. the Gillette commercial... next to say a sexy girl barely dressed laying on the top of a car. I think there's a need for a message to be heard. there are a lot of good men. lot of bad men too. why not tell those men.. man to man that behavior isn't cool. they sure are not listening when we try to say it.

Jan 16th

Christopher Oddo


Jan 12th

Lynda Brickwood

You've gone insane with the commercials!

Jan 10th

Rick and Amy Leibold

Lynda Brickwood I don't mind the commercials because we are getting quality programming for free. Maybe if they cut out the food budget for Jeffy they could cut the commercials in half.

Feb 5th

Chris Barchak

Tremendous episode

Jan 7th

Ray Causey


Dec 18th

Marc Ellmaker


Dec 14th

Casey Teschner

This unhinged backdoor fraud merged with CRTV and ruined it as he ruins everything. It looks as though he cut Gavin loose. I'm suspicious about Crowder not uploading anymore. Supposedly it's health issues but I'm starting to think Beck's emergence on the scene has him hesitant. Do not be fooled by this Rasputin. He's toxic. I want a refund Beck. I paid for a year of Gavin and Crowder, not your nonsense.

Dec 11th

Zach Yutzy

My favorite episode

Dec 5th

Sara Causer

the question is do I get the mug for signing up with blaze media?

Dec 5th


My kids are going to hear this. nice job, Mr. Beck.

Nov 27th

Mike Quella

This guy just said Obama had a scandal free presidency...

Nov 27th

Rob Lewis

in regards to climate change and blocking the sun ... giant solar panels in space would be far more effective!

Nov 26th

Karen Cecelia

enough with the football lectures already.🤣

Nov 20th

Dave Winters

This is the best thing I've ever listened too. I'm so happy there are people out there who are going to make sure these precious vets will not be forgotten. I've never been so moved as I have listening to this young man for the last hour. God bless.

Nov 13th

Heather Hiestand Stites

Wow! Just wow! This guy is inspiring! I would love to meet him!

Nov 10th
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