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Author: Jenna Kutcher

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How do I build my dream job? How do I make money online? Am I ready to leave my 9 to 5? How can I create passive income? How can I grow my Instagram following? And the biggest question of all, can I *really* turn my passion into profits?

Welcome to the Goal Digger Podcast where we will answer ALL of these questions and so much more! Week after week, host Jenna Kutcher brings you the the productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks,, and inspirational stories that can help YOU design your dream career. Jenna shares tangible tips and hacks that she used to become a self-made millionaire in photography, online courses, Instagram sponsorships, and navigating the world of being a #girlboss social media influencer. Along with sharing her best kept secrets, she interviews the best in the industry (Amy Porterfield, Jamie Ivey, Melyssa Griffin, Lori Harder, Cathy Heller and so much more) who will share their secrets to ensure you are seen, heard, (and hired!)

With millions of downloads and counting, the Goal Digger Movement is growing every day and now it’s YOUR TURN to hear from the experts, get inspired, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.

What do you say? Are you in? Because we believe that work doesn’t have to feel like work.
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What is your true mission? Gaining clarity on your mission helps you uncover what you really care about and how you can contribute in ways bigger than yourself… How you can fulfill that deeper desire of building something that actually makes a difference beyond paying your cable bill. Let’s talk about how to determine your personal mission, how to tie it into your business mission, and how donating some of your earnings can help YOU not only make a difference, but also make more profits. It all starts with getting in touch with what really matters to you.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
CAN YOU GUESS? There’s one feature that Facebook seems to be pushing more than anything else. Like they’re even airing their first-ever Super Bowl commercial for this feature… Do you know what it is? Facebook Groups. Yup, Facebook is pushing Groups during the Super Bowl so if you’re not up on the best strategies for your Facebook Group, it’s time to step it up before kick-off.  Our girl, Dana Malstaff is the MVP of Facebook Groups. I asked her if she’d audit the Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook Group and tell the world what we could be doing better in that group to serve YOU. She was up for the challenge.  If you have a group that needs new life or you’re just getting started, press play on this Facebook Group audit episode for the best advice to optimize your strategy. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
Are you a list person? ME TOO. I have a new one for you: Your NOT-To-Do List.  With to-do lists taking over the notes app in our phones and emails dinging us all day long, it’s easy to take on the go-go-go mentality and think that the only way to stay afloat is to continue achieving more, doing more, being more productive, and juggling all the things all on your own. Hi, hello, welcome to burnout central. If you’re not there already, you’re probably about to reach it rather soon. I want to introduce you to a NOT-to-do list. Let’s make a list of things that you are committed to saying “no” to without guilt. Sound good?  This exercise made me fall back in love with work, press play right now.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
She said “BYE FELICIA” to her student loan debt and now she’s dropping the personal finance truth bombs you need to hear to check your money mindset once and for all.  Regardless of your financial situation right now, whatever your debt, income, or the balance in your savings account… My goal is to bring you experts and resources to reach WHATEVER financial freedom looks like for YOU. With that, let me introduce you to Berna Anat. Berna is the super smart and super funny financial hype woman who will get you thinking differently about debt and finances. I was just watching one of her hilarious YouTube videos about paying off $38,000 in student loan debt and she had me cackling with her celebratory twerk as she walked me through “Felicia’s Wallet”.  Wanna know more? Who’s Felicia? Press play. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
I want to break down how you -- yes, YOU -- can make $1000 in one month. You might have a new online business or one that's 5 years old, either way, I'm going to walk through a 4-week game plan that you can take and use to create your very own workshop course this month. This episode is the definition of actionable advice and tangible tips with a week-by-week breakdown of what you need to do to get your mini-course off the ground and even turn a profit at the end of it. If you’ve felt a little tug to do this course thing, press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
This is YOUR YEAR to start, grow, or scale your business and you know an email list is part of that action plan. I want to help you capitalize on all this new year energy and start your email list right now.  Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak are the founders of FloDesk. To put it simply, they heard all the struggles, the complaints, and the flaws in other email platforms and decided to do something about it.  I’ll let them share the whole story, but trust me, these women know email list building. It’s one of my favorite topics, and I want you to feel just as excited and confident with your email list building strategy as I do. Let’s talk about the best kept secrets in email marketing and the key solutions to finally start your list in 2020.  If you are ready to start your email list and bust through whatever roadblocks are holding you back, then I’ve got a challenge to get you to your first list threshold of 250 subscribers… PRESS PLAY right now for all of the email list goodness. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
Let’s get this party started with 10 of the BIGGEST marketing hacks you need for the New Year! The confetti has barely settled from last night’s festivities but I don’t care because this episode is packed as full as Times Square on New Year’s Eve with some of our favorite Goal Digger guests.  I wanted to share the biggest compilation of advice to jumpstart your new year business goals so I tapped my friends and past Goal Digger guests to give you all the marketing hacks they’ll be using this year. We’ve got Amy Porterfield, Brendon Burchard, The Budgetnista and MORE. So while you pack away your sequin dress and funny 2020 glasses, let this episode keep you company. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
Dean always helps me see myself and my business through a new lens — a wider angle but with a sharper focus. We are days away from 2020 and with all of this new energy and anticipation for a new year pouring in, I’m eager to chat with Dean so you can listen in on his advice, too. What does he see as my super power? What should I include in my 2020 goal list? If he were me, what would he do next? I’m putting myself on review with Dean because I think you’ll love hearing his advice, too. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
This episode feels like opening up my diary and sharing it with the world… Minus all the mushy love-y dovey stuff, of course!  It's time to talk numbers, what worked, what sucked, where I thrived and barely survived. I'm baring it all (in my cozy sweater in my closet) so that you can learn from my last 365 days. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
No. Nope. No, thank you. No way in heck.  Those are a few options you could use to turn down an opportunity that doesn’t quite align or interest you… But today’s guest is an expert in setting boundaries and saying no lovingly. Saying no with love. What does that sound like? I like to think I’m pretty good at setting boundaries and saying no. Actually, my calendar last year was as empty as it’s ever been. But Darrah’s template for saying no that she developed after getting rejected from Brene Brown is something I’m ready to steal for my own life and business. If you are ready to design your life by filling it with the right opportunities and saying no to the ones that don’t align, PRESS PLAY. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
DECADE CHALLENGE: Do you recognize the YOU from 10 years ago? How the heck has another year come and gone? I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgia as we approach a new decade and I think it’s time to really reflect on the lessons I’ve learned, what’s gone well and moments I will always cherish. It’s just as important to me to dig into how I’ve messed up, how I’ve grown, pivoted, and transformed, too. This episode is all of that: I dig into what I’ve learned about defining success, the hustle mentality, the value of time, the hard seasons of life, and more. Press play right now and reflect with me. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
Our sweet baby girl is ONE! My husband and baby daddy Drew Kutcher is back on the Goal Digger Podcast for a special birthday edition of the show. We’re answering your questions about life, parenthood, marriage, business, and more.  I love that Conley will get to go back and listen to us talk about our first year keeping her alive. I hope she loves this episode as much as we do! Maybe she’ll feel a normal dose of embarrassment over her parents when she listens, but for now I’ll assume she thinks we’re AMAZING.  The surprising origin story of her name, what we’re doing as parents that we said we’d NEVER do, and how we’re keeping our marriage in focus with a little babe in the mix. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
It doesn't matter how successful, or driven, or hungry you are to reach the next level, we ALL hit lulls in our businesses at some point or another.  Often times, it's not even because of our actual business. Maybe our business is seasonal? Maybe we’ve been coasting or traveling the world? Maybe we're facing a heartache in our personal lives or financial troubles with our spouse. Or we’ve welcomed a new human into the family.   Whether you just thought what worked in the past would always work or life just got in the way, let’s talk about 5 ways to refresh a stale business. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES:  
I’m part of a SUPER exclusive club… The Mom Club.  I’m giggling as I write this because the super exclusive club is actually just a super long text thread with my friends Ashlyn Carter and Sarah Adler. Recognize those names? That’s because they’ve been on the show before. Last year, we all had babies at the same time so we’re getting The Mom Club together to talk about it.  Wonder what happened to our businesses after baby? This episode is like a peek into my group chat with these women. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
We’re at epidemic status in the business and entrepreneurial world. It's a mindset epidemic more than anything else. The creative- and entrepreneurial-minded often get held back by the belief that an idea has already been done, or the market is too saturated, so they shouldn't jump into a space they're interested in pursuing because too many people are already doing that thing.  If you've been held back by the fear that something's already been done, I want you to know that your individual approach, your unique background and one-of-a-kind experiences have NEVER been utilized and they will NEVER be utilized if you keep falling prey to this lie. There is enough to go around, there is room for you at the table and by the end of this episode, I hope you truly believe that, too. Press play right now. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
BEHIND THE SCENES: What really happened when I flew my team first class to a retreat in Arizona… Part girls trip, part dreaming session, part spa retreat. My meet-up with this team of incredible women had it all, and WE want to take you behind the scenes.  For this episode recapping our team retreat, it only seems right to have my team lead you through what it was like, what we did, how it was structured, and what they got out of it. So get ready to hear from the voices who manage this show, answer your emails, write our content, and contribute to this business each day with their own superpowers.  By the end of it, I hope you take away a few ideas for connecting with your remote team and why a retreat just might be the thing you need to get to the next level. I’m so excited for you to meet them all.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
I’m about to tell you a big fat lie about your biggest, juiciest dream: You’re too late. There’s no time.  When you think of that ONE thing you'd love to accomplish if you had all the time, money, resources, and confidence to do it... what would it be? Okay, now think of that big dream and run through all the excuses you’ve fed yourself as to why you haven’t started yet. I’ll bet five bucks that “time” is at the top of the list. And it’s a big fat lie. If you've been debating with yourself whether it's too late to start, or whether you have enough resources, or if something else is holding you back from gripping your dream and finally just going for it -- This episode will convince you otherwise. Think of it as a warm hug paired with tangible advice to launch into your dream, once and for all.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
Having a hard time getting people on board with your business idea? Press play right now. My guest, Rea Ann Silva, can sympathize. But when her idea for the Beautyblender was shot down time after time, she learned how to make things happen on her own, finetuning her pitch along the way until finally she heard a YES. Actually, it was more like a “Yes, but…” I’ll let her tell the whole story.  Rea Ann is here to share her story of product development, of getting people to see her vision, and her advice for moving the needle forward even when life and distractions pull you away from your biggest goal. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
“All of our friends push way too hard and compromise way too much sanity.” Whew. What a statement. I was texting one of my mentors-turned-friends when he said that to me. We were talking about this past year in my business and personal life, I shared I’d worked the least but felt the most success. I was living out the scene of success I had in my head for so long.  The hustle mentality and culture that’s being crafted around entrepreneurship is making us believe that hustle equals happiness. But that’s the opposite of what I’ve encountered because I defined “enough” for myself along time ago.  What would it look like if you defined enough for you and your business, freed up time to explore your passions, side hustles, or just rest? How could that change your life? Let’s find your own threshold of success. Let’s ditch pushing too hard and compromising your sanity. This episode will help you master your own mindset and define “enough”. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
She survived a tiger shark attack at 13-years old and was back on her surfboard four weeks later.  She went on to inspire the world with her courage, dedication, athleticism, and fearlessness. That’s the unforgettable story we already know about Bethany Hamilton.  But there’s more about Bethany that you don’t know yet. There are chapters and seasons of Bethany’s life that left me completely in awe of everything she has pursued and accomplished. Ahem, Bethany just launched an online course… yup! How is that story that the world knows so well intertwined with the woman Bethany Hamilton is today? What is her relationship with fear? How does she redirect moments of comparison and “what if?” What is her world like now, as a mom and an athlete? This woman lives up to the title of her new film. Bethany Hamilton is truly “Unstoppable”. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
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Su Siva

I literally listen to you on my drive or at home almost every single day and I can't tell you how much you've inspired me to just get things done! Overthinking is no longer a thing for me! Thank you for the constant motivation, from one female photographer to another. - Su

Jan 15th

Johanna Garcia Strand

Jenna! Love the ep but can you please NOT record your episodes with whatever setup you're using for this one, it sounds so strange and uncomfortable when listening with headphones!

Nov 28th

Finally Ree

love this. i am rebranding so this will definitely help!

Nov 14th
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Moon O

I love that Barbara is always full of life! It's contagious.

Nov 4th
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Sarah Keyes

I needed to hear this soooooo badly. I am a workaholic and completely burnt out. Thank you for this! ❤

Oct 9th

Alicia Lazri

I have been trying

Aug 19th

Milena M

Good tips, but I don't think you are following this tips yourself. I had to unsubscribe from your email list twice, because it was just too much, email after email! And most if them were sell, sell, sell... too pushy! There needs to be a balance. I want an email which I want to read and enjoy.

Aug 18th
Reply (2)

Pinar Koseoglu

I love Jenna and her approach 💕 she is always kind, super friendly and helpful. All the tips and tricks of entrepreneurship, digital marketing are examplified in this beautiful podcast. Proud to say you are my idol, Jenna 💕🎶 Have a wonderful time with your family 👪 All the love and blessings, Pınar

Aug 5th
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Yulanda Tross

i needed this episode. I will do this, my career coach told me about SMART goals.

Jun 12th

Platform Studios

perfect! today is the right time!

Jun 7th

Stacey LP

love her!! what an amazing episode! Definitely have her back, I could listen to both of you all day.

May 29th

Kristine Oslund

I just love your podcast and insights! Thank you for what you do! 💕

May 25th

Sarah Morrison

soooooo enjoying your podcasts!!

May 4th
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Katie Schiek

jenna thank you!!!!

Apr 26th

Monica Byram

I loved this episode. Please do this again. Better audio quality next time, I felt we missed some of his advice.

Apr 25th


I literally had goosebumps when you asked at the end! 😅

Apr 24th

Michelle King

so great. I never knew about what I missing. thank you for sharing this.

Apr 23rd

Alicia Pettys

What are the two books Dean & Jenna mentioned? Want to check them out!

Apr 23rd

Angela Thorp

so great! thank you

Apr 19th

Karen Rosasco

Great interview!

Apr 19th
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