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From gut health to gut intuition, our gut is so connected to our body+mind+spirit! Awaken a more mindful-you through the conversations with The Golden Gut Podcast on wellness, spirituality, self-love, entrepreneurship, and more on this journey to feel good + Stay Golden!
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Episode 21: Living Intentionally + Finding Purpose through Yoga with Emily Kelly Emily’s Golden Rule: Go with your gut and lead with compassion She’s an empath, a yoga instructor, and leader of the Empty Out movement - please welcome Emily Kelly! After trusting her gut intuition, in her newlywed years, she ditched the comfort and stability of the salaried workforce and dove headfirst into a life even her most divine dreams hadn’t prepared her for. In today’s conversation, Emily gets real about anxiety triggers and tools she looks toward to navigate it today; how she’s found a purpose-driven life through yoga and shared this practice with others; and we get real “woo-woo” as she shares how she personally co-creates with the Universe. Show Highlights: +How to Empty Out by connecting to the emotional body through physical movement +Being mindful when it comes to Anxiety +Communicating with the Universe + our Angels +How cosmically profiling helps live a more aligned life +A Manifestation process that actually works Resources: Super Attractor by Gabby Berstein Human Design Guide - Jes Fields Connect with Emily Kelly: Personal website: The Empty Out Project: Instagram: @emilyekelly @empty.out
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Please enjoy this meditation to calm the mind and experience distant Reiki healing! Music from "Garden Music" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (
In the season of being grateful, please enjoy this short gratitude meditation! Music from "Garden Music" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (
Episode 20: A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Infertility + Hormonal Healing Joelle’s Golden Rule: Slow Down! In episode 20, I dive deep with Joelle Samples, founder of yinRoot, a holistic health coach and Mercier Therapist! She takes us back to the start of her holistic journey at the ripe age of 16 when she was diagnosed with epilepsy and began to better understand and learn the triggers and root causes to her seizures and lead her to falling in love with taking a natural approach to taking care of her body. After college, Joelle went on to study with the Integrative Institute for Nutrition. After getting married in 2012, she and her husband quickly decided they wanted to start a family, but soon discovered they were on a long journey battling fertility issues while trying to conceive. During this time is when Joelle became certified with the Mercier Therapy Professional Training and began to help other women along their fertility journeys. Finally, in 2016, Joelle’s family welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Bennett, into their lives! In this episode Joelle chats: • Overcoming epilepsy while transitioning from her teenage years into adulthood • Following her gut intuition to find her passion to serve other women in their health journeys • Her personal journey with infertility • Communicating with her spirit baby and learning how to create space to conceive him • And a few soulful questions on motherhood + more Resources: • Trade School Indy • Bennett’s Birth Story: Connect with Joelle! • Website: • Instagram: @yinroot • Facebook: Connect with Amanda! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Email me to book a Reiki Energy Healing Session! Musical stylings via
Episode 19: Human Design: The Ultimate Guide for Deconditioning + Self-Awareness HANNAH’S GOLDEN RULE: I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING. Discovered in 1987 and based in science and spirituality, Human Design is the ultimate self-awareness tool and helps you to uncover who you truly are, not just who you learned to be. In this episode, Hannah Coots aka Human Design Hannah offers an overview of this tool and how to use it to decondition our conditioning in order to get back to our true selves. As Hannah shares, Human Design is simply an experiment for us to try and see what feels best. You will learn: +What Human Design is, how it came to be, and where to find your HD chart +What the 5 energy types are: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Reflector, Projector +Using Human Design to parent consciously +How to use human design to better our personal relationships Resources +Understanding Human Design by Karen Curry or - enter your birth date, time, and location to generate your Human Design chart for free! Connect with Hannah! website: **Use code GoldenGut for $8 your HD Chart Reading! instagram: @humandesignhannah Connect with Amanda! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Email me to book a Reiki Energy Healing Session! Musical stylings via
Episode 18: Abundance – From Self Limitation to Self Love Do you live with an abundant mindset? What does it mean to be abundant? In this short episode, I share how I shifted from an abundance of fear to an abundance of love with present moment awareness. Disclaimer: This episode isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but this is my story, this is my truth and I refuse to hide behind fear. Connect with Amanda! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Musical stylings via
Episode 17: The Modern Goddess: Divine Feminine Empowerment for Hormone Healing Allie’s Golden Rule: Keeping my morning & evening routine, and also saying No, thank you Allie McFee embodies a total Modern Goddess Lifestyle! In trusting her gut intuition and following her love for detoxification and raw food cheffing, she was lead to the life she pursuits today as a certified Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, and certified Raw Food Chef. In 2014, she helped open Ezra’s Enlightened Café as Head Chef, Indianapolis’ first Raw, Vegan, and Gluten Free Restaurant, and from 2012-2014, operated a juice cleanse delivery service and private chef-ing through the Humble Tummy. After her own personal hormonal issues upon discontinuing her use of the birth control contraceptive, Allie saw how many other women had similar experiences and saw a need to create widespread education of holistic practices to help women better connect with their Juicy Feminine Bodies! In this episode, Allie touches on: • Gut health and how it’s impacted by our hormones • How to appreciate and sync with your menstrual cycle • What it means to live a Juicy Feminine Life Resources Kindara – a Menstrual Cycle Tracker App Juicy Feminine Leadership Course Goddess in Rhythm Course – use coupon code goldngutgoddess22 for 10% off any paid-in-full plan The Red Tent by Anita Diamant Connect with the Modern Goddess Instagram: @moderngoddesslifestyle Web:
16: Are You An Empath? Dear Highly Sensitive People: You Emotions Are a Superpower Dear highly sensitive people… You’re not overly emotional, you’re an Empath! For so many, our emotions can feel like a sign of weakness, but that could not be further from the truth! Our emotions are a gift of insight into what is going on with us on the inside, and in some cases the emotions that don’t even belong to us and are what we are picking up on from others emotional banks! In this episode, Amanda chat’s about 10 different signs and characteristics on how to understand if you might be an Empath, as well as how to bring awareness to this emotional gift in efforts to help others harness their own intuitive powers and release what no longer serves them! Resources “13 Signs that You’re an Empath” by Andre Sólo “Top 10 Traits of an Empath” by Dr. Judith Orloff Connect with Amanda!website: www.thegoldengut.cominstagram: @thegoldngut Email me to book a Reiki Energy Healing Session! Musical stylings via
Episode 15: Peace, Love + Bread: Entrepreneurship, Grief Relief and Taboo Topics with Native Bread HAYLEY’S GOLDEN RULE: ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES AND STAY CURIOUS! Hayley McGinley is founder and chief recipe developer for Indy’s favorite local, gluten-free artisan bread – Native Bread. As you’ll learn in the episode, Hayley’s plans to start Native Bread were inspired after learning she had a severe gluten-sensitivity and was not willing to give up her love for thick, crunchy artisan bread. With no previous culinary experience, she set out on the journey of a lifetime and now Indy’s beloved bread lady! Hayley shares some golden nuggets that she’s picked up along the way of her journey with world travels, being a small business owner, opening up to her own spiritual-self, and learning how to sit with all of the challenges that grief presents after the loss of a loved one at an early age. RESOURCES Books The Making of a Manager – Julie Zhuo Oh She Glows The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle The Art of Happiness – DaLai Lama Conversations with God Wild – Cheryl Strayed There There - Tommy Orange Esther Perel - Sex Therapist EVO Planner White Pine Wilderness Academy MMIWG – Missing & Murdered Indigenous women & girls Chambers – TV Show to star the very-first ever Native Woman Eiteljorg Museum – Indian Market & Festival Connect with Hayley! Instagram: @nativebread Facebook: Web: Connect with Amanda! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Email me to book a Reiki Energy Healing Session! Musical stylings via
Episode 14: Where Pigs Fly & Such: Leaving Abuse, Leaning into Faith + Stepping Into Your Power Lisa’s Golden Rule: Live in such a way that should anyone speak badly of you, no one would believe it. As she likes to say, “You can’t have a testimony without a test,” and let me be the first to share that Lisa Schmitz has had her fair share of tests! Today, she is a self-proclaimed recovering HR executive, a yoga teacher, a proud floral design business owner, and co-founder of the non-profit Mars Hill Arts Center, and managing her husband’s campaign for Indianapolis Mayor. It wasn’t always sunshine and shavasana for this go-getter gal, however. Lisa shares in this episode the struggles she faced as a bullied kid, facing, not one, but two abusive marriages while raising her children, and finally, getting let go from her career in the corporate world. Lisa isn’t one to throw a pity party for herself though. Leaving all of the abuse behind, she found a love for leaning deep into her faith, trusting her gut and how embracing herself, she once and for all could step into her power! Connect with Lisa! Instagram: @wherepigsflyandsuch @marshillarts @where_pigsfly @godandmygirlfriends @dosomethingindy Web: Mars Hill Arts Center website: John’s website for campaign:
13: Healing Messages from Above: Life as a Medium, Psychic + Empath Candace’s Golden Rule: You have to find joy in something. If you don’t have joy then you don’t have love, and without love we are nothing. Ever think that you’re just a really good guesser or that the voice in your head guiding you was just NBD? After more than 10 years in the biz, Candace Dalton, is here to set the record straight for us all: You’re not crazy, you’re just an intuitive! As a 29-year-old Medium, Psychic + Empath, Candace came out of her spiritual closet during Cosmetology school over a decade ago, helping others find grief relief with Healing Messages from Above, as she likes to say, and hasn’t looked back sense! In this medium rare (I can’t resist a good spiritual pun!) edition of The Golden Gut Podcast, she shares: • How she is able to connect with spirit and passed loved ones by using her Clair Gifts: Clairvoyance, Clairsentient, and Clairaudience • What the difference is between being a Medium, Psychic + Empath • How to tap into your very own gut intuition Resources James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts Human Design: Connect with Candace! Instagram: @healinggracethepodcast Facebook: Podcast: Healing Grace the Podcast Web:
Episode 12: Go with the Fló – The Power of Plant Medicine + Collective Consciousness ~Alana’s Golden Rule: Love Everyone Like a Brother, Have Fun, and Be Here Now~ “Everything you need to heal is already inside of you or growing in your backyard” is Alana’s philosophy behind Naptown Fló. The powerful driving force behind Alana is made up of pure love – love for herself and love for everyone she has the opportunity to connect with. Her journey to Go with the Fló started when she received a diagnosis of HPV, Human papillomavirus infection, with the scary possibility of this illness later leading into cancer, but her resiliency to life allowed her to refuse to accept this fate and found a naturopathic book (linked below) that changed her entire life. In this episode, herbalist and plant communicator, Alana shares the power of plant medicine, and how to connect with these beautiful creatures in their truest essence to aid with healing ourselves to be our absolute best and truest self that we can be. Resources Doctrine of Signatures – whenever a plant mimics something of the body, it’s usually meant to help that part of the body Book: Yoga Bitch by Suzanne Morrison Book: HPV & Cervical Dysplasia: A Naturopathic Approach by Jane Semple, MA, ND Lacy Phillips – EXPANDED podcast and To Be Magnetic Mercury in Retrograde – Refinery 29 Connect with Naptown Fló Instagram: @naptownflo Web: Connect with The Golden Gut! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Musical stylings via
Staying R E A L in the age of Insta-Worthy lives can be challenging, but social media guru, Maddie Scott gives us the low-down on how to find the balance between authenticity and chic content when it comes to building your business in the age of the influencer. In this episode, Maddie, shares how she trusted those strong gut feelings of hers to lead her to launching her side hustle, The Buzzing Blonde. She opens up about getting fired at age 21 and how that propelled her forward to fight fiercely for what she dreams of creating! Maddie shares how managing her business, while working a traditional 9-5, has sprung on unwarranted anxiety attacks, but lets us know she’s here to keep it real in chasing after what she loves most in this world! For all the side-hustlers and passion-projectors in the world, this one is for you! Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff… in the word’s of The Buzzing Blonde’s Golden Rule, “Eat the Carbs!” Connect with The Buzzing Blonde! IG @thebuzzingblonde Facebook: Web: Connect with The Golden Gut! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Musical stylings via
Cindy Aguirre is the owner and visionary behind Aqua Serene Wellness, which is a collaborative wellness center in Carmel, Indiana! They share with the community a variety of healing modalities, including digestive health coaching and colon hydrotherapy in which Cindy deep dives with us in this episode! Cindy’s love for holistic healing was charged in the 80s by the health challenges that her newborn son faced as a first-time mama. Since then, she has become certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu energy work, massage therapy, a certified digestive health specialist, and an esthetician to name just a few! After her own personal experience with a digestive health issue, Cindy learned of a tumor in her colon that lead to a whirlwind of doctors, Western medicine practices and ultimately the removal of a part of her large intestines. After the surgery Cindy was left with debilitating IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), which lead her to find colon hydrotherapy and changed her life and lead her to share this resource and teach others how to “embrace pooping!” *Please note this title is a tribute to RDN Kate Scarlata Connect with Aqua Serene Wellness! IG @aqua_serene_wellness Facebook: Web: Indy Holistic Hub Member - Connect with The Golden Gut! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Musical stylings via
Episode 09: Become Your Own Self Healer: Food as Medicine, Energy Healing + Spiritual Growth with Heal Your Disease In working through self-limiting beliefs, we are capable of becoming our own self-healers! Derek Weaver, with Heal Your Disease, shares with us his journey to a holistic lifestyle and how he helps guide others toward leading a self-healing. With more than 8 years of experience in health food store environments, as well as national supplement organizations, Derek shares his gifts with the world through his business, Heal Your Disease, located in Broad Ripple, Indiana. Through the School of Natural Healing he is a certified Herbalist, as well as an Iridologist, Reiki Practitioner, and Health Coach. In this episode, Derek deeps dives for us: How nutritional values play an integral role in healing thyself Reiki! What it is and how this universal life force energy can aid our physical dis-ease by working through emotional and energetic blockages in the body. How to work through the growing pains that come along with one's spiritual journey Connect with Derek! Web: Facebook: Instagram: @healyourdisease The Holistic Psychologist - Healing Your Inner Child Meditation Indianapolis-based friends, email me to book a FREE Reiki Session!
Episode 08: Girl, Yes You Can: Finding Freedom through Mindset New mindset, who this? Indy Mindset & Fitness Coach, Jen Elliott knows what’s up when it comes to the power of her mind. She actively works on shifting her own mindset, as well as encourages clients and those around her to move in a direction toward self-worth. As a full-time girl boss behind Jen Elliott Wellness, her mission is to teach women how to ditch extremes and love their bodies while still seeing results. And this gal knows what she’s talking about. She’s a certified personal trainer and holds a Precision Nutrition certification, but Jen wasn’t always a body positivity activist and all about the burpees for breakfast lifestyle. Her journey toward self-healing started shortly after college graduation when she began to experience severe and debilitating gut issues along with B U R N O U T… can you relate? In this episode, Jen shares how she: -Tunes into her body + listens to her gut intuition -Stays grounded while also being a goal digger -Found fitness and food freedom and empowers other women to do the same Connect with Jen Elliott! Blog: Facebook: Instagram: @jenelliottwellness Web: Connect with The Golden Gut! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Musical stylings via
Episode 07: Be Your Authentic Self - Overcoming Hormonal Imbalances to Becoming a Mama PCOS Advocate. New Mama. Plus Size Style. Budgeting Queen. All of this and so much more is what encompasses The Pretty Plus, an Indianapolis-based lifestyle blog curated by the incredible Brittney Mason! Brittney joins us on The Golden Gut Podcast to talk about how she’s learned to trust her gut and live up to her life’s Golden Rule “Be Your Authentic Self.” Her health journey with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) started nearly 8 years ago, and she’s been on a mission since to overcome this hormonal imbalance. She shares some of the mental and physical roadblocks she had to work through, including undergoing weight loss surgery, to get to a healthy place with her body so that she could live out her dream of having a baby. And at 30, she is filled with wellness and joy as a first-time mama. The Pretty Plus gives us an inside look on how healthy living doesn’t have to be overwhelming, with simple grocery shopping hacks (and this girl’s weekly grocery budget is $50!) to shifting your mindset. Resources Connect with The Pretty Plus! Blog: Instagram: @ThePrettyPlus Facebook: YouTube: Connect with The Golden Gut! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Musical stylings via
Episode 06: Farmers Market Fresh - Healing Communities Through Food Odessa Wallace is the Market Master behind the magic that is Indy’s Food Co-Op! What started as a buying club with a couple of friends in September 2017, quickly grew into a what is now a food cooperative and has since expanded into Indianapolis’ East Side Marketspace farmers market. In this episode, Odessa shares how she brought her dream to life for making truly fresh, wholesome food affordable for families in her community. With Odessa at the helm, Indy’s Food Co-Op is 100% volunteer-driven. Odessa and the leaders of the cooperative have created a place for love to grow and community to heal by sharing the accessibility of real food. Odessa also shares that after battling her fair share of issues with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity, she knows the important role that food plays in taking care of her gut to heal her body. As a mama of 4 she values the food education she is instilling in her own family’s lives, as well as the families she connects with! Resources Connect with Odessa and Indy’s Food Co-Op! website: Instagram: @indysfoodcoop and @eastsidemarketspace Connect with Amanda! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Musical stylings via
Episode 05: The Common Denominator is YOU - Healing Yourself for Health & Happiness Healthy Living Expert and Coach, Erica Ballard, is a firm believer that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy and this girl is on a mission to share this with us all! In this episode, Erica shares how she trusts/takes care of her gut, up’d her mindset and lives a life of self-worth! Before health coaching, Erica will be the first to tell you that her idea for what the vision of health looked like was totally skewed by diet culture and being enslaved to the gym. Then one day, she had an instinctive gut hit that told her this wasn’t right. She has been able to find healing for herself through real food, meditation, and slowing down to live a life of love over fear because to get where we want to be, as she says, the common denominator is you! Knowledge is power, and her passion for health and wellness is backed not only by her own personal experiences, but education as well. She has a Master’s of Science from Tufts University School of Medicine, a Bachelor’s of Arts from Indiana University, and is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Erica’s expertise have been featured with Women’s Health, Orange Theory Fitness, Linking Indy Women, Green Bean, True U, and The Mom Project just to name a few! Enjoy this expansive conversation with Erica Ballard on all things gut health, tuning into your body, and putting in the work to live your best life! Resources Connect with Erica! website: Instagram: @ericaballardhealth Podcast: The Full Plate The B Method (corporate wellness program): Connect with Amanda! website: instagram: @thegoldngut Musical stylings via
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