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On today's broadcast we discuss the new Disney/Pixar movie, Lightyear, which is a film for, and marketed to, children – all while pushing a gay agenda. We also dive into the agenda that has been afoot for many decades pushing all sorts of sexual sin and confusion. Satanism, Pornography & Sex Trafficking [Good Fight Video Series] The Kinsey Syndrome [DVD]
On today's broadcast we discuss the biblical requirements for being a pastor as compared to what we are seeing in many of today's churches. What are some warning signs to look for when seeking a church to attend or when seeking a new pastor for your church?   Video version of this episode can be found here  
On today's special interview with Lydia Kaiser at NRB 2022 in Nashville, TN, we learn about her favorite way to reach children as well as how you can join in the fight of reaching them with the Gospel Child Evangelism Fellowship's Website Click here for a CEF Chapter near you   
On today's broadcast we discuss the recent increase in curiosity about Scientology given the release of the new Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun: Maverick. We explore the satanic roots of Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll Scientology & Satanism  
On today's broadcast we finish our discussion on the newest book from Pastor Greg Laurie titled "Lennon, Dylan, Alice, & Jesus." They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll  Bob Dylan and the Devil at the Crossroads  Kesha: The Satanic Cult Leader 
On today's broadcast we take a look at the newest book from Pastor Greg Laurie titled "Lennon, Dylan, Alice, & Jesus" and how it completely misses the truth of the reality behind these musicians. They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll 
On today's broadcast we answer bible questions from you, our audience, during our livestream. We also answer questions sent in from our Patreon supporters. Some topics covered are: who populates the millennium, cutting people off from our lives, is Sunday worship the mark of the beast, and more! Learn more about Good Fight Ministries:    Check out our latest DVD here!
On today's episode we sit down with Counter Culture Mom, Tina Griffin at NRB 2022 in Nashville, TN where we discuss the importance of Godly parenting as well as her story as a Hollywood actress Tina Griffin's Website  
On today's episode we discuss the latest Doctor Strange movie, where Hollywood has taken it, and some of the latest reactions. Marvel & DC's War on God The video version of this episode   
On today's special podcast we discuss the Greek word "apostasia" found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Some who hold to a pre-tribulation rapture view believe that this word means a physical or spatial departure, rather than the commonly held view of falling away, defecting, or a rebellion from the faith. We take a look at various Christian experts' positions, how they draw their conclusions, and where we stand on this issue. The Great Rapture Debate Left Behind or Led Astray? 
On today's episode we sit down with Timothy Mahoney at NRB 2022 in Nashville, TN to get insight on his film "Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus". We talk about what went into making the film, the discoveries found, and what impact the film has had. Timothy Mahoney's Website Patterns of Evidence Website The Seven Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire  
On today's broadcast we answer various bible questions from our Patreon supporters. Some topics covered are: spiritual warfare, baptism, secular music, New Age practices, the sabbath, and more.
On today's broadcast Pastor Joe Schimmel takes us through the entire bible examining just how Jesus is victorious over the devil and how our victory is in Christ.
On today's episode we feature a sit down we had with R. L. Solberg at NRB 2022 in Nashville, TN where we discussed many issues pertaining to what Solberg calls "Torahism" and the issues surrounding the growing Hebrew Roots Movement. Torahism: Are Christians Required to Keep the Law of Moses? (Book) Divergence: Examining Jewish-Christian Relations in the Early Church (Book) R. L. Solberg Official Website  
On today's broadcast we discuss Disney's choice to go woke and submit to the cultural minority's dangerous gender ideology. Disney’s “Frozen” Is Demonic  Disney’s Onward Into Necromancy and Witchcraft  Is The Gospel Coalition Promoting Witchcraft Through Disney's Frozen 
On today's episode we feature a sit down we had with the band Shane & Shane at NRB 2022 in Nashville, TN to discuss things pertaining to their walks with Christ, as well as what it's like to be Christian artists in today's world. The Worship Initiative (Website) Shane and Shane's Website  
On today's broadcast we listen to some pre-tribulation rapture arguments from John MacArthur, Jack Hibbs and Billy Crone and look to the scriptures to answer them. Left Behind or Led Astray? Examining the Origins of the Secret Pre-Tribulation Rapture (DVD)
On today's episode we take a look at some of the more conspiratorial statements regarding the end times and what the Bible has to say about the New World Order. Video version of this episode is found here:   
On this episode of The Good Fight Radio Show we take a look at what the Scriptures have to say about the heart of God in the midst of tragedy or heartbreak.
On today's episode we have a conversation with Walt Heyer, an author, speaker, and ex-transgender who has devoted his life to Christ. He tells the story of his redemption, his detransitioning, and the dangers of believing the lies that are told to the transgender community Walt Heyer's Website Struggling with Gender Dysphoria? Trans Life Survivors (Book) A Transgender's Faith (Book) Articles of Impeachment against Sex Change Surgery (Book)  Video Version of this Episode   
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Misti Roberts

Elvis was in the Army in Germany when he met Priscilla. Her dad was stationed there. Not that I'm defending any of this but I remember that because I remember thinking that there was something wrong with her parents.

Dec 2nd

J.L. Gill

Very good. Joe has talked about the woman he recently led out of the JWs several times. Can you guys do an entire episode just going through the passages and how you witnessed to her to show her? I may be actually having a bible study with a JW soon. You guys also don't have a series on witnessing to JWs on the Good Fight ministries webpage like you do on the Mormons. I would buy that.

Oct 14th
Reply (1)

Kelly Hiller

I would assume he's not ok with post birth abortion then... prob not🤔

Sep 19th

J.L. Gill

Absolutely agree. When I first came to Christ I ended up in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church. I was heavily indoctrinated and grew very arrogant and antagonistic to other denominations or views. It was only after several years that the Lord was merciful and opened my eyes. When it happened, it was closely examining John 15 that corrected me, the fear of God hit me like I have never felt in my life. It wasn't long before I was kicked out of the church that I was attending, the person who discipled me for years told me never to talk to him or come to his house again, and now we can't find a home church after several years of looking. Eternal security, or Once Saved Always Saved is truly the most dangerous lie being taught today.

Jul 14th
Reply (4)
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