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Author: Tushaar Anand Madhu

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'The Good Vibes Podcast', is a positivity and wellness themed podcast with an intention of positively impacting the youth of the world. The host of the podcast, Tushaar, is a 19 year old Indian Podcaster, who believes in self-growth and wants to make positivity viral. He encourages you to listen to the podcast and spread the good vibes.
45 Episodes
#44. Presenting yourself in an Interview It is episode #44! In this episode I talk a bit about how one can present oneself in an interview. They are just a few tips and guidelines which have helped me, and it intensively talks about the concept of a strong self image. I also talk about two people and two circumstances which have helped shape this podcast! We are approaching Episode #50, and I am trying to make things as special as possible, the great news is that they already are! With love and regards, Tushaar
#43. Appreciating Others ft. Parthik Choudhury, Shaheen Sujja & Ashwini Rao Good Vibers! Today we are beginning the count down to reach episode #50 on the Good Vibes Podcast! What better way, than too appreciate the people who enrich this community along the way!? Today we are featuring Parthik Choudhury, Shaheen Sujja & Ashwini Rao, Three lovely individuals with their personalities, traits and quirks. Hear the podcast as if you are learning about three new people, who are out there, striving and fighting, in their own ways, like you, too make a difference in the world around them. We applaud their efforts, and reassure them as they stride towards their goals and dreams. Hoping to hear from you soon! Tushaar! === Contact me – Parthik Choudhury –
#42. Coping with and understanding the Pandemic It’s the time of the Pandemic. And I have never been this excited to share a podcast with you. One may think it’s a good time to instill faith in people and help people out, by making them feel comfortable about the situation. But the contrary holds equally true. The greatest gift you can give some one during this time is assuring them uncertainty, and with it the faith that they will over come their situation. The podcast tries to explain the flux and uncertainty of the pandemic, and ends with some small tips and tricks to keep up with your day. It’s a podcast to give you a general outlook on going about things. The Beatles would say, “Well, something’s going to happen!”, and that’s just about the message I wish to give you today! I hope this podcast finds you in a safe space and good spirits. This is content created with care and love. Tushaar
#41. A Wounded Episode ft. Tushaar and Inês Barros Not every episode achieves it’s purpose. Some of them get wounded. Here is an example for you. There was a time when I was in college, and was friends with a lot of people. I wasn’t very mature about a lot of things. Taking friendships lightly and undermining people’s true value are one of the traits I was innocently moving along with while bringing forth the idea of this podcast. This podcast is captured with the wonderful Inês Barros, a dear friend, an outspoken and courageous (might I also add fascinatingly bold) woman, and an inspiring college senior. I would turn to her for advice, music, and general topics of discussion. I would primarily enjoy her company as she would very non nonchalantly be straight to the point, and avoid all sorts of strain or anxiety in conversations. She is a master at that. Here we have Inês captured on the podcast at the thresh-hold of her carrier! Moving out of college!! Into a world where she is yet to figure out who she is and what she means. She is very insightful with her words, and answered all my questions with striking honesty. The questions posed were very difficult, in my opinion, she taught me, via delivery, how such questioned are answered, without letting emotions sway you away in the foreground, or unprocessed thoughts holding precedence. This is your podcast if you ever dream of being interviewed by cunning media. She answered it all head on, left the interviewer aware of his intentions, and inspired everyone in the same length of time. Inês is an inspiration. This podcast is titled as the wounded episode for the primary reason that the intention to record was not to record. It was a conflict and mixture of a lot of things. The right sentence to explain it would be that it wasn’t recorded in the ideal mindspace, which was not planned for and created, as the purpose was not clear. However it is now. This long pending episode recorded in Jul-Aug of 2018, holds relevance for a lot of people.  It is being uploaded as a testimony to the journey of ‘The Good Vibes Podcast”, where one gets a glipse of a behind the scene tour. For the creator of such a good initiative, it provides me no happiness to create content to gain popularity of work meant to serve. This podcast is being released as a tribute to the gratitude I hold for Inês who reminded me of my purpose. This is a tribute to our friendship. If she is reading this, “May you be well Inês. You are a wonderful wonderful person. Thank you for everything. Keep praying, and believing in yourself”. Love and regards, Tushaar — ~Love and regards Tushaar [The Jingle Used is the original Good Vibes Jingle Itself. Due to professional commitments Inês needed to politely refuse the offer of her music being used for this podcast episode. Further more, I got a chance to visit Inês at her home for Chistmas in Goa! However we could not record a podcast due to time constraints! We are waiting eagerly for the next time!! :D] — Links – Inês barros on SoundCloud –
#40. When you feel irritated… He-llo! GoodVibers! I hope everyone is doing well and feeling warm and nice! This is a very special episode for me because it is very intimate and personal, and it warms my heart too! Don’t judge the podcast by it’s title, because a lot of other things are also uncovered in the podcast! So dive in! I talk about a few things I do when and if I get irritated and how I manage my mood. One other thing you will notice is that there is no rule for what irritates you or anyone for that fact, it could be something small, or it could be something big. What is important is that you move towards a calmer state of mind. Another something you might notice is that I have spoken about my sexuality on this podcast; all comments made on such subjects are based on the current frame of mind, and such vulnerability is displayed with humbleness keeping in mind the safe space we wish to create around such discussions. I hope you enjoy the podcast and share it with your friends and family, With lots and lots of love, Tushaar
#39. Acceptance of your situation or circumstance Hey everybody! Welcome to this episode to this episode of ‘The Good Vibes Podcast!’ In this episode we discuss the acceptance of a situation. We all find it difficult to accept situations in our life. Most of the time because we wish things were a particular way, rather than the way they are. The most important thing to remember is that we need to focus our energies towards the next best thing rather that trying to recreate every element of the situation we would like to be in. Observing things objectively helps a lot.
#38. Being and Feeling Enough Hello Alles!! It’s been a while since I have podcasted! Hitting you all back with a sensational podcast, hopefully it lifts your day and makes you feel good! A lot of love for all of you and health care workers, Tushaar
#37. Seeking Forgiveness Hey Everyone! It’s the start of the month long series of podcasts, good thoughts and fun! This is the last month of this decade, and I thought it was appropriate to start of a series of podcast to remind ourselves to become better people for the turn of the next decade. In the podcast I talk about recognizing the distinguishing areas of seeking forgiveness. As humans we all flaw sometimes, and the best way to seek clarity and peace in our way moving ahead is by seeking forgiveness in our areas of misjudgment or thoughtlessness. I am not trying to promote institutionalized repentance here, rather a self-sustained approach to keep one accountable to be a better person. Remember it is hard to keep to our new resolutions, that is why it is good by starting a month in advance so that you are already ready when the time is right! That’s all from my side today! I hope you all are doing well, and wish you all a great day!! === You can hear this podcast on RadioPublic here – Here is another podcast on Forgiveness – === For Further Details of the podcast visit the website – === Cheers, have a great day!
#36. Independence Day Special w/ Dr. K. ShivaShankar 15th August 2019. Happy Independence Day India! This podcast is very close to my heart, as it has my dear grandfather’s voice recorded. He was a very noble man with noble pursuits. We have him tell us about our Independence day. This podcast was recorded in 2017, hence the facts may not match the present day, but the message is still as valuable and unique. We need to be grateful for all the men, women and children who fought for the independence of our nation. Freedom remains with those whom have the strength to defend it. My grandfather may not be there with us physically anymore, but his spirit remains strong with us, like all of the other heroes who won back the country for us. Jai Hind! Tushaar
#35. Constrains w/ Madhulika Mohan Madhulika Mohan is a contemporary artist, and a writer. She experiments with various mediums of expression, and today we are here to discuss her graduating project. She happened to be my college senior, and after a friendly chat, I invited her to record a podcast with me. This happened way back in 2017. Now both of us have grown up 2 years more, but the thoughts are still very distilled and fresh. So let’s hear out Madhulika today, and her perspective of what a world of constraints is. Can a constraint really free you up? Should we be afraid about the darker side of ourselves? This and a lot more on the podcast! Stay Tuned! — Getting in touch with Madhulika – Instagram – @madhulikamohan Behance – Madhulika’s Painiting— How you can help me and this podcast – As you know this is an initiative to help and serve the world, there are small things you could do which would mean a lot to me The first being you can share this podcast or spread the word about the initiative to some one or some people who might appreciate it, or need it. Second, you could hear some more podcasts on a platform called RadioPublic, which is a pro-podcasters platform. It helps us monetize our podcasts while it remains absolutely free for all of you! RadioPublic — Additionally you can find this podcast on iTunes | Stitcher Radio | CastBox | Spotify | SoundCloud | YouTube | You can connect with me and engage in discussions about this podcast on Instagram and Facebook. @your_local_podcaster and @the_tushaar_broadcasting_co The Tushaar Broadcasting Co FB Group — Thank you! Lot’s of love Tushaar
#34. Spreading the message – Part I In this episode the founder and host of the show, Tushaar Anand Madhu speaks about the importance of spreading the intrinsic message we were all born with. He takes us through his thoughts on why we all should spread our message, how to recognize what our message is, and why it is so necessary to spread our own message! Some interesting concepts discussed are: -> Ways to find your message ->Deconstructing the meaning of a message This is part I of II of our two series podcast. In our next episode Tushaar shall cover the remainder of the topics i.e what to keep in mind while spreading your message, and what are the things we need to observe while we are in the process of spreading our message. We hope this podcast helps you, your friends and family. This is a quality product produced with a lot of love passion and positive energy, we do hope you feel it and are able to transmit into the immediate world around you. We from ‘The Tushaar Broadcasting Company’, wish you a very pleasant day. Cheers!
#33. Valentine’s Day Special – Late Release This is a Valentine’s Day Special Podcast. It’s not released on Valentine’s Day, but love isn’t saved for a special occasion, it’s meant to be celebrated everyday! I dedicate this episode to my #1 Valentine of this world currently -YOU, my listener. And I also talk about whom I took out for a date this Valentine’s day! So tune in to listen to what you can do to make your days special for yourself and your Valentine, and I will meet you again next time! P.S – Some other podcasts of a similar nature are #31. Winning yourself over with self love  and  #27. Self Forgiveness. — You can reach out to me on any of the following social networking sites – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Pintrest – Tumblr – And you can subscribe to my podcast from all the major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, CastBox, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube. — Also please support me on Patreon, by becoming a Patron, it will really help the channel, the page and my work! Patreon – — Cheers, and I will meet you next time!
This is a Patreon Special conversation, in which Col Sonali reveals how she tackled a life or death situation. It is as exhilirating as it sounds! Signup for my Patreon Page – and receive a lot of bonus and exclusive content!   Also, if you are interested in building a website of your own, and getting involved with a community of like minded people, I would suggest you visit the website here. They have 4 courses and are offering all of them in a wired creative bundle which you can know about here. Thanks for your time and continuing support! Do remember to Rate, Review and Subscribe to my Podcast, on iTunes, Stitcher, Castbox or whichever application you are using to listen to the episodes. Tushaar
#32. Deep Diving into Fears w/ Col(Dr) Sonali Passi Verma Yes, it’s another interview-slash-conversation! I think this week is interview week because I have another great one coming your way! Col Sonali is a second generation paratrooper in the Indian Army. She is the third lady doctor to become a maroon beret and the first lady skydiver of the Indian Army. She is an alumnus of AFMC though she started out from MAMC Delhi.  After 23 years in the Armed Forces, currently she is working in the policy making section of MoD  (Ministry of Defence) and motivates young Doctors to join the Armed Forces as a profession. We have this INTERESTING podcast about sky diving and FEARS! Yes, we choose to conquer them, starting today! In today’s podcast we cover: ->The fears one faces in sky diving ->This first (of the three) steps to conquering any fear (50% of the job) ->We cover the other two steps too! Parachute free fall ->Why Col Sonali chose to fly ->The one thing her instructors always reminded her before her flight ->The fear she still faces before each sky dive ->What sky diving feels like, and the best of all ->Why you should sky dive! She says, she hopes to meet you all in the club, of sky divers someday. Till then, take care and conquer your fears. NOTE: Before hearing the podcast, think of a possible fear you want to overcome. You will already be walking into this with a lot of progress. Hope you take the time out to give me an honest rating and review: iTunes: Spotify: Castbox: h
In this episode I talk about the ways in which I realize I am undergoing stress, how my body reacts and plays out to the stress I contain, and finally how I choose to focus on the certain small things I am doing right rather than the 100 thousand things I feel I am doing wrong/not living up to my standards to. The post #31. Winning yourself over with self love appeared first on The Good Vibes Podcast.
In this conversation podcast with Aayush, we hear his journey of choosing introvertism as a personality trait and see understand his coping mechanisms in such a loud world. The post #29. Introvertism w/ Aayush Ray Chaudhuri appeared first on The Good Vibes Podcast.
#28. Impatience

#28. Impatience


This podcast covers the topic of impatience; of why we miss out on life's valuable lessons, and how we can be more mindful to the life around us and experience more of it! The post #28. Impatience appeared first on The Good Vibes Podcast.
#27. Self Forgiveness

#27. Self Forgiveness


This episode deals with the positive side affects of healing yourself from the within. The post #27. Self Forgiveness appeared first on The Good Vibes Podcast. RadioPublic –!eda41
This podcast gives you effective ways of bringing in the passion your life! It's a must hear!! The post #26. Bringing in the passion appeared first on The Good Vibes Podcast.
This is the second podcast with my mother, Madhu Parthasarathy. In this podcast, we discuss the various ways we can deal with disagreements, and all the insights we gain from them! The post #25. Dealing with Disagreements, a podcast with Madhu Parthasarathy appeared first on The Good Vibes Podcast.
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