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Considering the poor in spirit.
Beginning with the Beatitudes but ending with gender rolls. How did we get there from here?
What does it mean to be poor in spirit?
What are the Beatitudes?
Continuing the thought of teaching men to serve in Christian ministry.
Today's message deals with the subjecting of teaching.
Today we'll consider the preacher of this great sermon, the Lord Jesus Christ as the King preparing his subjects for the kingdom.
Today we're going to look at the recipients of this great sermon.
There are doctrinal questions that need to be answered, and today we'll consider these questions from a Bible perspective and not from a religious one.
Ep 122 Redemption pt.1

Ep 122 Redemption pt.1


Ep 119 Propitiation

Ep 119 Propitiation


PLEASE STAY TUNED: Preaching Starts @ 6:00 am
Today we are discussing Reconciliation pt.2 continuing our series on the Beauties of Salvation and discussing some of its main doctrines. Listen live @
Today we'll be concluding our sermon on the subject of Justification in our series on Salvation
Continuing our series on The Beauties of Salvation we now are focusing on the facet of Justification
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