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The Grawlix Saves The World

Author: The Grawlix (Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, Andrew Orvedahl)

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The Grawlix Saves The World is a podcast from comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl. Collectively known as The Grawlix, the comedy trio is best known for creating and starring in the television sitcom "Those Who Can’t." This podcast finds its hosts trying to improve their own lives, and by extension, the world at large. Each episode presents a challenge for them to overcome—like taking a break from social media, trying online dating, taking a jiu jitsu class, and more. Each hour-long episode also includes standup comedy clips from the group’s acclaimed live monthly show, featuring national touring comedians such as David Gborie, Debra DiGiovanni, Dave Ross, Eliza Skinner, and many more. A proud part of Sklarbro Country on the Starburns Audio Network.

5 Episodes
The pressure is on as Ben, Adam, and Andrew attempt to share stories of adolescent heartbreak without saying the words "like" or "um," thus sounding more literate and intelligent. And what's there to make sure they do just that? A trusty spatula from Andrew's kitchen—if any member of the Grawlix slips up, the other members get to hit them on the hand as hard as they can, like a schoolmarm in some terrifying British movie. Want to sound smarter? Get ready for a little pain.  Featuring standup clips from Miriam Moreno and Mat Alano-Martin!
In an attempt to get him back out there on the playing field, Ben and Adam write an online dating profile for Andrew. Meanwhile, Andrew challenges Ben and Adam to improve their own love lives by taking their respective wives out on dates of Andrew's design. Love is in the air. Featuring standup clips from Nick Vatterott and Lizzy Cooperman! Visit our Patreon page for outtakes and bonus goodies from this episode and more.
You know those restaurants that you've driven by a million times? The ones that have all but blurred into the wallpaper of your morning commute? Establishments that you hardly even notice anymore except to maybe wonder, "How does that place stay open? Who in their right mind actually eats there?" The answer to that question is the Grawlix. The Grawlix eat there. In this episode anyway, as a way to escape their usual routines. The results are...surprising. Featuring standup comedy clips from Debra DiGiovanni and our own Adam Cayton-Holland. Enjoy!
For the inaugural episode of "The Grawlix Saves the World," Ben, Adam and Andrew attempt to better themselves—and thus the world around them—by taking a break from social media for a week. Will the break render them irrelevant? Will they sanctimoniously feel like they're better than everyone else for doing it? Will Ben realize he has the social media addiction of a petulant tween? All will be revealed. Featuring standup comedy clips from Mo Welch and Dave Ross!
Meet Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Andrew Orvedahl, a.k.a. the Grawlix, a.k.a. the creators and stars of the cult-comedy favorite "Those Who Can't," a.k.a. the hosts of your new favorite podcast—The Grawlix Saves the World! In this very-special teaser episode, we'll give you a first taste of our podcast for free, but after that, well, we'll just keep giving you more tastes for free from wherever you download podcasts. We're shitty drug dealers. But we're great podcasters! So, welcome! It's great to meet you! Boy howdy, we're glad you're here!
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