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The Green Heart Of York Podcast - Brought to you by St Nicks.

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This episode of the Green Heart of York podcast is about careers, whether that's in the charity or the environmental sector, and thoughts about entry into the sectors, as well as the benefits, the challenges, movement between sectors, and some of the realities that are involved every single day. Guest speakers:Ellie Stead, CEO, St NicksEmma Williams, VCSE SectorHarrison Green, Trustee, St NicksMaeve Milliken, Green Corridors Trainee, St Nicks
If you don't know what a green corridor is, let alone an urban green corridor, then today's podcast is definitely for you. You can expect to have a much clearer idea of what's involved, how you can get engaged, or learn and do more in relation to urban green corridors. Today's podcast is about urban green corridors in York. What are green corridors? What does the urban element entail? And how working and volunteering within urban green corridors can support positive outcomes for climate chang...
The Green Heart Of York Podcast - Brought to you by St Nicks.This session will provide some really interesting insight about being outdoors, different types of activities and how movement and mindfulness in nature can positive enhance your life. We’ve shared lots of ideas today on how to connect to nature, the benefits of connecting to nature and what we do to connect to nature. Have a think about them and see what you can do to connect to nature. It doesn’t have to be in a big or dramatic wa...