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The Guardian's Audio Long Reads podcasts are a selection of the  Guardian’s long read articles which are published in the paper and online. It gives you the opportunity to get on with your day whilst listening to some of the finest journalism the Guardian has to offer: in-depth writing from around the world on immigration, crime, business, the arts and much more.
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AI and brain-scanning technology could soon make it possible to reliably detect when people are lying. But do we really want to know? By Amit Katwala. Help support our independent journalism at
Social media was supposed to liberate us, but for many people it has proved addictive, punishing and toxic. What keeps us hooked? By Richard Seymour. Help support our independent journalism at
People often complain that English is deteriorating under the influence of new technology, adolescent fads and loose grammar. Why does this nonsensical belief persist? By David Shariatmadari. Help support our independent journalism at
Thanks to his clever use of social media, he was dubbed the first prime minister of the Instagram age – but after four years in power, cracks in his image have started to show. By Ashifa Kassam. Help support our independent journalism at
The warmer it gets, the more we use air conditioning. The more we use air conditioning, the warmer it gets. Is there any way out of this trap? By Stephen Buranyi. Help support our independent journalism at
Is fair trade finished?

Is fair trade finished?


Fairtrade changed the way we shop. But major companies have started to abandon it and set up their own in-house imitations – threatening the very idea of fair trade. By Samanth Subramanian. Help support our independent journalism at
They hate Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. They no longer trust the BBC. They love civil servants, legal experts and James O’Brien. And now, consumed by the battle against Brexit, hardcore remainers are no longer the moderates. By Daniel Cohen. Help support our independent journalism at
Disaster reporting plays to set ideas about people from ‘over there’. Help support our independent journalism at
The public expects cops to pursue the bad guys. But a shocking tally of deaths has exposed how often these chases put the public at risk. Help support our independent journalism at
Eric McMillan revolutionised playground design in the 1970s. Why has the spirit of experimental play that he championed been lost?. Help support our independent journalism at
Comments (45)

Subhajit Das

The irony is I really want to share these words over Twitter.

Sep 19th

Magnus Wold

More an attack on neo-liberalism than mindfulness .. Misleading title.

Aug 22nd

Mariejose Monsalve

this well researched article is why I love The Guardian.

Jul 13th

Matt Burke

weak at best

Jul 10th

Mikey Scallywags

Why the fuck does she pronounce cocaine that way? Kahcane

Jul 1st


Interesting listen

Jun 16th

James Duke-Evans

I enjoy guardian long reads, but it sounds like the natural gaps between sentences have been chopped out. Sounds weird, off-putting.

Apr 17th

Nij Scott

Yet according to the Greenland survey, the northern ice shelf is the thickest it's been for 120 years. Who should i believe?

Jan 28th

Jenny Hill

Nij Scott what is the Greenland survey? all the data I've seen is very clear, if that helps

Jan 30th

Outdoor Express

I wish they would research how chemical names are pronounced instead of just guessing. still a very interesting podcast.

Jan 4th

Peter Chappell

4 t

Dec 25th

Shaun Edwards


Dec 17th

JJ Todilinus

except that this is false. stats show that male criminals receive 73% longer sentences for the same crimes under same conditions as the female. men and women both have more compassion toward women. it's all cosmetic - she looks more deserving of pity even when she's not. but podcasts like this just keep the lie going

Dec 9th

Mark Spooner

hhhZh. the.r

Dec 1st

Liam Horan

Fascinating story

Nov 15th

Nick Geffen

Amazing! Thanks, Guardian!

Nov 7th

Kiat Huang

Excellent. Very refreshing to hear a man who properly straddles both cultures speak about China and in such a compelling, interesting way.

Nov 2nd

Nick Geffen

A comprehensive and insightful article! Thanks so much, Guardian!

Oct 26th

Nick Geffen

Insightful and provocative! Thanks, Guardian!

Oct 22nd

Nick Geffen

Great article! Thanks, Guardians!

Oct 18th


Rubbish. The BDS Movement is supported by the Palestinian Authority and PLO. The only organisation shamed is Israel. Israel already is a Pariah State...and it has achieved this status all by itself, through its barbaric treatment of the Palestinians, the killing of Journalists, Medics and students and the jailing and torture of Palestinian Children. This was an appalling article. what has happened to the Guardian ???

Oct 12th
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