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The Audio Long Reads podcast is a selection of the  Guardian’s long reads, giving you the opportunity to get on with your day while listening to some of the finest journalism the Guardian has to offer, including in-depth writing from around the world on immigration, crime, business, the arts and much more
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The US believed the American way of life was humankind’s ultimate destiny. But unrestrained greed has led to an era of injustice and division. By Andrew Bacevich. Help support our independent journalism at
From the ‘KonMari method’ to Apple’s barely there design philosophy, we are forever being urged to declutter and simplify our lives. But does minimalism really make us any happier? By Kyle Chayka. Help support our independent journalism at
Why WeWork went wrong

Why WeWork went wrong


The office-space startup took a tumble when investors tired of its messianic CEO and lack of profits. But why were its backers – the House of Saud among them – so keen to pour billions into it in the first place? By Matthew Zeitlin. Help support our independent journalism at
Hundreds of ski resorts now stand abandoned across the Alps. But some scientists believe they have found a way to keep snow on the ground – and that it could help vulnerable communities all over the world. By Simon Parkin. Help support our independent journalism at
In our self-obsessed age, the anonymous, mysterious cave art of our ancient ancestors is exhilarating. By Barbara Ehrenreich. Help support our independent journalism at
In an era of bewildering upheaval, how will the past decade be remembered? By Andy Beckett. Help support our independent journalism at
Three years after the MP’s murder, many questions remain unanswered. By Kester Aspden. Help support our independent journalism at
Have we entered a new phase of planetary history? Human activity has transformed the Earth – but scientists are divided about whether this is really a turning point in geological history. By Nicola Davison. Help support our independent journalism at
After her son was born prematurely, Tahmima Anam thought the worst was behind her. But when he was allowed to come home two months later, a new problem emerged: he refused to eat. Help support our independent journalism at
For a century, the humble paper towel has dominated public toilets. But a new generation of hand dryers has sparked a war for loo supremacy. By Samanth Subramanian. Help support our independent journalism at
As protests against a rotten system continue, the families of 128 drowned civilians await justice. By Ghaith Abdul-Ahad. Help support our independent journalism at
These tiny pests adapt so successfully to changing conditions that they have become humankind’s deadliest predator. We might soon be able to eradicate them – but should we? By Timothy Winegard. Help support our independent journalism at
In the wake of the Brexit vote, ultra free market thinktanks have gained exceptional access to the heart of Boris Johnson’s government. By Felicity Lawrence, Rob Evans and David Pegg. Additional reporting by Caelainn Barr and Pamela Duncan. Help support our independent journalism at
It’s known for being the home of Mount Rushmore – and not much else. But thanks to its relish for deregulation, the state is fast becoming the most profitable place for the mega-wealthy to park their billions. By Oliver Bullough. Help support our independent journalism at
The great trick of online retail has been to get us to shop more and think less about how our purchases reach our homes. By Samanth Subramanian. Help support our independent journalism at
Like the big banks, big tech uses its lobbying muscle to avoid regulation, and thinks it should play by different rules. And like the banks, it could be about to wreak financial havoc on us all. By Rana Foroohar. Help support our independent journalism at
A search for the mysterious author of a counterculture classic led to someone else entirely. Or did it? By Emmanuel Carrère. Help support our independent journalism at
Navigating the roadblocks into Britain gets ever more difficult and expensive, as government hostility leaks into every transaction. By Maya Goodfellow. Help support our independent journalism at
Fri Martin’s whole life was controlled by her violent partner until she stabbed him to death. Now her lawyers are challenging her murder conviction. By Sophie Elmhirst. Help support our independent journalism at
After communism fell, the promises of western liberalism to transform central and eastern Europe were never fully realised – and now we are seeing the backlash. By Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes. Help support our independent journalism at
Comments (51)

Omid Shy

Interesting read

Jan 12th

Ali Smith


Dec 31st

Lucie Rymer

this is stupid and sexist and not engaging

Dec 5th

Sean Cody

I read this to test myself for any latent anti Islam prejudice. The author appears to suffer from an equal but opposite set of prejudices making for a long yet pointless read. Why is it so hard to hear both sides of the argument without obvious bias toward a personal conviction.

Oct 30th

Willem van Gogh

Do you remember George Bush bringing "democracy" to the middle east and the big waver on a warship stating "mission accomplished"??

Oct 19th

Richard Fisher

it is articles like this why I don't pay subscription to the Guardian. whilst I absolutely agree that there is this Islamic takeover trope in the Far Right, this author completely ignores the reality that for some muslims it is true! the Far Right didn't invent this idea of takeover by breeding and immigration, I've head imams telling their flock to do just this! Why can't you make the fair criticism of the FR and also make the fair criticism of that which some call 'Islamism'? you like to pretend that these imams and their followers don't exist, when you lose through omission like this all you do is add to the distrust and conspiracy theories of manipulation. it is backfiring, you help the FR with this islamophile apologetics.

Oct 13th

Subhajit Das

The irony is I really want to share these words over Twitter.

Sep 19th

Magnus Wold

More an attack on neo-liberalism than mindfulness .. Misleading title.

Aug 22nd

Mariejose Monsalve

this well researched article is why I love The Guardian.

Jul 13th

Matt Burke

weak at best

Jul 10th

Mikey Scallywags

Why the fuck does she pronounce cocaine that way? Kahcane

Jul 1st


Interesting listen

Jun 16th

James Duke-Evans

I enjoy guardian long reads, but it sounds like the natural gaps between sentences have been chopped out. Sounds weird, off-putting.

Apr 17th

Nij Scott

Yet according to the Greenland survey, the northern ice shelf is the thickest it's been for 120 years. Who should i believe?

Jan 28th
Reply (1)

Outdoor Express

I wish they would research how chemical names are pronounced instead of just guessing. still a very interesting podcast.

Jan 4th

Peter Chappell

4 t

Dec 25th

Shaun Edwards


Dec 17th

JJ Todilinus

except that this is false. stats show that male criminals receive 73% longer sentences for the same crimes under same conditions as the female. men and women both have more compassion toward women. it's all cosmetic - she looks more deserving of pity even when she's not. but podcasts like this just keep the lie going

Dec 9th

Mark Spooner

hhhZh. the.r

Dec 1st

Liam Horan

Fascinating story

Nov 15th
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