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The Audio Long Reads podcast is a selection of the  Guardian’s long reads, giving you the opportunity to get on with your day while listening to some of the finest journalism the Guardian has to offer, including in-depth writing from around the world on immigration, crime, business, the arts and much more
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Even before it opened, the Dome had become a byword for failure. But two decades on, it could be time for a reassessment. By Imogen West-Knights. Help support our independent journalism at
A decade ago, violent racists exploited a national crisis and entered mainstream politics in Greece. The party has since been caught up in the biggest trial of Nazis since Nuremberg, and is now crumbling – but its success remains a warning. By Daniel Trilling. Help support our independent journalism at
Threats to humanity, and how we address them, define our time. Why are we still so complacent about facing up to existential risk? By Toby Ord. Help support our independent journalism at
In our time of climate crisis and inequality, as top chefs dream less of Michelin stars and more of changing the world, the New Nordic movement is reaching beyond haute cuisine into classrooms, supermarkets and parliaments. By Kieran Morris. Help support our independent journalism at
I’ve taken part in quizzes all my life: in schools, in pubs and on TV shows, from India to the US. But the biggest secret is that curiosity, not knowledge, is the key to success. By Samanth Subramanian. Help support our independent journalism at
The end of farming?

The end of farming?


For decades, the way we farm has been degrading land and destroying wildlife. Now there’s a revolution coming – but is it going to create more problems than it solves? By Christopher de Bellaigue. Help support our independent journalism at
He is now the country’s de facto project manager, but what does he actually believe? In a bid to find out, I read (almost) everything Cummings has written in the last decade. By Stefan Collini. Help support our independent journalism at
It’s cheap, attractive and convenient, and we eat it every day – it’s difficult not to. But is ultra-processed food making us ill and driving the global obesity crisis? By Bee Wilson. Help support our independent journalism at
For decades, one company has ruled the world of tampons. But a new wave of brands has emerged, selling themselves as more ethical, more feminist and more ecological. By Sophie Elmhirst. Help support our independent journalism at
Calculating the patterns and cycles of the past could lead us to a better understanding of history. Could it also help us prevent a looming crisis? By Laura Spinney. Help support our independent journalism at
In the age of streaming and limitless choice, Magic Radio pulls in millions of listeners. What is it that keeps people coming back? By Simon Akam. Help support our independent journalism at
A GP has minutes to try to convince a person that life is worth living. It’s a challenge that brings rare rewards. By Gavin Francis. Help support our independent journalism at
For decades, US law enforcement has used ‘forensic hypnosis’ to help solve crimes – yet despite growing evidence that it is junk science, this method is still being used to send people to death row. By Ariel Ramchandani. Help support our independent journalism at
The Strava app offers community, training data and motivation to millions of athletes. Even runners who dislike tech can’t bear to be without it. By Rose George. Help support our independent journalism at
In Iceland, the harvesting of these precious feathers has created a peculiar bond between human and duck. What can this unique relationship teach us? By Edward Posnett. Help support our independent journalism at
What links an eccentric Oxford classics don, billionaire US evangelicals, and a tiny, missing fragment of an ancient manuscript? Charlotte Higgins unravels a multimillion-dollar riddle. Help support our independent journalism at
While his wife suffers in an Iranian jail, Richard Ratcliffe fights on for her release. But he fears she cannot cope for much longer. By Patrick Wintour. Help support our independent journalism at
Gene and Sandy Ralston are a married couple in their 70s, who also happen to be among North America’s leading experts at searching for the dead. By Doug Horner. Help support our independent journalism at
The story of El Salvador’s gang problem is a study in shortsighted thinking – and Donald Trump’s policies threaten to make a bad situation even worse. By William Wheeler. Help support our independent journalism at
The US believed the American way of life was humankind’s ultimate destiny. But unrestrained greed has led to an era of injustice and division. By Andrew Bacevich. Help support our independent journalism at
Comments (54)

W South

ugh ..not somewhere I'm sure I want to explore

Mar 10th


What a brilliant story about a wonderful couple. This must be one of my favourite podcasts I've heard on castbox to date. A refreshing escape from the harsh media spotlight of late.

Feb 28th


Fantastic article/episode. Very special people.

Jan 31st

Omid Shy

Interesting read

Jan 12th

Ali Smith


Dec 31st

Lucie Rymer

this is stupid and sexist and not engaging

Dec 5th

Sean Cody

I read this to test myself for any latent anti Islam prejudice. The author appears to suffer from an equal but opposite set of prejudices making for a long yet pointless read. Why is it so hard to hear both sides of the argument without obvious bias toward a personal conviction.

Oct 30th

Willem van Gogh

Do you remember George Bush bringing "democracy" to the middle east and the big waver on a warship stating "mission accomplished"??

Oct 19th

Richard Fisher

it is articles like this why I don't pay subscription to the Guardian. whilst I absolutely agree that there is this Islamic takeover trope in the Far Right, this author completely ignores the reality that for some muslims it is true! the Far Right didn't invent this idea of takeover by breeding and immigration, I've head imams telling their flock to do just this! Why can't you make the fair criticism of the FR and also make the fair criticism of that which some call 'Islamism'? you like to pretend that these imams and their followers don't exist, when you lose through omission like this all you do is add to the distrust and conspiracy theories of manipulation. it is backfiring, you help the FR with this islamophile apologetics.

Oct 13th

Subhajit Das

The irony is I really want to share these words over Twitter.

Sep 19th

Magnus Wold

More an attack on neo-liberalism than mindfulness .. Misleading title.

Aug 22nd

Mariejose Monsalve

this well researched article is why I love The Guardian.

Jul 13th

Matt Burke

weak at best

Jul 10th

Mikey Scallywags

Why the fuck does she pronounce cocaine that way? Kahcane

Jul 1st


Interesting listen

Jun 16th

James Duke-Evans

I enjoy guardian long reads, but it sounds like the natural gaps between sentences have been chopped out. Sounds weird, off-putting.

Apr 17th

Nij Scott

Yet according to the Greenland survey, the northern ice shelf is the thickest it's been for 120 years. Who should i believe?

Jan 28th
Reply (1)

Outdoor Express

I wish they would research how chemical names are pronounced instead of just guessing. still a very interesting podcast.

Jan 4th

Peter Chappell

4 t

Dec 25th

Shaun Edwards


Dec 17th
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