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The Hair Game is a series brought to you by Salon Republic and hosted by founder Eric Taylor, who, after 18 yrs in the hair game, has seen a lot of s#!@ go down. We go deep with the beauty industry's most interesting players, we educate and tell stories about the things you care about, and we get into the business side of the game so you can earn more and keep more. Also check out the video content on
114 Episodes
Styling Specialist & Cosmoprof Artistic Team member Cate "Ruby" Torrealba specializes in red carpet glam-style. As a freelancer, Cate goes into the details of what it takes to succeed in a very challenging field of hairdressing.  Find us on Instagram:    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
TONS of great advice and inspo in this Episode! Andrew & Ryan sat down in front of stylists at LookBook 2019. They discussed some great topics & questions: • How Ryan & Andrew gained an upper hand in Men’s hair & Why you should learn to do women’s hair • If you are already really good at what you do, to succeed further you have to learn something else  • Making the client the hero, not yourself • How to successfully guide a client towards a new style or what they truly want • Being yourself on social media & in person; focusing on what you do best and what you want to do • How to balance growing your clientele w/ having a life: raising prices 
Buddy Porter found success quickly in Los Angeles; he attests it to assisting, working hard, and saying yes to every opportunity. He goes over what aspects would be in his hypothetical book, 'How To Survive & Thrive as a LA stylist in 5 Years" and more: • How he got into hair; hated classroom work but fought through it - really got into hair once he hit the floor and changed people’s looks. Took to cutting but not color; moved to LA to gain experience and get away from color. • Being rep’ed by an agency: What jobs does this entail? How’s the pay? • Behind the Chair: getting to the point of doing only the clients you want  • Business tactics/advice: His pricing strategy: Client get price for life, but he raises his price each year & new clients get the current price.  • Wave the Wand: How he would change the industry • How to become successful in LA in 5 years: Assisting in LA, Client Retention, Staying professional. • His Hair Horror Story!   Find us on Instagram:    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
With 39 years experience covering the beauty industry, @modernsalon Beauty & Fashion Director Maggie Mulhern @modernmaggie1 has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience regarding hair.⁠ This has led to her judging countless hair competitions, so we had her dive into the key aspects you need to know when entering. She gives tips for the photos/competitions, how the judging process works, how to find a hair model and/or photographer, and how to assemble a team.⁠ She also gives her thoughts on how social media has changed the industry and how it has helped women achieve greater success.⁠ Find us on Instagram:    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
Charlie Gray is the International Creative Director of Menspire, a men's hair salon and educational academy based in London. He explains the mission of the company and how his desire to become an educator has shaped his path, as well as: The story of Menspire and approaching it as a movement Advice for younger stylists: hard work and patience brings the opportunities What will make their Menspire brand endure over 50 years?  Social Media downsides: cyber-bullying and the fake perceptions of hairdressers and educators The lack of detail and discipline in the industry: the training isn’t good enough in men’s hair - still teaching the same things from 50-60 years ago. The disconnect between hairdressers and barbers   His Hair Horror Stories! Find us on Instagram:    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
We took some choice clips from episodes 21 through 30 and put them together for a look back. This episode is packed full of valuable info & insights regarding your salon business, social media, & the beauty industry.  Ep. 22 - Achieving a high level of service in your client's experience with @sugarskulls Ep. 23 - Tips and advice on educating on the large stage and gaining celebrity clients w/ @tedgibson and @jasonbacke Ep. 26 - Journey from bartender to salon owner and challenges of running a salon w/ @bescene Ep. 27 - Strategies on renting out your salon studio and/or chair for supplemental income Ep. 28 - @philipwolffhair describes the difference between east and west coasts and what experience and work is needed to get to where he is today Ep. 29 (and 30) A discussion about meditation for hairstylists and how it can help you behind the chair. Ep 30 is a guided meditation session for stylists.   Find us on Instagram:    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
Sofie Pok began her career cutting women's hair, but soon realized she wanted to focus on men's cuts. Carving out a successful piece of the barbering pie, however, was a major challenge. In a male-dominated industry, Sofie had to prove herself time and again. She admits to us that she still does to this day, even after all of her success. She also discusses her challenges with public speaking and what she wishes for the barbering industry and community. Find us on Instagram:   
Why do young stylists want to be influencers rather than educators? International Educator Ricardo Santiago discusses the role that Hair Influencers are playing in the industry and some of the issues associated with it. He also tells us the biggest mistakes hairdressers are making, gives us career advice for the next generation of stylists, and the challenges of balancing your work and personal life. Find us on Instagram:   
International Educator and salon owner Kelly O' Leary embraces her quirky and off-the-cuff personality. She discusses with Eric the importance of authenticity, as well as the physical and emotional challenges of hairdressing and running a salon. Find us on Instagram:  
Rickey Zito speaks to Eric about his horrific motorcycle accident that left him in a coma for 7 days, in addition to fracturing vertebrae and collapsing his vocal chords. He explains how he has come back from this with a new outlook on his life and career going forward.    Find us on Instagram:  
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