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This episode shines a spotlight on the often unsung heroes of the practice — office managers. We sit down with Heather Colicchio, Founder & President of the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM), to explore the crucial role office managers play in keeping the workplace running smoothly, as well as the positive impact of awards and recognition in staff retention and development. We also discuss how elevating the workplace experience for office managers impacts the entire team, and your business bottom line.
Known for her fun and informative approach to dental hygiene, Whitney shares practical advice and personal stories about helping people overcome dental anxieties. We discuss the need for understanding patient fears, willingness to accommodate patient needs, and more. Listen in to find out how to help your people bust through their dental worries.
We sit down with Corina Layton, a dental hygienist and TikTok star who has amassed over 2.4 million followers with her educational and entertaining videos about oral health​. Corina noticed a significant lack of dental knowledge in the general population, so her videos aim to fill this gap as well as serve as a resource for others within the industry. Listen in as we discuss navigating the challenges and rewards of working in the dental industry, and knowing your worth specifically as a hygienist.
As a dental practice consultant who has helped over 500 doctors start, buy, and grow their practices, Michael Dinsio has some valuable advice for those thinking about heading into practice ownership. Listen as he shares tips from advising thousands of clients on best practices for navigating the often-complex process of launching a new practice or purchasing an existing clinic, and to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of each approach.
Opening Yazdani Dental in 2001 and running it ever since has given Dr. Yazdani plenty of experience in dealing with people. In this episode, he discusses his philosophy of prioritizing people over profit in his practice, and delves into his approach in hiring the right people in the first place. He also touches on how office technology can aid in the overall patient experience, and highlights other aspects of his practice that elevate patient care.
Award-winning dentist, Dr. Gary Cash, has worked with his community, the US News & World Report Medical Review Board, his local Police Department, the board of Manos De Cristo and much more. With so much experience working with people, he talks about creating a community within your practice, improving communication and why creating a unified team that works together seamlessly toward a shared vision impacts everything else you’re trying to accomplish.
With Dr. Bilal Beckles and Darryl Jackson back for another fun-filled episode, they dive into the world of diversity within dentistry. They discuss first-hand experiences and how they've dealt with each of them, as well as how to cultivate an inclusive environment, advantages of fostering diveristy, and how to break the mold in dentistry.
Get ready to laugh and learn with Dr. Bilal Beckles and Darryl Jackson as they discuss the world of dentistry. From frat brothers to business partners, these two know how to work in sync and show us that being a professional can be fun too. We explore the impact of creativity within dentistry, the need for relieving stress within a practice, and how to connect with patients and the community.
In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Matt Nejad to learn his secrets for running a successful fee-for-service practice. He shares his experience starting his own practice right out of graduation and how focusing on Biomimetic and Esthetic dentistry helped him become a leader in the industry. Listen in as we learn from his experience as a USC faculty member and key opinion leader in the dental industry.
In this episode, we have the pleasure of talking with with Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, the lead periodontist and owner of MR Aesthetics — a dental practice in Beverly Hills. Dr. Rashti shares her story of success and how she overcame obstacles to establish herself, her innovative approach to patient care and how she has applied creative solutions to overcome obstacles in her career. And with 80% of people indicating they are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences, she shares valuable insights on how to create an environment among staff that is focused on a personalized patient experience.
As a coach of high-performing dental teams for more than 30 years, Melinda Heryford knows how to develop systems that drastically improve their productivity. And since 86% of employees cite ineffective communication as a major reason for failure in the workplace, she discusses what employees/practices can do to improve communication and ultimately boost productivity.
As the hosts of their Youtube Channel, Between Two Teeth, Drs. Stephanie R. Ganter and Robert G. McNeill navigate their lives with no filter. We bring them on the show to discuss how to be yourself in both a personal and professional setting, and how authenticity actually improves your bottom line.
With 20 years of dental experience and involvement as a coach, Dr. Hazel Glasper knows how to build and elevate a practice, step-by-step. In this episode we dive into some of the biggest challenges facing dental professionals, how to overcome these challenges, and how to elevate your practice so that both you and your patients can see that dentistry is dope.
As a trained sommelier, Ryan Vet is used to identifying the perfect pairing — but that skill doesn't stop outside the world of wine. As a serial entrepreneur, investor and business leader, Ryan knows what it takes hire the right team for your office. In this episode, he shares tips on navigating the staffing crisis, best practices for hiring, and how to build enough trust with your team to retain them.
If anyone knows how to balance multiple responsibilities and manage a stressful workload, it's Lorie Streeter. As the Vice President of AADOM, a musician/song-writer AND a certified therapeutic coach, Lorie has learned how to effectively manage everything placed on her shoulders. Recognized as one of the top 25 women in dentistry by Dental Product Reports Magazine, she shares expert advice on how you can reduce your stress and better manage your workload in the dental field.
With happy employees being 12% more productive, Dr. Lori Trost discusses the benefits of a happy practice. She talks about what makes a happy workplace environment, finding balance between pleasing employees/patients and touches on wins and fails from her own dental experience.
Dental Geek Arden Jolley joins the show to discuss the importance of keeping team members happy through good communication and by engaging them in the right way. With special expertise in practice management, she shares a wealth of tips applicable to any staff position.
As a dentist AND a professional race car driver, Dr. Snyder knows a thing or two about functioning well at high speeds. We dive into the importance of reviews, word of mouth and a variety of other marketing tactics that impact the people both inside & outside of your practice — so you can quickly improve your own efforts.



Behind every successful dental practice is a unique way of doing things. Meet the dentists, office managers, staff and specialists who know how it's done and take a page out of their playbook to create & maintain a happy practice.
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