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Welcome to the Hawk Vision Podcast Your host Chuck Hawkins Jr will bring you interviews and talks from some of social media's most influential game changing entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Rather it be in the arena of love or money, we can all learn from someone that has successfully gone before us. Where Vision, Work Ethic and Belief come together!#HawkVision#HawkVisionPodcast
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Support This ShowTerry Griffin is one of the leading voices in the entrepreneurship space. With thousands of online followers as well as a trusted inner circle of business owners, his influence, energy and impact are undeniable. As a content creation coach and event space host, Terry understands the power of belief and investing in himself. In this episode we discuss the process of creating a long-lasting network for success, the importance of affirmations and the specific steps that Terry uses to create online content that he can leverage into income. If you’re a new business owner, or want to take your current business to the next level, YOU MUST BUILD YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM and this episode will help you do that.Guest Site: Social: Site: Social: #EventSpaceHack#ContentCreationCoach#BlackShowHost#BusinessCoach#BusinessNetwork#SuccessTips#BusinessAdvice#InteviewSession#HawkVisionPresents#VisionariesOnly#BayAreaBusiness
Support The Show HereCatalina Restrepo is one of Miami’s top real estate investors. After a successful career in property management, she realized that there was life changing wealth that was being left on the table. She decided to get started in the industry and has never looked back. Catalina now holds real estate certifications in 14 nations and has amassed a multi-million dollar portfolio. Her “HOUSE HACKING LIKE AN INVESTOR” course is has helped thousands of people begin their journey of building wealth leveraging multi family properties. Having been mentored by Grant and Elena Cardone, she knows what it takes to 10x her efforts. In this episode, Catalina shares tips about the industry and mindset necessary to make real estate…REAL. Guest Site: Social: Site: Social:
Support The ShowAngela Henderson is one of the most powerful, unapologetically successful entrepreneurs and business coaches that I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. Hailing from Australia, she has spent the better part of 11 years doing the work to strengthen her skills, find her genuine value propositions, and then streamline those offerings to help teach women all over the world how to G.R.O.W. their own businesses. With a goal of helping an additional 2500 women over the next few years, Angela’s tireless commitment to systems, and evolving/expanding her offerings will be the reason that she will soon be a household name. Her Australian based coaching business has been recognized multiple high-visibility outlets, and it is truly an honor to bring this visionary to you.  Guest Site: Social: Site: Social:
Dr. Monica Cox is not only a visionary, but she is a legend in the making. As a tenured professor, staunch diversity advocate and entrepreneur, she is no stranger to the hard work required to earn her seat at the table. After renewed attention to diversity in the academic and corporate spaces, Dr. Monica Cox’s viral tweet has positioned herself on the front lines of the fight for actionable plans, and measurable results as she demands that we “STOP PLAYING DIVERSITY”. In this interview, the phenom speaks transparently about the struggles to hold the powers that be accountable to the diversity speech that they market, the stigma of self-policing in the workplace and SO MUCH MORE.  Support the showGuest Site: Social: Site: Social: 
Andrea Haynes is more than just a 7-figure businesswoman. She is best known perhaps for her tremendous success within the direct sales industry and her work with domestic violence survivors through her “Haynes Healing of Hearts”  non profit. She has toured and been a featured teacher and motivational speaker all over the world, but before all of the fame, fortune and luxury lifestyle, her life was completely different.  In her new book “WIRED SHUT”, Andrea discusses her personal process of living through a physically abusive relationship. More importantly, through her new book, she is helping others to identify the signs of abuse, and the thought process of both the abused and the abuser. The life skills, success tips, and survival tactics taught in this episode will simply save lives. This episode is for you!  Show Suport: Site: Social: Site: Social: #AndreaHaynes#WiredShut#NewAuthor#DirectSalesLeadership#TraumaHealing#LifeStrategist
Having the opportunity to interview Michael Nelms, owner of KEEP TRUCKING TRANSPORTATIONis the very reason that this podcast was launched. He is an entrepreneur with a track record of success that has focused his last several years on not only learning everything about the inner workings of the trucking industry, but also teaching others how to launch profitable businesses within the industry. When it comes to consulting, training, and industry knowledge, it doesn’t get much better than this gentleman. He is helping to bridge the gap and build meaningful wealth for families across the country. During this interview, Mike discusses his passion for helping others, his dedication and commitment to building a legacy for his daughter, and so much more. If you’re thinking about learning the trucking industry or want to hear what a full-time entrepreneur has to say about success, this interview is for you! Support The Show - A cup of coffeeGuest Site: Keep Trucking TransportationGuest Social: Mike Nelms IGHost Site: Hawk Vision OnlineHost Social: Hawk Vision IG#MikeNelms#ChuckHawkins#HowToLaunchATruckingBusiness#VisionariesOnly#BlackOwnedPodcast#TipsOnEntrepreneurship#TruckingFleet#HowToWinFleetTrucking
DB Bedford is one of the leading voices in the emotional intelligence space. Having worked with multiple healthcare organizations, colleges and more, DB is helping individuals and professionals nationwide understand how to not only get in touch with their emotions, but to also understand how their controlled reaction can affect more than the moment they find themselves in. He has been able to leverage his story of a second chance at life into a blueprint of how to manage your everyday life when emotions are high, and logic is low. DB Bedford is a successful author, entrepreneur, and this week’s visionary! If you re”, this episode is for you! #DBBedford#ChuckHawkins#EmotionalIntelligence#BlackOwnership#YouTubePodcast#InterviewSeries#SmallBusinessAdvice#BlackBusinessOwnerBuy The Host A Coffee: To Launch Your Own Podcast? Guest Site: Social: Site: Social:
Dr. Aja Murphy is a board-certified family medicine physician that has worked in the traditional hospital setting for several years. After working in the corporate healthcare setting, Dr. Murphy was led to focus her expertise on the nutritional foundation of her patients. Now, she is the visionary founder of “THE HEALTH HIVE AZ”, an IV therapy business that specializes in unique vitamin combinations designed to help her clients reduces stress and inflammation while also replenishing the body of essential vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants. This interview is not only a lesson on entrepreneurship, but also a testament to remaining true to yourself in the process of building a business.  Guest Site: Social: Site: Social: #DrAjaMurphy#ChuckHawkins#BlackOwnership#Entrepreneurship#SmallBusinessAdvice#IVTHERAPY#ReviveHiveAZ
Ian Peterman helps entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life. Over the past several years, the CEO of the Peterman Design Firm has helped dream chasers and entrepreneurs all over the world take their ideas and turn them into tangible products. What may be more impressive is that his firm doesn’t stop there, they also help with branding and marketing your newly patented prototype to help you make money. In this interview, Ian walks us through exactly what it takes for your product to go from concept to purchased and all of his unique experiences that have allowed him to become a trusted resource in this space. If you’re an innovator, this episode is for you. Guest Site: Social: Site: Social:
Coach Tanya Smith is among the best in class when it comes to helping her clients GET NOTICED WITH VIDEO.  With over 10 years of experience in the audio and video space, Tanya has established herself as a trusted authority while coaching individuals and companies towards increased viewership and engagement. With over 15 thousand followers, Tanya has mastered the messaging necessary to help people overcome the 4 main fears most people have with being found on video. In this interview, among other successful tips for entrepreneurs, Tanya guides us through her “ASK, ASSIGN, AUTOMATE” strategies to ensure that she and her clients are focused on income driven tasks. There is no shortage of cheat codes and success tips within this conversation on success. TUNE IN NOW to learn how you can get noticed with video! Guest Site: Tanya Smith OnlineGuest Social: Tanya Smith FBHost Site: HawkVision OnlineHost Social: HawkVision FB #GetNoticedWithVideo#TanyaSmith#ChuckHawkins#InterviewEntrepreneurs#VideoTips#BlackOwnership
The written word is one of the most powerful things in the world and this weeks guest Mbinguni aka Celestial Holmes truly understands that power. With her new book “Looking For Hope” Mbinguni is telling a coming of age story that speaks to the plight of many in the culture. She embodies everything that we speak about here on the show, her commitment to excellence, vision and ability to tell stories has already garnered major attention and countless positive reviews. She is a writer with years of experience that is taking the leap to create a masterpiece. Celestial is no stranger to the creative space and this is only the beginning of a best selling career. Guest Site: Mbinguni OnlineGuest Social: Mbinguni on FBHost Site: HawkVision OnlineHost Social: HawkVision on FB #BlackAuthor#Mbinguni#VisionariesOnly#ChuckHawkins #NewBlackAuthor#InterviewSessions#EntrepreneurshipInterviews#SuccessTips
Blake Stanton is the CEO and Co-founder of Quiktract an app that allows users to (among other things) connect and create legally binding agreements in a minute or less ON THEIR OWN TERMS, as well as create and send invoicing so that you can get paid on time and be profitable. With a focus early entrepreneurs, and gig workers, Quiktract has positioned itself as an emerging leader, and go to platform for collaborators to connect. In this interview, you’ll find out what it takes to launch an app effectively, how silicon valley works, and most importantly you will have a new resource in your arsenal to run your business more efficiently. Blake gave tremendous insights into his role as a CEO, the motivating factors to his success, and the future of tech.#BlakeStanton#QuikTract#GigWork#SuccessTips#HawkVision#ChuckHawkins#BlackInTech Guest Site: Social: Host Site: Social:
This week’s visionary, Monique Malcolm is an extremely successful business coach that helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs grow their income. As you’ll hear in this episode, Monique’s refreshing approach to help business owners is a potent, yet sweet mix of life experience, listening and fog removal. Rather you’re working a 9-5 and launching your own business, or you’re fully engulfed as a veteran entrepreneur, there are several hurdles mental and physical barriers to our success. Monique teaches how to Pimp Your Brilliance. Her formulas to create actual/functional revenue strategies are second to none, and in this episode, she shares several actionable steps to help you find the yellow brick road to success.  Guest Site: Pimp Your BrillianceGuest Social: Monique Malcolm FBHost Site: HawkVision OnlineHost Social: HawkVision YouTube #MoniqueMalcolm#ChuckHawkins#PimpYourBrilliance#BusinessCoach#BlackOwnership#BridgeToSuccess#SuccessTips#VisionariesOnly
Kimesha Janey is a certified credit expert that is teaching thousands of people all over the country how to go from BROKE TO BLACK CARD. Over the past several years, she has been seen on CBS, NBC, ABC and more. She has leveraged her experience and has emerged as one of the leading, trusted voices in how to establish business credit. She is an author, and owner of Financial Growth Strategies which is a dedicated resource to understanding, establishing and leveraging business credit into additional capital. In this episode, we discuss “The 5 C’s Of Credit”, common credit mistakes, and how to tell the difference between good and bad debt. If you’re wanting to learn how to raise your personal or business credit profile, this episode is for you.Guest Site: Kimesha Janey OnlineGuest Social: FGS Facebook Host Site: HawkVision OnlineHost Social: HawkVision Facebook#HawkVisionPresents#MeeshTheCreditPro#SaveMoney#InterviewSessions#CreditCoach#ChuckHawkins#BlackOwnership#TopShowHost
Hamza Sabree is the CEO of Global Connects LLC and an absolute visionary. After learning to secure government funding for a construction company almost 7 years ago, he has now launched his own firm which specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs land state, local and federal contracts. With hundreds of satisfied students, boasting their 5 and 6 figure contracts they’ve received from state and local governments, Hamza dedicated this episode to making sure that the listeners understand that there is a customer that literally has to spend money, and will never stop spending money, which means that you must be in the position to do business. We discussed the Global Connects bootcamp program, the synergistic atmosphere of the New Black Wall Street seemingly sprouting out of Atlanta. The GlobalLeader over-delivered in this episode. With his knowledge and energy on full 100% tilt, Hamza wants you to know that you can win at the highest levels of business, with a customer that never stops spending. Guest Site: GlobalConnects.comGuest Social: GlobalConnects on IGHost Site: HawkVisionOnlineHost Social: HawkVision on FB #GlobalConnects#WeGlobal#GovernmentContracts#SuccessTips#HawkVisionPresents#HamzaSabree#ChuckHawkins
Michelle Matthews, better known as Coach Mimi Jay embodies everything that we strive to teach and share. She has worked to establish herself as an emerging, trusted leader in the career coaching space. As an advocate for those chasing their dreams while building a business, Michelle takes a strategic, no nonsense approach to helping her clients understand the process of career change and developing the vision for their personal brand, and the rest of their corporate livelihoods. In this episode, MiMi discusses her personal inspirations, the perception of balance, and the key steps one needs to take to secure your next position… Greatness. Guest Site: Michelle Matthews OnlineGuest Social: Michelle Matthews LinkedInHost Site: HawkVision PodcastHost Social:  HawkVision YouTube#CoachMiMiJay#ChuckHawkins#HawkVisionPresents#Entrepreneurship#TopShowHost#Interviews#Motivation
Shanah Walton aka THE BITCOIN BOMBSHELL has spent the better part of the last 5 years establishing herself as one of the leading voices in the cryptocurrency space helping black women understand digital currency better and learn how to knowledgeably capitalize on the thriving opportunity. Since you can’t turn on a single screen these days without hearing about Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum to name a few, Shanah gave several tips, tricks and professional advice on how to acquire, manage and secure your crypto. After the recent rise in popularity, Shanah’s interview serves as a trusted voice in the space, and an example of diversity in the new transfer of digital wealth. Guest Site: The Bitcoin BombshellGuest Social: Bitcoin Bombshell on IGHost Site: Hawk Vision OnlineHost Social: Hawk Vision on FB#BitcoinBombshell#ShanahWalton#ChuckHawkins#DigitalCurrency#CryptoEducation#WealthTransfer#DigitalWealth#PodcastInterview#SuccessTips#BlackOwnership
Tamika Newhouse is so much more than a storyteller and a business woman. She is a visionary that has been working at all aspects of her brand for over 10 years. She has amassed countless awards, partnerships and recognition, but where her legacy is cemented lies in the fact that she has helped to publish over 300 titles through her company Delphine Productions. In this episode Tamika discusses her creative process, her approach to entrepreneurship, mentoring others, and how it feels to be celebrated as the Shonda Rhimes of publishing. This is truly a celebration of a legacy for someone that has been operating at the highest levels of success, and destined to continue her trailblazing path.  Guest Site: Meet Tamika NewhouseGuest Social: Tamika Newhouse on FBHost Site: HawkVision OnlineHost Social: HawkVision on IG #TamikaNewhouse#SuccessTips#ChuckHawkins#AAMBC#DelphinePublications#SuccessTips#BlackOwnership#ShowHost#Entrepreneurship#SuccessTips#BlackOwnedPublishing
This episode is for all of my visionary women. From the outside looking in, Himiko Sadiki has it all together. She is a multi-million dollar producing real estate agent with a thriving/engaged online community, and an accomplished entrepreneur in her own right. But just a few short years ago, she found herself in an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship fighting for her marriage and sacrificing in ways she could have never imagined. Miko could not have been more transparent in this interview, and while it’s different from our normal format that we cover, there are SO MANY GEMS around building the life that you know you deserve within this conversation that I know it will be one of our most impactful episodes.Guest Site: Cuffed And Bound BookGuest Social: HimikoOnInstagramHost Site: HawkVision SiteHost Social: HawkVision Facebook#Submission#NewAuthor#BlackAuthor#OtherSideOfHealed#CuffedAndBound#Entrepreneurship#aStoryToTell#SuccessTips#VisionariesOnly
Sharvette Mitchell is the very definition of a VISIONARY.  She has built both her radio show, and Sharvette Mitchell Productions – a services and consultant platform into highly profitable businesses. With over 13 years as an entrepreneur, Sharvette knows what it takes to start from scratch, build a recognizable brand, and adjust and implement strategies that get results. In this episode, she shares her years of experience to teach how to overcome fear, the difference between a business and a brand, and the 6 keys to building a successful platform. Guest Site: Sharvette Mitchell ProductionsGuest Social: Sharvette on IGHost Site: Hawk Vision OnlineHost Social: Hawk Vision IG#Branding#Entrepreneurship#SharvetteMitchell#ChuckHawkins#VisionaryLeadership#BlackOwnership#ShowHost#TipsOnEntrepreneurship
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