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Welcome to The Healing Heart podcast, where all healing is always a matter of the heart. The Healing Heart podcast interviews healers, spiritual leaders, and guest experts bringing you the best to be empowered, be your authentic self, and, of course, all areas of healing.

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Are you a chronic pain sufferer looking for relief through alternative methods? Have you heard the myths about Reiki and wonder if it's worth exploring? Let's debunk these misconceptions together. Myth #1: Reiki is a placebo effect. Myth #2: Only those who believe in spirituality benefit from it. Myth #3: It's not scientifically proven. But fear not, Angel Marie Monachelli, a Reiki Master and Chronic Pain Coach, will share the truth about Reiki and its potential to alleviate chronic pain. Keep watching to learn more.In this episode, you will be able to:Unravel the power of Reiki in addressing chronic pain while enhancing overall wellness.Recognize vital attributes of skilled Reiki practitioners and how to find the perfect match.Probe the diverse energy work techniques that contribute to your healing process.Attain expertise in developing and employing energy balls for peak healing performance.Comprehend empathic energy and learn efficient strategies to protect and conserve your personal energy.My special guest is Angel Marie MonachelliMeet Angel Marie Monachelli, a vibrant and compassionate Reiki Master, spiritual counselor, and eight-time international bestselling author. She's also a TV producer and host, as well as the creator of the elite Reiki Certification System. Angel Marie's passion for igniting confidence, joy, and abundance in those seeking more self-worth, courage, and freedom in their lives is truly infectious. Her journey began with her own chronic pain diagnosis, which led her to discover the profound healing power of Reiki. Get ready to be inspired by Angel Marie's transformative energy healing techniques and insights!To grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
Are you a high-achieving woman who feels unfulfilled despite your success? Have you been told to reconnect with your true self through childhood interests, only to feel frustrated and stuck? It's time to ditch the ineffective advice and join us on a journey to unlock your full potential. Learn how to overcome self-sabotage, strengthen your relationships, and rediscover your authentic self. Don't settle for a life of unfulfilled ambition - join us and start living the life you truly deserve.In this episode, you will be able to:Recognize the limitations of overachievement and cultivate a healthy sense of self-worth.Strengthen and enrich your love life by honing your communication prowess.Reestablish a connection with your true self through cherished childhood hobbies.Surmount self-destructive behavior by nurturing yourself and attending to personal needs.Develop resilence by learning and growing from your past missteps and setbacks.My special guest is Erin WoodruffIntroducing Erin Woodruff, a certified life coach, loving mom, and supportive wife who has a passion for helping high achieving women find balance in their lives. With a focus on communication, confidence, and self-discovery, Erin encourages her clients to reconnect with their childhood interests and create stronger connections with their introverted partners. Her own journey as a high achiever married to an introvert has provided her with valuable insights and experiences To grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
From a childhood plagued with self-doubt and shame to becoming a trusted coach and mentor, Abigail Luvisi's journey is nothing short of inspiring. But just when you think you know her story, an unexpected twist takes us on a whole new path. Find out what it is, and how it's made Abigail's mission even more powerful, in this unforgettable transcript.In this episode, you will be able to:Conquer doubts and fears related to imposter syndrome and banish shame shadows.Decode the six distinctive shame shadows and their effects on your life.Embrace emotional awareness and foster a deeper connection with yourself.Pinpoint attachment wounds while addressing your intrinsic needs as a human.Uncover the crucial role of vulnerability and self-acceptance in building unwavering confidence.My special guest is Abigail LuvisiMeet Abigail Luvisi, an Arizona-based Impostor Syndrome Mindset mentor who has made it her mission to help women conquer the hurdles that prevent them from thriving in life and business. Abigail's distinctive approach to unearthing and tackling the issues that keep us trapped allows her clients to move forward with confidence, knowing their worth and pursuing their dreams. With her own experiences in overcoming shame and self-doubt, Abigail brings a wealth of empathy and understanding to her work with clients, guiding them towards a more empowered and authentic life.To grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
Entrepreneur Elijah Weisbrod faces his trauma and helps others do the same, using a three-step Hendrix process to achieve lasting change and newfound freedom.Responsibility, in its healthiest, purest form, is about agency and power and freedom. - Elijah WeisbrodMy special guest is Elijah WeisbrodIntroducing Elijah Weisbrod, an emotional fitness coach who specializes in helping millennial entrepreneurs overcome negative self-talk and self-doubt. Elijah himself faced these same challenges, but through the Hendrix method, he was able to heal his own emotional blocks and trauma, ultimately transforming his life and business. Now, he's on a mission to empower others to achieve the same breakthroughs. Elijah's unique three-step process has helped numerous clients tap into their inner power, overcome their limitations, and build successful businesses that bring them joy. His empathetic and supportive approach makes him an essential ally for any entrepreneur looking to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.This is Elijah Weisbrod's story:With a newfound sense of purpose, Elijah Weisbrod went on to develop a three-step process inspired by the Hendrix, helping other entrepreneurs overcome their own emotional blocks and negative self-talk. This process involved getting current with one's emotions, getting honest about the root cause, and getting moving towards lasting change. As he began working with clients from various industries, Elijah witnessed the transformative power of this approach, allowing individuals to not only heal from their past traumas but also to reach their full potential as creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs ready to make a difference in the world.In this episode, you will be able to:Demystify Elijah's potent 3-step system for conquering negative self-belief and healing deep-seated wounds.Get acquainted with the highly-effective Hendrix method, designed to mend trauma and boost interpersonal relationships.Comprehend the importance of embracing responsibility and bravely confronting your trauma as a catalyst for profound healing.Absorb Weisbrod's pioneering techniques for effectuating permanent changes in your unconscious behavioral tendencies.Envision the endless potential of blending heartfelt passion with business acumen in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success.To connect with Elijah Email: elijah@thenocavecareer.comSocial links: grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
Just when you thought you knew the secret to unlocking your authentic voice, Susan Murphy shares an unexpected twist in her coaching method that will leave you speechless. Are you ready to uncover the hidden potential in your voice? Keep reading to find out more.In this episode, you will be able to:Learn the value of breathing techniques in optimizing vocal performance and achieving inner peace.Develop an authentic voice that reveals your true self, guided by breath-focused exercises and skilled coaching.Boost your self-assurance and communication flair with courageous and mindful speech methods.Uncover the healing and progressive elements of your voice for emotional evolution.Grasp the essence of voice healing as it benefits both the speaker and the engaged listener.My special guest is Susan MurphyMeet Susan Murphy, a dedicated voice coach with an impressive background spanning over four decades in the broadcast industry. Susan's expertise covers a range of roles, including radio news director, TV news reporter, talk show host, public television producer, college dean, and voiceover artist. Her passion now lies in helping individuals, particularly TV reporters and anchors, discover their authentic voice through breath work and coaching. Susan's methods empower her clients to find confidence in their speaking abilities and elevate their storytelling skills.To Connect with Susan: susanmurphyvosot.com grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
From fashion designer to cancer survivor to actor, this speaker's journey has been one of transformation and healing. But how did she learn to take ownership of her story and find her unique selling point? Find out in this emotionally powerful and inspiring talk, and be left wondering, what other challenges did she face along the way?You as a speaker are validating their experience, and that's really what you're looking to do. - Jackie GoddardMy special guest is Jackie GoddardIntroducing Jackie Goddard, the brilliant mind behind Power to Speak, a coaching platform that harnesses the power of storytelling to boost confidence and performance. With a rich background in fashion design and the performing arts, Jackie has spent over 25 years mastering the art of communication, both on the stage and behind the scenes. Her passion for empowering business leaders, solopreneurs, and speakers to embrace their unique stories has led to countless success stories and transformed lives by emphasizing the importance of speaking.This is Jackie Goddard's story:Jackie Goddard grew up with dreams of becoming an actor, but a dismissive careers officer sent her on a path towards fashion design. However, her world turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28, just weeks before her wedding. As she navigated the challenges of her illness, Jackie began to rediscover her passion for acting and eventually enrolled in drama school. Her journey into teaching acting led her to recognize the transformative power of storytelling, especially when people shared their personal experiences from the heart. Inspired, Jackie began helping others own their stories, ultimately realizing the importance of her own journey and the healing power of embracing one's unique experiences.To connect with Jackie:How To Impact, Influence and Inspire Your Audience, E-booklet, free download: grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
Have you been told that self-care, perspective, and gratitude are the keys to empowerment, but find that taking those steps has only left you feeling more frustrated and uncertain? Tune in to this episode to discover a transformational approach to empowerment that will help you navigate life's most challenging moments with strength and resilience.Having access to this beautiful spirit makes you feel like you've got a best friend all the time. - Deb DrummondMy special guest is Deb DrummondMeet Deb Drummond, a trailblazer in the world of holistic natural medicine with over three decades of experience. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, she has successfully taken hundreds of natural products to market and helped thousands of clients through her private practice. An accomplished keynote speaker, Deb has shared her expertise on stages across North America and internationally, captivating audiences of up to 20,000 people. Featured in Success magazine over 40 times, she has also received numerous awards and recognition in TV, radio, and media. Deb's current passion project, Project 2, focuses on empowering women worldwide, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to uplifting and inspiring others.This is Deb Drummond's story:Deb Drummond, a woman with an extraordinary gift, finds her path as an intuitive healer and psychic. At the age of eight, she had her first encounter with the divine when she saw an illuminating figure of Jesus at the end of her bed. Over time, she began to see people's guides and receive messages for them during her holistic massage sessions. These unexpected experiences initially frightened Deb, but as she grew more comfortable with her abilities, she began to help others by connecting them with their guides and angels. Her extraordinary journey led her to work with clients from all walks of life, addressing their health, relationships, and financial concerns.In this episode, you will be able to:Delve into the integration of holistic natural medicine and angelic insights for transformative healing.Get acquainted with the distinct specializations of ascended masters in offering spiritual guidance.Comprehend the value of prioritizing self-care and healing as a spiritual practitioner.Unravel the inspiring story behind Deb Drummond's Project 262 and its global impact on women's empowerment.Embrace the power of gratitude, positivity, and personal growth in reshaping your life's trajectory.Connect with Deb Here: www.debdrummond.com grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
After discovering her powerful healing abilities, J. Chatfield embarks on a journey of self-discovery and healing, while uncovering the compelling central conflict of how she attracted an incurable disease into her life.Once you are happy and you're at peace and you're seeing your results, that frees you up to follow the path of your purpose. - J. ChatfieldMy special guest is J. ChatfieldJ. Chatfield, an intuitive guide to healing, author, and teacher, is passionate about helping people find their path to healing through her grace guidance and intuitive coaching. With a unique ability to connect dots and resolve conflicts present in everyday relationships, J. Chatfield's expertise lies in transforming lives by aligning happiness, peace, and productivity. Besides her coaching sessions, she is a dedicated parent homeschooling her three children, enjoying date nights with her husband, and taking long walks in nature with her family.This is J. Chatfield's story:J. Chatfield was born into a family of healers, but soon discovered her unique gift of healing through her voice and writing. At the tender age of twelve, she became a published author, igniting a lifelong passion for writing. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with an incurable disease. J. Chatfield refused to accept this fate and decided to change her mindset, living and loving her life on purpose. This led her to uncover the root cause of her illness: the feeling of abandonment. Through a process of connecting the dots, J. Chatfield was able to heal both her body and her relationships.In this episode, you will be able to:Unravel the intricacies of addressing relationship conflicts for harmonious bonds.Dig deep to uncover the core issues hindering personal growth and success.Discover the equilibrium of happiness, peace, and productivity for a fulfilling life.Unleash the hidden potential of nature for mental clarity and holistic healing.Cultivate a purposeful existence through the power of grace and mindful guidance.Connect with J. Chatfield Here: Grace Guidance Coaching1-888-588-9295graceguidance@gmail.comfacebook: @lovingmetooInstagram: @lovingyourselftolifeYoutube: @lovingyourseltolife To grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
When Allyson Bell left her nursing career to search for meaning, she never expected to find the power of feminine energy. Through her Self Love Club, she now guides women in unlocking the potential of their feminine side to create a life that needs no escape. Join Allyson in her journey of empowerment and healing, and discover the unexpected twist that could change your life.When you're trusting in your heart and you're trusting in that guiding intuition, and you're letting it lead the way, and you're using your masculine energy as the driving force behind it. I don't have to worry if I'm on the right path or not. I just know. - Allyson BellAllyson Bell, a former registered nurse and current feminine embodiment and empowerment mentor, has dedicated her life to helping women balance their energy and find holistic well-being. As the founder and CEO of Rising Goddess Wellness, Allyson has made it her mission to teach women how to slow down, live intentionally, and integrate feminine energy into their daily routines. Through her self-love club, one-on-one clients, and self-love course, Allyson shares her wisdom and passion for nurturing both the masculine and feminine energies within, leading women to a more fulfilling and balanced life.This is Allyson Bell 's story:Allyson Bell began her journey in the world of nursing, a path she took to help and heal others. With a master's degree and nursing leadership experience under her belt, she soon realized that the healthcare system was not giving her the fulfillment and impact she desired. As she embarked on a self-love and healing journey of her own, Allyson discovered the power of feminine energy and sought to integrate it into her daily life. This led her to envision a brand-new way to make a difference in the world – by connecting with other women and sharing her message of creating a life that needs no escape. Through her Self Love Club, Allyson guides women in embracing their feminine energy through practices like dancing, expressing emotions freely, and dedicating time for rest and self-care.In this episode, you will be able to:Experience equilibrium between your feminine and masculine aspects for personal rejuvenation.Embrace self-appreciation in the pursuit of harmony between yin and yang energies.Foster environments that nurture women's emotional development and empowerment.Weave feminine energy into your everyday routine for comprehensive well-being.Cultivate intuition and conviction to enhance personal growth and equilibrium.Connect with Allyson Here: Email: info@risinggoddesswellness.comWebsite: www.risinggoddesswellness.comSocial links: grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: me on social media: more information about The Healing Heart podcast,
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Through her powerful storytelling, Desiree Lim has been able to combine her passion for filmmaking with her newfound understanding of healing, unexpectedly becoming a source of hope and inspiration for people grappling with mental health issues and life's many challenges. Join Desiree's journey as she discovers the power of healing and shares her wisdom with the world.In this episode, you will be able to: 1. Discover the impact of Tao healing on documentary filmmaking and its transformative power. 2. Learn the significance of sharing personal transformation stories for mental health support. 3. Understand the importance of unconditional service in cultivating positive energy. 4. Gain insight into how empowerment and active participation contribute to self-healing journeys. 5. Explore spiritual wisdom and support specifically tailored for the LGBTQ community through the Queerlove Light podcast.My special guest is Desiree LimDesiree Lim, an award-winning Canadian filmmaker and multilingual cultural hybrid, has been empowering audiences worldwide through her documentaries, lifestyle shows, and news segments since 1996. With a background in journalism and a passion for social activism, Desiree has used her film work as a tool for healing and transformation. After experiencing her own spiritual awakening in 2012, she found her calling as a spiritual leader and healer, training under the renowned Tao grandmaster, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. As a certified master teacher and healer, Desiree applies the Tao healing arts of Tao song and Tao calligraphy to help others heal and transform all aspects of life. She is also an active member of the LGBTQ community, leading Rainbow Light Meditation to promote mindfulness and wellness, and hosting the Queer Love Light Podcast to share spiritual wisdom and practical tools for healing and modern-day spirituality.To Connect with DesireeSocial Handles: LinkedIn: Rainbow Light Meditation: On Facebook @queerlovelight On Instagram @queerlovelight On Youtube @queerlovelight Email: To Connect with Dawna grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: https://.com/product/infinite-prosperity-system-3-steps-to-instant-money-creation/For more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
From aspiring filmmaker to Tao practitioner – Desiree Lim's journey took an unexpected twist when her biggest film project fell apart. But it was through this failure that she discovered the life-changing power of Tao healing and unlocked her innate healing powers. Now, she is on a mission to bring more healing to the world and leave an inspiring legacy of hope. Who knows what wonders she'll uncover on her path of self-discovery?I discovered that it's not necessarily what my soul really wanted me to do. They really wanted me to become a healer and use my filmmaking skills experience to tell stories of healing and actually help bring more healing to the world through spiritual healing. - Desiree LimMy special guest is Desiree LimDesiree Lim, an award-winning Canadian filmmaker and cultural hybrid, has found her calling as a Tao Hands healer after a life-changing spiritual awakening in 2012. Trained by the renowned Tao Grandmaster Dr. Jigang Shah, Desiree applies Tao healing through the arts of Tong of Tao Song and Tao Calligraphy to help others transform various aspects of their lives. Since 2017, she has been serving Vancouver's LGBTQ Community Center by leading The Healing Heart, Inc. to promote mindfulness and wellness. Additionally, Desiree hosts the Queer Love Light Podcast, a platform for sharing spiritual wisdom and practical tools for healing and modern day spirituality.This is Desiree Lim's story:Desiree Lim began her journey as a filmmaker, set on the trajectory to become an independent filmmaker, focusing on LGBTQ stories. However, her path took an unexpected turn when her biggest film project fell apart. In the midst of the chaos, she met Dr. Masajigasha, a Tao Grandmaster, and became inspired to learn about Tao healing. Desiree started training as a Tao Hands healer practitioner, unlocking her innate healing powers and understanding the transformative potential of vibrational frequencies. Her life took a new direction as she discovered her true purpose: to bring more healing to the world through spiritual healing and storytelling.undefinedThe resources mentioned in this episode are:Check out the short documentary about Senley Wong's healing journey on YouTube, which will be shared in the show notes.Watch the film Campbell Carrigue Hopeless on YouTube, which is about a woman with terminal cancer who found healing through Tao Calligraphy.Visit Dr. Master Jigang Shah's website to learn more about Tao healing and the different modalities he offers, such as Tao Hands and Tao Calligraphy.Consider attending one of Dr. Master Jigang Shah's healing events or workshops to experience Tao healing firsthand.Listen to Desiree Lim's Queer Love Light Podcast to learn more about spiritual wisdom and practical tools for healing and modern day spirituality.Explore Tao healing practices for yourself, such as Energy Foundational practices and Tao Calligraphy tracing, to strengthen your own innate healing power.If you are in the Vancouver area, consider visiting the LGBTQ Community Center where Desiree Lim leads The Healing Heart, Inc. to promote mindfulness and wellness within the community.Connect with Desiree here: Social Handles:LinkedIn: Light Meditation: Facebook @queerlovelightOn Instagram @queerlovelightOn Youtube @queerlovelight Email: queerlovelight<at>gmail.comConnect with Dawna here: grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
With a background in communication and an understanding of human emotions, Diane Konlin was able to heal herself and others through Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). Little did she know, her journey to self-healing was only the beginning of a life-changing discovery, allowing her to help her clients breakthrough their inner blocks and achieve lasting transformation.I just get excited going, I know exactly what to do. I know exactly how to help you. And as long as they want to go on the journey with me, then that's the biggest part of it. - Diane KonlinMy special guest is Diane KonlinDiane Konlin, a highly skilled Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner, has made a significant impact on the mental health healing scene. With a wealth of experience and an impressive 99% success rate, Diane specializes in helping high-profile professionals eliminate self-sabotaging thought patterns and addictions within just one to three sessions. Her expertise in neuroscience-based techniques has led her to contribute to numerous podcasts, speaking events, and publications. Diane's passion for healing was ignited during her journey in overcoming personal grief and discovering the power of the subconscious mind.This is Diane Konlin's story:Diane Konlin found Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) as a way to heal from her personal grief after the loss of her late husband. Having watched him struggle with bipolar depression and alcoholism, she sought therapy for herself, but traditional talk therapy left her unsatisfied. She discovered RTT and not only healed herself, but also learned how to heal others. Diane's innate ability to communicate and connect with people from her childhood and professional background, combined with her deep understanding of human emotions, has made her a confident and effective RTT practitioner.In this episode, you will be able to: 1. Discover the astounding impacts of Rapid Transformational Therapy on mental health recovery. 2. Uncover the secret to achieving enduring personal growth by addressing core issues. 3. Get acquainted with hypnosis as your key to unlocking the replacement of self-limiting beliefs. 4. Understand the remarkable relief RTT provides for anxiety, fears, and menopause-related concerns. 5. Empower yourself by realizing the untapped potential of making connections with your subconscious mind.The resources mentioned in this episode are:Consider rapid transformational therapy (RTT) as an effective treatment for eliminating self-sabotaging thought patterns and addictions.Reach out to Diane Konlin for a consultation and explore how RTT can help in your specific situation.Listen to Diane's podcast to learn more about her journey and how RTT has helped her and her clients.Research Marissa Peer, the founder of RTT, to understand the science behind the therapy.Look into cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neurolinguistics programming (NLP) as complementary modalities to RTT.Practice relaxation techniques to help open up your mind and allow for deeper healing.Commit to listening to personalized audio recordings provided by RTT therapists for at least four weeks to ensure lasting results.Keep track of your progress and share your success stories with others who may benefit from RTT.Stay open to the idea of permanent change and trust in the science behind rewiring your brain's neural pathways.Explore other areas of your life that may benefit from RTT, such as performance mindset, fears, and anxiety.To Connect with Diane: Contact info/ social links:https://advancedmindhealth.cadiane@advancedmindhealth.ca @advancedmindhealth grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more infor
Experience the power of bridging science and spirituality to unlock your emotional wellness with Joyful Intentions."We are not helpless victims to our genes or even to our environment. We are connected to everyone on the planet, everything on the planet, every being in the spiritual realms. And we're so much easier able to access those connections to utilize that comfort, but to also utilize that wisdom." -Cynthia HigginsCynthia Higgins, MD is a physician, spiritual life coach, online course creator, show host, and author who has over 25 years of experience in psychiatry and energy therapy. She utilizes her knowledge of medicine and divine law to assist others in reframing symptoms and life experiences.Cynthia Higgins was inspired to create a bridge between science and spirituality due to her passion for the effects of Anxiety and depression on the energy body. She shared her insight on the power of grounding, connecting to the universe and the importance of energetic hygiene. Through her teachings, she helps people to identify, manage and take responsibility for their own energy and emotions so they can find balance and harmony in their lives. Her website, Joyful, offers a free course module and clarity calls to help people bridge the gap between where they are and where they desire to be.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. How can perceptions change the expression of our DNA without changing the DNA itself?2. What is the power that most people don't know they have?3. How can we tap into collective consciousness to access wisdom and achieve abundance?Connect with Cynthia Here:Website: https://joyfulintentions.netLinkedin: grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
After a lifetime of pain from being pulled from her mother's womb, Eileen Durfee perseveres in her pursuit of health and discovers the power of coffee enema, saunas, light therapy, and ozone-infused water to restore her function and finally achieve the vibrant life she deserves."Bottom line, if you have the best widget in the world, and if you never use it, you get no benefits. So that's kind of how this snowballed into me going full-time in my health business. And I've got web stores and we ship products to like 91 countries. And I'm like, I tell people I'm in my fourth life now because I'm finally doing what I like to do."Eileen Durfee is a former nuclear engineer, auditor, trainer, land developer, home builder, and inventor with 10 patents. She is the CEO and founder of Creatrix Solutions, an innovative health specialist, and expert in spine health, reducing pain, improving overall wellness, and increasing athleticism.Eileen Durfee suffered from structural issues since she was born, causing her pain her whole life. One day, while walking in a grocery store parking lot, a car ran her over, resulting in immense pain and other health problems. She tried multiple diets and remedies, ultimately finding relief with Natural healing remedies. Through her background in engineering and research, she developed products to help others achieve better health and wellness. Now, at sixty, she feels better than ever and lives a life full of energy, pain-free.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. Uncovering the potential benefits of ozone water for boosting oxygen levels and immunity in the body.2. Using sauna therapy for reducing inflammation and pain, and living longer.3. Exploring simple lifestyle changes that can help reset the body's circadian rhythm and improve sleep.Connect with Eileen To grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
Joyceln, a wellness journeyer from Hawaii, discovers Millennium Method, an intuitive, quantum physics-based modality, to help heal her mother, herself and others, and create a Heaven on Earth."Millennium Method helps you to quantum leap and manifest what you want, but also opens you up to something even better than you could have ever imagined!"Joyceln is a certified NLP Advanced Practitioner and Trainer, performance coach, Reiki practitioner, and founder of Transcend Wellness, a platform and community dedicated to supporting spiritual and life journeys.Joyceln was raised with a holistic lifestyle in Hawaii, before embarking on an overseas modeling career. After her mother's sickness, Joyceln began searching for natural ways to help her, eventually discovering Millennial Method. This modality allowed her to help her mother while also healing her own ailments. Millennial Method is a quantum physics based modality that helps to quantum leap, manifest, and clear ancestral patterns. Joyceln now uses this modality to help others, hosting Wellness and Metaphysical Expos to bring the healing modality to the world.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. How Millennium Method helps to quantum leap the life of its users2. The mysterious power of fractals to calm and shift energy3. How creating a supportive community can help people to manifest their desired life.Connect with Jocelyn here:Jocelyn Luko-Sandstrom808-384-2934info@wellnessandmetaphysical.comwww.wellnessandmetaphysical.comConnect with Dawna Here:https://linktr-ee/dawnacampbellTo grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
Unlock the mysteries of the Universe and uncover your past lives with Gala's Akashic Record readings."It changed my life because since an early age, this forced me sort of to keep my mind open to possibilities."Dr. Andrea Lani is an aerospace engineer and computational scientist with over 20 years of experience in developing advanced computational models and software. After a life-changing encounter with a UFO in 1983, he has had countless transformational experiences involving time and space contact with spirits and interdimensional beings. He now uses Stargate meditation to access people's akashic records and heal physical and emotional trauma.Dr. Lani Part 2 had an extraordinary experience when, as an 8-year-old, they saw an object appear out of nowhere in front of them at the seaside. This experience opened their mind to the possibilities of UFOs and other cosmic phenomena and led them to a spiritual journey of understanding. While meditating in the park in 2020, they experienced a powerful vibration and the face of Sananda, the cosmic Christ, appeared to them. When they shared this experience with others, they discovered that they had the ability to open Stargates and connect to others to heal through meditation.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. Unforgettable UFO Sighting: Dr. Lani experienced a mysterious UFO sighting at the seaside with her parents that changed her life.2. Mystical Encounters: Dr. Lani has had numerous encounters with extraterrestrial beings, spirits, and cosmic energies.3. Channeling Powers: Dr. Lani has the ability to tap into her Akashic records and use her own channeling powers to heal others.To grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
When 8-year-old Dr. Lani witnesses a mysterious UFO, it sets off a journey of spiritual exploration and connection with interdimensional beings that leads to the discovery of her own remarkable powers of healing.You will learn:1. Experiencing a mysterious object in 1983 that changed the speaker's life.2. Connecting with a Montes being and having extraordinary physical and spiritual experiences.3. Learning to access spiritual healing powers through meditation and connecting with interdimensional beings.Dr. Andrea Lani is an aerospace engineer and computational scientist with a PhD from a top university in Belgium. He has had a life-changing encounter with a UFO in 1983, which led to his passion for space exploration and transformational experiences involving time and space contact with spirits and interdimensional beings. He has developed Stargate meditation, which connects meditators to a quantum portal and results in healing activations, visuals, past life memories, and Star Angelic family contact.To grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
Scott & Nancy Kiesling take their clients on an immersive, 8-day adventure therapy retreat to help them step out of their comfort zone, conquer fear, and open their hearts to a newfound, empowering present moment."Change your story and change your life. Right. Change that of, you know, I could have easily focused on the limiting beliefs of our doctors, but instead of staying in that story of that limiting belief, it was really about changing the story that I told myself."Scott and Nancy Kiesling are life and relationship coaches who use their unique adventure therapy retreats to help people overcome self doubt and fears and tap into their authenticity. After Scott's traumatic accident, they developed innovative tools and strategies to keep their relationship thriving and help others do the same.Scott & Nancy Kiesling had been running adventure therapy retreats for 20 years when an accidental explosion on a film set ended Scott's film career and led them to take their coaching deeper into themselves and their relationship. They focused on changing the story they were telling themselves and little by little, step by step, were able to use the empowering feeling of adventure to open their hearts and minds to new experiences.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. How can trauma lead to positive change and growth?2. What is the power of awareness in transforming beliefs?3. How can adventure therapy help to build an adventurous mindset?To grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
When Eva Goulette, a spiritual teacher, recovers from a traumatic brain injury, she finds her purpose in creating an ironic, one-of-a-kind summer camp that teaches children the power of the metaphysical, inspiring them to become active agents of transformation in the world.You will learn how to help your child explore the metaphysical realm and gain life skills at our Metaphysical Camp for Children."These children, as they grow up, will be changing the consciousness of the planet, having embodied that knowledge and wisdom at such a young age. I feel like Spirit Camp for Children completely shifts the way children see the world, their understanding of the world."Eva Goulette is an international bestselling author and founder of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, a company that creates metaphysical programs and products for all ages. Eva specializes in teaching children and adults the seven arts and sciences of metaphysics to empower them to take charge of their own healing.Eva Goulette has always enjoyed working with children and has had a spiritual background her entire life. After a traumatic brain injury, she received information at 3:20am every morning about ways to teach children about being made of energy and being a spirit in a human body. She started sharing this with the children of her friends and it eventually coalesced into a successful metaphysics summer camp for children. Eva has now created a teacher training program for adults to provide tools and techniques for holistic well-being and to teach them to bring the same consciousness to the planet. Through her teachings, children have become empowered to take care of themselves and adults have been able to give their inner children the experiences they never had.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. What is the "one of a kind" metaphysical summer camp for kids that Eva Goulette created?2. How can adults use the same tools and techniques as children to take control of their holistic well-being?3. What opportunities are available for those interested in becoming certified to teach Spirit Camp for Adults?Want to join the Spirit Camp? Register Here: and learn more from Eva:eva@dancingjaguarinspirations.comURL: Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:       Linked In: with me: this episode? Leave us a review and rating here: grab your bonus offer of the Infinite Prosperity System: more information about The Healing Heart podcast, additional shows, or services offered,
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