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In this episode Lisa is joined by Paul Kucharzyk, System Director of Contracting at Bronson Health.     In this episode:  Collaboration is foundational to successful cost reduction in contract management.     Every hospital needs to develop ‘’knowledge experts’’ in contracting.     Building trusted relationships helps to break down silos.     Healthcare data analytics supports cost management conversations with vendor partners.     Perfecting and prioritizing full utilization is an ongoing challenge for hospitals.     Data is a source of truth; data analysis is essential to achieve cost savings    The big win of data discipline, developing and pro-actively delivering automated reports.     The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;    Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱    Connect with Paul     
In this episode Lisa is joined by producer Adan Kovinich from The Lisa Larter Group.     In this episode:  The five proven areas for cost savings: subscription services, professional services fees, equipment repair services, med surge distribution reports, physician services.     Following the example of Truebill: finding cost savings in subscription services, beginning with hospital GPO agreements.     The unused hours for professional services fees included in vendor contracts and paid for by hospitals.     Equipment services costs agreements must be reviewed at least annually.     VIE regularly identifies a 4-6% error rate in hospital med surge contract reports.     The complex nature of outsourced physician services and Joint Venture (JV) agreements.    The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;   Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱 
In this episode Lisa is joined by Bryan Covert, Managing Director of VIE Healthcare.    In this episode:   The three biggest challenges to PPI initiatives facing healthcare organizations.    Data analysis is the key to achieving significant cost savings.     Emphasize construct, not benchmarking, to engage physicians in cost awareness.     The impact of the vendor/physician relationship on cost management.     A use case that highlights hidden construct costs.     An essential tip to help hospital prepare effectively for physician engagement.     New item creep and why it is a growing problem for hospitals.     The 3Cs of successful PPI initiatives.     Every PPI category needs to be reviewed on a quarterly basis.     The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;    Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱       
In this episode Lisa is joined by show producer Lisa Larter.     In this episode:    The impact of the tech giants on the pharmaceutical industry, welcome to   ‘’Amazon-ageddon.’’    Predicting the next tech move in healthcare disruption, the elderly and uninsured markets.     All healthcare providers can improve the services they offer.     Hospitals need to be obsessive about perfection with the patient experience.     Diagnostics services provide healthcare organization with a significant opportunity to increase revenue.     Exploring new markets – from med packs to home delivery, how hospitals can be the disruptors.   No hospital or health system should be facing the challenge of low margins.     The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;    Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱 
In this episode, Lisa is joined by show producer Lisa Larter.      In this episode:      Starting from the ground floor: a definition of zero-based budgeting.     Making the transition from traditional budgeting to zero-based budgeting.     Additional strategies to increase profitability for hospitals when they can’t increase their prices.     Analyzing your hospital budget department by department.     Advantages and disadvantages of zero-based budgeting.     Analyzing monthly and annual subscription services can identify cost savings opportunities.     An example of a committee based approach to new maintenance contracts, which led to multi-million dollar cost savings.    Overcoming decision fatigue.     The one essential question every hospital needs to answer.       The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;    Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱     
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Pandush Mitre of VIE Healthcare team.     In this episode:      Resourcing and staffing issues within hospitals are affecting strategic supply chain initiatives.     The impact of Covid on contract agreements and renewals.     Utilization analytics is a big driver for hospital cost savings.     Accurate benchmarking requires healthcare organizations to use two or three sources.     Benchmarking is not a one-time event.     Effective contract reviews require an all-inclusive approach with service matching as well as price matching.     Rising inflation is putting pressure on hospitals to increase prices.     The challenge of inflation and the impact of CPI increases on your vendor agreements.     The $200k in cost savings proposed by one pharmacy for a mid-term renewal.     Supply chain professionals are asking for vendor negotiation training.       The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;    Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱   
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Douglas Farrago of    In this episode:      A physician’s thoughts on the causes of the shortage of physicians in US healthcare.     The importance of providing a doctors’ lounge and other factors that help to improve physician retention.    How hospitals and healthcare organizations can learn from tech companies.    Physicians want to spend more time with their patients.     Why Doug launched     Every health system should have a clear physician retention strategy.     Hospitals need to be transparent around their physician retention rate.     Physicians need to feel valued - and the unusual ‘’BCR’’ strategy.     How bureaucratic ‘’baggage’’ affects hospitals and healthcare organizations.      The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;    Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱     
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Richard Dormer of VIE Healthcare Consulting.     In this episode:    The good, the bad and the average of purchased services benchmarking.     The seven types of purchased services benchmarking.     $1 million cost savings identified by VIE for one hospital on a single RFP.     Accurate benchmarking is not possible without the line-item details from your purchased services invoices.     GPOs do not always pass on cost savings to hospitals if they negotiate them mid-term.     Benchmarking by ratio or comparison should be avoided.     The most effective purchased services benchmarking is carried out with a holistic ‘’best practice’’ approach.     Successful benchmarking is not a one-time event.       The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;      Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱     
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Jim Cagliostro of VIE Healthcare Consulting.     In this episode:    Jim’s background and nursing experience.   Redefining the patient experience goes beyond making patients happy.   Four reasons the patient experience has been overlooked by hospitals.   Every single patient interaction either helps or harms the patient experience.   Prioritizing the patient experience and creating a patient-centered culture.   The ‘’triple whammy’’ of reimbursement, smarter healthcare consumers and high deductible health plans affecting patient choice.   Communication is one of the most important pieces in the patient journey.   The patient billing experience that lasted for eight months after discharge.       The radio show is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting;    Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱   
In Episode 36 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Jeanne Hurlbert of Hurlbert Consulting. Together they explore employee wellbeing in the wake of Covid 19, and strategies to enhance and improve the mental health of your employees. As Jeanne comments: ‘’….in healthcare right now, the most obvious stressor that needs to be addressed is simply the availability of staff, and counseling to help them deal with the inescapable effects of what they're doing right now.’’ This episode is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting® which has proudly helped hospitals save $772 million since 1999. In this episode you’ll hear: Jeanne’s background, her work after Hurricane Katrina and her ‘’superpower’’; why asking the right questions in the right way makes all the difference. The clear parallels between the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the pandemic on wellbeing and mental health.  ‘’If that's the nurses and physicians in a hospital, it’s going to affect their productivity and judgement. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.’’ Three vital types of social support: instrumental, expressive, emotional. How close personal connections with co-workers can increase employee satisfaction, and why it’s vital in healthcare. Why healthcare needs out of the box innovation to respond to employee wellbeing – and why there’s no ‘’one size fits all’’ solution. Effective wellbeing strategies for healthcare organizations to support their employees. ‘’If a healthcare worker is exhausted, afraid and worried about what they're taking home to their family, they're going to be reticent to be reaching out.’’ The challenge of understaffing and the growing divide between ‘’travel’’ and ‘’local’’ nurses, plus how a defined wellbeing program helped one small hospital compete, ‘’If companies are willing to pay for counselling it’s a big deal.’’    For more resources download our Research Report Hospital Resource Guide to Post-Pandemic Recovery. Connect with Lisa: 📧 🖥 📱 Connect with Jeanne via or on 225 485 7909.
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Justin Skerbertz, ,Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Parkland Healthcare.    In this episode:   Justin’s career history, creating connections around the customer experience with outreach to over 10,000 seniors.    Adopting the patient’s perspective; why hospitals must listen to their stories, versus assume them.   How setting expectations helps to better manage the patient experience.   The mobile app that addressed the social isolation issues during pregnancy in one community.   Three ways to assess the impact of a successful campaign.  Making a business case for investment in social determinants of health (SDOH).   Why video games and healthcare are more closely aligned than we imagine.     Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱     
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Carol Turano, facilitator of VIE’s EXCITE! workshops for healthcare leaders.     In this episode:   Carol Turano’s career highlights, from college athlete to social worker, therapist and EXCITE! facilitator.   The fun of the workshop; an adjective name game that encourages collaboration and brings employees together.   A focus on positive language; encouraging people to ‘’put up’’ rather than ‘’put down’’.   How EXCITE! generates ideas for strategic initiatives focused on margin improvement and cost savings for healthcare leaders.   Three ways in which innovation happens in hospitals.   Ensuring every employee has a voice at EXCITE! workshops.   The challenge to create a virtual EXCITE! program for 2022.     Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱     
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Jason Vallee, VP of Patient Experience at Cheshire Medical Center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock   In this episode:  A single definition of the patient experience.    Mapping the patient journey from the patient’s perspective.    The JUSST model – Justice, Understanding, Security, Self-Esteem, Trust.    Press Ganey patient experience rankings and their potentially serious impact on your hospital.    Sympathy versus empathy; understanding the difference and why it matters to your patients.    The three Cs that make up the vital components of patient trust - communication, competence, contractual.    Choosing your words carefully to transform the patient experience.     Connect with Lisa: 📧 🖥 📱   Connect with Jason:
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Jim Ferch, founder and CEO of Simplify OR, to discuss streamlining OR processes, bill only management and the high cost of implants.    In this episode:    Jim’s background in lean/supply chain and healthcare.  Simplify OR’s automated implant documentation and streamlined revenue processes.  The hospital silos that lead to 23 touch points in a manual process for each implant case.  Why the OR offers hospital CFOs the greatest cost savings opportunities in 2022.  How Simplify OR ensures vendor contract compliance, patient account charging and charging compliance. The benefits of automation and the positive impact on patient care.    Connect with Lisa: 📧 🖥 📱 .
In this episode, Lisa is joined by Siva Nadarajah, the co-founder and President of JOGO Health to discuss the benefits of JOGO’s AI driven app and wearable sensors for patients with a variety of health conditions     In this episode:    Breakthrough therapeutics for chronic pain, stroke, urinary, incontinence built on a clinical proven science of neuroplasticity.   Origins of JOGO and background of Siva Nadarajah.   Patients receiving JOGO treatment show better health outcomes than patients receiving standard treatments.   Offering a new revenue stream and opportunities to enhance hospital margins.    Overcoming patient challenges with telemedicine, and the role of health coaches.   JOGO as software-as-a-service, forming a risk-based partnership with hospitals.     Connect with Lisa:  📧  🖥  📱 
In Episode 30 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Drew Lerman, Director of Finance at Southwestern Vermont Healthcare, to discuss challenges in healthcare finance and his upcoming book "It's Nobody's Money.’’ Drew comments: ‘’…the challenges I see are accounts receivable, hiring, getting people through the door and planning on living on Medicare. …you have to be a profitable organization assuming that you're only going to be paid the Medicare rates.’’   This episode is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting® which has proudly helped hospitals save $772 million since 1999.    In today’s episode you’ll hear:   Strategies for working with vendors and the importance of dialogue when you’re facing cashflow challenges. ‘’ I found it was helpful to at least keep the dialogue going. That kept the supplies coming into the hospital.’’    The challenges facing CFOs in 2022, the four combination approach, and why every hospital needs to have a Plan B and a Plan C.     The big opportunity for finance leaders: to get out of their comfort zone and build relationships. ‘’You don’t want to be called the ‘’C F No’’, you want to be able to engage people, otherwise you can fail.’’   The real reasons people gets into healthcare. Hint; It’s not all about finance.    Insights into Drew’s upcoming book, ‘’It’s Nobody’s Money’’, ‘’The bottom line is, you have to treat the money like it’s your own … that means every director, every department. … you have to get ‘’replacement’’ out of your vocabulary.’’   How your health system can benefit from a performance engineer – and how benchmarking against your own hospital can impact your bottom line.    The need to think differently, and Drew’s ultimate goal for healthcare finance, ‘’I want to make finance a non-threatening term in a healthcare organization. You don't have to run when finance people call. We're there to help you do your job. We're there to give you the tools.’’   Watch the video referred to in this episode here: Empathy, The Human Connection to Patient Care   Email Drew on  . Connect with Lisa: 📧 🖥 📱 .
In Episode 29 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Lisa Larter from The Lisa Larter Group to discuss predictions for healthcare in 2022.        As Lisa observes: ‘’ ..the protection is going to be around measuring and monitoring, capturing opportunities in real-time. No longer looking back and saying, "Oh, wow, we missed that opportunity 12 months ago…and we've had this year of overspending.. we need to do things in real-time.. that has to be a must.’’                    This episode is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting® which has proudly helped hospitals save $772 million since 1999.     In today’s episode you’ll hear:    The need for back-ups, substitutes and data analysis in hospital supply chain.    Why innovation and collaboration will be critical to success in 2022, without moving to over-reliance on GPOs. ‘’.. I love to see hospitals more self-reliant, more collaborative, maybe with a startup that wants to pivot and move into healthcare.’’    The importance of high performance healthcare contract management in the face of rising inflation, and why hospitals have to push back on vendors. ‘’.. We all need to be contributors to the success of patient care.’’    Why all hospitals need protection around measuring and monitoring to capture opportunities for cost savings in real-time.     The challenges of the ‘’great resignation’’, and why intrapreneurship will be the key to successful employee engagement in healthcare in 2022 and beyond.      How the most effective innovators focus on small, frontline driven innovations. ‘’It’s not a suggestion box, it’s a process.’’ Hint: Every hospital leader should watch Undercover Boss.     The need for hospitals to think differently in engaging strategic advisors, and the role of fractional positions. ‘’We often think about fractional positions as a fractional CFO or CMO, but you could have fractional project managers, fractional data analysts …it's thinking differently.’’    Learn more about the healthcare trends every hospital needs to know in Episode 28 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience.     We’d love your feedback and topic suggestions for future episodes of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, connect with Lisa ….    Connect with Lisa: 📧 🖥 📱 .
In Episode 28 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Lisa Larter from The Lisa Larter Group to discuss current trends in healthcare.     As Lisa observes: ‘’…in purchased services the …whole approach has been, how do we place purchased services in a box? Well, I'm here to tell you it's not easy,…because…. all your spend is on your invoices.’’   This episode is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting® which has proudly helped hospitals save $772 million since 1999.  In today’s episode you’ll hear:   The big winners who stayed focused on financial performance throughout the pandemic and saved millions of dollars ‘’…they pushed through industry norms and were okay with being uncomfortable.’’   The reasons hospitals partner with VIE Healthcare® to save money, including:    Benchmarking reveals the financial gaps they want to close.  The need to find new areas to optimize spend in their deficit. When executives need a reset on contract spend.    The warning signs that indicate a cost management issue. Hint: Unexpected vendor price increases are a challenge.     How psychology gets in the way of high performance – or to quote Tony Robbins, ‘’… they either have a strategy problem… or a psychology problem.’’    Why there is more to identifying cost savings in purchased services than categorization and ratio benchmarking. ‘’The reality is purchase services is a roll up your sleeves, , digging into 12 months of invoices. …it has to be a line item approach.   The power of a self-contracting strategy for healthcare organizations. ‘’GPO pricing may not always be the best pricing. When it comes to PPIs, high cost supplies and purchased services, hospitals will do better self-contracting.’’   Discover the technology that gives every healthcare executive access to their line item details.    The Healthcare Leadership Experience is going live on Healthcare Now Radio in 2022! Stay tuned to learn more!    Discover the benefits of launching your own hospital podcast. Listen again to Episode 27 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience.    Connect with Lisa: 📧 🖥 📱 .
In Episode 27 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Lisa Larter from The Lisa Larter Group to discuss the benefits of your hospital launching a podcast.        As Lisa observes: ‘’Podcasts are a phenomenal way for hospitals to share their message, to become educational, to have their physicians talk about their expertise or new innovations or just to get to know them.’’     This episode is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting® which has proudly helped hospitals save $772 million since 1999.       In today’s episode you’ll hear:     The compelling statistics that should convince your hospital to launch a podcast, including:     104 million have listened to a podcast in the last month. In 2021, 41% of Americans listened to podcasts every month. Podcasting has now surpassed Netflix.       The biggest reasons podcasts fail to engage their target audience. Hint: Boring content is a turn-off.     The ‘’edutaining’’ value of podcasts and why the time to start is now. ‘’Those that start now will definitely be leading the way.’’     How the SEO benefits of podcasts could help to reduce your hospital spend on paid organic search. ‘’Page search is great, but even better is coming up on the top of Google ….with a podcast that's answering the questions your patients are looking for.’’     The key things every hospital should consider when starting a podcast – and why a clear strategy is essential for success.     Why we need to make healthcare more human when it comes to podcasts – and why SEO is like stealth marketing. ‘’It can be used to create small, short-form pieces of content. It can be used to create social media posts…. audiograms… TikTok videos.’’     The importance of hashtags and the need for a memorable podcast name.     VIE Healthcare’s exciting announcement for a hospital podcast pilot – you heard it here first!     For more on marketing in healthcare, listen again to Episode 2 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience.     Contact Lisa Miller at today to be part of THLE’s pilot hospital podcast.     Connect with Lisa: 📧 🖥 📱 .
In Episode 26 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Bryan Covert from VIE Healthcare to discuss hospital supply chain and predicted trends for 2022.      As Bryan comments: ‘’Now more than ever, supply chain …needs executive support to be successful. And executives need to be paying attention and supporting supply chains so that they can work throughout the organization.’’   This episode is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting® which has proudly helped hospitals save $772 million since 1999.   In today’s episode you’ll hear: How the pandemic has shown why outsourcing, or reliance on one source to meet your supply chain requirements, is not a sustainable strategy. ‘’As everyone has heard me say, we can't have an over reliance on one aspect, one strategy. Remember, GPOs are an outsourced provider of services, so, ….their agreements, their services, they also need to be analyzed.’’ Why every hospital needs to build a strong team post-pandemic – and why healthcare leaders need to pay close attention to supply chain. Hint: The potential ROI for investment in supply chain is as high as 100-1. The key trends affecting healthcare supply chain as we move into 2022, including: High inflation. Constraints on raw materials. Difficulties in hiring.     …and why hospitals need to be aware of how vendors will use this narrative to raise their costs. ‘’A lot of the effort now is going to be around controlling costs, and finding those areas where you can lower costs.’’ The importance of spend analytics for hospitals and the cost savings available in the line-item details of your purchased services spend. Three pro-active steps supply chain leaders can take right now – and why every hospital needs to review physician subsidy agreements while revenues are lower, regardless of expiration dates. ‘’Just because collections are down, that doesn’t mean the hospital should pay more.’’ Why 2022 will see supply chain move ‘’out of the basement’’ to become a central operational pillar for every health system. For more on purchased services, listen again to Episode 25 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience.   Connect with Lisa: 📧 🖥 📱  
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