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Deep conversations about love, living from the heart, and self respect. Hosted by Kevin Crenshaw @the.heart.guy
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Today's guest is Adriana Bussi, a Certified Mindbody Life Coach and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert who was raised in an abusive household, and ended up carrying that trauma in her body without realizing it, until her mid-twenties when she finally took her health in her hands and made the SHIFT into recovery. Might sound familiar to many of you, so give this a listen as we discuss repressed childhood emotions, the fight or flight response and the Nervous System, why “just knowing about it” isn't good enough, and the inner work that finally sets you free. Our physical bodies are the barometers of our subconscious, and even believing that some of our pain can be emotional is huge – but then what we do with that knowledge is most important. It's the shift from “I have to repress my emotions to get love from my parents...or I will die.” to “It's safe. I'm safe if I express these emotions.” Find Adriana on Instagram @letsgetyourshifttogether and on her website Some other fun news: Breakup Recovery Course is 100% off AND Heart Gang registration is open!  Both can be found at
Lovebugs! Welcome to our first weekly Sunday podcast episode release with Michael Schneider – an artist with some big messages done up in all sorts of fun and lighthearted ways. We discuss creativity, vulnerability, and how artistic creation is especially important at this time. Check out Michael's work on Instagram @blcksmth & on his website – See everyone next week!
Sex, self-awareness, masculine and feminine, and societal conditioning around love.
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Wow, I don't know why, but I like it. Yeah, it's called inspired

Nov 28th
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