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The Heartbeat Podcast connects you with leaders who are dancing to the beat of their own heart and making an impact on our world.

As we dive deep into conversations about love, living life from the heart, and relationships, our mission is to empower and inspire you to follow your own heartbeat.

Hosted by Kevin Crenshaw @the.heart.guy
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381: Life updates

381: Life updates


Solo episode sharing what’s been goin on for me personally.
Interviewing couples who have been together for decades, yet are still passionately in love, Real Love Stories seeks to highlight what true love looks like, and that it is attainable - for anyone. Many people today sadly don't have an example of what a healthy intimate relationship looks like, or they simply don't believe that it's even possible. Through sharing real and raw conversation, I hope you get the insights and perspectives you need, to create the love life you desire. Never give up on Love.
Interviewing couples who have been together for decades, yet are still passionately in love, Real Love Stories seeks to highlight what true love looks like, and that it is attainable - for anyone. Many people today sadly don't have an example of what a healthy intimate relationship looks like, or they simply don't believe that it's even possible. Through sharing real and raw conversation, I hope you get the insights and perspectives you need, to create the love life you desire. Never give up on Love.
Welcome to today's episode of The Heartbeat with Sylvester McNutt III - poet, 8 time best selling author, public speaker, podcaster, course creator (+ brand new dad!!). This episode is for and about the artists, creators, authors / poets / passionate human beings! Plus of course Sylvester's super interesting journey and path - his passions and what he's great at, and how he got to where he is today. Sylvester gives some advice on how to figure out your own life path - tying in those passions, as well as what you're actually good at, and how that's different that just trying to 'do what you love'.  "Most people are at the start of their journeys. That anxiety that you feel - while I don't want to discredit it, and tell you 'it's not real, ignore it' - I don't want to say any of that because if you feel it, you feel it. I think you should acknowledge it. What I want to say is - it doesn't really matter. You know, if you feel called to do something, or if you feel like you want to do something. You feel like you want to share. You feel like you're in a bar and you see a girl, and you want to introduce yourself, you wanna ask her out, you wanna have a drink. You know, the anxiety is a normal thing. We have to learn to associate with it. As, 'hey, this is a normal feeling, but I'm still gonna try anyways. Yeah, I'm scared that this girl may reject me, I'm still gonna go over there and ask her anyway.' 'You know, I'm scared that if I put my songs out, people might not listen, I'm still gonna do it anyways, because I'm feeling called to do it.' You know? And that's what I want people to really do - ask yourself, what's more important - you paying attention to your fear, or you paying attention to what you're called to do?" "It's popular these days to say, 'love yourself, love yourself' - and it has been, right? But more important than telling someone, 'hey, love yourself..' 'How? Show me how, tell me how, give me a framework for doing that.' And essentially that's what I'm doing in the book, is trying to build a framework through my philosophies, and other's as well, and combining them together, to just deal with this framework that - it's simple, easy to understand, that can help us develop self-love." Instagram - @sylvestermcnutt Website - Check out all of Sylvester's books on Amazon! & Sylvester's podcast - Free Your Energy Podcast - If you're not part of the Heart Gang facebook group yet, check it out - Heart Gang!! We've got so many cool things going on nowadays - Tarot card pools, sound bath healings, and tons more! - if you're ready to take part in the most life-changing 3 day immersive journey.  Youtube has been super lit lately - Kevin Crenshaw - for all the goods!
Welcome to Astrology 101 for The Heartbeat and for Kevin, and maybe for some of you?! Deborah Silverman is an amazing astrologer, a deeply wise and hilarious human, and a gifted teacher. In this conversation, she reads Kevin like a book and breaks down his chart so specifically, tying that and a whole lot more to some of the basics of astrology, and beyond how it ties in to absolutely everything we do (consciously and unconsciously!) Deborah's latest book is all about the four elements, and how they tie in to our personalities. How those personalities are so uniquely individualized, and also how emotional reactions (triggers) or patterns are also specific to the types. The ultimate expression of self is to be fully, powerfully, uniquely you, in every given moment, and astrology helps with exactly that. "What astrology does, is it gives us a language to talk about personality types, and then we identify the emotional content that triggers you." "Once you realize 'wow, I have a critic over here, that's critisizing the way I look and doing a whole inventory on me and I have a futurist - which, by the way, is very helpful, but at times irritating - you turn your observer on and you go 'wow, now that you mention it...' That's what astrology does, you go, 'now that you mention that - that guy never leaves me alone!' And then I give people the key to the free will door. Like, you're gonna sit in here now, and you no longer have to be controlled because you're aware! Astrology is awareness." Visit Debra @debrasilverman_astrology on Instagram, and on her website where you can learn much more about all the topics we cover in the show, and of course way beyond that. There's some really fun and special things going on on the website, such as The Star Community Library and Online Astrology Training for those who want to really go in and dive deep (we know Kevin does, as a Pisces!!)
Today's empowering feel-good episode of The Heartbeat is with Molly Joseph, who is a woman on a mission to help people rewire their minds, habits and behaviors to step into the version of themselves they were put on this planet to be. As a self love and healing coach, Molly even offers Kevin some much-appreciated words of advice on his gut stuff! Today we really hone in on all things joy, creating your reality, the importance of staying true to yourself, feeling really good and high vibe even during the tough times, and much much more!  "Really learning how to find joy in the day-to-day, because the day-to-day is your life."  "When you're in high beta, which is what most of us are in all day every day, Monday through Friday when we're at work. It's like a little bit of fight or flight. It's like you think there's a tiger chasing you, but really you just have to get - you know - this thing onto your boss's desk by 3 pm."  "I took myself out of all the situations that were causing me stress. I stopped seeing all those doctors. Anything that was giving myself the message that there was something wrong with me, I literally stopped doing it. Anything that felt oppressive, heavy, or stressed me out, I stopped doing."  Also mentioned is The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Hanson, and Kevin's morning routine on YouTube. Find Molly and her incredible work on IG @iammollyjoseph (it's changed since we recorded the episode!), on YouTube as Molly Joseph, and on her website  Plus she's got two new courses out which are totally life-changing - "If you sign up for this, in four months you will be a completely different person. One who is so much happier, more in love with yourself, and stoked on life." Of course find Kevin at and thanks for tuning in!
Are you asking the right questions in your life? Find out today, in this episode with Bastian Gugger, who is a Coach, Intuitive Genius and Brilliant Life Guide who helps people to live Happier, more Balanced and Purpose Driven lives without constantly feeling Overwhelmed, Burned Out and Anxious. Why is asking the right questions so important? Because the questions we ask dictate the answers we get, and what we make things mean. What we make things mean has everything to do with how we feel, act, and live in the world. This is a far-spanning conversation with some of the topics being - the significance of flowing with life; journaling; the power of the mind; leaning in to life with curiosity, rather than getting mad about things unnecessarily; and perhaps most importantly - developing the hunger for answers and asking 'why?'  "'Who am I, what am I doing here, what's the purpose of all this, even?' And I realized that these questions had been there always, and I just had been ignoring them in a way, right? So while chasing the - it's this paradigm, it's this - while chasing the outside thing, you kind of forget the inside world. And that really was the moment where I realized - since everything outside was gone, and these questions still were there, that there's something inside. So I kind of discovered my inside world, and what I did out of that is like - well if these questions are still there, and always there, they might need to be answered in some way, and all I really did intuitively is take these questions and start writing about them." "Am I a priority in my life? I keep asking myself that question from time to time, because it makes sure, or I can make sure that way - 'Am I still on the path? Have I lost something on the way? Have I lost myself along the way?' Then we talk. That can happen in so many forms and ways. It's again this story of chasing something outside and forgetting who you are. Forgetting what's important to you, and it happens so fast and easily. It happens in relationships where you lose a trait of yourself, or you give yourself away. Or it happens in business, it happens everywhere." "What you really want to change is yourself and your beliefs and perceptions, and then reality switches." "Find something that you're passionate about and do it often. I think happiness and passion, these are great indicators of what brings you into a flow state." For more, find Bastian on Instagram @bearonawalk, his website and Facebook group - Flowing With Life Mentioned - Daniel Schmachtenberger -; ALSO thank you to everyone for joining in on Dark 72 live!! For leaning in to the process and actually doing the work! If you haven't done it yet, you can now go through it at your own time - check out! It's a 3 day dopamine fast, water fast, shadow work journey to reset your biochemistry and mental cognition, and take back your inner power.
Welcome to The Heartbeat everyone!! Today’s episode is with Erin Claire Jones, and it’s so divinely timed, as you will see. It’s all about the amazing system of Human Design, which is basically a blueprint on how to live your life! It’s helped Kevin tremendously - even in the time since doing this interview - and you can check out the link’s to Erin’s work to find out about your design, and dive into all her cool offerings (with a discount for you all to get your blueprint!!) Today Erin explains a lot of the aspects of Human Design, and just how tremendous it is for helping us understand ourselves, our partners, and in general the people that we relate with and how. It’s really all about how our energy works in the world, and what’s underneath our conscious responses. Especially important in this current climate, is how helpful this information is for learning about and being able to respect the differences between ourselves and other people. It’s definitely easier with an operating manual like Human Design! “All this stuff, it felt so familiar - I was like, ‘oh my god you’re like putting a language to my life experience’ and there was like.. it’s like I breathed just this extraordinary sigh of relief. I spent so much of my life trying to be so many things that I’m not, and this stranger right here is giving me the permission to be all the things that I am.” “Really knowing ourselves and honoring ourselves, and also understanding that the people around us are going to operate so so differently from us.”  Erin's website is Look up your design: & dive deep into your unique design: Use the code HEART to get 10% off your Blueprint!! Book an individual session: and check out Erin's IG @erinclairejones -- PLUS have you checked out Dark 72 yet?? When you’re listening to this, it’ll already be out in full force! It’s totally up your alley if you love self inquiry, and being your real, authentic, true self at all times (especially amidst the current madness of the world!) Check it out for a total and complete reset --
Hey Gang!! Are you ready for some major self love talk today?? This episode of The Heartbeat is with Laticia Rolle, a storyteller, designer, podcaster, business woman and all-around empowered human. We talk about what success really means, and how chasing the external doesn't truly bring that success about - but rather a fleeting emotion, which usually gets stuck in the body and leads to disease. Lots on boundaries, expansion, discovery; plus Laticia's own story and conscious mission at this time. We even discuss some fun and random things like morning and evening rituals in depth, and the "why" behind their importance.  "There's so many things that I forced, to make myself believe that I feel disciplined, or feel a type of way. But you can't force these things, they have to come organically to you, because again, this goes towards creating your authentic self. Like, working on you and discovering who you actually are." "You have to protect your energy. And there's certain things and people and spaces where you have to hold boundaries from. Healthy boundaries, and being okay with it. Being a girl that never had boundaries in the past, but having a boundary now I'm like, 'oh my gosh!' I look back at these other women that were in my life during my early 20's and I'm like, 'I thought that lady was a bitch' excuse my language! But I remember all these women that I thought were a bitch, and now looking back, they were mean or nasty - because they had boundaries. Yes! And I'll never forget when I started doing my boundaries last year, I was like 'they're not 'nasty'!' They're doing this for their own self-worth, they're doing this to hold their power. There's nothing wrong with having boundaries, and mind you - it was hard to start." "Like how you always say - you have to go through it to get to it. And for me, this interior journey, this self journey, is probably something that will probably be ongoing for the rest of my life. But it's the most crucial journey for me, and it's hard and sometimes it's scary and sometimes it's fear and sometimes it's sad, but it's so rewarding for me. So, coming up for me is just constantly kind of growing, and trying new things about myself, and expanding Girl, We Got This!" Have you joined in on Dark 72 yet?? Kevin's three day, live digital event happening August 21, 22, 23rd. If you're stressed, depressed, anxious, in a rut, or anywhere outside your zone of awesome, this will help you step up, take back your power, and go deep to uncover the last of any old stories hiding in your closet. Check out & & Of course to find Laticia go to @laticia.rolle and check out her Podcast Girl, We Got This, and her incredible hat company - Tress
Hey gang!! Welcome to another week of The Heartbeat! Today's raw and real conversation is on all things Intuition and serving your desire, plus having fun while doing it, with love and relationship coach extraordinaire Stefanos Sifandos! Dive in to what it means to give yourself what you want to manifest, having done that shadow work to get there. Allowing what has to come up (often discomfort), and making the switch to the new. The world is going through such a massive shift right now, and we're all seeing the micro and macro shadows being brought to light, with everything getting revealed and put on display.  "What do people really need right now? This is our area of expertise, this is our skill set we're in. We're in behavioral learning, we're in healing - helping people heal their lives, helping people see a version of themselves that's healthier as opposed to unhealthy. How can we create something for people that's really accessible in this difficult time, that could actually help them feel more confident, and safer in their own bodies and in their own social circles." "We're presented with circumstances that will trigger aspects of ourselves that still need healing. And if I'm in that place, you know, I can't meet that with non-judgement. Do I have to be critical and say, 'oh well I'm not good enough, I've still got more learning or growth to go'? I think that's a very egoic place to be, and that's - for me personally - and it's like, let me take a step back, and let me actually look at my life and say, 'I'm human, and it's okay to falter. It's okay to be in pain. It's okay to be critical. It's okay to still be learning.'" "How can I contribute to - not the whole world - because 7.6 billion people is a lot for the brain to fathom; just your immediate peer group, you know? Your immediate circle of friends, your community. How could you contribute in a meaningful way that adds value? And I think that's a great starting point, we don't have to go too far beyond that just now. Do your inner work, take care of your own house, and give where you can and be nice." Check out Stefanos and his amazing work that helps you figure out your journey in life, giving you insight on the inner workings of your mind, body, emotions, relationships, and way more on  On IG he is @stefanossifandos Have you checked out Dark 72 yet??
Heart Gang! Welcome to The Heartbeat, and today's super candid and alive convo with Chiara Mazzucco, who is a rebel entrepreneur with a big, bold voice, and an even bigger, bolder message. This conversation spans across many really interesting and fun topics, but when it boils down to it, is so much about living life in that big, bold way, and staying in alignment and integrity with your soul! Especially during this time of transition, evolution, and change. Kevin and Chiara talk all about inner fulfillment, navigating life in this crazy time, and the realness of being human (a joyful, loving, honest, strong, badass, magical human who navigates and lives life from the heart!) "I just realized how, I was still taking so many things for granted in my life, and how I was just getting in my own way, and making things about myself; and being scared to really, like, step into this next level of myself. And I was able to see a much bigger picture - because it was a near death experience - of all the little things that were playing out in my life. And I was like, 'oh my god, I'm the only one responsible for..for all of it!' The ego does not like that at all." "We can do the norm, we can follow societal rules, we can - you know - do what society's schooling tells us to do, or we can be be like, 'uhhhh, actually, it feels really alive and exciting to do my own thing.' And I find it just incredibly sexy. You know? It's like - I need to do my own thing! I'm here to be my own person! There are no rules!" "And you've continued to choose to love people, no matter what you've been through, with like, horrific things - you still love. And keep your heart open. And you've decided to become a warrior from this, not a victim. While still acknowledging, not bypassing, all that stuff that wasn't okay."  Find and connect with Chiara on IG @boldself and on her website, plus listen to her podcast: The Bold Standard Podcast!!
Love Bugs!! Sending you so much love and thanks for the well-wishes sent Kevin's way during these moments of change and energetic shift! Getting raw and diving deep right from the get go, you can hear all about what Kevin's process has been since leaving Los Angeles and going nomadic! Dealing with some gut stuff, doing his personal internal work, shifting with these times with ultimate trust, whilst also questioning everything that's going on (which is exactly what today's awesome conversation is about!) Abby Kneipp is today's guest here on The Heartbeat and this episode is a little bit different from our usual! Abby is a writer, a guide, and an all around amazing, tapped in, empathetic, mystical woman; helping people around the world through their own personal awakenings. She is extremely tuned in to current events, but focusing on everything from a larger, more 'spiritual' perspective, and urging folks who are awake and aware to stand up and be the change. "It was inevitable, I feel, that this was going to happen. And then it's also addressing all the social constructs, and the programming that's been happening for far too long. That, and I also believe we can't sit back and watch this unfold. I believe it's important to be active participants. To create the world that we really want to live in, and not just live but thrive in." "What's playing out in this great awakening is that, you know, people are realizing in this time that things aren't what they seem. And that they've been living this life for some time, because they've felt like they've had to live this particular lifestyle and have this particular job and do this particular thing in their life, and they don't actually want to do it! So they start to question, 'well, why am I doing this, and hang on, where did that come from? is that from society, is that from my parents, is that from the country I'm living in? that I felt like I needed to be a certain person to fit into society, to belong, where actually....' and they start to question." "Following the initiation process, right? So like, after the brush with death you can slay the tiger,  climb the mountain - you do the thing. Which, you can equate that to the inner journey of the 'dark night of the soul'. You confront yourself and conquer it - you get out on the other side. And then you 'break past the grid', if you will. You 'awaken'. Right? And then there's always a celebration, back with the tribe, to acknowledge that you just went through that." - Kevin Find Abby on Instagram @abbykneipp and Facebook - Abby Kneipp, and of course hit us to let us know what you thought of the episode! Plus of course rate / review to really help this podcast reach more Love Bugs like yourself.
Cheating, ghosting, infidelity. Radical ownership & honesty. Standing in integrity. Confronting the consequences of your actions. Evolving. Setting yourself free and trusting again. Quite a few hefty topics that we cover in today's episode with Justin Blackburn, who is a life coach, comedian, and poet, as well as the boyfriend to Giana Rackham from episode 364 of The Heartbeat, where she and Kevin discuss how Justin cheated on her! Shortly after that interview, Justin contacted Kevin to give his side of the story, which was definitely too interesting to pass up, so here we are. Lots to consider in this episode! From spiritual bypassing, to ego and how it likes to misidentify "unconditional love", all the way to the process of moving from anger to grief to eventual healing. "I do remember being very supportive to whatever she felt. Because I think when you're in the wrong, obviously if you kind of look at it like a spiritually sort of way, you know, you're kind of co-creating situations. But I like to be more human than that - because we're in a human body - so I always like to take responsibility for my mistakes first." "To know your soulmate, you have to know what's in your soul. And if you don't know what's in your soul, you're not going to find your soulmate." "And when I go deeper it's really because I want people to treat me with respect, and that's a great thing! That's a great thing that I want." Facebook - Justin Blackburn, Justin Blackburn Coaching & Positive Progressive Poet Comedian, Instagram @poetcomedianlifecoach Website - Book - Love Poems That Manifested My Soulmate
Hello and welcome, love bugs, to this beautifully in-flow convo with Aarona Lea - author, creatrix, channel, oracle, and much much more - ranging from the mystical and metaphysical, to the deeply grounded, embodied, informative. Stick around until the end, where Aarona pulls some cards from her Moon Deck and discusses how they tie in to the collective and to you - the listeners! So much wisdom in this transmission, all about true connection to ourselves and our truth inward and outward - our boundaries, creativity, spirituality, community, place in the world at this moment, our power. That feeling of self-awareness and loving ourselves so deeply through everything, especially during this important time. A lot to be said about finding medicine in the shadow, and resonance in the dissonance.  Another interesting topic we cover is 'demystifying intuition', and really mining the body for wisdom to be able live fully and truly. All the while locating and embracing the harmony within, and constantly letting go of the old to bring in the new. We definitely cover a lot of ground here! This episode is one worth listening to a few times to really soak in all the inspired information. "From our parents, who were also shaped by culture. I mean, they're just passing it on in the society that we live in. We're seeing so many truths come out now that have always been there, it's just like - some of the population was aware of it, and some wasn't. And I mean once you start to see it, it's the painful process of that - of the healing - is that you start to see your shit everywhere. Which is a good sign! That's a good sign. It's painful and it's overwhelming but you start to see it like, 'oh my gosh, this is actually happening everywhere. I'm the common denominator in this thing, how can I look at that with compassion and not more judgement, because that then perpetuates the inner critic, and that perpetuates the suffering'." Find the talented Aarona on IG @aarona.lea and her website, and support her incredible Moon Deck Oracle - & @the_moondeck
Today's episode of the Heartbeat is an extra juicy one discussing infidelity with Gianna Rackham, relationship coach extraordinaire! Diving all the way in to everything related to cheating - including Gianna's personal story of codependency, abandonment, and a return to self love by choosing healthy boundaries and living in her truth every step of the way. The current narrative in our society is one of "hating the ex that cheated on you", but is it really so black and white? How do we work through our own insecurity, to be able to show up fully for our partner, while maintaining our own boundaries and showing up fully in our truth? "In my heart I know that we are all worthy of love." "When we reject ourselves we reject others." "Hold space for your partner's feelings - be so available for their truth." Stick around until the end where Kevin delves into his own love life, and find Gianna on Instagram @giannaloveandlight, in her Facebook group - Manifest and Keep your Soulmate, as well as (check out the free quiz on what might be holding you back from finding your soulmate!) We reference the work of Esther Perel a number of times in this episode, as well as the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. Speaking of books, don't forget to join the book club!! This month we are reading The Language of emotions by Karla McLaren!
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