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Author: Roger O

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Hello and welcome to the High Mesa Mystic show, where we share stories of trials, triumphs, and transformation as we navigate times of great change. 

Topics we'll cover include: 

* Healing self & others in ways that embrace a deeper sense of our spiritual nature; 
* Creativity & bringing new paradigms to life despite volatile times; 
* Inner & outer guidance to help us gain clarity, insight, and light the way forward. 

Guests will include healers, helpers, and guides of all kinds, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs, along with experiencers, and exoconscious humans to help us expand our understanding of our place in the Universe. 

Along the way, we’ll be sure to stay grounded and connected to all that makes us human and nourishes the soul - including joy, humor, art, music, and gratitude. 

My name is Roger. I am an artist and energy worker coming to you from Taos, New Mexico. 

You can learn more about me and my practice at 

Thank you for checking out the show! 

7 Episodes
This episode marks the return of the High Mesa Mystic Show after a brief hiatus. And what a great way to get things rolling again.In this episode, you'll get to hear a bit about the personal journey and experiences that led to Rebecca's co-creation of the term Exoconsciousness. Here are a few of the topics discussed in this important and far-reaching conversation:Rebecca's role as the co-creator of Exoconsciousness and founder of the Institute for ExoconsciousnessThe importance of authen...
In today's episode, we are joined by Cynthia Cáñez coming to us from Caborca, Sonora, in the northwest of México. I met Cynthia in an exoconscious coaching group. I was looking forward to hearing more about her experiences and her journey. In this conversation, I loved hearing how she's taking all of that and weaving it into what sounds like an amazing school she has started in her community.We cover a lot of topics, including our multidimensional nature, the consciousness connection to synch...
In this episode, we chat with Timmie Boose about some of her experiences as a musician and artist living and working in places like Cleveland, Los Angeles, and now Tampa Bay. We get to learn more about two beloved characters Timmie has developed - Monster in the City and Ghost Cat. We discuss one of Timmie's biggest sales stemming from her creative life, and last but far from least - a highly unusual encounter with a succubus? And what about those gold shoes? So weird!Cover art: I Am Th...
In episode 4, we are joined by Rachel White.Rachel is known as “The Skeptical Shaman” for her inherent pragmatism and intellectual curiosity. In today’s episode, we cover a wide range of topics including: Some of the differences between empaths and shamansThe upcoming full moon in LibraThe exile we may experience on the spiritual journeyThe importance of saying what we see instead of pretending it’s not happeningIn addition to her shamanic practice and TOTEM Tarot Readings, here are...
In this episode, we are joined by Kim Brondyke. Kim is a dear friend with a passion for astrology, spirituality, healing, and truth seeking. We discuss childhood trauma, personal and collective transformation, and the role of Pluto in Aquarius in both our personal lives as well as current events. We also touch upon a common theme here on the High Mesa Mystic show - how to navigate the human experience of being an outsider that doesn't fit into the paradigm we're born into. I am very gra...
In an unplanned and unexpected turn of events, my guest this week is ChatGPT. We discuss many of the same topics I look forward to talking with other guests about as this show gets rolling.What does AI have to say to us and share with us regarding the topics of societal change, consciousness, and spiritual development?The answer to that question may surprise you.I asked the interview questions and received the answers using ChatGPT. I then used an AI text to speech service from a compan...
Hello & welcome to the first episode of the High Mesa Mystic show.This is Roger coming to you from Taos, New Mexico. In today's episode, I'll be sharing more about the vision and intentions right in here in the beginning as we get this show going... I'll cover what this podcast is about, and what types of conversations I'm looking forward to having with guests. What sorts of themes and topics you can expect to hear in many of our conversations. And what kinds of gues...