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Join me and my pals for a chat about all things history. This is an informal educational chat between me and a different pal every week on many historical topics,

Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?

Was she a German spy, an allied or British spy, The victim of a black magic ritual or just an unfortunate passer by, 77 years later and we are all still asking: Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?


Peter the Great: Former Emperor of All Russia

Peter the GreatFormer Emperor of All Russia Peter the great was known as the man who took an Inwood look at Russia and reformed it:He turned Russia into a European powerhouseHe also founded one of the greatest cities in the world – St PetersburgThese we remarkable achievements but as we look at Peter himself we see that he was also very remarkable himself


Slum Clearances

Slum clearances and changing landscape Housing has been an issue for a long time, not only in the UK, but worldwide. as old communities are destroyed, new ones spring up. the wheel keeps turning. 


Sawney Bean - Scotland’s most famous cannibal

Sawney Bean - Scotland’s most famous cannibal Join me in an overview of the 15th century cannible and his incestual family of baby Beans.


Lewis Carroll, Wonderland? The uncomfortable tale of an unusual relationship with a child named Alice Liddell.

Lewis Carroll, Wonderland? The uncomfortable tale of an unusual relationship with a child named Alice Liddell. - Was Lewis Carroll a paedophile or is he just a victim of our modern judgment of the past. I did some research & this is what I found. *Listener Caution is advised   


The French Revolution

The French Revolution.Heads were removed and the monarchy collapsed.Join me for an interesting period in French history. You can follow me on all social media platforms. Follow the following link: can listen to me on Apple, Spotify, CastBox, Podbean Vive la France.*Script 100% written by Ollie Green (me)


50p Emporium Can Do History

Who decides what gets taught? and are all things we are taught factual?  Its a long one. This is the audio from a visual recording.  Join me, Kate (from Kate can do history youtube channel) & Dan (50p Movie club/Real life ghost stories podcasts) Facilitated by Dan... Kate and I talk the education systems both here and in the US and how history is taught.  2x Kings of the tangent Dan and I cant quite help ourselves. It was fun to record. Enjoy. 


Lets Grill Ollie (Questions Episode

Me answering your questions: Thank you for the 13 questions from: Lucy, Bradley, Tim, Robert, Robert G, Shelley, Oli, Michael, Harry, Daniel, Heather, Georgie, Si  I requested, you delivered. HURRAH!  Thank you. :-) 


Rosa Parks & The Alabama Bus #blacklivesmatter

Rosa helped initiate the civil right movement in the United States when she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama bus in 1955. Not forgetting Claudette Colvin: The 15 year old that came before Rosa. #black lives matter


HENRY VIII - An overview

*PROMO - The poisoners cabinet. - Go listen! HENRY VIII … It has dropped. Hurrah!   Here is your new short solo episode featuring = Me, just me... I am sorry about the delay...  I have tried to cram as much overview information I have of Henry VIII in my brain and I will aim to have follow on episodes that tackle sections of his life in more detail. Please listen, like, rate, comment and share. I'm on all social media. Follow the link to find me - Enjoy. 


Ernst Rohm

Ernst Röhm was an early member and good friend of Hitler, join me on this overview or the rise and fall of the brutal homosexual Nazi.  This is a solo episode You can follow us on -Instagram -Facebook Page & Group  Twitter - Follow me personally on @Ollieonhistod Listen, Like & Rate us on Apple, Spotify, CastBox, Soundcloud and Podbean 


Glasgow - A History

Join my pal Greg and I for another long episode, Greg is Glaswegian, I am not... but we educate each other on a city we have both called home. We cover many topics and Greg airs his frustration about Glasgow being the "second" Scottish city. its true what they say: PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW. 


London Underground featuring Dan from RLGS podcast

Join Dan from real life ghost stories podcast and I to talk all things London underground as well as many digressions. Share Share Share



I've not forgotten you. Just a quick update. Next episode I will be joined by Dan from real life ghost stories to talk all things London underground...


H.H Holmes

H.H Holmes and his murder castle


The Post War New Town (Stevenage)

The First post war new town.


Lee Havey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald - The young gunman who Assassinated a US President.



Promo, Welcome...


Queen Victoria.

Due to Covid 19, my first pal (Kim is joining me via the phone, apologies about the sound) to talk all things Queen V, Victorians and some completely unrelated topics.



Enjoyed the Queen Victoria episode so was looking forward to this one, but the change in tone of voice and the type writer put me right off 😢 couldn't listen x

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