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Christian Toto is an award-winning journalist, conservative film critic and radio show co-host. The Hollywood in Toto Podcast offers the 'Right' take on Entertainment.
120 Episodes
HiT shares a shocking example of woke gone wild, recommends a Rock-infused heart-warmer and asks Matt Billy why his podcast, 'Bleeped,' matters for all Americans.
HiT explores a sudden change of heart over Howard Stern, recommends a comedian literally giving his latest special away for free and asks 'The Pursuit's' Arthur Brooks why pop culture matters more than ever in our digital age.
HiT explains why some stars escape the PC Police, recommends a forgotten 2018 gem and lets Dallas Sonnier share how Cinestate is different than every other movie studio.
HiT explains why stars suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome could hurt the Left, recommends two great movies from a musician turned director and chats with filmmaker Lian Lunson about why Willie Nelson is different than most superstars.
HiT mocks late night comics who can't separate truth from fiction, recommends a skater story even adults can love and talks with Dave Steinberg about why his sitcom 'No Good Nick' was tailor made for Netflix.
HiT shares why the media blew it on the 'Leaving Neverland' rollout, recommends a movie that helped inspire 'Rocky' and interviews Marshall Lewy about what makes Wondery's podcasts such a sensation.
HiT explains why Hollywood's MeToo movement is showing serious cracks, reviews a Stephen King adaptation that deserves much more attention and chats with filmmaker Zeke Zelker about combining capitalism with movie making.
HiT explains why the MCU may have a woke future, recommend an Irish vigilante film with a serious twist and talks to comedian/podcaster Jamie Kilstein about the dangers of social media outrage.
HiT shares a troubling story about Comedy Central's Jim Jefferies, recommends one of Woody Allen's recent gems and talks to TV legend Burt Dubrow about capturing the talk show zeitgeist.
HiT shares why James Gunn's return to the Disney fold should scare us, recommends a beautiful Netflix original featuring Ray Romano and interviews comedian Alex Elkin about finding humor from a healthy, intact family life.
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