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The Hollywood in Toto Podcast offers a weekly look at entertainment from a conservative point of view.
151 Episodes
HiT gives a State of the Podcast update, shares a cool indie thriller on Hulu and lets's Kurt Schlichter do what he does best - throw cultural punches like Tyson in his prime.
HiT shreds Cancel Culture overseas, recommends a horror comedy with bite and talks to Christopher Rufo about his documentary 'America Lost' and how it seeks fresh answers to poverty.
HiT explains why Trump Derangement is hurting Hollywood, recommends an Oscar bait movie that missed awards season glory and talks to comedian Steve McGrew about the Left's violent tendencies in the Age of Trump.
HiT pokes holes in HBO's 'brave' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' spin, recommends a chilling show for our digital age and chats with Daily Wire writer Paul Bois about what he refuses to do with his art.
HiT shares why the Hollywood message machine is stalling, recommends a wild new horror comedy from Taiwan and talks to Michael Pack about letting Justice Clarence Thomas defend himself (finally) with "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words."
HiT explains why Robert De Niro's political rants are meaningless, recommends a micro-indie horror flick and talks to right-leaning comic Adam Yenser about using humor to open liberal audiences' minds.
HiT breaks down the Oscar diversity uproar, recommends a killer take on Dracula and talks to 'Disturbing the Peace' director York Alec Shackleton about what you won't hear in his new action flick.
HiT breaks down Ricky Gervais' glorious Golden Globes monologue, recommends a smart horror film that may surprise you and chats with's Sonny Bunch about the studio's outlaw bona fides.
HiT shares the ugly truth behind 'Bombshell,' deconstructs Hollywood's woke woes and talks to Nicholas Brennan about how heavy metal rockers defied Cuban rule in 'Los Ultimos Frikis.'
HiT reviews Clint Eastwood's 'Richard Jewell,' sorta-kinda recommends one of the year's 'worst' movies and talks to Kira Davis about cancel culture's toxic end game.
HiT gives an inside look at the life of a film critic, recommends the 'other' show from 'Fleabag' creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge and talks to comedian David Deeble about laughing through life's obstacles.
HiT takes on critics who blindly attacked 'No Safe Spaces,' recommends Disney Plus' new 'Star Wars' series and talks to 'Everbody Calm Down' host Jimmy Failla on what's crushing late night comedy
HiT shares some good news in our divisive times, recommends the one movie to see before 'Ford vs. Ferrari' and talks to 'No Safe Spaces' director Justin Folk about free speech under assault.
HiT mocks critics suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome, shares a spooky new film that's perfect for Halloween and lets Midge Costin share why her documentary, Making Waves, gives these artists their richly deserved close up.
HiT shares the Left's new tactic against right-leaning art, recommends a killer '70s biopic and chat with writer/director Brian Presley about why Hollywood needs a movie like 'The Great Alaskan Race' right about now.
HiT describes the silliest attacks on the new 'Joker' film, talks to an author who bridges the gap betwen fact and fiction and chats with artist John Rivoli about conquering the digital landscape and teaming up with a fellow artist ... named Sylvester Stallone.
HiT shares the scariest part of the 'Joker' movie debate, recommends a summer original that defied all odds and talks to Alexandre O. Philippe about his latest cinematic deep dive - 'Memory: The Origins of Alien.'
We break down why critics loathe 'Rambo: Last Blood,' recommend a new horror film from the 'Quiet Place' scribes and talk to New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz about the truth behind those PC scolds.
HiT shares some rare good news on the Cancel Culture front, recommends a smart horror film with a lousy marketing pitch and talks to guitarist turned comic Brian Haner about the price he pays for making Red State USA laugh.
HiT breaks down Will & GraceGate, recommends an minor '80s classic starring Teri Garr and chats with film historian Chris Yogerst on how 'The Hunt's cancellation isn't anything new.
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