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Cait and Kara are two moms doing this homeschooling thing right beside you. We might not have it all figured out, but one thing we know for sure is that homeschooling is a lot easier when you have a sister by your side.
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The sisters are joined by Tsh Oxenrider, author of the new book Shadow & Light: A Journey Into Advent. Tsh is a writer, podcaster and the bestselling author of three previous books. In this episode, Tsh shares her own experience creating advent traditions with her family, and how we can celebrate advent with little ones.  She also explains how it may be easier and more timely than ever right now to add advent celebration into your home.
Sisters ... it's episode 100! And today Cait and Kara are joined by homeschool cousin Shawna Wingert from Different By Design Learning. Shawna flips things around and interviews the sisters - plus she hosts 'The Sisters Show,' - think Newlywed Game meets friendship, meets potato chips. Thank you so much for 100 episodes of support! It has been a joy to get to share this journey with all of you!  
The sisters are joined by Anne Guarnera of Language Learning at Home to talk about the reality of adding a baby to the homeschool mix. Anne is the mama of 3 boys, and bravely shares what the past year has been like, homeschooling her 6- and 3-year-olds and also being primary caregiver for her mom, while welcoming a new son. Even if you don't have a brand new baby at home, Anne, Cait and Kara talk about the myth of balance, setting reasonable expectations, social media's impact on us as mothers and more.
Kate Snow is back! Kate is a math guru, a Harvard grad, and has been on two previous episodes of the podcast. Her goal is to take the intimidation out of math for parents and kids and to help kids have a positive relationship with math. This week, Kate chats with Cait and Kara about math for little ones. She shares a bit about her new book, Kindergarten Math with Confidence, as well as how to introduce math to our preschoolers.  
The sisters are officially back with Season 9! In this episode, they catch up, share what they did with their summer vacations - HINT: there are coupon codes! ;) And of course, Cait and Kara dish about what resources they are excited about using with their kiddos!  Bring your coffee or tea and jump right back in! 
In this special episode, the sisters are joined by game creator Jim Moran of Semper Smart Games. As a former ACT and SAT tutor, Jim saw the common gaps kids have in math, and has created PlaySmartDice™ and the games Election Night! and Blobby's Pizza to help kids learn challenging math in fun ways. Election Night! is not a political game, but rather an exciting way for families to study geography and math, and learn about the mechanics of the Electoral College. The sisters thought this bonus episode would be perfect to share this time of year, and listen in to get a coupon code just for Sisters!  
In this very special final episode of the season, the sisters are joined by the author of one of their very favorite shared books, Kim John Payne. Years ago, Cait + Kara bonded over one of his many books, Simplicity Parenting, and so they are thrilled to welcome him to the show this week. Kim, Cait and Kara discuss why parents don't need to to be on a constant quest to give their kids more, the gift of boredom and how we can simplify our kids' lives so they can become more who they truly are. This is a new favorite, sisters!
In today's episode, the sisters are diving in to "homeschooling an only" - friend Jessica Waldock's name of teaching one child at home. The trio discusses unique challenges, how to get alone time,  socialization and co-ops and a few common myths. This episode isn't just for families homeschooling one child, however, there are plenty of great tips for families of all size, including to be Mom or Dad first.    
In today's episode, the sisters are joined by good pal Vanessa Wright - an amazing, dedicated homeschool mama who is also great at making self-care a part of her routine. The trio chat why we need self-care more than ever when things are hard, and why it is NOT selfish. They share how to replenish ourselves in small, busy mom-size increments and what to do if you feel like you are running on empty. Pour yourself a hot coffee or tea, put your feet up for a bit and listen in - you deserve a minute, mama!
In this week's episode, Cait and Kara are joined by the other half of the Kindred Collective crew - Alicia Hutchinson and Mary Wilson. The gals are checking in, sharing what's helping each of them cope + a couple of simple things that are keeping them sane (ish). Plus the gals talk dealing with disappointment, how to end the year this year, and some Kindred news!
So many of us are feeling stressed about FOOD right now. So in this special bonus episode, the sisters are joined by their friend Samantha Barnes from Raddish Kids. Samantha is a homeschooling mom and the creator of Raddish - a cooking club and curriculum for kids of all ages. In this episode the trio is chatting how to get creative with pantry ingredients and dealing with shortages, how to meal plan right now, all the snacking!! and how cooking can bring us together.
The sisters are joined by Colleen Kessler of Raising Lifelong Learners to talk about navigating anxiety with our kids. They discuss how to handle media, sleep issues and how to manage your own anxious feelings. Cait, Kara and Colleen also talk about homeschooling through a period of intense anxiety. Plus, Colleen shares her new anxiety tool kit card deck. Pour yourself a tea or coffee and settle in!  
In this special bonus episode, the sisters are joined by storyteller and author of the Green Ember series of books, S.D. Smith. Sam and the sisters chat how stories can help us through times of uncertainty and if it's OK to read hard stories during difficult seasons. Plus, Cait, Kara and S.D. talk about his newest book, Ember's End available TODAY!
In this episode, the sisters are joined by their "homeschool cousin" and friend Shawna Wingert to talk dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and how to handle lots of outside appointments for yourself or your kids. Shawna is a special education teacher turned business consultant, and mom of two brilliant boys with differences and special needs. So she is the perfect person to address some recent questions about the "Three Ds" and beyond.
Hey sisters! We may have to socially distance in person right now, but that just means we need podcasts more than ever, right? So the sisters hopped on to share this informal episode. They're talking how to homeschool during this uncertain time, how to help parents brand new to educating their kids at home, stress and fear, helping our kids manage worries and more. Cait and Kara definitely don't have this all figured out, but one thing they know for sure is we're in this together.
We've got a brand new episode and some big news today! Mary Prather of SQUILT is joining Cait and Kara to talk about why and how to add music to your homeschool. So many of us don't have a music background, but we want our kids to learn about music and be able to pursue it if it interests them - so tune in to hear what Mary has to say! Plus, Kara's book is available March 10 here!
In this episode, the sisters are joined by two special guests - Tricia Hodges and Nana (Lucia Hames) from You Are An Artist Chalk Pastels. The sisters are asking all your questions, from why it's valuable to include art in your homeschool to what to do if your child gets frustrated. You'll love hearing from this sweet duo! Plus, Cait and Kara share the details on the upcoming Kindred Conference - sign up by Feb. 19!
The sisters are back with Season 8! Listen in as they catch up - they promise this isn't an eye doctor podcast now - and dive into co-ops and copywork. Are either necessary? When do you need them and when can you do without? Cait and Kara are sharing thoughts and their own experience!
In this week's episode, the sisters are answering two listener questions - about strong-willed kids and kiddos who need to move. Cait and Kara have experience with both (um, wink), so they share what has worked in their own homes, book suggestions and ways to keep your kids learning, even if they need tons of movement. If you feel like you're clashing with a strong-willed child, or you have one that hops up so often that chasing them counts as cardio, this episode is for you!  
Oh sisters! In this final episode of Season 7, Cait and Kara are talking to the author of one of their favorite books - Katrina Kenison. The sisters and Katrina discuss her book Mitten Strings for God, and how it impacted Cait and Kara as young moms. And they get to find out more about Katrina's philosophy of slowing down, embracing the ordinary and being present with our kids. This might be a new favorite, sisters, especially as the holidays approach!
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Arika Harkema

ha we have a Sally...she was in our best picture in Grand Tetons 🤣

May 20th

The Longs

I'm tech challenged... Where can i find the show notes?

Feb 25th

Amber Newsome

This podcast is such an inspiration to me as a woman, mother, homeschooler, and parent in general. There's a lot to glean and take in for anyone with children or in education. I always feel in a better mood after listening; so encouraging. Child-friendly so you can listen in the car or around your children. mine even pretend they're Cait and Cara. 😁

Apr 18th

Jennifer Rosenbaum

this was the first of your podcasts I listened to. you ladies are hilarious. I don't know if this was the most organized one I've listened to, but you DID admit you started recording after 3 pm. You did make me giggle so much though!!!

Apr 4th

Adrienne Brown

looking for the show notes!

Mar 25th

Chey Re

I loooove these girls!!! Im always inspired and motivated after listening! I get rejuvenated with just about every podcast ♥️🙌

Feb 28th

Brigid Huey

This is a great podcast! I always feel a little better, and a little more confident, after listening. Thanks for making it!

Oct 26th
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